The Most Effective Diet and Exercise Regimen for Targeting Stubborn Belly Fat – Video

The Most Effective Diet and Exercise Regimen for Targeting Stubborn Belly Fat – Video

Are you struggling to get rid of stubborn belly fat? Look no further because in this video, we will dive into the unique ways to tackle this common problem. Whether you’re a male or female, understanding the differences between superficial fat and visceral fat is crucial in addressing this issue. Central obesity, also known as visceral fat, is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a health concern as well, as it can lead to liver fat accumulation and insulin resistance.

Many people make the mistake of solely focusing on exercising specific areas or going on restrictive diets, but these methods may not be effective in targeting the root of the problem. Instead, understanding the role of insulin and cortisol in fat accumulation is key. It’s not just about doing spot exercises or following a strict diet; it’s about addressing the hormonal imbalances and stress levels that contribute to the fat accumulation.

The video introduces six important factors in addressing stubborn belly fat, including exercise, stress reduction, and sleep. High-intensity interval training and long-duration walks are highlighted as effective ways to increase ATP production and tap into the body’s fat reserves. However, it’s crucial not to overtrain and to prioritize sleep to reap the benefits of growth hormone, the body’s main fat-burning hormone.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to finally tackle that stubborn belly fat, this video will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you on your journey to a healthier and leaner midsection. So, grab a pen and take some notes because you won’t want to miss this game-changing information!

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Today, I’m going to cover the best ways to get rid of belly fat, central fat, or mid-section fat.

Belly fat or visceral fat is fat that is outside of the fat cells—it’s in the organs, especially the liver. If you have belly fat, you have a fatty liver.

Insulin resistance is what leads to fat on the liver to begin with. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone, and it prevents weight loss. Cortisol is another hormone that can make it difficult to lose weight.

How to get rid of stubborn belly fat fast:
1. Reduce stress and support sleep by doing aerobic exercise (long walks or physical work). Burn fat by doing high-intensity interval training without overtraining (two to three times a week).

2. Get your body into ketosis. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in your diet.

3. Don’t consume excess dietary fat, but don’t go on a low-fat diet either. Don’t consume less than 75 grams of fat per day.

4. Support your liver. Consume apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar mixed into 12 oz. of water). Take milk thistle and berberine.

5. Do OMAD (one meal a day). Intermittent fasting is the most important thing for fast weight loss and to support a healthy body. Consume red meat several times a week when you do consume meals.

6. Stay aware of what works and what doesn’t. Evaluate your environment, create healthy habits, and stay consistent.

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to lose stubborn belly fat fast. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today I want to show you a very unique way to get rid of that really stubborn belly fat if you’re female or male we’re going to talk about the differences I’m going to talk about if it’s better to use exercise or diet or other techniques but for most of you watching this is

Probably new information that you’ve never heard before so definitely take notes one of the things that I think is very important before you jump into solving any problem is to really understand the problem a little bit more so when we’re dealing with belly fat we’re dealing with

You know there’s different names for IT central obesity visceral fat abdominal obesity there’s a lot of different names for this belly fat and so this type of fat is very different than your superficial fat it’s called subcutaneous that’s just underneath the skin belly fat or visceral fat is fat that is

Ectopic which means it’s outside the fat cell the fat is in the organs and it’s especially in your liver so in other words if you have belly fat you have liver fat and it is essential to get rid of the fat off the liver uh to get rid

Of this midsection weight now there’s quite a few mistakes people make when they’re trying to deal with this they’re they’re at the gym trying to do spot exercises where they’re doing sit-ups and crunches for weeks months and they’re not seeing any change they go on a diet and many times that won’t work

Either unless it targets the liver so I’ll just give you a little picture of what’s Happening Here so we have liver that is filling up with fat it’s spilling off into the midsection around the organs in your visceral that’s the all the organs in the mid part of your

Belly and this is called ectopic fat and what’s really going on behind the scenes is there’s this hormone called insulin and insulin is is a fat storing hormone it also prevents you from losing uh your fat so there’s a lot of insulin being pumped out by the pancreas and then

That’s turning into insulin resistance which makes it really hard to lose weight because the body is pumping out so much insulin and that insulin communication is store fat store fat store fat and then this ectopic fat basically creates insulin resistance so it’s a NeverEnding cycle and of course

You may already know that carbohydrates and sugars and things like that increase insulin but also there’s something called gluconeogenic genis that’s where your liver is making new sugar and if you have insulin resistance your liver will make sugar not even from the sugar that you eat in the diet it can actually

Be converting other things to sugar and it’s kind of a double-edged sword because you have your own liver making sugar which is then converting into more fat and making more fat so I I need to kind of explain how to correct this there are six things we’re going to talk

About and one of the solutions is not to detoxify the liver that is not going to going to work and yes exercise can help but not as a direct way to burn off the fat it’s more to use up the energy also to help your stress and also to help you

Sleep better because not only is it the carbs that raise insulin but also the stress activates a hormone called cortisol and cortisol is a sugar hormone and it will release sugar in fact it’s called glucocorticoid if you take a look at some of the synthetic versions of Cor

That they use as medications like prazone for all sorts of inflammatory conditions if you look at the side effect it’s major weight gain especially in your midsection if you look up excessive production of cortisol you will see a picture of someone’s belly why because cortisol mobilizes different

Tissues and turns your muscles into fat so let me just talk about this right now reducing stress but with with more sleep through the type of exercise that I’ve did a whole video on this aerobic exercise if you can see that no you can’t see that so I’m gonna write down right here

Arobic what is this that’s walks long walks best way to reduce stress or physical work around the house very very important for reducing stress CU it takes the mind off things but you want low intensity long duration walks it’s going to help not necessarily burn off

The fat but it’s going to help burn off the adrenaline and the cortisol that’s flowing through the body from the stress reduces stress it’s going to help you sleep and it will burn off some calories as well but let me just kind of talk about burning calories off and what do I

Mean by that well the energy Factory of the body is called the mitochondria right here okay and um the purpose of the mitochondria is to take your calories and then turn it into chemical fuel called ATP ATP is like the battery of the body and so the mitochondria is

The battery maker okay and what it’s doing it’s it’s extracting energy from food and it’s turning it into this right here so then it can be used what’s interesting about this ATP is that not stored okay so you don’t really have a lot of stored ATP at any one time very

Small amount so here’s the thing you need to know what can we do to increase more ATP production and burning that’s the question well that relates to exercise so exercise does have an important factor um especially if you understand that when you compare someone at rest versus when they’re exercising

You can increase the production of ATP by a thousand times by intense exercise so I do recommend doing uh periodic uh intense exercise it’s called high-intensity interal training with The Walking for various reasons one is to start using up some of this energy right here we want to use up the fat right

Here right and we want to add the right type of exercise and we want to do high-intensity full body type exercise you can do sprinting up a hill you can do uh spin bike you can do weights any type of exercise that will increase a great amount of demand for energy and

Then that’s going to tap into your reserve which is the midsection fat over here a couple things you need to know about exercise um you want to make sure you don’t overtrain because if you overtrain it’s going to increase stress so it’s very very important exercise U

Like high intensity maybe three times a week maybe two times a week recently I am running up hills for exercise like really major intense Hill running I think I’ll end up doing it maybe twice a week not three times a week because my body doesn’t recover and I do have a a

Machine or a test to determine that that’s going to be another video but the point is that it’s very easy to overtrain I will get much better results if I uh let my body rest in between this high-intensity exercise and plus the high-intensity exercise will stimulate growth hormone which is the main fat

Burning hormone but only if you are sleeping okay so I should put down right here right you can’t see that sleep okay sleep to get more well you can’t even see that right let’s put it right here okay sleep so that’s really important to help with the stress dress

And sleep are in the same category it’s gon it’s going to really help you because it’s kind of like a foundational thing if you’re not sleeping because you’re stressed out good luck with losing weight why because the cortisol prevents you from uh tapping into this fat and especially

If you’re trying to get rid of the midsection very important and this is why I’m spending a bit more time on it all right number two what’s happening in your liver is the liver is fatty and so it’s spilling off so we must use up the fat on your liver okay now there’s

Two uh things that you can do to get yourself into what’s called ketosis which is um a type of fat burning right because when your body burns fat or when you eat fat that’s mobilize into a more easily packaged type of energy called ketones that’s why your body makes

Ketones it can also run on fat fuel as well but ketones are like a better packaged fat fuel so there’s two sources of ketones one is your own fat and number two is the dietary fat and here’s the thing to be able to tap into either

One of these fats you must reduce your carbs right so the reduction of carbs is important and you probably already know that we must reduce the carbs but reducing the carbs will force your body to either burn fat from the calories that you eat or your own fat

Now let’s talk about do we want to burn calories from the fat that you eat or do we want to burn your own stored fat well that’s a easy question we want to burn our own stored fat so yes it is true that the amount of calories of fat on

The ketogenic diet are much higher than other diets but if you are trying to lose weight in your midsection adding a lot more dietary fat is not going to help you so I’m going to recommend especially for this situation is not to start adding additional fat don’t go

Lowfat but don’t add a lot of fat don’t add the MCT oil don’t add the keto bombs and desserts just don’t do that because your body is going to tap into that as fuel and not your own fat now I do recommend for some people to eat more

Fat to help them be more satisfied so they can actually go longer within a minute fasting in the beginning of a program but if we’re trying to quickly and rapidly get rid of this midsection fat um you don’t want to add a lot of fat to your diet unless you want to

Maintain your weight so we want to right here reduce dietary fat okay but not to the point of going low fat so don’t go below like 75 grams of fat per day I would just consume your fat from the normal proteins in nature that just come

With the fat whether it’s meat eggs and things like that don’t go low fat don’t eat the egg whites alone but what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to force your body to tap into mainly your own fat okay so that’s number three number four the real problem that you have is

In the liver okay because the liver is the organ that is overfilled with fat and it’s spilling off into the abdominal area so in other words you’re going to have to do things to get this fat off the liver and heal it and make it really

Healthy if it was healthy chances are it can deal with all this extra fat and not have so much insulin resistance okay because insulin resistance is a condition that it’s like a pre-diabetic condition metabolic syndrome you have a lot of issues with that and you’re definitely going to have a lot more

Insulin and a lot more fat in the midsection so anything we can do for the liver is going to be very very important so what can we do for the liver well we already lower the carbs and some people can actually lose 50% of their fat off their liver within two

Weeks getting on the low carb diet but there are three important things that you can take to supplement and help heal the liver the one is apple cider vinegar that greatly improves insulin it greatly helps a fatty liver it greatly makes insulin more sensitive to allow the

Insulin to work better in the body so what you do is you take a tablespoon of Aleta vinegar put it in 12 ounces of water I like to put lemon in there too and maybe some electrolytes and I’ll drink that once twice or even three times a day very significant changes can

Occur if you do that the type of apple Ceta vinegar I use is from from fairchilds not brags because they don’t dilute it it’s nice and strong and it’s a really good company the second very important supplement is called milk thistle milk thistle is amazing it’s that pricky plant that has those purple

Flowers that then turn into these white little things at the end of a seed that look like parachutes and so the wind blows you can see them all around um in the fields where I live anyway and they’re all over the place milk thistle is a very unique plant and you can get

Milk thisle seeds in tablet form what’s so unique about it it has super high-end liver protecting properties that basically it’s like the antidote to a snake poisoning or a mushroom poison the most deadly mushroom is called the death capat mushroom I mean the antidote is milk thistle I mean

It’s quite amazing amazing Tylenol poisoning people that drink alcohol this can help protect the liver but it’s also really important for a fatty liver in correcting a fatty liver as well as reducing inflammation on a liver and also protecting the liver from getting therosis and helping with this gluconeogenesis issue where your your

Liver is producing a lot more sugar because it has insulin resistance so it helps with a lot of different aspects of that liver as well was helping with midsection weight and I put some research down below you can check it out okay so milk thistle is a given the

Third thing is berberine and there’s several studies that show combining berberine with milk thistle is a good idea berberine is kind of I look at it like a natural metformin without the side effects but of course I’m not making that claim and also I don’t want

To make any claims in milk thisle Okay so all I can say is you can read the research and it’s pretty amazing um with the research that’s done on mice so you know you can apply it to humans if you want but the point is that if it works

On mice maybe it can work on you but berberine is a really good one uh with the milk thistle H it’s good for diabetics and pre-diabetics and it helps the liver with this extra glucon neogenesis one thing I want to mention about people trying to lose weight you

Know I watch people through the year go through this cycle and it’s like this pattern uh they just go crazy between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years and then they start all over again and they go through this New Year’s resolution I think um emotions and intelligence are

Inverted people get wrapped up in emotions at social activities birthday parties events holidays going out to dinner with friends and I watch this and the intelligence or the IQ with Foods goes out the window people don’t really learn from their mistakes you know like they keep going in these same patterns

Over and over and over again because they’re they’re eating things that they know are bad for the liver and they’re drinking alcohol that they know is bad for the liver but they still do it because they’re wrapped up in the emotions so I’m going to recommend that

You step back for a second and really re-evaluate um your environment and the people around you and uh just don’t get in those situations you know change the habits in a person with uh belly fat you have to realize that’s not just a minor thing it’s pathological it’s disease

Creating it’s creating inflammation it’s creating problems in your liver you might not see it inside but it’s not a healthy State and so usually a person with belly fat doesn’t have the luxury of continuing these bad habits over again because they’re just doing the wrong things they must Focus focus on

Changing their habits that’s the most important thing they need to focus on because they’re in this habit and they’re going through the cycle but the point is for me I had to hit bottom before I made changes I was the worst I ate the worst food all the way up until

My late 20s I mean I just wouldn’t eat a little junk food I would eat a tremendous amount of junk food pots of coffee pots of chocolate I would never eat anything like vegetables or celery any of that stuff I only ate pure junk food for so many years I had to hit

Bottom and even when I hit bottom it took me many years to feel terrible before I said you know it’s not worth it anymore so uh now my liver is like a barometer if I go off the program like my body does not react well if I were to

Drink alcohol I just would want to go to sleep I think that’s a good thing because I never in a million years would have gotten into health if I didn’t have these health problems so I have a lot of personal experience doing this and I do

Know I used to get wrapped up in the emotion of it and I’ve corrected that okay but for some people it takes them a bit longer before they learn from their mistakes and then number five is um omed one meal a day in a minute fasting

If this doesn’t happen right here if a person still eats frequently and snacks I don’t think these other things are going to work this is probably one of the most important things right here actually it’s the most important thing because when you don’t eat you force

Your body to live off its fat reserves so it’s like a pure fat burning experience you can get into deep ketosis if you combine low carb omad with exercise and when I say omad you don’t have to start off with one meal a day you can start off with two meals a day

But try to keep the time close like maybe have a late lunch early dinner and if you really want to take it to the next level just don’t eat if you’re not hungry which means you might go one meal every other day and you’re gonna tap into like a vacuum all this

Fat off your liver and pull it off you’ll see some very quick changes very very important and that is the way to really speed everything up but this is like a foundational thing um and you know what’s cool about it is you’re when you don’t eat your body is eating

So you’re not starving it you’re actually creating a tremendous amount of Health by not eating uh from many different angles especially just stripping off all this fat off of your liver and just to go back to this low carb thing you know the ketogenic diet I

Didn’t talk about what to eat right you can find that in my video I’ll put it down below but also omed you’re when you eat certain foods what type of foods would be good for correcting this situation and there’s a couple interesting nutrients that I want to

Share with you one is creatin and the other is carnosine and both of those can help you with a fatty liver both of those can help you with increasing more energy to exercise both of those can help you mobilize the fat uh through the mitochondria down here and produce more

ATP efficiently and those two compounds creatin and carnosine are the highest in like red meat so I would highly recommend doing red meat several times a week or hamburger things like that from a quality Source grass-fed grass finished red meat or steak because you you have a lot of factors in there

You have a lot of nutrients there’s virtually no carbs and you have that carnosine and creatin that can help you um and I’ll put put the studies down below um I I don’t even think you need to take them as a supplements just get it from Red me all right number six it’s

Staying very aware okay and not slipping into this emotional uh thing that people go through these different holidays staying very aware of what works what doesn’t work of your past mistakes and just don’t keep making them so keep your awareness up and kind of like just

Be in the present right and so you don’t kind of slide into this thing I think this is very important too because this will help you be consistent right because you’re GNA do all these things it’s going to work and then you want to just keep building on your successes so

What I like to do is just each day get better and better and better okay you screw up good then correct it do better and keep implementing the things that worked and then get rid of things that don’t work okay so I think this is going to be important too because how many

People just either forget what they did or just ignore it they just slide into this whole thing which U the logic goes out the window and so does their health so anyway I think these actions can really take you to the next level if you

Want to get rid of your belly fat or whatever you want to call it central obesity visceral fat or whatever now if you want um special content that is not on YouTube you should go to my site I’ll put a link down below and sign up on my newsletter because I’m

Going to be releasing some really great things that you’re not going to be able to find on YouTube because they’re kind of filtering out certain things so anyway click the link down below get signed up and I will see you on the other side

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