The Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta Holds the Top Spot as My Favorite Mexican Beach Town – Video

The Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta Holds the Top Spot as My Favorite Mexican Beach Town – Video

Puerto Vallarta is a stunning Mexican beach town that has captivated the heart of many visitors, including the creator of an upcoming video on the topic. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious food, it’s no wonder why Puerto Vallarta is a yearly staple for tourists.

In the video, the creator takes us on a tour of her favorite spots in Puerto Vallarta, including a visit to Las Animas beach and a guide to the best restaurants in town. The video also offers recommendations for the top beaches in the area. From exploring the bustling city center to finding some peace and quiet on the nearby beaches, Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone.

The creator shares her love for the city, its sprawling neighborhoods, and the beautiful Romantic Zone. She offers a glimpse into her day-to-day activities, from visits to the local market to leisurely walks along the bustling boardwalk, known as the Malecon. Additionally, the video highlights the culinary delights of Puerto Vallarta, featuring old favorites and newly discovered spots that offer delicious Mexican cuisine.

Furthermore, the video showcases the stunning beaches that surround Puerto Vallarta, offering tips on how to explore the area for the best beach experience. From secluded spots like Pla Conchas Chinas to calm waters at Pla Punta, the video provides a comprehensive guide to enjoying the best of Puerto Vallarta’s coastline.

Overall, the video serves as an inspirational guide for those planning to visit Puerto Vallarta, providing insights into the city’s vibrant culture, delicious food, and beautiful beaches. Whether you’re in search of adventure, relaxation, or a taste of local cuisine, Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone, making it the perfect Mexican beach town to visit.

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Video Transcript

Puerto Vara a Beach town that long ago stole my heart and continues to be one of my favorite places to escape the Winter Chill which is exactly what I have come down here to do Puerto bataa is a city of about 220,000 people located on the West Coast

Of Mexico in the state of halisco it has a fantastic Airport that is connected to most major hubs in the US and Canada and increasingly the UK as well good afternoon and welcome to Puerto Vaya where if you can hear that you can tell that pretty much all of the

Romantic Zone seems to be under construction but we’re going to explore we’re going to enjoy we’re going to see what is new around here it has been a year since I was last here in btoa I’m really excited to spend the next couple of weeks exploring not only the city but

All of the cool things to do around here to the North in narit to the south in batlan and a few places in between but this video is an Ode to the city that I love so let’s go out and explore pu and get away from this construction

Noise the city is sprawling and has tons of different neighborhoods but this video will mostly focus on the Centro and the Romantic Zone as well as a few side trips to nearby beautiful beaches the Romantic Zone has grown a lot in the years that I have been visiting Puerto

Via and around the beach there are tons of beautiful areas to relax and even more places to eat but despite all the changes it still in many ways feels like that Dusty Little Beach town that I first fell in love With good morning still sweating I started the day at the dentist which is an essential bit of uh medical tourism I always try to take part in when I come to Mexico and then on my way back I stopped at the market and I picked up loads of

Fruit let me show you what I got I got a papaya I got a chili I got oh this beautiful soft mango I got some bananas and then I got loads of tomatillos some limes some lemones which are just better in Mexico and some red tomatoes and all of this cost me about

120 pesos so very happy with that I can’t wait to dig into this puppy one of the things I look forward to most when I get back to Mexico is the papaya especially all the fruit but it’s just it’s the best it’s honestly makes you forget how much you’re

Sweating besides eating papaya and mango one of my favorite things to do when I’m back in putto is walk along the malacon or the Boardwalk there’s always lots going on and this time I had the chance to have a visit with the resident alligator who I imagine has taken up residence here since the hurricane back in October but of course you all know that the number one thing I did on my week in

Puerto via was eat I Revisited old favorites like Los Leos and caiche but I was also delighted to discover new to me spots which included tuna aul for lobster tacos Takia elabor Haro for insanely delicious pastor tacos And balam balam for barbecued whole Snapper if you want to get an even better understanding of great Mexican food you should consider taking a cooking class with cooking Vara if you’ve been around for a while you’ll remember the cooking classes I took in Cabo and San Jose del Cabo I’ll have a full video of my experience coming for

You next week but in the meantime Delight in all of the delicious food we made while also drinking Margaritas I also spent a lot of time this trip exploring some fantastic beaches because while going to Los muerto Beach is is convenient it’s not swimmable and it’s so overly crowded during peak season that you can barely walk down the beach never mind find a space on the sand to lay down your

Towel welcome to pla contas CH we took the bus about 10 minutes from the Romantic Zone and we got to this beach where there are hardly any other people uh it was about a 5 minute walk not even from the bus stop down the hill to this

Beach there’s not a ton of swimming space but it’s nice to have the beach to ourselves after the busy busy Beach of PL Los muos the other day Mak sure you want to explore a little bit further down the coast to see what else there is konas Chinas is also a great Beach

Option because when the buses are inevitably too busy and too full to stop at the bus stop it’s only about a 20-minute downhill walk back to town Today I am at pla Puna which is about 20 minutes just over 20 minutes on the bus from Puerto via to the South and this is the calmest water that I have seen in this area on this trip at least the beach is so beautiful it’s really

Long nice soft sand and the water is so calm so I’m excited to finally go for a swim and not have to make sure I don’t get pulled In if you plan to come here for the day bring drinks snacks and cash and then plan to take an Uber or ha a taxi back to town since it’s a little bit too far to walk and you’ll have the same issues with trying to get a bus to stop on the

Way back to the Romantic Zone another nearby Beach worth checking out is paa Hamas which is small but has incredibly calm water and a few food vendors to buy things like tostadas or snacks and Coconuts if you want to hike or get out to explore beaches that are only accessible by boat get yourself to places like Kito beach cabayo beach and Las Animas all of which I talked about in last week’s video which I will link to below if complete and total isolation is what

You’re after you’ll find it on foot through the Jungle I hope you enjoyed exploring pu V with me this Beach town has so much to offer all different kinds of Travelers whether you want Adventure calm beaches amazing Mexican food great night life or a chill family vacation there is truly something for everyone here and I think that’s

Part of why I love it so much no matter what I’m in the mood for each day I can find it in If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up it really supports my channel if you know someone visiting Mexico soon please share my Channel with them thanks as always for watching and I will see you next week for more delicious Mexico content

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