The Rise of Healthcare Scams in America – Video

The Rise of Healthcare Scams in America – Video

The healthcare system in America has become a huge scam, with costs double that of other developed nations and worse outcomes. The system is designed for profit, with hospitals and insurance companies inflating prices and executive salaries. Patients are left to navigate a complex and opaque system, often facing exorbitant bills for basic care.

Many people are forced to avoid necessary medical treatment due to cost, leading to worse health outcomes overall. Healthcare providers are also affected, with doctors and nurses facing burnout from overwork and administrative burdens. The system is inefficient and unsustainable, with patients and providers alike feeling the strain.

There are steps individuals can take to navigate this broken system, such as researching and reviewing medical centers, documenting medical visits, and exploring alternative options like medical tourism. Negotiating bills, utilizing resources like, and seeking out affordable prescriptions can also help mitigate costs.

Ultimately, the healthcare system in America is in need of significant reform. Voting for politicians who prioritize healthcare reform and advocating for change within the system are crucial steps towards creating a more transparent, affordable, and equitable healthcare system for all. Let’s work together to fight back against the healthcare scam in America and demand better for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Video Transcript

Healthc care here in the US is a total scam I’m just gonna say it news flash friends people in America are traveling to other countries to get access to care my wife uh we just had our baby and she had to take Ibuprofen and Tylenol one

800 migr tablet was $45 per dose that is insane we would always have to fight the insurance companies getting something a patient required we’re talking about having to do extra work just to get a diabetic the insulin they need we are still shocked by how much better and

Cheaper it is in Ecuador and so many other countries hi guys I’m Shelby if you’re new here and this is my Commentary series where we just real talk about just the modern scams of life and what you can do about it I don’t like to just complain I like to give you

Tips at the end so stay tuned and today’s topic is healthc care both health insurance and Hospital systems are a scam I have had my own experiences with it and there’s also a million studies on this let’s get into it Healthcare in the US is very expensive

And it’s important that we talk about this because we’ve normalized it when this is pretty much the only place in the world that this happens a lot of people talk about the US Healthcare System like there’s nothing we can do about it but we just need to remember

That this is not the case in other countries this is very weird this is not normal and we shouldn’t have to put up with it frankly there are stats to back this up in the US healthc Care on average costs double what it would anywhere else so take a look at this you

Can see here that per capita Healthcare spend spending is over twice the average of other wealthy countries we’re even more expensive than Switzerland the most expensive country in the world average is about $6,400 and the average in the US is $112,000 now I know a lot of people like

To argue that it’s because people in the US aren’t as healthy and it is true that there is a lot of heart disease in the US there are a lot of dietary and lifestyle factors that can cause more health issues but what we’ve found through different studies is it is the

Procedures themselves that are twice as expensive these same exact procedures are pretty much always more expensive in the United States take a look at this graph this is the cost of an angioplasty in the US it’s $32,000 but in the UK it’s only 11,000 virtually every country is less than

Half the cost of what it is in the US and this is just one procedure we see this across the board for almost everything and it’s not just the medical procedures it’s also the medications in 2018 the cost of insulin was like quadruple anywhere else in the world it

Was $99 in the US meanwhile in Mexico it was only $16 I remember seeing on the news a lot of people would just go to Mexico to get insulin it’s the same caed for the exact same thing I should not have to cross a border to buy my insulin I should not

Have to buy my insuline in the parking lot off a stranger as if it were a drug deal none of us should fear death from a perfectly manageable disease that is just now in 2024 they did cap the cost at $35 which is good because if you are

Diabetic you need insulin you absolutely need it I just think that’s disgusting that people are profiting that much off of it it’s just it’s gross again this is just one instance there’s a lot of medications and basically every procedure is more expensive here in the US and a report also found that although

We spend a lot of money we actually get worse outcomes you would think we’d be getting top-notch treatment apparently we’re not I do feel like in general healthc care is good if you’re going to a hospital but there is still a lot of medical error I think in particular we

See the infant mortality rate and with things related to to giving birth um seem very dangerous where other countries take a different approach that is often times safer it’s so jarring to see on Tik Tok somebody that has to go to the hospital and when they’re traveling in Europe and it’s way cheaper

Than in the US some people are even traveling abroad specifically for Medical Treatments just take a look here today you’re using the French Healthcare System to fix alen’s KNE get an MR again cuz the American system is just far too expensive 2,500 versus 250 and we have insurance

In the US no insurance here much cheaper than the US let’s see how it goes I just paid €25 to go into this French nonprofit doctor’s appointment I got a prescription for an MRI a referral to an orthopedic surgeon and just like some prescriptions for some pain gel and

Pain medication that’s a lot more than I walked away with from my $250 appointment with an orthopedic doctor in the US with insurance um a referral to physical therapy that never actually called and then six follow-up calls not returning my phone calls oh yes there’s a creator that I follow on

Tik Tok who’s from the US and now lives in France and it only cost her €25 to go to the ER €1 1961 for the emergency room and this will be reimbursed so I’m going to pay them but then security soal is going to

Pay me back know a lot of places in the world healthc care is not an issue it’s not something people really worry about the way that we do here in the US meanwhile in the US people go bankrupt from healthcare costs a lot of people don’t realize just how scammy the whole

System is because of the way it’s set up that your job pays for your health insurance however this is an issue because we’re more and more moving towards people working for themselves the gig economy is huge now and you have more upside if you work for yourself but

You don’t have a lot of negotiation power when it comes to your healthcare costs Health Care being provided by your job goes way back to the 40s when people worked in factories that were dangerous and so they had to provide healthc care because crazy stuff was happening a lot

Of people are afraid to leave their jobs because it provides them healthare even though they might make like 50,000 more working for themselves it ties people to jobs that sometimes don’t pay them enough because I work for myself I get so much more mad about healthcare

Because all of the cost burden is on me but it’s genius that it’s set up this way because the majority of people work for companies and so they aren’t that concerned about it cuz it might not affect them unless they lose their job or they decide to work for themselves

But many people aren’t really thinking about that if everyone in the US had to purchase their own health care the way that you know myself and a lot of people that work for ourselves do I think there would be a huge uproar because because I pay a lot for insurance that covers

Pretty much nothing one pro about healthc care in the US is that at least you can see a doctor fairly quickly or or can you because this is an argument that people make and it is an issue in some countries that have a single-payer healthare system that it can take a very

Long long time to see a doctor you know it seems like in the US we can see a doctor a lot faster but in reality that’s not always totally true what I found from my research is that this is mostly a Canada problem this is the country with the longest Healthcare

Waiting time but take a look at number two the US it’s the US guys turns out places like the Netherlands Germany France you don’t have to wait as long in the US that’s crazy I have totally seen this to be true I recently saw a doctor who

Referred me to a specialist and they told me oh this time of year it’s actually really hard to see a specialist you should probably make an appointment soon because you’re probably going to have to wait for 6 months to see an ear nose and throat doctor it’s possible it

Wouldn’t take me as long in LA but I will say I actually have had a lot of sinus issues in my life I regularly had to go see an ENT for a while and I could never get an appointment faster than 6 weeks I was usually waiting you know 2

Months for an appointment in the US you might be able to get to the ER pretty quickly you can go to a basic urgent care but if you have a problem that requires a specialist it can actually take kind of a long time you’re still

Going to be waiting a long time in a lot of cases and you’re going to get ripped off so at least in Canada it’s free they’re waiting a little longer than we are but it’s free I think it is largely a myth or just overdramatized that other

Countries are waiting a really long time for procedures maybe in Canada they are I got coffee with a British YouTuber who was here recently and she told me that it actually doesn’t take that long to wait to go to the doctor there to see a primary care doctor in the US you do

Have to wait 3 to 4 days you usually can’t go the same day unless it’s an urgent care facility not to be confused with the emergency room the Urgent Care is not the emergency room so why is it so expensive this is something I’ve really grappled with it doesn’t make

Sense because other countries it’s not so why why is it here there are several reasons but to sum it up it’s because it is a for-profit system and another big reason is because it isn’t a single pair system hospitals have much more advantage in setting the prices and we

As consumers have less negotiation power Vox made a really great video about how in other countries when it is a Single Payer system I know this is a controversial type of system whether you like it or not it does lower the cost on average for procedures because the

Government says hey this is how much we’re willing to pay if you don’t abide by that then you’re you’re just not going to get paid more but there are hundreds of private insurance companies and they each cover far fewer people than a Medicare or a Medicaid and each

One has to negotiate prices with hospitals and doctors on their own and if you’re uninsured you have even less leverage nobody is negotiating on your behalf so you end up paying the highest price other countries they don’t have this problem instead of every private insurance company negotiating with every

Healthc care provider there’s just this big list country the central government they go and they say if you want to sell to us to all of our people then here is what you can TR Char for a checkup here’s what you can charge for an MRI or

A prescription for lipor because it is a private healthare system and there’s many different pairs there’s probably hundreds of different insurance companies that negotiate their rates with different hospitals and then there’s the government subsidized Healthcare which is Medicare and Medicaid Medicare and Medicaid are the only ones that really get the most

Affordable rate in this Vox video they basically say it’s because it’s such a large chunk of the population because they all baned together in that way they have more negotiation power they’re able to get better rates a lot of hospitals are for profit there are some that are

Not for profit and a lot of health insurance companies claim they’re not for profit but we’ll get into that because I don’t really buy it personally essentially the hospitals in the US have more of an advantage and more of a negotiation power because we’re a private Health Care system than we can

See in a single Healthcare System they can’t they can’t charge these crazy prices another reason it’s expensive is there are a lot lot of administrative costs when it comes to both hospitals and health insurance companies while a lot of hospitals and insurance companies say they’re not for

Profit there are things that they count as expenses that are just kind of outlandish take a look at any major hospital system the CEO is a lot of times making $15 million a year there’s dozens of people on the payroll making $1 to5 million a year Kaiser Permanente

Specifically we see this but Kaiser Permanente is just hospital system there’s a bunch of Hospital Systems just like this so while they technically might be a not for-profit company meaning they’re not trying to make a profit it’s because their payroll expense is gigantic and because every Health Care system is like this and

There’s no cap on it they all sort of have to pay this much now in order to retain the the leadership that they need put me in charge I’ll do it for 500k a year and now there’s this standard they all expect to be paid 15 million a year

If they don’t get that they’ll just go to another hospital system this is the same thing with insurance companies if you take a look at Blue Shield look at how much they’re paying people this is just for Blue Shield of California the CEO makes $6 million and a large part of

Their executive team is making 1 to three million a year and keep in mind there’s a Blue Shield in pretty much every state in America that’s 50 CEOs just for this one insurance company likely making over a million dollars a year and the larger National ones of

Course make even more siga’s CEO made $20 million same thing with United Health Group CEO and of course the whole team making like over 5 mil a year and it wasn’t always this way actually my mom actually worked at a hospital in the 9s she did medical billing when she

Worked at this hospital it was in Washington state and it was owned by nuns a lot of hospitals actually have a religious history the history of Healthcare in the US a lot of it when it dates back to like Catholicism actually if you really look into it it’s kind of

Interesting which is good and bad back then you know nuns actually did provide more charity care they didn’t nickel and dime people as much my mom said however you know they they wouldn’t even give birth control they’re definitely not going to do abortions probably even for eptopic pregnancies like they weren’t

Perfect okay but they truly were a nonprofit like truly I feel like the nonprofits today are kind of BS they’re not they are making a profit they’re just in the numbers making it look like they’re not my mom said that when she worked at this hospital when the nuns

Worked there there they were able to give charity care a lot more freely prices of things were lower eventually the nuns were dying out and they had to sell it to a hospital group that was buying up a lot of hospitals in the area when this happened my mom said they

Hired all these BS administrative people who had much higher salaries and they pushed for the medical billers to bill for every little thing that’s when we started seeing people get build $100 for a Tylenol it’s when these bigger Hospital groups got involved and started buying them out so this was St Francis

In Federal Way Washington that’s where my mom worked if you look into the history of it it was originally owned by nuns now it’s owned by chai Franciscan healthc care which is now a pretty big Healthcare System in Washington state this is something I think a lot of

People don’t know about has happened with a lot of Hospital Systems because how would they know if my mom didn’t work in medical billing in the 9s I would not have known that she has like a firsthand account of it that I think is super interesting there’s a lot of

Administrative bloat when it comes to hospital and part of the reason for this administrative cost is the way that our health insurance Works Dr Mike has a really good Tik Tok on this just take a look let’s say I’m following a patient’s tumor size we need an MRI to see how the

Tumor is behaving the insurance company will deny it I will call them I will say the patient needs why because of this did you get a CAT scan first no they don’t need a CAT scan they need number no they do and I have to argue for 45

Minutes guess what I don’t get paid for as a doctor well for me I’m a weird scenario but everyone else the time if you’re a lawyer are you doing anything for 45 minutes without get compens I don’t find that doctors will call and argue most doctors will try and then we

Fail so then we start trying to hire administrators to do it for us and that is why healthc care costs have ballooned in this country I see our healthc care costs have doubled tripled doctors should be making way more money they’re not doctors themselves sometimes have to

Waste time justifying why they have to do a procedure this back and forth is a terrible use of a doctor’s time A lot of times a private practice is going to have to hire a full-time medical billing staff to sense of this confusing ridiculous healthare system that’s a

Huge added cost that just gets passed on to us patients there’s so much time wasted just negotiating with insurance and this is a big issue the Vox video really explains and I know a lot of people don’t like the government running things because in many a lot of people

Don’t like the government running things or getting involved because a lot of times they’re not very efficient although recently I went to the DMV and they had it together it was pretty efficient the USPS like there are some government run things that are are pretty good I would say actually but

Then there’s like the IRS like clearly is not a lot of times the government becomes bureaucratic and slow when it’s left to private companies and consumers have a choice prices go down if you’re shopping for a TV you don’t really need it you have time to price shop you’re

Going to get the best price of it because there’s 10 different companies making TVs if the government was the only one making TVs probably would be bad but with Healthcare it’s very different because you can’t really price shop a lot of times if you’re in an

Emergency you have to go to the ER you’re at the mercy of whatever they charge you even when it’s not an emergency the prices aren’t really transparent they passed an act that made hospitals list their prices but even when you look at it they’re still all

Over the map it’ll still be this huge range of thousands of dollars that something could cost it’s not really transparent so every hospital has to legally have their charges now on their website but you can see for a sleep study it has this minimum and maximum number that is very different $360 to

$2,400 like what but they do at least show you what each insurance is going to charge you so it’s kind of helpful but the numbers are still kind of all over the map it’s really hard to get a cost estimate if you call if you call a

Hospital to try and get an estimate they’ll pretty much tell you they can’t do it and even if they do a lot of times it’s still different when they bill you hospitals they just have too much power in what they can charge and they do abuse that so they charge just

Ridiculous amounts for things and I saw this with my most recent medical bill I recently had to go to urgent care for a sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away I have my own health insurance but it is a catastrophic plan that I pay

$350 a month for so I try and not go very much it was 3 months of getting sick basically so by the third time I was finally like okay I’ll just go get a prescription so I go to an urgent care which is not the emergency room Urgent

Care is basic basic care a lot of the times it’s not a doctor it’s a physician’s assistant or maybe a nurse they can write you prescriptions for basic things it’s usually not that expensive but I made a big mistake which we’ll get into I went to this Urgent

Care appointment I was there for 30 minutes I did a covid test a strep test I saw a doctor for maybe 5 minutes you know I was mostly just waiting for the test and had a nurse that checked my vitals and whatever and then I got my bill it was

$474 for an appointment that actually wasn’t even helpful I I still have this sinus issue like the prescription helped for like a week and then it just came back so I made a big mistake I went to an urgent care that was within a big hospital system so they charged me for

An outpatient visit not an urgent care I was shook by this because I’ve gone to urgent care for the exact same thing so many times in my life this is not a new issue for me I’ve never had to pay more than $150 even one time I went without

Insurance and they that was it $1 15 bucks so this time I was like excuse me you can see they charged me first of all for a 45-minute appointment which it was not a 45-minute appointment and you can see I was charged twice for the outpatient visit once for the facility

Fee and once for the actual care from the doctor we can do the appointment in the parking lot then I don’t really care so I’ve really been trying to fight this because my appointment actually wasn’t 45 minutes and secondly this is above the average cost for the these same

Procedures at other medical centers so I just feel like it’s crazy that they charge me this much but basically if you guys need to go to urgent care just go to one of those little like City MD those little pop-up urgent cares do not go to one that’s within a hospital

Because they will rip you off they coat it differently if you go to one that’s within a hospital they Cod it for like a normal like Primary Care visit thing that I’ve heard these companies do is they price it higher to make it look like your insurance is actually doing

Something when it’s not so they charge me for $700 when the actual cost of this is probably like hundred somewhere around there they build me $50 for a strep a test when you can get a pack on Amazon for $115 that’s only $2.30 per test you know hospitals are

Always getting bulk pricing so there’s no way it actually cost $50 they tell me that my Blue Shield plan got me $200 off but a lot of times I’ve heard that it doesn’t really oh my gosh I am a patient that just got my hospital bill and they

Charged me $50,000 to give birth to my own child I am so lucky though because I have insurance and I only had to pay $6,000 and then like 50 of you tag me and you’re like oh my gosh Christy how can a normal delivery cost $50,000 it

Doesn’t it doesn’t it is a madeup price usually it’s called a charge Master price and it’s essentially just a negotiation starting point between your hospital and your insurance charge Master prices are way inflated they’re usually 300 to 500% more than the the actual fair market value of that service

Hospitals benefit from keeping this number as high as possible so that when insurance companies only reimburse a percentage of that number the hospital can still make a profit but before you think the insurance company is the hero here insurance companies very much benefit from hospitals keeping these

Prices high as well when a hospital bills you tens of thousand for a service and then your insurance company comes back and says you only owe a few thousand it looks like your insurance company saves you a lot of money that’s good advertising in addition the more and more expensive that healthare costs

Become the more and more people there are that feel forced into buying Insurance to avoid Financial ruin that’s cornering a market they just inflate the costs to make it look like your insurance is doing something when it’s really not there’s no amount of gaslighting that could convince me that

Procedure that I had done was actually worth $700 why are they charging me they charged me $127 for a covid test like excuse me I can go get one at the store for $5 and obviously hospitals are buying these in bulk you can even get the antigen rapid test now for $11.75

Per test yes there are different types of covid tests but I’m not leaving the country this is not life or death I don’t need the expensive covid test I just don’t so I’ve actually been trying to fight this and get the cost lower I’ve seen on Tik Tok there is a former

Nurse who advocates for patients and she’s been spilling a lot of tea on how to get your medical bill low one thing that you can do is go to a website called Fair consumer I think that’s what it is I’ll put it here you

Can put in the code that they buil you for and see what the average cost is in your area so I put in the code for the covid test and we can see that they ended up billing me for the out of network uninsured price when this was in

Network so you can see if they’re charging you more than the average and you can try and say hey you’re charging a lot more than other places but I did try this you guys and it didn’t work they were like those are our prices I was like oh well my appointment

Still wasn’t 45 minutes A lot of people are actually able to get their medical bill way lower this way because 80% of medical bills have errors they’ll charge you for something twice but even if that’s not the case sometimes you’re able to negotiate a lower price I have

Not been successful with it but I do think this is just not a great system because who has the time for this fortunately I’m able to make the time for this cuz I can call it research for this video and I can spend a few hours communicating with them but most people

Don’t have the time for this a lot of people are at work all day and they come home they you know we all have chores we have errands you might have kids you you know we’re all busy a lot of people don’t have time to argue back and forth

With their insurance or with the hospital and so they end up just paying it and I’ve done it before I’ve just paid it because it’s not the best use of my time and I think they know this they know that people don’t have the time to deal with this and they’ll just

Eventually pay it one issue I don’t see a lot of people talk about is it makes people not ever want to go to the doctor even when they should which can actually make things worse I have found with any medical issue if you don’t treat it early it’s usually just going to get

Worse like it will spread to other areas like if you have foot pain it will cause knee pain some things go away on their own but a lot of things don’t a lot of us are just afraid to even go to preventative appointments cuz we’re going to get charged a ridiculous amount

I hate to admit this and I know it’s not a good thing but I try and avoid going to the doctor even when I should I know I should go see a specialist for a sinus infection but I also know it’s probably going to be 20 or more and it probably

Won’t even help that much so I’ve just been putting it off which I know is bad I know consciously I shouldn’t do that but I also know I’m not the only one who does this another thing I want to touch on is not only is this a scam to

Patients but it’s also a scam to Providers a lot of doctors and nurses are very overworked insurance companies will only let them see a patient for 5 minutes insurance companies will require doctors to see a certain number of patients every day and so that’s part of the reason why we’re not even getting

That good of care everything’s very rushed it causes doctors to burn out they don’t enjoy their job as much same thing with nurses a lot of them are overworked a lot of nurses are quitting in fact I actually met one of my subscribers a couple years ago she was a

Travel nurse and she quit to become a wedding photographer you know she’s not the only one a lot of nurses are quitting so all in all yeah the whole system is a scam but I hate to feel powerless in it there is still things

That we can do that I want to share with you guys these are some things that we should all know about the first thing if you have a non-urgent medical issue actually check the reviews of hospitals before you go I wish I would have done this before I went to Urgent Care at

That big hospital system because I went to their Yelp to leave a bad review and I found a lot of people ran into the same issue the hospital had horrible reviews it had like two something Stars I actually could have avoided this whole thing if I had just researched a little

Bit before I had gone could have gone to a normal urgent care that would charge me a normal price I thought it was a fine one to go to cuz my parents recommended it but then later my mom told me she got charged like $2,000 for

Blood work so I feel like she just didn’t realize she was getting scammed too so research check the Yelp reviews every hospital actually has to list their prices on their website again it’s very vague it’ll be a range of thousands of dollars it still might help you

Choose if you have to get a surgery somewhere another thing you could do you could go overseas travel tourism is not just for cosmetic procedures people are actually doing it for all kinds of stuff A lot of times it is cheaper to go to a different country I don’t know how I

Feel about this though cuz we don’t want to overwhelm other countries systems just because ours is a scam but it is something that people do another thing I’m going to start doing is documenting everything the next time I go to a doctor I’m going to say hey I’m filming

This I’m filming this whole appointment for my records I’m going to try and do that the next time I have an appointment because one you’ll have proof of everything they did so if they bill you for something extra you can show that that that didn’t actually happen and

You’ll also have proof of how long the appointment is so if there’s they’re trying to bill you for a longer appointment like they are for me you can show how long they were actually with you it also could be helpful for in the future if you forgot something your

Doctor said you know it could be helpful to have that it might be that some doctors say you can’t film it I’m not really sure but I’ve filmed things before it’s never been a problem but you do have to tell them that you’re filming it’s another thing that you can do

Follow this girl on Tik Tok this is the former nurse that’s spilling the tea on how to get your medical bill lower if you ever do get a medical bill that’s really high go through the steps that she’s talking about she’s really brought to light the fact that you can apply for

Charity care if you make under a certain amount they won’t tell you this but if you know about it and you press to get it they can wave the whole cost of certain procedures there’s also AI Services one is called good bill they can negotiate your medical bill for you

They just don’t have every Health Care System yet that’s why I’m not using this one yet they haven’t input the hospital that I went to another thing to know if you go to a private practice they’re negotiable a lot of Specialists are private practice and and they are

Negotiable they’re not owned by a big healthc care system telling them what to charge so it’s a lot easier to to negotiate especially if you just pay in cash and they don’t have to deal with your insurance it’ll be cheaper I got my jaw surgery way cheaper this way I

Actually knew this girl in La who worked for a very famous doctor a lot of celebrities go to this doctor I won’t say what it’s not a cosmetic thing let’s just say they usually go to this doctor for around 9 months she told me that they charge a kind of all-inclusive

Price for the 9 months for the the main procedure that happens at the end it’s this one set price and then she told me when people couldn’t afford it they would just instantly cut the price in half and offer that happens a lot if you’re going to a private practice like

You can try and you can try and negotiate another one to know about is Cost Plus drugs this is Mark Cuban’s website where he sells prescriptions um different medications for way lower than the usual price so if you have an ongoing prescription see if you can get

It here for cheaper they’ve got hundreds they even have different Cancer drugs I mean look at these price differences you could save thousands of dollars using this we started a company called cost plusd it’ll show you not only what we sell it for it’ll show you our

Cost and actual cost actual cost but we really pay for it we mark it up 15% that’s it we have a $3 Pharmacy fee and $5 for shipping that’s it shout out to Mark Cuban a billionaire doing something good we love to see it and the last

Thing that we can do is consider voting for people who will fix the Health Care system I need to do more research in this like are we going to move to a single Health Care system in our lifetime maybe it’s that’s a really tough ask who knows I don’t know but

There are some politicians that are working to cap some of the more ridiculous things that are happening in the healthcare industry I’m not saying who to vote for for president because I don’t think either of the candidates are really going to work towards a Better Health Care system if I’m being honest

But there are still some some politicians who are working to prevent parts of the health industry scams personally that is a big deal to me this is something that I prioritize my vote going towards so that is a bit about why the US Healthcare System is a scam it

Really is so complicated though I’m sure that there is so much more to it I would love for you guys to comment down below your experiences with the US Healthcare System if you know any way to get it cheaper if you have experience going abroad for healthcare services if you

Have tips for hacking this stupid system let us know comment down below if you were able to fight a medical bill successfully I need the tips because I’m currently still trying to do it and it’s not going well you guys I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I will see

You in the next one bye

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