The Top 10 Most Overhyped Events That Were Complete Failures – Video

The Top 10 Most Overhyped Events That Were Complete Failures – Video

Are you ready to dive into the top 10 overhyped events that ended up being major disappointments? From pop culture phenomena to highly anticipated gaming releases, this list covers it all. Starting off with Paul Rosely’s supposed “Eaten Alive” stunt, where viewers expected to see him swallowed whole by an anaconda, only to be disappointed by the anticlimactic outcome. Michael Jordan’s second comeback with the Washington Wizards and the hype surrounding the Power Glove for the NES also make the list.

The infamous Storm Area 51 event and the disastrous Fire Festival are also highlighted, showing how social media hype can lead to massive letdowns. And of course, the highly criticized Game of Thrones finale and the disappointing Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace also make an appearance on the list.

The overhyped Y2K scare and the failed attempt at Hands Across America event further add to the list of disappointing events that failed to live up to expectations. And last but not least, the much-anticipated mystery of Al Capone’s vaults, which turned out to be a big dud when opened live on TV.

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Well that’s legitimately disappointing welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 overhyped events from pop culture gaming movies and everything in between that ended up being a big disappointment it’s going to be terrible not necessarily no I’m going to make sure that it

Is number 10 Paul Rosy is eaten alive sort of the phrase eaten alive is enough to stop you on your tracks when someone claims they’re going to be eaten alive by an anaconda expectations are understandably high and when conservationist Paul rosley set out to make himself a meal for the reptile in

2014 the impending documentary actually named Ethan alive was Prime shock TV fodder you’re getting on me oh guess what viewers were left disappointed rosley dawned a special protective suit and covered himself in Pig’s blood then force fed himself to the snake many viewers expected Rosy to be swallowed

Whole but what they actually saw was him being wrapped up and restricted for about a minute and a half half before his arm was nearly broken and the whole thing was called off do not underestimate the sadistic expectations of the viewing public Mr rosley Robin being swallowed whole and we’ll be next

Number nine Michael Jordan’s second comeback you I retired with the notion that I wasn’t going to come back Michael Jordan’s legacy is pretty much Untouchable well almost Untouchable Jordan retired from the Chicago balls in 1993 had a brief stretch as a baseball player then turned to play for the balls

In 1995 and even managed to claim three further NBA championships with them before retiring again but then he made a second comeback this time for the Washington Wizards he’s done it before why can’t he do it again everyone thought depending on who you ask Jordan stint with the Wizards was a little

Lackluster true he had some solid performances but he was starting to show his age and a knee injury really stopped him from giving his [Applause] best he also frequent ly unashamedly vented his dissatisfaction with the performance of his teammates during this time Jordan’s second comeback lasted just two seasons number eight the Power

Glove no way yes way the 80s was jam-packed with iconic toy releases the Rubik’s Cube Care Bears the BMX but for many 80s kids and young adults the release of the power glove for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989 was on a whole another level the marketing prom mind-blowing virtual reality features a

New era of gaming a way of infinitely enhancing your current NES games library in reality the Power Glove sucked what’s wrong with my guy why is he squatting he looks like he’s sick he’s just bunting stop bunting I can’t stop bunting the immense hype around the product fell

Completely flat when Gamers finally got their hands on it its controls were clunky and impractical and there were only two games released with exclusive power glove features super glove ball and bad street brawler it was discontinued after just a year I love the Power Glove it’s so bad number seven storm

Area 51 yeah hopefully I capture some aliens this is a perfect example of how social media can fuel imagination togetherness and potential chaos The Story Goes Like This in 2019 a guy called Matty Roberts started a Facebook event as a joke that urged people of the internet to get together and storm the

Gates of Area 51 the famed military base that allegedly houses secrets of extraterrestrial life and the then gain traction with Millions claiming that they were going to attend the military urged people to stay away nearby hotels booked up and a storm Area 51 website went live when the fateful day of the

Event came around however only 150 people turned up there was no raid and no ET rescue it just sort of came and went although it did Inspire the alien stock Music Festival it’s not going to be like a military based Slaughter it’ll actually be something really fun educational Maybe music and art that’s

What I’m working on number six fire Festival apparently there’s no food on the island they’re not letting people in people who just landed here have to go back to Miami on the subject of strange festivals we wanted to move straight on to perhaps the most disappointing and misleading Music Festival of all time

2017’s fire Festival fire Festival took place on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas and promised to be an exuberance exclusive music event featuring The Who’s Who of celebs and instagrammers accompan by fine dining and luxury accommodation tickets were selling for up to $100,000 and cabs like

Kendall Jenna were promoting it we should go to all the girls they need to post one picture of them on the beach today or on jet skis # fire fesal before 5:00 turns out it was all a big scam concocted by con artist Billy McFarland fire Festival did go ahead but it saw

Guests sleeping on wet mattresses eating sad cheese sandwiches and basically just having the worst time did everybody that has a villa just go grab a tent instead this whole mass of people I was like all right it’s a free-for-all it also had a massive negative impact on local

Businesses on the island McFarland was rightfully so given six years in jail for fraud number five The Game of Thrones finale I know you don’t want it ah yes the big finish it wasn’t just the final episode of Game of Thrones that didn’t meet expectations it was actually

The entire final season the buildup to the series finale was one of the biggest TV events ever but from the very beginning of season 8 fans were quick to vent their disapproval there were plot hols everywhere of which ruined previously loved and established stories many characters were given unimaginative

Conclusions and the tional Nuance was ripped away from many aspects of the show I mean you look good thanks so here it was just a bit me if you yet to watch Game of Thrones just prepare yourself for the ending disappointment is coming all hell brand the broken Number Four Hands Across

America let me feel it there it is a chain who doesn’t love the idea of millions of people uniting to show solidarity against hunga and homelessness at its core 1986’s Hands Across America meant well but as a spectacle and money raising events it fell a little flat who’s ready to get

This homeless party started the idea was that people would form one continuous human chain across the United States acting as a metaphor of [Applause] togetherness in reality although 5.5 million people participated said chain was broken in several different places and the $50 million or so that was raised in donations was overshadowed by

The fact that the whole event cost around $15 million to organize nice idea just poorly executed hold my hand no way hold hand please just hold my hand Number Three Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace you thought Phantom Menace was not half bad I told you that in confidence now

Plenty of movie franchises have had disappointing releases over the years but not every movie franchise can match the vast fan Bas and bloodthirsty passion of Star Wars The Phantom Menace was released 16 years after Return of the Jedi and with a promise of character Origins and George Lucas at the helm

What could go wrong it was without a doubt a box office success but on the whole it was not a success with Star Wars funds I mean I don’t want to bag the movie but I really didn’t think I cared about the characters costumed funds queued outside of theaters filled

With hope but left with a new hope that the movie would be deleted from existence the release of The Phantom Menace left a bit taste in the mouths of Star Wars fans a taste that’s been difficult to eradicate to this day the Phantom manace is by far the best Star Wars

Movie it ages well number two y 2K y 2K what are you selling chicken a sex jelly there have been several significant end of the world events over the years 2012’s doomsday calendar comes to mind but Y2K had some people seriously worried fear started boiling up in 1999

Because people started to talk about how computers were not equipped to deal with the year 2000 calendar dates and as a result Entire Computer Systems would crumble many took this to mean that Civilization would collapse zombie apocalypse style very festive uh actually sir each of those lights represents a missile launching by itself

The pattern is just a coincidence survivalists everywhere stocked up on food water and weapons and the countdown to New Year’s felt like a ticking time bomb and then the Clock Struck midnight and well nothing happened nothing of significance anyway and that’s it really that’s the story moving on y 2K perfect

Example of how the Press Hypes everything to no end and nothing happens before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if

You’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one the mystery of alapon vaults directly beneath me in this hotel’s Rubble strewn basement a massive concrete chamber has been discovered a lost Vault belonging to one of the world’s most notorious gangsters

Too right we were excited when a construction crew found some hidden Chambers in Chicago’s Lexington hotel the place Capone used to reside the rumor was that they could contain cash weapons or some other commodity belonging to Capone reporter Heraldo Rivera jumped on it and with him recently being fired by ABC and looking

To prove himself the stage was set the mystery of Al Capone’s vaults took place in 1986 and the hype was real 30 million people tuned in to watch the vaults being opened only to find that there was nothing to see nothing at all as it turns out we haven’t found very much at

Least not uh not yet live TV can be edgy exciting and surprising but this turned out to be neither of those things you got nothing nothing so that’s our list which overhyped events left you disappointed let us know in the comments are you offended did you enjoy this

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