UK election: Rishi Sunak resignation speech in full

UK election: Rishi Sunak resignation speech in full

Rishi Sunak, the outgoing Conservative Party leader, delivered a heartfelt resignation speech following a devastating election defeat to Labour. In his emotional address, Sunak expressed his gratitude to the party members for their support and dedication throughout his leadership.

Despite his best efforts, Sunak acknowledged the outcome of the election and took full responsibility for the defeat. He emphasized the need for unity within the party moving forward and called for all members to come together to support the new leadership in rebuilding and regaining the trust of the British people.

Sunak’s resignation marks the end of his tenure as UK Prime Minister, a role he held with dedication and commitment. As he steps down, Sunak expressed his confidence in the future of the Conservative Party and urged all members to continue working towards a brighter future for the country.

The full speech by Rishi Sunak can be viewed on BBC News, offering insight into his thoughts and feelings during this challenging time for the party. As the UK prepares for a new chapter in its political landscape, Sunak’s resignation serves as a reminder of the importance of leadership, unity, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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