The Top 30 Most Memorable Deaths of Kenny in South Park – Video

The Top 30 Most Memorable Deaths of Kenny in South Park – Video

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Again…and again. In this hilarious and slightly morbid video, WatchMojo presents the top 30 best Kenny deaths in South Park. From antacid tablets to UFOs to giant birds, Kenny has met his demise in countless ways throughout the series, movies, and short clips. With so many deaths to choose from, WatchMojo has narrowed it down to their favorites, but they want to hear from you. Did they miss one of your top Kenny deaths? Let them know in the comments!

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So grab your Cheesy Poofs and settle in for a countdown of Kenny’s most memorable deaths in South Park. And remember, they may have killed Kenny, but he always comes back for more. #southpark #kenny #theykilledkenny #animated #death #cartman

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