The Top 30 Most Overplayed Songs in Film and Television – Video

The Top 30 Most Overplayed Songs in Film and Television – Video

Are you tired of hearing the same songs over and over again in movies and TV shows? Well, you’re not alone. In this video, WatchMojo counts down the top 30 most overused songs in entertainment history. From classics like “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival to iconic hits like “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees, these tunes have been featured in countless films and shows, making them feel almost cliche at this point.

Whether it’s the seductive tones of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” or the uplifting melody of Judy Garland’s “Over the Rainbow,” these songs have become synonymous with certain themes and emotions on screen. And while they may have resonated with audiences in the past, their overuse has made them lose some of their impact.

So next time you hear “Eye of the Tiger” or “Hallelujah” playing in a movie montage, just remember that you’re not the only one feeling a sense of deja vu. Check out the full video to see if your favorite song made the list, and let us know in the comments which songs you think are in need of a break from the spotlight.

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Welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at specific songs that have appeared in dozens of shows and movies throughout the years movie scores and instrumentals will not be considered been number 30 Low Rider War released in 1975 on war studio album Why Can’t We Be Friends low rider has been covered by dozens of artists and has appeared in countless TV shows and movies throughout the years as for movies it’s popped up in the likes of Gone in 60 Seconds Up in

Smoke Friday and a nights tale to name a few God love you William I know I know no one else will in That 70s Show Eric inscribes the lyrics of the song onto Donna’s wedding ring possibly even a little rude all my friends know the low rider um it’s also known for being

George Lopez’s theme song appearing in his standup and on his shows George Lopez and Lopez tonight oh My War isn’t the most popular band in the world but we imagine the royalty checks for this one song have set them up for Life number 29 oh yeah yellow oh yeah Swiss synth pop band yellow had a mostly cult following by the release of their 1985 album Stella

But the third track oh yeah made them a global sensation after it was used in the closing credits of Ferris bu’s day off oh yeah John Hughes hit comedy launched the funky strut up the charts as yellow signature song though it featured prominently on other 80s soundtracks it is popularly recognized

As the ferris ber song this his fault he didn’t lock the garage dozens of movies shows and commercials continue to play oh yeah as an homage to a classic flick or just to exaggerate sex appeal as formulaic as that is it’s hard not to groove along when yellow kicks on what

The hell is De b b ch ch oh day b b oh yeah number 28 true Spandau Ballet easily span out ballet’s biggest song True topped the UK charts for 4 weeks and proved the band’s only top 10 hit in the United States peing at number four me and her will

Interface the song itself has appeared in numerous movies including 16 candles and Charlie’s Angels it’s also closely related to Adam Sandler having appeared in both pixels and The Wedding [Applause] Singer in the latter it’s sung by Steve bumi at Robbie and Julia’s wedding it was also sung by Edward Norton on Modern

Family who was appearing as the band’s fictional bass player Izzy LaFontaine shot a ray of op into this Gloomy Suburban LW right Bud play Izzy you CL this he personally sings True to Phil and CLA as CLA mistakenly believes it’s the couple’s song number 27 White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane one pill makes you

Larer and one pill makes you upon the release of the now classic album surrealistic pillow White Rabbit became one of the great anthems of psychedelic Rock up Jefferson airplane’s take on Lewis Carroll is definitely a chilling departure from Disney’s it has since become a soundtrack staple of counterculture period pieces and

Generally hallucinogenic scenes you [Applause] Ready close your eyes but with the Bolero Sinister tone at least one film or show has found dramatic use for it each year since 2001 and if there’s any doubt that something is intended as an homage to Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit tends to Telegraph that the

Trippiest irony is that the song has yet to appear in a direct adaptation of Carol number 26 Mr Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra ELO’s Mr Blue Sky recently enjoyed a bit of a cultural Resurgence thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 But it’s been around in the pop culture Consciousness for decades in fact it appeared in both the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics in 2012 a celebration of the band’s English Heritage as for movies and TV Mr Blue Sky has appeared in mega mind he’s

Perfect and action role models Paul Blart and the trailer for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Avenue see thees it’s also popped up in various media including the children’s film The Magic roundabout AKA Dall and beloved Sci-Fi series Doctor Who and if there’s one thing I really really love then it’s

Jeff Lyn and the Electric Light Orchestra cuz you can’t beat a bit of El number 25 London Calling The Clash call to the far away Towns now war is declared and battle come down The Clash’s revolutionary album London Calling kicks off with a sobering image of London during the apocalypse as far as American Media cares though the punk Masterpiece is just an image of London

Ever since a vacation episode of Friends London Calling has become standard bumper music for shots of the city and you know what they said the some of it was true it has also been used to play up edgier motifs in British culture even in British media James Bond himself came

Home to the song in Die Another Day this cheeky cliche by no means takes away from its status as an undeniable anthem for the modern UK it’s just unfortunate that the 20-some ways it’s been used as an Anthem feels so establishment come out of the

Boyss number 24 I’ve had the time of my life Bill Medley and Jennifer Wars now I the time of my life Dirty Dancing finishes on one of the most iconic dance numbers ever Bill Medley and Jenifer Warren’s original collab I’ve had the time of my life is itself a popular

Selection for romantic or festive [Applause] Occasions its appearance in other movies reflects that really the song is most overtly used in Recreations or spoofs of the dirty dancing scene but many romantic moments and music competition shows utilize it as a go-to duet either way the use of time of my life has gotten so specific it’s often ironic not

So ironic is the way the song makes you sing dance or roll your eyes when it’s played outside of the original film just look at them it’s not even that dirty hey I know it’s not foot loose but will you just dance a little for me number 23

Don’t Stop Believing Journey just a girl living in a long [Applause] the opening track of Journey’s Escape album already feels like it should be from an empowering movie for over 20 years though Don’t Stop Believing was seldom heard outside of classic rock playlists popular interest resurged

After it was played over the famed final scene of The Sopranos what looks good tonight by the time Glee covered it as one of the show’s signature songs it seemed to be everywhere this quintessential power ballad was ently featured in uplifting scenes throughout the early 2010s to

This day it is a favorite on music competition shows certainly Don’t Stop Believing we’ll never stop thrilling the legions of Journey fans you just don’t want it to go on and on so much outside of the radio never it goes on and and and and number 22 You Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer Can’t Touch This You Can’t Touch This the groove of MC Hammer’s signature song really is Untouchable ever since it blew up from the album please hammer don’t hurt him you can’t touch this has been a Mainstay across all media movies shows ads and anything else

You can think of has used the jam to pump up their tone in a Kumo survey of 4,000 films it was found to be the most used song The parodies alone could fill the pockets of a few parachute pants however much you can’t touch this is really cute up it’s probably taken for

Granted at this point you can’t say that it doesn’t liven up any soundtrack it touches just like the bad guy from Lethal Weapon too I’ve got diplomatic immunity so ham you can’t shoot number 21 September Earth Wind and Fire do you Remember it never feels like a cloudy day when this disco Opus kicks on September will never get old despite the best efforts of modern pop culture ever since the 2000s Nostalgia surrounding the already nostalgic Anthem has made it a go-to for uplifting scenes in film and

TV the internet has also worn out the track it’s even a sensation in European media from British football chance to the mega hit French comedy The Intouchables Earth Wind and Fire have clearly delivered a pop staple that transcends generations and culture that can be said about many of their

Overplayed Classics but September can be a particularly exhausting Groove for its prevalence across Media number 20 Ain’t That a Kick In The Head Dean Martin how lucky can one guy be I kissed her and she kissed me after its debut in 1960s Oceans 11 Ain’t That a Kick In The Head became one of the great swing standards it so epitomizes

The age of the kuner that media tends to lean on the standard in contributes to that hip style Good Fellas even revive the song for film by tapping into the irony of its cold- footed love story but I got my mom to watch the babies tomorrow night can’t do it Karen why not

I just can’t do it I got something lined up y but tomorrow night’s the only night she can do it more than 40 properties have used it for romance comedy action and practically every other tone the cliche may very well boot the cleverness even the cool factor is played out but

With a impossible catchiness and versatile use Ain’t That a Kick In The Head is a keeper a a Kick In The Head number 19 celebration cool in the gang’s going C true to its title cool in the gang’s celebration is the peak of party anthems as cliche as it is to include it

In your party playlist it is naturally the gold standard for upbeat soundtracks its usage goes back to the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati not long after the song’s debut on the 1980 album celebrate officer it’s 3 minutes past the time that the bomb was supposed to go off this instant classic has been keeping

Festive scenes going ever since you listen very carefully I think it’s Celebration by cool in the gang if anything it’s become more frequently and prominently used through the years as of 2024 it’s made more than 40 appearances that if effectively confirm celebration as the never-ending party that everyone wants with all the

Fatigue that clearly nobody thinks about Mr Vice President someone finally bought a copy of your book sir well this calls for a celebration I will number 18 Gimme Shelter the Rolling Stones no one gives it to you you have to take it Martin scorsi movies probably count for half of

The plays this song gets on screen but Gimme Shelter also has a reputation for meaning that something intense is about to happen What can I do you for great whether in emotionally or romantically intense scenes or when everything is about to hit the fan it has certainly pulled its

Weight over the years as a CU to let people know that something interesting is well just a shot away [Applause] bring face just like another Stones classic Sympathy for the Devil it’s a great tune that unfortunately feels a little formulaic at this point maybe we can let the next

Generation of rockers lay these ones to rest soon number 17 respect artha Franklin baby I got often considered one of the greatest songs ever recorded artha Franklin’s respect was released in 1967 serving as a cover of Otis reading’s 1965 original despite being a cover Franklin undoubtedly made it her own changing the

Lyrics to reflect the feminist movement and adding the song’s signature re PCT refrain respect has appeared in the likes of Desperately Seeking Susan St Elmo’s Fire and Bridget Jones’s Diary just to name a few gorgeous isn’t it belong to Elvis Presley you want to try it on it’s also sung by Jennifer Hudson

In the artha Franklin biopic appropriately titled Respect arita you do talk don’t you not just sing I like you to call me Miss Franklin the biopic is a long time coming serving as a wonderful celebration of Franklin’s trailblazing career and music number 16 All Along the Watchtower Jimmy Hendrick I think it might be narcotic is that

So originally written by Bob Dylan the Jimmy Hendrick cover of this tune usually comes in when something on screen gets kicked up a notch often queued up when a character is tripping on drugs for the first time however it doesn’t always have to be associated with a drug trip now dry your

Eyes let’s go Home case in point Battlestar Galactica uses the song as a trigger s testing the melody transcends space and Time however when placed in chronological time the Psychedelic rocker has become a period marker for the 1960s common in movies and shows depicting era defining events like the Vietnam War although we’ll get more songs associated with that time period Later number 15 Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the waves this song may have been the group’s biggest hit but it’s also guaranteed their spot in pop culture the pop rock number sounds like sunshine rainbows and everything nice so it’s always played to make sure we know that an on-screen character is feeling good

The most creative use of the Katrina and the wave single must be in American Psycho though during the scene in which Patrick baitman listens to it Stone faced after a successful night of Killing Walking on Sunshine has appeared in dozens of projects including films TV shows video games and more can you turn that off listen listen I wasn’t supposed to I’m but maybe maybe it’s about time that it walks away number 14 Bad to the Bone George Thor good and the Destroyers if I

Was the bad boy then I was going to be the baddest boy of them all is an unlikely person about to Rebel if so cue this song we can have sex [Applause] [Applause] again this song seems to appear every time old people go on a trip middle-aged men want to be badasses or kids feel the urge to Rebel I’ll take a whack at it before it had such an ironic use bat to the bone was used with sincerity for

Example it plays in Terminator 2 Judgment Day after the T800 suits up in his leather motorcycle Outfit the track’s opening guitar riff makes it instantly recognizable and alerts the audience to watch out for whoever’s on Screen number 13 Sweet Home Alabama Leonard Skinnard this Leonard Skinner track seems to be the only tune about the south that Hollywood knows about And if the onscreen setting isn’t actually the self filmmakers seem to use it when they want the audience to know that a character is a stereotypical hillbilly somebody please make her stop sing however as much as Sweet Home Alabama has been used as a cliche filmmakers have been using it to create

Meaning in new and unexpected ways bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made Famous by a band that died in a plane crash it’s certainly most engaging when it’s remixed into creative reinterpretations rather than just using it in rote repetition whenever a rural southern white American appears on

Screen cuz I Live at Home in the trailer number 12 Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas K the inclusion of this funky disco tune means we’re about to engage in some wacky fighting [Applause] everybody when this Carl Douglas number comes on it pretty much guarantees that no one in the scene actually knows Kung

Fu or is even a good fighter I may not be the best ninja I may not be one with the universe but I will tell you this no one messes with my brother everybody Was or if they can fight it’s almost by Miracle interestingly enough this song was originally recorded as a bside so the producer decided to go over the top with the elements stereotypically associated with martial arts so you wanted to try and set me up huh while Kung Fu Fighting was fun at

The time of its release now it seems way past its due date everybody wants kung fu fight that man was fast as l so young number 11 Spirit in the Sky Norman Green Bomb ladies and gentlemen very few people will know the name Norman Green bomb but he is one of the biggest one- hit wonders in music history known for his 1969 single Spirit in the Sky a unique blending of rock country and gospel the song was a huge hit for green bombb and is often seen on greatest songs of all time lists it has appeared in over 20 movies and TV shows throughout the decades this includes some older movies like Wayne’s World 2

And Apollo 13 and more recent ones like Guardians of the Galaxy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows and this is the end welcome to Heaven mother as for TV the song is popped up on the mass singer and Sons of Anarchy number 10 fortunate Sun Credence Clearwater Revival to W the

Flag redue if a movie takes place during the Vietnam war you better believe ccr’s Fortunate Son is going to play well either that or Buffalo Springfields for what it’s worth both are emblematic of the era fortunate sun is played in Forest Gump when Forest arrives in the jungle and

It’s appeared in many action and crime films including Live Free or Die Hard Battleship Suicide Squad and War dogs here’s another gold and oldie for all the commuters out there what it’s also no stranger to TV popping up in the likes of Parenthood the new MacGyver American Horror Story

And the strain it’s one of the most popular rock songs ever recorded and its Legacy has undoubtedly been aided by its numerous pop culture appearances there’s lots of things you expect in war Carnage the sleepless nights but what they don’t prepare you for is the incessant use of fortunate Sun

I’d hear that song anytime I was in a helicopter number nine Staying Alive the BG’s originally created for the Saturday Night Fever movie soundtrack this disco track seems to have really outgrown its source sure when older viewers hear the BG’s cring they immediately think of John Travolta string along the sidewalk

Do it a moment like this Strut but there have just been so many other onscreen uses of the chart topper to denote when someone thinks he’s a pretty cool customer especially when other people do Not it certainly has a great Vibe but it’s also one of the biggest earworms ever so more often than not it can be quite Distracting all right whatever you say number eight Back in Black ACDC these iconic hard rockers released some real bangers in their time but nothing compares to back and black you take care of the suit I’ll take care of the music oh I love Le Zeppelin that iconic

Guitar riff has appeared in dozens of shows and movies and it Rivals fortunate Sun for the most prominent riff in entertainment history it’s played in School of Rock when Dewey is assigning the children their various roles in and for the band lead guitar Zack attack take a seat also

Appeared in the opening scene of Iron Man and in movies ranging from The Karate Kid to Spider-Man far from home and even the Muppets may I suggest we save time and pick up the rest of the Muppets using a montage a great idea 8s robot we greatly appreciate your

Financial support as for TV you can hear it in shows like Cobra Kai Ash versus evil dead and Supernatural house rules Sammy driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole you know Sammy is a chubby 12-year-old it’s Sam okay sorry I can’t hear you the music’s too

Loud number seven We Are the Champions Queen final all right this band is vastly overplayed in the movie and TV industry it makes sense considering their stature and legendary Songs We Are the Champion we are the champion the song obviously appeared in the movie Bohemian rap city but that doesn’t count

It’s typically played when a character wins something as seen in the likes of Gilmore Girls kicking and screaming and South Park albe it used [Applause] humorously it’s also appeared in friends Angel Arrow High Fidelity turbo and game night it’s just a cliche at this point especially if it involves championships

Or winning of some kind [Applause] number six Over The Rainbow Judy Garland Somewhere Over the Rainbow the filmmakers Behind The Wizard of Oz probably never thought this song would become such a standout track and a cultural phenomenon way up high there’s a land that I heard of once there’s no denying The Ballad was a

Beautiful addition to the musical Fantasy but it’s now too often been overtly used to make the audience feel a sense of nostalgia I wanted it to be so over the rainbow has appeared in hundreds of onscreen projects and shows no signs of slowing Down way up high it may go down as one of the most emotional songs ever but it’s also often cringeworthy too true number five Let’s Get It On Marvin Gay I’ve been Really quick think of a scene where one character looks at another in a seductive manner chances are that scene contains Marvin gaze Let’s Get It On Been much like We Are the Champions Let’s Get It On has become a movie Trope in and of itself as it’s always played during some seductive or sex-based [Applause] sequence regarding movies you can hear it in Austin Powers The Spy Who shagged me High Fidelity something’s got to give

The change up and Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason among others and for TV it’s appeared in many classic shows like The Simpsons The Sopranos Charmed and scrubs get it threatening you that sexy and funky opening has got to be one of the most overused sounds in movies and TV hey I’m just checking in number four Eye of the Tiger Survivor rising up back on the street the Rocky movies basically invented the training montage but the theme of the franchise’s third round is truly the definitive Montage Song survivor’s Eye of the Tiger was such an instant adrenaline hit that it became the theme and namesake for another action flick in 1986 from there more than 60 soundtracks have used the song usually for montages or general hype it’s even made an appearance in major political campaigns high of the

Tiger just projects a ferocious energy that transcends the two movies that broke it out as cheap as it is to use Survivor signature song to rev up the audience there is simply no competition number three What a Wonderful World Lewis Armstrong I see trees of Green if you want viewers to cry this is the song to put on your soundtrack I got to get out of Here every time What a Wonderful World plays it pretty much sums up that something awful happened but that we should still have faith in humanity or that something truly beautiful has just happened yes that’s that’s good either way Lewis Armstrong’s traditional pop tune has become too emotionally manipulative and its

Onscreen inclusion seems unoriginal at Best movies like Journey to the Mysterious Island attempt to make it new by offering alternative versions of the original What a Wonderful World but we see what they’re doing Stop yeah That was Louis B Armstrong the Great Satchmo number two Hallelujah Leonard Cohen when even the artist thinks their song has been used one too many times maybe it’s time to pack it In in 1984 Leonard Cohen released Hallelujah to a generally unresponsive public however it eventually generated esteem through various cover versions most prominently those of John kale and Jeff Buckley Cohen’s arrangement of Hallelujah has appeared in countless movies and TV shows including Shrek The West Wing scrubs and

Watchmen it was the latter that made Cohen speak up about the song he had reportedly read a review in which the writer openly asked filmmakers to stop using the song Coen told the guardian that he agreed saying quote I kind of feel the same Way before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on

Notifications Number One Born to Be Wild steppen woles You can almost hear a motorcycle revving up each time this song comes on originally and masterfully used an Easy Rider the hard rocker truly captured the spirit of 60s counterculture a sense of Americana and The Quest For Freedom get your motor running head out on the highway however the entertainment industry has

Pretty much ruined those positive connotations with the Stephen wolf song by including it in close to a hundred other [Applause] Productions though it’s also appeared in movies featuring or about animals Born to Be Wild is now too often used in a very cliche way to represent someone who feels liberated B to be What are some other songs that get too much screen time Hue up in the comments it’s a i the tiger is the thrill of the fight goes on and Strangers up and down the okay

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