The Tragic End of Storage Wars Star Dave Hester: Where He Ended Up – Video

The Tragic End of Storage Wars Star Dave Hester: Where He Ended Up – Video

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Where Storage Wars Star Dave Hester Ended Up. Dave Hester exploded onto the scene as one of reality TV’s most outrageous and aggressive stars. As a standout cast member on A and E’s hit show Storage Wars, this modern-day treasure hunter built a reputation as the auction villain whom Viewers loved to hate. Combining a hawk-eyed instinct for hidden gems with an aggressive demeanor, Hester’s abrasive style and nasty feud made for entertaining viewing. But behind the bluster swirled darker controversies leading to his eventual exit. Join us as we delve into Hester’s backstory, controversies surrounding him, and where he ultimately ended up..

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Dave Hester exploded onto the scene as one of reality TV’s most outrageous and aggressive stars as a standout cast member on A&E’s hit show Storage Wars this modern-day treasure hunter built a reputation as the auction villain whom viewers love to hate I saw it I witnessed it Auctioneer has the right to

Reopen the bid don’t listen to Dave Dave will do anything to undermine me combining a hawkey Instinct for hidden gems with an aggressive demeanor Hester’s abrasive style and nasty Feud made for entertaining viewing but behind the Bluster swirled darker controversies leading to his eventual exit join us as we delve into Hester’s backstory

Controversies surrounding him and where he ultimately ended up the Mogul Dave Hester Dave Hester entered the world on July 23rd 1964 at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital as his father continued US Army service Stateside following stin abroad in Korea and Vietnam after numerous relocations during childhood as a proud military

Family the Hesters ultimately settled down in Orange County California though his grades proved underwhelming in high school young Dave displayed Keen business savvy early on at just age 14 in 1978 Dave began purchasing inexpensive goods and tools from local garage sales then transporting them resold on profit

Margin to swap Meats at nearby hunting beach in later years he grew we’s diversity ranging Machinery trade tools purchased from closing factories Dave proved a reliable salesman who is quick to study people’s shifting interests he continued his wholesale Goods trade into early adulthood during 1980s he commenced an

Apprenticeship under a friend’s father a skilled Auctioneer learning the trickiest aspects like rapid item appraisals managing biders and recognizing price ceilings that was the time when he adopted the signature Yep exclamation when acknowledging participants now quintessential catchphrase fate afforded him a lucky break in 2T g 2 when he auctioned one

Deceased hoarder storage locker crammed with valuable memorabilia Dave gained widespread attention and established a reputation in the field of commodity trading countywide thanks to the substantial profits he earned from selling to collectors merciless Mogul In Storage Wars in 2010 Dave Hester’s Big Break came knocking

And he sure wasn’t about to let it slip away right from the get-go he firmly established himself as the ultimate antagonist on Storage Wars setting the stage for some epic showdowns standing just 5’4 yet exuding formidable aggression he surveys auctions with an air of smug confidence meant to intimidate less experienced buyers the

Approach frequently ignites shouting matches and hurt feelings much to Dave’s amusement sporting his trademark black outfit and baseball cap emblazoned with his name of course Dave Delights in bullying mild-mannered competitors like Jared Schultz and Brandon sheets he intentionally inflates bids on units to pressure Rivals into overpaying chuckling when they storm off in

Frustration once we get inside that gate friendships ethics morality no place he explains bluntly such transparent scheming irritates even veteran buyer Daryl she who has clashed furiously with Dave on several occasions their emotional exchanges punctuated by Daryl’s nickname The Gambler for Dave make for a guilty viewing pleasure

Amongst Storage Wars fans fellow star Brandy pante simply States if it seems like Dave is grading on my nerves it’s because he is yet for all his Bluster Dave consistently makes shrewd purchases that earn huge profits he examines storage contents with care before bidding aided by Decades of auction

Experience when Dave wins a unit and triumphantly barks his catchphrase yep it signals another successful scheme by reality TV’s craftiest Mogul suing Storage Wars Dave Hester’s absence In Storage Wars third season was not just a temporary break from the show in December 2012 he filed a blockbuster lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior

Court levying serious charges against Storage Wars and production company original media his wide-ranging complaint alleged producers regularly manipulated auctions by planting valuable items in lockers to heighten the drama according to Hester’s lawsuit finding newspapers on Elvis Presley’s death in a recent unit represented just one blatant example of deception tactics

Aimed at Salt lockers he further accused A and E Executives of keeping Storage Wars Stars uninformed hiding planted items and more interviews appraisals and auctions themselves were all allegedly staged well in advance as well bidding competitions in California fall under legal guidelines prohibiting rigging of contests containing intellectual

Skill thus Hester accused the network and producers of routinely breaking state laws on top of deceiving cast members such as himself he refused further participation in what is essentially a charade within months Hester was fired under mysterious circumstances in March 2013 court filings Dave tacked on charges of wrongful termination relating to his

Firing however legal technicalities saw District Judge Michael Johnson dismiss all but one cause of action that June undeterred Hester continued appealing his single remaining claim of wrongful firing the stubborn move would surprisingly see him back on Storage Wars sooner than anyone anticipated physical brawls unsurprisingly Dave Hester’s Shure abrasiveness eventually spilled

Into outright violence during 2015’s season 8 taping the fighting incident between Dave and fellow auction personality Dan doson Hester and Dotson’s war of words turned physical when Dan aggressively threatened Dave prompting Dave to throw a punch at Dan’s face showing reflexes Belling her age Dan’s wife Laura doson immediately leapt

Onto Dave’s back to defend her husband the scuffle quickly grew chaotic amidst the storage lockers until security and crew separated the combatants Dave suffered scratches from Laura and underwent precautionary medical treatment while the Dotson emerged visibly Furious cooler heads somehow prevailed however TMZ reported no arrests occurred despite the altercation

Health scares lawsuits from guest stars and business associates along with tax leans have continued plaguing Dave well beyond that 2015 fight yet through it all the show aing his ironically titled all’s fair in storage and War episode just Weeks Later demonstrates Storage Wars needs his drama as much as he needs

The platform their symbiotic albeit contentious relationship appears poised to thrive for the foreseeable future because when it comes to Dave Hester and Storage Wars smoothing tensions and softening edges simply makes for bad reality television because when it comes to Dave Hester and Storage Wars smoothing tensions and softening

Edges simply makes for bad reality television early career and DUI arrest Dave Hester’s familiarity with storage auctions and a Keen Eye for hidden value began developing long before his Storage Wars debut during childhood summers in the 1960s and70s his father a US Army veteran would take young Dave scouring garage sales for

Discounted tools appliances and antiques to later resell at a markup the early experiences honed Dave’s appraisal abilities and instilled appreciation for spotting Diamonds in the Rough by his early teens Dave began accompanying his father an Auctioneer by trade to storage unit auctions as well he quickly grasped

Nuances of the unique auction style cash only bargaining centered around unknown Locker contents with mere minutes to survey before irrevocable bidding commenced Dave learned studying a storage facility’s clientele could provide clues on potential valuables too while Dave chose College to pursue auctioneering and sales himself he Diversified his entrepreneurial talents

Over time in 1997 he opened the Newport Consignment Gallery dealing in furniture and housewares while operating a separate thrift store specializing in clothing Dave continually explored new earning Avenues linked back to his core skills in reselling Goods creatively however an unfavorable 2005 drunk driving conviction threatened to derail Dave’s burgeoning business ventures

Mandatory DUI penalties license suspension fines approaching $2,000 and enrollment in a court-ordered alcohol education program were compounded by 30 days of required community service for Dave as luck would have it the location assigned by authorities seemed almost Cosmic a local Goodwill Regional warehouse store initially irritated when forced to serve there Dave rapidly

Discovered unique merchandise Knowledge from the thriving Goodwill chain pricing strategies product presentation tactics and efficiency in processing High donation volumes all caught his interest during otherwise mundane restocking and organizational tasks he also honed skills in identifying particularly valuable Collectibles mixed amidst common household discards donated each day by his community service sentences

End Dave envisioned enormous untapped potential bringing secondhand sale back to his existing Galleries at greater scales he began remodeling to accommodate high volume Thrift operations alongside current auction offerings risks proved worthwhile the newly christened rags to Rich’s thrift store thrived following its 2006 openings vindicating Dave’s inspiration from an unlikely DUI related

Circumstance Dave Hester auctions well-honed expertise Laura doson accurately credits Dave Hester’s story Wars success to the 20 years of experience he had before the show even started by series debut in 2010 he leveraged that extensive expertise to establish Dave Hester auctions following the closure of his Newport Consignment Gallery 2 years

Prior The Long Beach California based Full Service auction house focuses mainly on appraisals and selling storage locker contents and estate items on consignment Dave conducts authentication for a wide spectrum of Collectibles ranging from Fine Art to vintage musical equipment fetched from storage lockers or households he maintains long-standing connections with specialty experts able

To Value rare books jewelry Classic Automobiles and other high-end consigned Goods as well items deemed worthy command listings through his weekly online auctions and targeted International buyer Outreach efforts for day-to-day operations Dave continues following the business blueprint that served him well since the 1980s stay lean trust proven instincts over fads

And tap extensive personal networks to move product profitably his two decades of cultivating buyer relationships Grant him Insider means of unloading Niche Goods quickly at fair prices without relying solely on auctions such decisive action prevents storage overage fees from eroding margins on high value Locker finds the Sprint selling

Mentality transfers directly from Dave Hester auctions to Storage Wars set as well well few Rivals can match Dave’s mix of operational experience and Appraisal Acumen enabling smart calculated risks that regularly pay off for 2014’s highest single season earner he may play up Showmanship and bravado for the cameras but make no mistake the

Polarizing Mogul didn’t earn estimated 8 figure wealth through sheer luck life outside Storage Wars here’s where Storage Wars star Dave Hester ended up while his storage locker wheeling and dealing occupy considerable mind share Dave Hester enjoys varied interests away from the show as well a fixture alongside David auctions the

Storage center office manager’s wife Donna Hester provides integral behind the-scenes support Donna handles critical organizational duties to keep Dave Hester auctions humming smoothly when production schedules take Dave on site for filming Sports and fishing rank among Dave’s favorite passions Beyond work as Avid baseball Enthusiast Dave splurges annually on spring training

Trips watching his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers fine-tune fundamentals in Arizona’s Cactus League he often voyages out to sea angling for yellow fin tuna sailfish and Marlin with charterboat services off Cabo San Lucas 2o ensuring Bountiful catches to photograph for his social media Pages constitutes part of the appeal speaking of Instagram and

Twitter Dave flashes his softer sides there interacting with 96,000 Collective followers he Delights in posting about beloved pug Trio pinky Violet and Frankie they sport their own bespoke t-shirt merchandise line and everything Dave directly supports various California pug rescue and adoption shelters even participating yearly in Awareness events like long Beach’s Pugo

Costume spectacular some charitable Endeavors hit closer to home also Dave’s elder sister endured the trauma of domestic assault for years before tragic Ally losing her life to violence he now channels spare time plus portions of auction and Storage Wars proceeds toward Jenny star a foundation aiding abused partners and their children to rebuild

Safe hopeful lives it exemplifies how behind the much vilified public Persona Dave Hester’s generosity still shines brightly now it’s time for today’s subscriber pick Dave Hester’s absence from recent storage war seasons has left many fans wondering and worried what became of the Mogul following his comeback with just a handful of

Appearances did further issues strike the notorious auction personality again or have producers moved away from the Dave Hester era entirely here’s where Storage Wars star Dave Hester ended up public records offer Clues given Dave’s regular silence regarding personal matters off camera renewed legal troubles surfaced in 2020 surrounding Dave Hester Dave’s auction

Site property wound up in ownership limbo during apparent business expansion plans a six-figure agreement from 2015 saw Dave authorizing a transfer to third-party ready set sold online for business migration purposes however per Dave’s 2021 Court testimony various obstacles prevented sight shift formalities from being fulfilled as planned ready set sold subgroup

Continued utilizing the domain for online auctions nonetheless pending negotiations ultimately talks collapsed demand for $350,000 cited non-delivery of domain rights produced the disputed 2020 lawsuit Dave scored a dismissal Victory when a Los Angeles County Judge ruled unambiguous contract terms were missing the failed Arrangement and subsequent legal fight revealed business

Complications plaguing Dave since his 2018 Health crisis as a notorious micromanager used to exercising complete Authority handing off any operations control marked a dramatic change his his communication gaps and known tendency to gloss over inconvenient realities signal the hemorrhagic stroke impacted organization fluency also what are your

Views on the methods of Dave Hester let us know in the comments yup lawsuit Beyond clashing with Storage Wars stars on camera Dave Hester’s pugnacious nature and shrewd business dealings unsurprisingly sparked offscreen legal turmoil as well trademark infringement allegations from celebrity guests in 2011 presented an early harbinger of future courtroom

Battles Locker content theft accusations contract disputes and tax violations would all additionally entangle Dave in the coming years in one notable 2011 case rap artist Trey songs filed suit to block Dave Hester auctions from selling yop branded merchandise utilizing Dave’s signature catchphrase Trey claimed he originated associating the utterance

With his brand starting in 20 09 2 years before Storage Wars debuted Dave counter sued for infringement upon his identical federally registered Mark tied to the show ultimately the unlikely opponents settled matters privately signing a confidential agreement in 2012 that permitted both parties to continue the exploitation of

Y goods yet the contest signal Dave’s trademark battered public Persona ensured future legal dust ups with those alleging harm from his Brand’s side effects sure enough 2014 brought charges of rather more serious transgressions tied to a Dave Hester auction sale family members of deceased artist Jack Armstrong accused Dave of unlawfully

Acquiring and profiting from $750,000 worth of Armstrong’s paintings stored following his untimely passing Dave purportedly purchased the storage locker housing the art for just $3,000 at a Riverside auction he then then resold roughly 100 Works through a Los Angeles gallery for over half a million dollar without disclosing Origins to the

Dealer according to claimants the FBI ultimately took over investigating the alleged art theft and fraud charges from local authorities Dave staunchly denied accusations through his attorney maintaining he obtained legitimate ownership of the paintings via storage facility auction purchase and bill of sale documentation without sufficient evidentiary grounds the probe gradually

Ran cold and no criminal charges ever materialized still the dramatic incident highlighted Dave Hester auctions and Storage Wars Stars penchant for provoking lasting outrage from peripheral figures disgruntled former friends unpaid contractors and Niche collectors alike earned spots among the embroiled litigants even California tax authorities characteristically wanted in

On the action they would file successive IRS property leans against Dave for over 100,000 in neglected taxes by 2020 when set against his returned television runs cumulative wealth nearing $10 million Financial Obligations posed mere rounding errors for cash flush Dave Hester but accompanying public relations headache still inflicted lasting blows upon

Dave’s reputation where early storage war Seasons positioned him as a lovably rogish anti-hero increasingly hostile legal activity risked positioning Dave as simply a menace return to Storage Wars after lawsuit Dave Hester’s departure from Storage Wars following his contentious 2012 lawsuits left a void not easily filled the mogul’s cunning antagonism

And ruthless auction tactics made for Quality reality television whatever his detractors might say negotiations likely commenced quietly to plot Dave’s return even as he continued blasting the show’s credibility publicly in court by 2014 back room dealings resulted in a confidential settlement between Dave A and E and the production company

Original neither admitted fault but the terms were adequate to facilitate Dave rejoining Storage Wars for the upcoming Fifth Season his one-year absence only augmented his notoriety Dave wasted no time leveraging renewed headlines and viewer Buzz generated by his dramatic firing and return onsite filming soon confirmed Dave had lost none of his

Prowess for storage locker bidding skull duggery either from the outset he seemed almost liberated without reputation or professional alliances to consider anymore where season 4 presented more tempered sympathetic personalities The Prodigal Mogul roared back as his old ruthlessly cunning unrepentantly combative self and then some if anything lingering backlash over Dave’s bitter

Legal fight with A&E manifested in even even more Shameless conniving behavior before rolling cameras early season 5 incidents showed a gleeful Dave bullying young Stars Jared Schultz and Brandy pante over units cackling as they stormed off fuming rival Daryl Sheets suffered Dave’s familiar barrage of verbal Jabs undermining skill but now

Added subtext existed courtesy of Daryl publicly denouncing Dave’s lawsuit as bitter Fabrications from a poor sport their heated clashes grew more viscer as past friendliness evaporated Daryl’s Gambler nickname for Dave and Dave’s taunting Daryl as a buffoonish hoarder devolved into palpable Mutual disdain between respected veterans their friction filled interactions proved a

Guilty viewership pleasure even easygoing Barry Weiss Drew Dave’s impropriety grumbling he was tired of Dave’s crap at one auction Dave chuckled hearing later how flustered he made Barry while Barry’s remark reflected most castmates sentiment ments Laura doson pragmatically noted ratings and auction proceeds were all A and E

Executives cared about where Dave was concerned behind the scenes and on camera his magnetism for stirring outrage boosted storage War’s value through another 80 episodes Dave fine-tuned his agent provocator Persona he manipulated appraisals more blatantly on camera patronized experts to their faces and ignored rules or formalities hampering his profits production teams

Were accused of still manipulating auction outcomes but Dave’s unfiltered negative energy made it easy to picture some grievances as factual the more Dave’s anything goes hustling sparked fights and meltdowns the heartier audiences embraced him as the chief Storage Wars heel message boards analyzed his lies as masterful strategic performances rather than ethical

Shortcomings Dave publicly leaned into the bad boy characterization as well through guest DJ radio appearances and the launch of special specialy yayu up apparel lines after years of boning deceitful production tactics the new Dave Hester delighted in being the outrage Vector toward record viewership and riches lawsuits firings and strife

All faded into the past bidding war over valuable comic book Locker allegations of rigging auctions may have tailed off since Dave Hester’s contentious early Storage Wars run but genuine bidding drama persisted courtesy of an epic 2015 15 Showdown discovery of a high value Locker containing boxes of rare vintage

Comic books during season 8 soon escalated tensions between Dave and prominent buyer Renee nooda known as The Bargain man Renee traveled Nationwide purchasing storage units unusual contents for resale initial inspection of the Riverside California unit yielded clues of a major Comic book collection worth easily upwards of $50,000 various Detective Comics and

Early Avengers issues marked promising fines but upon noticing intensely coveted copies of 1962’s Incredible Hulk number one intensity levels soared amongst veteran buyers aware of the comic’s value especially Dave visions of six-figure resale profits ignited consuming mutually hostile determination between him and Renee Dave Struck first opening bidding at an astronomical

$5,750 over 10 times typical auction starting points even for favorable lockers Renee countered just as aggressively prompting the figurative price thermometer upwards in a duel of alpha males unwilling to concede the ratcheting numbers and egos soon overlapped $100,000 for a storage compartment with no end in sight finally

Thrift store owner Mary Pon urged others to break the standoff questioning astronomical sums for unseen Goods potentially ruined while stored her appeal snapped the frenzy sufficiently for Renee to get the winning bid at $138,000 albeit now carrying massive risk needing recouping profit reselling contents yet Renee found his brief reign

As Champion short-lived thanks to suspicious Locker parallels with Dave Hester’s long-standing reality show gripes eerily similar Circumstances had Dave alleging Storage Wars fakery years earlier during his contentious lawsuit top tier Collectibles somehow languish forgotten in cheap stor units just as Network contracts needed renegotiate it smacked of the salting Locker

Controversies Dave decried where producers planted Goods to manipulate outcomes for entertainment Renee nooda concurred later asserting Dave held unfair forn knowledge of the valuable Locker contents from site insiders Dave reportedly utilized long-standing manager contacts gaining illicit preview access before auctions commenced incensed at feeling duped by rigged proceedings Renee railed rival

Biders and avoided bidding wars until formal investigations of cheating allegations ultimately Rene’s complaints stalled awaiting hard evidence but deep mistrust lingered given producers reluctance to fully condemn Dave publicly for years afterward buyers continued directing thinly veiled criticism suggesting somewhat orchestrated theatrical bidding extravaganzas benefiting principal Stars Heath issues and hemorrhagic stroke

At just age 53 increasingly concerning health symptoms culminated in emergency hospitalization after 911 responders found Dave unconscious at home one November morning doctors soon diagnosed the cause an extremely serious category of stroke brought on by severe high blood pressure hemorrhagic stroke occurs when arterial pressure grows extreme enough to rupture delicate blood vessels

Supplying the brain ensuing vascular ruptures unleash chaotic bleeding internally producing horrifying reactions seizures vertigo collapse and loss of consciousness even with rapid treatment roughly 40% of hemorrhagic stroke patients perish within 30 days in Dave’s case surgeons needed to drill through the skull to drain bleeding and remove clots pressing on vital brain

Regions governing speech and movement oxygen deprivation during bleeding caused further complications as did Dave’s concurrent diagnosis of sleep apnea another condition where breathing stops intermittently he required mechanical ventilation by tube for 2 weeks in intensive care sedated to enable slow neurological recovery doctors characterized Dave’s survival as uncertain initially sheer procedural

Mortality rates posed daunting odds without even considering Dave’s ongoing Health Journey prescription medications and lifestyle changes were mandatory not optional following discharge Clinic teams made clear further stroke could easily prove fatal should Dave resume ignoring warning signs for such a notoriously stubborn personality accustomed to charging through obstacles

By force of will adapting would severely test Dave’s identity miraculously Dave pushed through the stroke’s worst phase and awoke coherently following sedation but liberating his mind from an ICU Prison still left lasting damage to overcome physically atrophy from 2 weeks immobilization meant Dave lost significant strength which intensive physical rehabilitation activities would

Need restoring over months perhaps more troubling Dave’s posttop mental state showed problems as well impulsiveness emotional volatility and aggression all surged as clinicians monitored him likely tied to the stroke’s location impacting personality regulation doctors named problematic behaviors secondary to Dave’s core recovery but warned resolution could well take Beyond a year

And require medication assistance family members were advised what to watch for anticipating his discharge home on compassionate leave Dave tackled speech therapy first upon starting Outpatient Care conspicuously silent on social media initially enunciation Clarity proved frustratingly elusive between apparent word retrieval challenges and reduced mouth muscle tone practicing

Phrases and sounds children learned left proud Dave secretly embarrassed despite clinicians assurances reading aloud Dr Seuss’s stories amused nobody at age 54 ambulation ramp up visited greater discouragement still from Dave’s skewed internal perspective Hospital personnel’s Mobility assistance felt sadly necessary yet shameful being escorted hither and yawn graduating

Can’s then Walkers barely raised Dave’s mood given their symbolism of feebleness in his mind it grew difficult silencing mean self-criticism following each AR uous physiotherapy or Psychotherapy appointment in healthier times Dave had blazed new trails through blunt determination achieving the American dream his way except now Dave’s own disobedient brain and body betrayed

Successful habits no longer responding like obedient tools of past triumphs outlasting Bleak days while David Jr assisted his every basic need required hope both would improve eventually what’s next for Dave Hester Dave Hester undenied ibly built a niche Empire by elevating hoarder castoff auctions into staple reality entertainment on Storage Wars yet his

Diminishing recent role presumably tied to 2018 health challenges Spurs questions whether Dave’s Fame cycle nears conclusion As A and E I’s next directions could mounting friction also nudge Dave himself to ponder life beyond the Storage Wars grind on paper the auction house proprietor possesses ample flexibility reducing screen time time if

Desired his shrewd Investments produced wealth permitting selective TV appearances rather than full-time filming regular in-person auctioneering could phase more toward online sales and remote bidding while not retirement per se easing physical burdens would enable lifestyle focus on recovery stability after life-changing surgery some late 2021 Twitter activity sees Dave himself

Hinting at a return to prominence regardless albeit in remodeling himself rather than show rekindling grossly neglected Fitness habits look centering coming days more than production schedules or location Scouting For as legendary as his business cunning rightfully became through Storage Wars years improving Dave Hester’s most vital Enterprise restoring his poststroke

Health outranks all other priorities now once greater Wellness establishes firm Roots expect Dave to punctuate Twitter Jim progress Clips with occasional attention grabbing media teases as well the the mogul’s outsized Persona forever craves besting Rivals and shocking audiences even if at a measured Pace befitting present fragility when one

Considers his wealth owes everything to those popcorn munching masses Dave briefly turned against Midway through Storage Wars rather than nunchuck and monk Jimmy producing some banging donk the impetus for retaining public visibility persists but this assumes series production heads even desire repartnering with Dave Hester professionally to degrees satisfi ing his notoriously strong

Self-determination between lingering health uncertainties and past acrimony over Dave’s lawsuit A and E may have simply moved into the next eras led by fresher performer faces recent additions like glamorous bidding couple Emily wees and Gabe Rodriguez earned High marks absorbing airtime voids left by Dave’s absence assuming Wellness ultimately

Permits resuming his prior filming Pace long term does Dave swallow pride in accepting reduced screen time for continuity sake alone alternately he could Forge entirely separate visibility through a Dave Hester auctions reality spin-off independent of Storage Wars baggage it offers risks and rewards on either route at the crossroads of

Rehabilitation relevance and Legacy all weighted decisions warranting mogul’s shrewd calculated gamble thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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