The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to Venice, Italy: Everything You Need to Know about Planning Your Trip – Video

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to Venice, Italy: Everything You Need to Know about Planning Your Trip – Video

Ultimate Venice Travel Guide | How To Plan a Trip To Venice, Italy is a comprehensive and informative video that covers everything you need to know for planning a trip to this romantic and confusing city. The video covers essential tips such as getting to Venice, where to stay, public transportation, water buses, water taxis, gondolas, scams to avoid, insider tips, top things to see, budgeting, using credit cards and tipping, authentic souvenirs, and essential phrases. The video also includes helpful time stamps for easy navigation.

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Overall, this travel guide is a valuable resource for anyone planning a trip to Venice, offering practical tips and insider knowledge to enhance the travel experience. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this video will help you navigate the unique charms and challenges of Venice, Italy.

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Video Transcript

Venice is one of the most romantic and confusing  cities in the world in this travel guide we’re   covering everything you need to know about  Venice Italy we’ll cover where to stay public   transportation hacks comment scams Insider tips  how much to budget top things to see and so much  

More so sit back hit that like button and let’s  dive [Music] in if you’re flying to Venice you   have two airports to consider venice’s Marco  Polo Airport is the larger venice’s airports   and being under 5 miles from the city center  this is the most convenient Choice from the  

Airport you can catch a bus water bus or water  taxi and be in the heart of Venice in about 20   minutes if you fly a smaller Airline you may  fly into Venice’s Treviso airport which is  

About 30 km away from here you can be downtown  in about an hour either taking the train or the   shuttle bus both are great options to [Music]  consider when it comes to Venice you really   have two options where to stay either in Venice  itself or just outside the city limits the pros  

Of staying in Venice is that you’re right in  the heart of the action you’re just a short   walk from all of venice’s breathtaking sites and  in charming canal side cafes we enjoyed staying   in Venice because venice’s notorious crowds  typically don’t form until after 10:00 a.m.  

And die down after dusk when the commuting day  Trippers leave so if you want to wander venice’s   amazing streets without the crowds it’s easier  to stay in the city the main con of staying in   Venice is your costs lodging options tend to be  more expensive staying in the city plus you’ll  

Be hit with a tourist tax of €25 per person per  night which can add up real quick if you choose   to stay outside the city you’ll find cheaper and  more spacious accommodations but you’ll need to   commute in we recommend staying in Mestre if  you’re looking to stay just outside the city  

Mestre is just 10 minutes away via public transit  so commuting in is relatively straightforward you   can take a regional train from the Mestre train  station to venice’s Santa Lucia station you   also can take the T1 tram or one of the many bus  lines towards Venezia which is how Italian spell

Venice regardless how you arrive in Venice chances  are you’ll be near the Santa Lucia train station   this station is located on the island of Ven  in about a 20-minute walk from the iconic St   Mark Square while busy it’s a surprisingly  straightforward train station to navigate  

Inside you’ll find some shops and outside you’ll  be greeted with a breathtaking view of Venice and   easy access to one of the only four bridges that  cross the Grand Canal if you’re staying in Venice   consider finding somewhere close to the train  station to minimize lugging your baggage up and  

Down venice’s many bridges the closer you stay  the less Bridges you’ll need to Traverse which   is helpful alternatively you can take venice’s  water buses or water taxis with your bags to get   closer to your lodging which will be covering next  a common way to get around Venice is by vaporetto  

Or more commonly called the water bus there are  many different routes that you can take around   Venice and Google Maps is a great tool to identify  the most efficient route for tickets you can buy   them directly from the ticket office you can  either buy a one-way ticket or purchase a daily  

Pass we found the best way to enjoy Venice is just  by wandering the canals on foot so we didn’t need   the 24-hour pass one thing to note is that each  station has several peers labeled with different  

Letters so check the station’s main sign board  to learn which peir your boat will depart from if   you’re looking for a budget conscious way to see  venice’s most impressive buildings from the water   we highly recommend taking the vaporetto line one  to San Marco you want to board this water bus at  

The Patel Roma station which is its first stop  this is because there are only about 10 outdoor   seats located at the back of the boat and this  is your best way to secure them after validating  

Your ticket at the pier your ticket is good for  85 minutes we recommend lining up right at the   metal chain to ensure you’re the first one to get  on and secure the best seats we also recommend   downloading the Rick Steves Grand Canal free audio  guide which is timed perfectly to this water buses  

Stops and gives you the history and fun Packs  along this 45-minute Journey just remember to   bring your headphones besides water buses you have  other options to get on the water and navigate   this city water taxis are available all over  Venice and you can pick one up from the many water  

Taxi terminals near key landmarks again Google  Maps is your friend for finding these while more   expensive we’ve heard this is a fast and fun way  to get around the city and score some great views  

The other main way to get on the water in Venice  is to take a gondola you can find Gondola stations   all over the city with gonders charging 80 for a  30-minute ride you can fit up to five people in  

The gondola and depending where you’re board you  get different views of the city if you want to get   a great View of the Grand Canal consider finding a  gondola near the main Canal if you prefer floating   down smaller channels you can board a gondola  slightly off the beaten path if you’re looking  

To board a gondola without breaking the bank  there’s another option to consider located at   seven spots along the Grand Canal are tetos which  locals used to cross a grand canal without needing   a bridge at these stations it cost just € to be  fed from one side of the Grand Canal to the other  

By Gondola with rides lasting about a minute so  if you’re just looking to stack a quick pick in   a gondola this is a great option additionally in  our top things to do in Venice video we cover a  

Hidden spot in Venice with a docked Gondola where  we able to take free photos on the canal so be   sure to check that video out as [Music] well well  Venice is probably one of the most Charming towns  

We visited there are a few scams to avoid the most  common scam are pickpockets which often frequent   the areas around the Rialto Bridge in St Mark’s  Plaza so keep a close eye on your belongings while  

Near these high traffic tourist areas a big buck  we’ve also heard of a scam where con splatter you   with a gel and exclaimed that one of venice’s many  pigeons actually made a mess on you and as they  

Offer to help clean they’ll actually pick your  pocket so definitely be wary of this if you see it Venice might be the least sitting friendly  city in the world it’s actually illegal to sit   along many of the canals Bridges or even in  the vast St Mark square if you take a seat  

There patrols it will kindly ask you to stand and  while it’s unlikely you’ll be fined it does make   finding a spot to eat takeaway food or rest your  legs very difficult to avoid this your best bet  

Is to find one of the very rare public benches  we cover one of the few plazas with many public   benches in our Venice food tour where we find  a delicious cheap and authentic Italian pizza   so check that out if you’re looking for an  amazing spot to enjoy some takeaway food and  

Rust your legs to avoid the crowds we recommend  enjoying early morning and late evening visits   to the main tourist hotspots during the day if you  wonder are just 10 minutes away from St Marks you   find plenty of deserted Picture Perfect canal  side streets and plazas to enjoy even in the  

Peak hours of venice’s tourist season this is a  great way to just wander around and feel like a   local when you’re visiting when we were coming  to Venice we were told the Island’s pretty small   small and really overrun with tourists but we’re  finding that’s not the case at all the main areas  

Like St Mark’s Plaza can be definitely overrun  with tourists and pretty crowded but once you   move into the more residential areas it actually  becomes really tranquil and you can get streets   and canals pretty much all to yourself we’ve  been here a couple days already we’re still  

Exploring and still wandering into new parts and  we’re still running into beautiful canals like   this they’re just scattered absolutely everywhere  around the city it’s kind of blowing our mind we   love Venice also if on the odd chance you get  sick in Italy there’s a handy website called  

Doctors in Italy where you can connect with real  doctors which is a handy website to keep in the   back pocket we almost had to use them when we  were sick in Florence but luckily we didn’t have

To Venice is full of amazing sits and breathtaking  scenery in our top things to do in Venice video   we cover the top spots to see such as St Mark  Square the Rialto Bridge hidden Banky paintings   iconic landmarks local haunts and much much  more so be sure to subscribe and check that  

Video out as [Music] well we stayed in Menace  for three nights and documented every scent we   spent in total we spent about $485 or about $242  per person this included our Airbnb all our food   tickets we bought and other expenses along the  way so while Venice is not the cheapest City  

We’ve visited in Italy we felt it’s possible to  see this one-of A- kind City without breaking   the bank we stay pretty close to the train  station in this small Airbnb and while it   wasn’t anything luxurious ious it got the job  done all right so we just arrived in Venice  

And this is what our Airbnb looks like here it  was about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the train   station so not too bad we have this little  mini fridge here getting the AC going little Kettle and here is the bathroom here

Little shower see this view not too [Music]  shabby Italy was among the early adopters   of the Euro so Euros are the currency you’ll  use dur during your visit if you prefer not   to carry a hefty amount of cash you’ll be glad  to know that credit cards are widely accepted  

At most restaurants and attractions when it  comes to tipping it’s important to note that   tipping is not a common practice in Italy it’s  not customary to add a tip to your restaurant   bill or taxi fair but if you wish you can  leave a Euro on the table as a gesture of  

Appreciation for excellent service however it’s  worth mentioning that many restaurants may have   a fixed cover charge per person for simply  sitting at a table this charge known as kerto   typically amounts to a EUR or two per person some  restaurants don’t impose this fee at all so feel  

Free to ask before sitting down if you want to  pick up an authentic Venetian souvenir on your   trip you have a few options to consider venetians  have been blowing glass for over a thousand years   so Venice is a great spot to pick up a locally  made blown glass piece you’ll find shops selling  

Unique pieces all over the city but if you head  to the Morano Island area You’ be able to watch   live glass blowing demonstrations and pick up  a souvenir afterwards we’ve heard they package   their glass pieces really well so they’re very  travel friendly souvenirs if Glass isn’t your  

Thing you can also purchase a Venetian mask there  are mask shops located all over Venice and these   intricate masks play a major role in medieval  and modern Venitian culture so these can be   fun souvenirs as well if you prefer something  more elegant Venice is also famous for its lace  

Making so in the city you should be able to find  plenty of authentic doilies and other lace Goods   regardless what you choose there’s plenty  of options to pick up an authentic Venetian [Music] souvenir while many workers in venice’s  City Center speak English it’s still important  

To know if few phrases chiao means hello and  goodbye peror is please gratier is thank you   and where is the bathroom is do elbano let us  know in the comments if you found this video   helpful and be sure to like this video And  subscribe to our channel to see our upcoming  

Content from Italy and all around the world  next up we’re heading to Trieste Italy then   off to svenia to check out the amazing capital  city of Ljubljana and then we’re swinging by   Lake Bled to get married so lots to look  forward to and we’ll see you in the next  

One ciao and before you click off this video  please consider supporting our Amazon store   zeppy really wants too we sell packing cubes  with the days of the week on them to make your   travels so much easier we have a small size  and a large size pup non-included [Music]

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