The Ultimate Live Drama Trivia Game featuring Mackenzie and Matt Campbell! – Video

The Ultimate Live Drama Trivia Game featuring Mackenzie and Matt Campbell! – Video

Welcome to this week’s Live Drama Trivia SUPER Game! Featuring the dynamic duo Mackenzie and Matt Campbell from Watch Mojo, this live stream is not to be missed. As they dive into drama movie trivia, contestants have the chance to win a fabulous $100 cash prize. The competition is fierce, the questions are tough, and the stakes are high.

Viewers are encouraged to play along at home by participating in the daily trivia challenges on the Watch Mojo website. By earning Mojo points, players can redeem them for a spot in the super game and compete for the grand prize. The faster you answer, the more points you receive, increasing your chances of taking home the cash.

From discussing Oscar predictions to reimagining drama movies as comedies, Mackenzie and Matt keep the energy high and the laughs rolling. Live commentary, engaging banter, and interactive games make this trivia experience not just entertaining but also informative.

Congratulations to Urban for clinching the top spot and securing the cash prize. But fear not, there’s always next week’s super game to test your drama movie knowledge and compete for that coveted prize. So keep playing those daily trivia challenges and be sure to tune in for the next exciting installment.

Thank you to Mackenzie and Matt for hosting a thrilling live trivia game filled with drama, nostalgia, and plenty of prizes. Stay tuned to Watch Mojo for more great content, top 10 lists, reviews, tips, and entertainment news. And as always, keep playing, keep watching, and keep winning! #trivia #livetrivia #DramaTrivia #prizes #challenge.

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Video Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s trivia super game I’m your host McKenzie joined today by the one and only Matt Campbell of watch Mojo Facebook Fame uh it’s Oscar weekends coming up we’re going to be playing some drama movie trivia and giving away a fabulous $100 cash prize to today’s

Winner so great to have you Matt and a very warm welcome to all of our friends in the chat who are tuning in live thanks for coming this is going to be absolutely awesome uh before we get into it I will just give a quick reminder uh

For anyone who’s joining us for the first time how this whole thing works if that’s you welcome thanks for coming um so every single day we run daily trivia challenges at the watch Mojo website playay as you play The Daily challenges you earn Mojo points

For stuff like correct answers in a row and inviting friends to play with you you can then redeem those Mojo points every Friday afternoon for our super game where we give away a fabulous $100 cash prize which is of course what we are here to do today so if you’ve come

To play you’ve come to compete you’re here to win um go ahead open another tab go to playay sign in and uh we got about 15 minutes till the game starts you’re going to need to redeem 50 Mojo points to join today’s competition uh now if you don’t have 50 Mojo points

Don’t worry stick around we’re going to be streaming the game here keep hanging out with us and keep playing those daily trivia challenges that’s every day 3 pm Eastern playay and uh be sure to come back next week for your chance at the uh $100 cash prize the fun

Stuff this is goingon to be cool uh so welcome everybody and uh Matt let’s get into it Oscar’s weekend how’s it going good great I’m allowed to talk now is that uh yes you I’m gonna pass the mic to you this is your stream now okay are

You now I’m taking over this is show now yeah you have a cat through audience everybody’s stuck with you amazing start things off with some drama am I right yeah has a spicy start um what this is a good year for movies I kind of want to talk Oscars because it’s

Coming up on Sunday um do you have any hunches best picture wise I want to ask our friends in the chat let’s see if we can get a quick poll um what do you think what do you make of this year well I mean I’m I’m going to go out on a limb

Here and say that uh Oppenheimer has a very small chance of of winning so one in 10 obviously they’re the big favorit and I think it’d be a huge shock and surprise if Oppenheimer doesn’t take it home so yeah I think everyone you know is pretty safe to put uh put their

Money on Oppenheimer unless you have a different opinion as a trivia Master here so uh well I that’s what my hunch is telling me I do believe Oppenheimer will take it I’m excited to see what uh what people uh who are tuning in have to say I would say uh my personal favorite

Of the year was uh poor things but um yeah let’s uh let’s get a poll going and uh and see what people think but I loved poor things yeah I agree I think I think poor things was was my favorite of the year as well um which is like leads to

Another whole you know category battle in the actress realm um yeah Emma Stone was amazing I think it was my favorite performance of the year but uh Lily Glon was obviously quite amazing as well but yeah poor things just such a wild crazy almost like steampunk fantasy movie it

Was brilliant um so that was probably my favorite but then I watched past lives and then that just moved me to my emotional core it was just such a beautiful movie about people and just like The Human Experience it’s so simple but so elegantly and like emotionally

Done it was beautiful I loved it The Human Condition The Human Condition yes oh yeah I remember bringing that up when we were talking the other day and I think you kind of make fun of me but I don’t remember that but that sounds

About right so it was a look it was a look you gave me but yeah yeah Ex Human Condition um that’s exactly it hi Jeff hi to everybody who’s saying hello in the chat um I want to talk about uh biopics a bit because I feel like uh along Oppenheimer of course uh

Epic biopic but I think that that genre kind of tends to do well at the Oscars um do you have a favorite biopic pick yes um I have several um but I think my favorite is probably a lot of them actually just tend to have Leonardo

DiCaprio in them starring so I think The Aviator is probably my favorite scores is obviously or not obviously but he’s you know one of my favorite directors he’s probably my favorite director um then also like Catch Me If You Can as just an incredibly fun biopic too it

Doesn’t kind of Follow that like slow pace um you know really serious drama biopic kind of vibe catch me can really fun com you know kind of Comedy Vibes um yeah it’s just it’s just a fun movie I feel so it kind of it’s a little bit

Different than the typical one but yeah those are probably my two favorites I’d say and yeah both Leed there you go not not like those other biopics I’m like a cool biopic yeah exactly slow pace don’t need it yeah I was gonna say I think mine is uh H it’s

It’s all about running all about speed especially you can front he’s just running the whole time so it’s like the pace is obviously augmented there high octane running exactly yeah um I think my favorite biopic is probably Raging Bull I was thinking about this um yeah a little unconventional it’s not crazy

Long either but um I like when I feel like also Scorsese of course um I I like when um The filmmaker’s Voice is really present in a biopic it feels like it’s not just uh super immersive you just you kind of connect with like the vision and

Kind of who this person is and what they mean to different people um% yeah yeah no I all was like oh yeah great excellent choice yeah that was also part of my probably top five there so I’m glad you mentioned it really really good um just also just like the the director

Stuff you mentioned it a little bit but like the the the boxing ring ring scenes he’d make it like three times bigger just to kind of you know amplify the the character’s feelings and stuff and I was like yeah see a normal biopic wouldn’t do that they’d like have measuring tape

Make sure the ring was the exact size you know up to regulations but no not soresi he’s an artist The Vision yeah because it’s s a documentary right it’s a it’s a film so I feel like uh I appreciate when there’s like kind of visible artistic license being taken I

Think that’s cool totally and it’s funny because um I think my second favorite film of all time is probably good Fellas which apparently counts as a biopic too but never really kind of associated as a biopic so that’s why I didn’t mention it as my favorite but um I guess that could

Be up there too because technically yeah I mean it is yeah if that if that counts that’s on my list that to me I I agree kind of uh it’s not so much about just the guy but kind of the whole culture and the scene and everything so I don’t

Know if it’s a biopic but yeah if it counts then I want it in my list also there you go yeah you get it you get it if it’s there there that’s it um I’ll just uh I’ll just give a quick reminder to anyone who’s maybe

Just jumping in uh we’re here to play some drama movie trivia we’re going to be giving away a $100 cash prize if you want to compete open another tab go to playay sign in and uh you’re going to need to redeem 50 Mojo points to join today’s game but if you

Don’t have 50 Mojo points keep hanging out with us we’re going to be streaming the game here in about uh seven minutes so not so far away someone’s gonna be kicking off their weekend with a little extra cash and uh nothing wrong with that definitely not definitely not just a

Little pocket money for your your end buy yourself something nice buy yourself something pretty F oh Vincent in the chat says Barbie was the best biop pick of this year good answer see a lot of us are thinking outside the box uh this afternoon I love it was that an intentional box Barbie

Pun because if it wasn’t then it was still genius it was and I’m a genius that way genius F questions on that moving right along um okay so I want to play a bit of a game okay I want to play with uh our friends in the chat also so you have to

Pitch here are the rules you have to pitch an existing drama movie but reworked into a comedy so okay that’s the game I’m interested to see what people come up with um one that I’m going to go wild I feel like we’re going to get some good

Ones from our audience here yeah no rules let let’s see what you got yeah um I I’ll kick it off start that off yeah yeah yeah because I’ve been marinating on this this is all I think about um I was thinking about yeah I was thinking about Benjamin

Button but reworked into like a high school puberty comedy where uh it’s like a 13-year-old trapped in this old man’s body and he has to try to fit in and join the football team team and impresses Crush it’s like super bad super bad with like a Benjamin Button spin oh wow I

Love that is he just trying to find alcohol to get to like the hottest party of the Year too no because it would be too easy because he would look old yeah there you old man creative I like that I like that can can the the comments top it

Though that is a question audience of ours yeah in all fairness I had time to prepare you guys did not so well it’s true yeah how long did you uh take to come up with that idea like the week I went on a writer’s Retreat like you know

I just really need to be alone with my thoughts W impressive yeah okay yeah we’ll go with it sure what about you do you have one um so see I think I misunderstood the assignment or I limited myself anyways for some reason I was was thinking biopics but like biopic still counts as

Drama um but I was kind of thinking um also The Social Network great drama great drama film great biopic film um and then also I was just kind of thinking you know after that whole period you know when that movie came out uh the Zuck kind of just became this

Like crazy lizard meme person so I was thinking you know like if they were to redo it now as a comedy and just you know focus on all those videos of him just being weird you know like barbecuing or smoking his meat with Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce you know

Just having him be this comedic character who you know maybe doesn’t know any better just stumbles onto this social media game and then you know wacky craziness ensues so I think yeah you know just like have the Zuck up there with lizard eyes you know looking

Crazy weird things happen so I was yeah maybe like a comedy uh social network or something you know that’s great or yeah or it’s just it’s just the social network but there’s a scene the first scene gives context that he’s actually a lizard person who’s inhabiting and you

Just read the rest of the movie in that light exactly yeah isn’t that how June two starts off with just like a little you know uh oh this is what’s happening and like the stage is set for this so yeah exactly he’s become of the lizard people and through this has uh stumbled

Upon on the most successful social media platform of all time of all time movie yeah eating in his terrarium yeah sir sir Facebook has has has shut down what do we do and he’s just busy eating they’re tapping on the glass yeah sir rais barbecue sauce for [Laughter]

Seasoning um okay so we got some p result in um here are the results this is what the people tuning into the chat right now uh think we take best picture this weekend at the Oscars we have Oppenheimer at 56% that’s strong killers of the flower Moon Yeah killers of the

Flower moon at 23 edging out poor things at 12 and Barbie at seven interesting I’m interested that Killers um overtook poor things because I feel like there’s been a lot more publicity about poor things kind of recently but that’s cool totally little surprised to see Barbie not even crack the the double digits

There 7% what’s up with that I don’t know what up with that I wonder I loved it but this this is a strong year for movies I feel like there’s you know the competition is uh tough this year true yeah yeah I can see it um I’ll give everybody a little

Rundown of uh because we got about a minute left so uh if you’re ready to compete in some drama movie trivia you’re here to win um open another tab playay sign in and uh yeah we’re going to be playing some trivia giving away a $100 prize I’m looking at

This uh thumbnail right now you guys can’t see it but you will in a second of um the end of Sunset Boulevard where she’s coming down the stairs that’s one of my favorite drama films of all time yeah I wish people could see it because

My that was my reaction when I saw how well Rebecca was doing last week and I thought she was gonna win the whole thing I was kind of like h no what is she doing crazy but that’s basically my goal this week is to just win the whole thing and

Take the cash prize home true you’re here what what what will you do with your uh with your fat cash prize um I’ll probably watch uh Dune and IMAX over and over and over again until it’s just I run out of money yeah so like twice yeah exactly darn IMAX

So all right guys six five five 4 3 2 one drama movie trivia amazing all right now you guys will be able to see the thumbnail dror Strange Love was Stanley krick’s first fulllength film true or false it’s a good start for me to take home the whole thing yes and I also

Answered real fast wow okay yeah good reminder to everybody there’s the thumbnail so you guys thought I was joking um uh the faster you answer the more points you receive so uh don’t sleep on it oh I think I know the answer to this too and also answered extremely fast extremely fast oh

Extremely I don’t see a crown on your emoji though so I’m four points behind the crown I’m coming for you Cody Cody that’s even your real name as of 2023 what is a24 highest grossing I clicked the wrong one I go higher but my mouse was delayed so right

There it’s it’s game over I can’t recover from there hands moving faster than your brain 100% uh this is a classic uh Oscars mishap wonder if we’ll see any such drama in the show on Sunday and the answer is McKenzie’s most hated movie of all time that’s not true at all stars

Born is my most hated movie of all time oh interesting we were talking about Bradley Cooper as well yeah it’s not that bad I just yeah all right Cody is really holding on to this lead well done um I’m seeing Bustin Fields Sabrina Urban mik smashing

I almost said Matthew I was like that’s you but congrats to you too little off oh this one’s this one’s an iconic answer right here yes iconic movie prop who didn’t want this in their bedroom in 2008 the answer is no one who saw Juno exactly that is the correct answer nailed

It Fargo is a fictional city in North Dakota true or false I think that I always get confused because they bounce between the two states right a see yeah there it is because it’s yeah it’s real yeah Matt this is totally random but did you cry the first time you watched

Titanic yes or no um I don’t think so but again I was quite young um so yeah I don’t know I don’t think I was just like emotionally developed enough as I should have been because yeah sad it was quite sad it is sad that was that was a really

Developed fully at that point yet either I don’t think what happened my love for Leo at that point developed if it was today though I’d be like balling yeah you’re right Leo no not even like Jack just Leo like why am I all like covered in water like

No all right we have Urban who is overtaken the names get cut off so I’m just going to go by first name basis um taking the lead above Bustin Fields who is an iconic watch Mojo trivia player um but it’s not over till it’s over we’ve only but

Begun I feel like my commentary has dwindled because I’m like I actually really want a challenge for this first place yeah luckily I’ve prepared a monologue and a song so Matt you focus on your winnings and uh although I think I did get this wrong this one wrong so

It’s it’s probably all over for me yeah this this was uh actually all of these movies were big for me in high school um not surprised not surprised all Goth movies uh more like edgy violent aesthetic Go movies yeah yeah adjacent adjacent adjacent yeah it’s funny speaking of adjacent I

Watched this clip of Margot Robbie saying that she used to be an hemo kid and Kate BL was part of the discussion and she’s like oh really that’s so strange you like metal music did you also like monster trucks and I was like what is the the correlation

There what does that have to do with anything two completely completely separate cultures yeah someone get Kate on the phone is she in the chat K blch if you’re here in the chat as Mojo trivia Queen not yet this is also iconic it’s snow globe right snow glob snow

GL yeah The Simpsons pared that exact scene yeah I have not watched salurn yet but everyone is telling me to this is next on my list it’s all right it’s fun but it’s all right oh interesting what you I know the answer to that saltburn and Barbie in one year wow big big

Year the first Hollywood movie studio opened in what decade I think it no oh I was off by 10 I guess the 20s yeah I was off by 10 years that’s horrible for a film historian self a self-proclaimed film historian although this one I’m pretty sure I nailed and answered very

Fast how are you doing I’m at oh no it’s game over I’m at 2 points buston fields at 3:46 yeah it’s over for me not in general General Life will continue and [Laughter] who directed Grand Budapest Hotel for anyone who’s seen it this is uh an easy answer I

Think one of his more accessible films I would say very entertaining what’s your favorite of his films do you have one um I was going to say bottle rocket but that’s not true that’s not true um Gran Budapest is probably his most fun movie I’d say yeah um but I think

Um daring limited is my favorite Wes Anderson movie which is kind of a bold Choice yeah that’s a slightly controversial that’s cool yeah yeah people often put at the bottom of the list but I’m like no you’re wrong you’re you’re completely wrong so about three brothers okay have a heart okay well

Because I was gonna say actually I think my favorite is probably Steve zissu but people also put that at the bottom yeah that’s crazy to me too that’s a great one great one all right we’re kind of entering the final stretch here we’re on 21 out of 25

What famous landmark appears on a beach in Planet of the Apes yeah classic classic yeah I think early prediction I think Bustin has taken best picture of this trivia game and by best picture I mean cash prize enjoy watching Dune part two twice this weekend whis [Laughter]

Popcorn those are two wild uh movies for one director to come out with in one year yeah seriously if you’re seeing a little badges on people’s emojis it’s because they’re getting a correct answer streaks which means they get more points which means they have an advantage entering

Next week’s super game so is crazy yeah that’s wild that’s wild you know everything that’s like everything they teach you in Harvard Business School and everything they don’t teach you in Harvard Business School that’s this person ason silver wow very impressive yeah the Palmer what did you guess I guessed van

Sand but then in second on second thought I was like no that’s silly that doesn’t make any sense does it all right guys we’re ending on an Oscar note Daniel de Lewis lost the Oscar for which movie that’s what you shining Leo in defense of Leo um all right well congrats everybody

Good game um I sorry my thing glitched Ken congratulations to Urban who just came in at the last second beating out bus and Fields also smashing Sabrina asman Sil mik Cody Aaliyah Lucas and ez90 thank you guys for playing congrats and finishing in our top 10 brilliant brilliant work everyone brilliant work

Um just like to thank the academy my mom Etc no keep going we want to hear your Oscar speech that’s about it that’s about it safe you like me you really like me well played uh thank you everyone for joining congrats to irin enjoy your cash prize

This weekend um go see Dune part two twice maybe maybe Thrice if you’re feeling so bold um and uh keep playing those daily trivia challenges everybody and tune in Next Friday afternoon for your chance at our $100 cash prize next week um thank you Matt this was so fun

Yeah thanks for having me always a blast always a pleasure have a good weekend everybody

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