Taboos and cultural norms in Saudi Arabia – Video

Taboos and cultural norms in Saudi Arabia – Video

12 Taboos in Saudi Arabia !
Over thousands of years of history, these regulations still exist, governing culture and law in this country. Finally, what is happening in Arabia? Why do people comply with such unreasonable rules and regulations? All will be in the next few minutes of the video about the strangest and scariest bans in Saudi Arabia.

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12 absolute tabos in Saudi Arabia over thousands of years of History these regulations still exist governing culture and law in this country finally what is happening in Arabia why do people comply with such unreasonable rules and regulations all will be in the next few minutes of the video about the

Strangest and scariest bands in Saudi Arabia number 12 banish handsome people it sounds crazy but this is Arabia the land of strange thing and of course this is a completely true story handsome Arab men will be expelled from the country in 2013 a young man named Omar Boran algala and his two friends Prince mape and

Imran abis nay were expelled from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attractive men often risk being expelled from the country to avoid arousing the sexual instincts of local people Omar and two other young men had to leave Saudi Arabia this guy is a fashion

Photographer actor and poet living in Dubai he possesses an irresistible masculine Beauty with features that could hardly be more perfect therefore if Arab men are really afraid that his presence in their country can steal the hearts of girls here it is probably not such a myth pictures and stories that

Omar borol Galla was expelled for being too handsome caused to a star on Facebook in just one day his Facebook page received 800,000 likes and count countless marriage proposals and compliments promise of gifts from Arab and UA women despite being famous for being secretive and difficult to approach Arab women still absolutely

Love handsome guys and Arabia’s banishment of these male Gods is completely well founded number 11’s do not show affection in public Saudi Arabia is considered an ideal destination for honeymoons but public displays of affection for couples and not not allowed not only do you have to endure discriminatory looks when kissing in

Public but you can also go to jail in many public places in Saudi Arabia signs no kissing are posted therefore you should not show too intimate feelings in public even sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex here while not married can get you into trouble Arab countries often have a traditional

Culture between personal and public that is quite discreet and respects privacy excessive displays of affection especially in public can be considered a violation of privacy limits and disrespectful of Traditional Values Arabia has a majority Muslim population and in Islam public displays of affection are discouraged Islamic teachings and values often consider

Protecting privacy and modesty is important number times day couples who have the idea of traveling to celebrate Valentine’s Day February 14 should absolutely stay away from Saudi Arabia couples in Saudi Arabia will be immediately summoned to the police station if they are caught giving each other gifts on Valentine’s Day all Goods

Related to Valentine’s Day such as flowers candy cards red objects are also prohibited from being sold Muslims in this country believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day is wrong with their beliefs and this holiday is also an excuse for women and men to have wrong relationships to have a perfect

Valentine’s Day couples in Saudi Arabia must plan to evacuate to neighboring countries like Bahrain to freely enjoy a sweet and Rose filled Valentine’s Day Saudi Arabia’s committee for the development of ethics and prevention of Vice has ordered all Flower and Gift Shops in the Capitol rearch to remove

All bright red items including including roses and gift wrapping paper a flower shop owner in RI said police have begun strictly inspecting shops so they have to deliver flowers and gifts at midnight and early morning to avoid being observed as for the people of this Muslim country country in response to

The government’s ban many people took shortcuts by ordering Flowers and Gifts many weeks ago this ban has caused the buying and selling of gifts and red roses here to become clandestine contributing to pushing up the price of red roses on the black market Sky High number nine don’t drink alcohol

Where the holy city of Mecca is located the Arab Islamic Kingdom enforces a complete ban on alcohol all acts of producing import buying selling and consuming alcohol are considered illegal here Customs forces will strictly check luggage to ensure that no one can enter the country carrying alcoholic beverages

Carl Andre a 74-year-old British tourist was arrested by Saudi Arabia religious police for possessing homemade alcohol Andre had to spend more than a year in prison but was Exempted from the 360 lashes because of his age and poor health according to the teachings of Allah Muslims are not allowed to use

Stimulants such as alcohol because they make people lose their reason and easily cause regrettable sins Muslims are always very respectful and obedient to the teachings of their almighty God so the governments of some countries that follow this religion also ban alcoholic beverages and Believers Never drink beer or wine during public holidays their

Life if you are invited to visit a Muslim family absolutely do not give them alcohol number eight avoid eating pork pork is one of the indispensable foods for humans associated with the development of human civilization for thousands of years but in Arabia people say no to Pork just because of piety

Pigs are considered unclean animals and are forbidden to eat in Islamic teachings in Islam pork is a taboo food heram Muslims abstain from pork because it is considered an unclean food for the body not because Islam worships pigs and so eat pork as some misunderstand in the Muslim qurin it is very clear

That certain foods are not to be used in pork is one of them however the Quran also clearly states that Muslims can eat pork in case of starvation and have no food other than pork there are many different explanations for the prohibition of eating pork but Muslims

Often explain this rule in a fairly simple and easy to understand way because pigs are omnivores eating everything people pour out into the trough so pigs cannot have pure blood like herb for so eating pig mates will be contaminated in modern times Muslim Scholars continue to reinforce the prohibition against eating pork with

Scientific evidence such as the fact that pork is the cause of many different diseases the most common of which is certain diseases worms in the intestinal tract pork has too much fat too much fat too much fat pigs are omnivores so they contain many toxins as well as bacteria

Pigs do not have sweat glands allowing pathogens to store and grow in their fat tissues blood and pigs are more unclean than other livestock because the pig’s digestive system operates at a fast pace compared to other livestock they eat Amores but only take 4 hours to digest

While cows take up to 24 hours so the pig’s toxin excretion process is also much shorter and less effective the living environment of pigs is also not clean so their meat is considered susceptible to human diseases eating pork makes people susceptible to helmets these parasites are difficult to kill in

Addition the sexual instincts of pigs are quite mixed among livestock this is an animal that tends to exchange Partners as an inherent attribute ethically this action is unacceptable accepted in Islam and Muslim scholars believe that part of a person’s personality will be adversely affected if they consume Foods derived from Pork no parties to main main parties if you are a party lover then listen to me you should never go to Saudi Arabia because there you will not be able to find any place that satisfies your preferences parties alcohol stimulants and drugs are absolutely prohibited in Saudi Arabia and even playing loud music

Can get you heavily fined there are no clubs theaters Cinemas and there isn’t any drag dancing all parties here take place in the form of intimate tea parties partying and dancing in Saudi Arabia is truly an extremely luxurious thing excessive and provocative dance movements have officially been banned by

The national committee for drug prevention and control of the ministry of interior of Saudi Arabia since 2019 2017 because it is believed to be related to the use of stimulants that cause excitement this law was issued after a video recording of a TV presenter and actor named abdella Al

Shahani showering in the rain at a music festival in TF was posted online this person was later arrested meanwhile creating loud sounds is also absolutely prohibited every day Saudi Arabians usually spend about five times 20 minutes each time praying if tourists play loud music in public they will be

Find 500 RS equivalent to 133 us outside prayer hours and 1,000 rils during prayer time although residents and tourists are banned from partying AA billionaires especially princes or party goers who never stop the Saudi Crown Prince once spent a lot of money partying with 150 beautiful female

Models on his private island famous DJ Afrojack and rapper Pitbull also performed at this Party number six prohibition of pornography if you hang a picture of a girl in a bikini in your room and Saudi police see it then congratulations you are about to receive 200 lashes and even go to jail like most other Muslim countries paintings photos books newspapers and pornography in general

Are banned in Saudi Arabia According to Islamic law and teachings pornographic images or content are considered to violate the sanctity and moral values of society as a result pornography is generally banned and may not be disseminated produced or distributed in these countries the production possession or distribution of pornography may be considered a

Violation of local laws and may be subject to strict regulations the lightest punishment is flogging but if worse you participate in the production of pornography or prostitution rings then life imprisonment or death penalty is not surprising in fact the demand for adult films in Saudi Arabia is extremely

Large especially in the age of technological development the Arab government cannot prevent all people from accessing pornographic websites but like I said never let the police or even your relatives who know you see and spread this content because the price is really expensive number FES and sex without

Marriage will face the death penalty in developed and free countries adultery is is often not severely punished by law however in Saudi Arabia if you’re discovered to be having an affair after marriage your life is considered over I cannot fully describe the horror of committing this type of crime while

Living in Arab Society but I can assure you that it is as terrible as any cruel punishment that has ever existed in the Arab world history married people who commit adultery will be arrested tortured forced to confess and execute it Arabs do not shoot prisoners do not

Inject poison they let people Stone a adulterers to death yes it’s stoned until you lose your life the Arab government has made a law that married people who commit adultery will be stoned to death those who are not married but of extramarital Affairs will be punished with 100 lashes the law also

Has harsh sentences for rape and homosexuality many human rights associations have spoken out valuating this law as evil and trampling on personality they believe that Arab laws go against the international conventions they signed but the Arab government does not care because their own people support this in 2017 a girl named ammani

Farus coth was stoned to death for adultery what made the media feel scared was that the girl’s biological father also participated in his daughter’s execution with such an attitude contempt and indignation number four prohibit buying fake Goods buying fake products from reputable Brands is one of the things

You should not do in this Muslim country Saudi Arabia is very serious about protecting the intellectual property rights of famous Brands authorities often carry out strict checks at Border Gates and in public places to prevent the sale of counterfeit Goods if Travelers are caught carrying counterfeit Goods across the border they

May have their goods confiscated and face legal consequences buying fake Goods is not only a waste of money it can also cause trouble with local laws and can lead to more serious consequences such as violating laws on consuming counterfeit Goods therefore when traveling to Saudi Arabia or any

Other location it is best to buy goods from reputable genuine sources and comply with intellectual property regulations to avoid unwanted problems wearing shorts is prohibited in hot summers shorts are always the top choice because of their coolness however if you go to Saudi Arabia you absolutely cannot bring shorts with you because if

You wear shorts on the street you will likely receive hateful looks from local people or worse they will curse or attack you because you feel humiliated I’m not exaggerating you need to know that Arabs are Muslims Muslims have very strict rules about dress even for tourists there are regulations such as

Men are not allowed to wear shorts in public women should wear long loose clothes as well as use long Robes of buyer in some places where women must wear a this shows respect and compliance with local cultural and religious values local people will always wear long pants

Or dresses that cover the body when going out in public taking photos in public places is Prohibited no photography allowed although they want to attract as many tourists to their country as possible Saudi Arabia has very strict regulations on taking photos they strictly prohibit taking selfies in public taking selfies with dogs and cats and even prohibiting Arab girls from taking photos Saudi Arabia’s supreme religious Authority and

Issued an edict Banning the use of mobile phones with cameras to prevent the spread of pornography concerns are growing in Muslim societies where religious officials have complained about Tamara phones being used to secretly take pictures of women a wedding in Saudi Arabia ended in a fight after women were photographed at

Supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates police must constantly warn against secretly taking photos of women shopping in Egypt a women only Beach on the Mediterranean Coast baned the use of cameras and all phones were checked at the ENT however so far only Saudi Arabia does not allow the important sale of

Camera phones and declares them as religiously prohibited items if you are a tourist to this country you also need to pay special attention to photography your photos must not show any Arab people only contain approved Landscapes the Middle Eastern country prohibits taking photos at locations such as military areas courts some palaces in

November 2014 Robert Allan black was released after nearly a month in detention in all wathba Arab prison according to Robert’s friends this American Tourist was arrested for taking photos in a restricted area after many efforts the court recognized that he had no bad intentions so he asked him to pay

A fine of dh500 as the minimum fine about 180 Us in addition to regulations on shooting locations taking selfies with with cats and dogs is is also absolutely prohibited according to the rabbi it is forbidden to take selfies not only with cats but also with dogs wolves and all types of domest however

Taking selfies with cats is the most harmful because it violates the laws of true Islam and is an imitation of Western people in addition the ban also extends to the famous Japanese animated film Pokémon in this cleric’s opinion the content of this movie contradicts Islam and the games introduced in the

Movie are just a useless waste of time number wor prohibition of homosexual relations Arabs seem to be extremely sensitive about sex adultery while married will be stoned to death and this punishment also applies to homosexuals a non-muslim who acts similarly to a Muslim can also be charged with the above crime Saudi

Arabia is considered one of the countries with the worst LGBT rights records in the world both male and female homosexual activity is illegal LGBT rights are not recognized by the government of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia’s social Affairs and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and are extremely conservative

Due to wahhabi Islam homosexuality and transgenderism are considered immoral and improper activities law for punishes homosexual or crossdressing acts with penalties ranging from fines whipping to imprisonment body death penalty and Tor Saudi Arabia has no laws against discrimin ation on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity harassment or violence against

LGBT people is not covered by any motivated misconduct or hate crime law advocating for LGBT rights is illegal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia public education in Saudi Arabia is required to teach basic Islamic values based on the interpretation of the Quran which includes a strong condemnation of homosexuality in addition the Ministry

Of Education has approved textbooks that reflect the Islamic perspective towards homosexual acts by declaring that homosexuality is one of the most heinous sins and greatest crimes and that the appropriate punishment for homosexual intercourse is the death penalty so we have explored the strange and scary regulations in Arab countries thank you

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