Top 10 Free Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii #Oahu #Hawaii – Video

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii #Oahu #Hawaii – Video

Are you planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii and looking for some budget-friendly activities to enjoy while you’re on the island? Look no further! In this video, we’re counting down the top 10 free things to do in Oahu that will surely surprise you.

First on our list is the Lanai Pillbox Hike on the east side of Oahu, offering stunning sunrise views and unique street art covered pillbox structures. Next, head to the North Shore to catch the Hurley Pro Surf Contest for free and experience the excitement of big wave surfing.

Explore the local crafts and scents at the North Shore’s former sugar mill turned soap factory, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial with free entry to pay your respects to the fallen. Enjoy a tailgate at one of Oahu’s beautiful beaches on your way to the North Shore.

For some evening entertainment, check out the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s firework show on Fridays or catch a glimpse of a local hula show on Waikiki Beach. Drive up to Tantalus Lookout for panoramic views, and visit the Salt mall in Kakaako for beautiful murals and street art.

Immerse yourself in history at the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel, known for its vibrant pink hue and 1920s decor. Lastly, don’t forget to soak up the sun at Waikiki Beach, one of Hawaii’s many stunning beaches that are all free to enjoy.

Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or art enthusiast, Oahu offers a variety of free activities that showcase the beauty and culture of the island. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore Oahu’s top 10 free things to do on your next Hawaiian adventure!

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Oahu! so you’re in  Oahu and you’re looking for   some activities that won’t break  the bank well in this video we’re   covering the top 10 things you can do  in Oahu, totally free let’s go check it

Out for our first stop we’re heading over to the  east side of Oahu to the Lanai pillbox hike we’re   taking a short but steep hike called the CWA  Ridge Trail which is about a mile out and back   it’s particularly famous for its Sunrise views.  we recommend getting dropped off here as parking  

Can be a challenge in the nearby neighborhood.  the views from this hike are rewarding on one   side we can see the Lush mountains and on the  other side we can see the Mokulua Islands off   the coast there are two Pillbox structures on  this hike which you can climb inside and on  

Top and they’re covered in street art and the  best part is these views are 100% free what’s   your favorite hike on Oahu! comment below and  be sure to like And subscribe for More Travel videos in our next stop we’re heading to the  North Shore known for its untamed beaches  

Massive waves and world class Surfers.  leave your Costco foam board at home   for this one as we’re catching a glimpse  of the Hurley Pro Surf Contest here we   pull up alongside the beach and get to be  Spectators amongst this amazing sport we  

Watch as the Surfers take on set after  set of these massive waves the average   wave is about 9 ft tall but can reach 20 ft  tall and the best part there’s no entry fee required. next we’re driving to the North  Shore a place where you can get some locals  

Only Vibes and do some excellent window  shopping we love these Windchimes made   out of shells and other local crafts one of  our favorites is a site for all senses it’s   a former sugar Mill turned soap Factory here  you can find all different kinds of soaps in  

Local scents including Plumeria and kukui nut  next head next door to Waialua Coffee where you   can get a free sampling of their coffees and  chocolates which are grown right here on the property our next up is one of Oahu’s top attractions  that many people don’t know is actually free  

For entry and the museums it’s the  Pearl Harbor Memorial here you can   visit the USS Arizona Memorial and pay  your respects to the fallen. there’s also   a bus that takes you from Wy to the site  for $3 and takes roughly an hour to get

There. now it’s time to tailgate like the  locals do at some of the most beautiful   beaches in Oahu driving along the road  on the way to the North Shore and we   just passed by this incredible landscape  this Crescent Beach the emerald Clips the  

Kualoa mountains in the background  and we just had to stop this is so beautiful we made it to the lighthouse view  you can see the lighthouse right there on   the edge the surf here is very rough and  you can see all the volcanic landscapes  

Now if you happen to be in Waikiki on a  Friday and you’re looking for evening plans   check out the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s  firework show it starts at 7:45 we made it if you’re looking for something more  cultural you may be able to catch a local  

Hoola show we spotted this one while walking  down the boardwalk in front of the hotel and   Waikiki it’s such a treat to be able to  capture a performance even if it’s just   a glimpse and it will surely save you  the 300 plus that it costs to attend a

Luau. our next activity will require a vehicle  and preferably a Jeep as we drive up to a   Lookout Point called Tantalus Lookout which offers  panoramic views of Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor our next stop is for all you art lovers we’re  heading to a curated mall called Salt which  

Has beautiful murals guys we are at Salt  and this is like a warehouse it’s also a   shopping center that they just recently  opened and look at all of these murals   this entire area is filled with murals if you  like these murals out Sal you’ll also want to  

Check out nearby kakaako Street in Honolulu  which is a vibrant area filled with street art. next we’re heading back to Waikiki to immerse  ourselves in history and the color pink at the   Royal Hawaiian Hotel this is one of the first  hotels established in Yi known for its bright  

Pink Hue and concrete stucco facade it’s hosted  numerous celebrities and dignitaries throughout   its time and opened in 1927 it’s nicknamed the  Pink Palace for its floor to ceiling pink decor   and it also is surrounded by a 15 acre landscape  Garden many of the flowers are bright pink it’s  

A great place to step back in time to 1920s  history when much of the tourism came from steam travel for number 10 we are back in Waikiki beach   for our last activity and fun fact that  all of Hawaii’s beaches are absolutely free like And subscribe for many more travel videos

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