“Kingston Town” by UB40 in High Definition, Released in 1989 – Video

“Kingston Town” by UB40 in High Definition, Released in 1989 – Video

UB40’s rendition of “Kingston Town” from their 1989 album Labour of Love II is a true reggae classic that has stood the test of time. Originally penned by Lord Creator in 1970, the song was given new life by the British reggae group and quickly became a chart-topping hit.

With its laid-back rhythm and soulful vocals, “Kingston Town” quickly captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. The song climbed to number four on the UK singles chart and reached the number one spot in both France and the Netherlands. Its success even extended to Peru, where it was warmly received and remained a hit throughout 1990 and into the summer of 1991.

The music video for “Kingston Town” perfectly complements the song’s nostalgic and dreamy vibe. Shot in HD quality, the video showcases the beauty of the Jamaican city of Kingston, with vibrant visuals that transport viewers to the tropical paradise that inspired the song.

UB40’s rendition of “Kingston Town” continues to be a beloved classic in the reggae genre, with its timeless melody and heartfelt lyrics resonating with audiences around the world.

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