Top 10 Medical Miracles of the 21st Century (Up Until Now) – Video

Top 10 Medical Miracles of the 21st Century (Up Until Now) – Video

Medical miracles of the 21st century have undoubtedly reshaped the landscape of healthcare and medicine. From groundbreaking advancements in genetics to innovative surgical techniques, the top 10 medical miracles of the century so far have left an indelible mark on the field.

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 marked a significant milestone in genomics, providing researchers and clinicians with a comprehensive genetic blueprint to better understand human biology and develop targeted therapies. Additionally, the development of immunotherapy for cancer has revolutionized the way we treat this deadly disease, offering more targeted and less toxic alternatives to traditional treatments.

One of the most remarkable medical advances of the century has been the rapid development and deployment of mRNA vaccines, particularly highlighted by the success of the COVID-19 vaccines. This technology has not only proven to be effective in controlling a global pandemic but has also paved the way for new vaccine development against other infectious diseases and even certain types of cancers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has emerged as a game-changer, with its ability to analyze medical data, predict disease outcomes, and personalize treatment plans. AI-driven diagnostics have shown high accuracy in interpreting medical images, aiding clinicians in early detection and precise diagnosis of diseases.

These medical miracles, along with others like 3D printing in medicine, organ transplantation advancements, and robotic-assisted rehabilitation, have significantly improved patient outcomes, revolutionized treatment approaches, and continue to shape the future of healthcare. The 21st century has truly been a remarkable era of innovation and progress in the field of medicine.

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We wanted not only to develop an effective and safe vaccine but we wanted to do that in less than one year welcome to watch Mojo and today we’ll be counting down the most incredible important Innovative and invaluable medical advances started or brought to fruition this Century we carry with us a

Deep respect for our patients really that that comes to getting to know what kind of things are important to them number 10 3D printing in medicine so the research going on in this lab could improve life for hundreds of thousands of people the utilization of 3D printing technology has been a

Transformative breakthrough this Innovation allows for the creation of patient specific implants Prosthetics and anatomical models revolutionizing surgical planning and interventions 3D printing has enabled medical professionals to produce customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of patients leading to improved outcomes and a higher quality of care we’re

Looking into ways that you can begin to integrate the tools we now have in genetic engineering into the processes for digital fabricate from intricate surgical models for preoperative planning to the fabrication of implants tailored to an individual’s Anatomy 3D printing continues to make significant contributions to the field of medicine

Showcasing its potential for personalized and precise Health Care with traditional casting we have to keep it dry and that can be a pain especially for bathing and for hygiene but with these newer 3D splints and casts they are allowed to get wet number nine robotic assisted Rehabilitation it helps hold them up

Taller as they’re standing to walk and then moves their legs through that normal position in the realm of Rehabilitation the integration of Robotics has significantly Advanced patient recovery robotic assisted systems including exoskeletons and robotic therapy devices offer targeted and personalized interventions for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries these Technologies assist in

Regaining Mobility enhancing muscle strength and improving overall functionality this is a tool for them that will allow them to treat many people at the same time the marriage of Robotics with recovery not only expedites the process but also provides a more engaging and adaptive approach to meet the diverse needs of patients as

These Technologies continue to evolve they hold promise for further enhancing the rehabilitation experience and outcomes for individuals facing various health challenges just literally help the person stroke patient achieve the goals and do the practice that they cannot do individually number eight Global polio eradication initiative repeated doses of the polio vaccine

Build a stronger immunity this is why all children need to receive two drops of the polio vaccine during each round the global polio eradication initiative launched in 19 1988 represents a Monumental Public Health efforts much like the anti-retroviral therapy for HIV AIDS the initiative Roots lie in the

Late 20th century but the sustained impact in this century is incredible and undeniable through widespread vaccination campaigns surveillance and Global collaboration the initiative has made significant strides in reducing polio cases worldwide we also test samples from the environment to get a complete picture of where where polio

Might be circulating if we find polio we’re able to identify the type and origin of the virus the development and deployment of oral polio vaccines have played a crucial role in interrupting the transmission of the virus though challenges persist the initiative stands as a testament to the potential of global cooperation in combating

Infectious diseases and achieving substantial Public Health Milestones if we do not the ricated the don’t get rid of it we will quite rapidly go back to the situation we had before we started the eradication program number seven organ transplantation and anti-rejection medications I am living proof uh of of

This miracle that has happened to me someone who gave me a kidney changed my world advancements in organ transplantation and anti-rejection medications have continued to evolve significantly improving the success rates of transplant procedures Innovations in organ preservation improved matching techniques and the development of more effective immunosuppressive drugs have expanded

The possibilities for successful organ transplants Mayo doctors are so skilled that the second an organ becomes available the patient’s chances of survival jumps dramatically for example in 2023 the world’s first complete eye transplant was performed by surgeons at NYU langon Health on Aaron James a military veteran this groundbreaking

Surgery which lasted 21 hours involved replacing half of James’s face and his entire left eye which he had lost in an accident with high voltage power lines these breakthroughs have saved countless lives and ongoing research aims to further refined transplant techniques reduce waiting times and enhance long-term outcomes I mean I never

Expected it to work at all and they told me that from the did go number six Human Genome Project if we take a person with the disease and a person without it and we compare them then the DNA differences somewhere in the DNA differences may be the explanation for the disease the

Completion of the Human Genome Project hgp in 2003 marked a watershed moment in genomics and has had a profound impact on medical research and health care this Monumental International collaboration successfully mapped and sequenced the entire human genome unraveling the genetic blueprint that underlies human biology we found protein evidence for

2/3 of genes for which no protein had ever been identified the hgp has paved the way for advancements in personalized medical testing and our understanding of factors contributing to various diseases the comprehensive information obtained from the hgp has empowered researchers and clinicians to develop targeted therapies based on individual genetic

Makeup ushering in a new era of precision medicine when Bob and I took on the challenge the machines didn’t work very well but then quickly they speed it up so the change in the tools were very important number five minimally invasive surgery you are able to walk immediately after surgery

Advancements in surgical techniques have revolutionized the field of surgery this Century techniques such as laparoscopy and robotic assisted surgery have become standard practice offering patients less invasive alternatives to traditional open surgeries the difficulties in that is it requires a little bit more complexity in terms of the technical skill these Innovations result in

Shorter recovery times reduced post-operative pain and lower rates of complications the surgical landscape has been transformed across Specialties such as Gynecology Urology and general surgery improving patient outcomes the widespread adoption of minimally invasive surgery exemplifies the commitment to to advancing medical practices for the benefit of patient

Care we’ll be waiting for you looking forward to it so that LE can get back to his life and we can enjoy each other number four immunotherapy for cancer this was so exciting within the field of cancer therapy immunotherapy has emerged in the 21st century as a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment leveraging

The body’s immune system to Target and eliminate cancer cells checkpoint Inhibitors car T Cell Therapy and cancer vaccines represent key immunotherapeutic strategies that have shown remarkable success in treating various types of cancers um I’m hopeful that it will give me the time to live until they find a

Cure by harnessing the natural defenses of the immune system immunotherapy offers a more targeted and potentially less toxic alternative to traditional Cancer Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy ongoing research in this field continues to expand the range of cancers that can be effectively treated with immunotherapy offering New

Hope for patients and changing the landscape of Cancer Care so basically you’re taking your native immune response and enhancing it so we cause the tumors to regress and go away number three mRNA vaccines the MRNA molecule contains instructions to produce a tiny piece of the virus in SAR cov2 that’s the spike

Protein the development and widespread deployment of mRNA vaccines particularly exemplified by the rapid response to the covid-19 pandemic Mark a historic achievement in vaccinology mRNA vaccine technology utilizes genetic instructions to stimulate an immune response providing a safe and efficient means of preventing infectious diseases that immune response is what develops

Antibodies to protect against Co the incredible success of mRNA vaccines against covid-19 is not only demonstrated their efficacy in controlling a global pandemic but has also opened new avenues for vaccine development against other infectious diseases and even certain types of cancers the speed and Effectiveness with which mRNA vaccines were developed in

Distributed underscore the transformative potential of this technology in shaping the future a preventative medicine number two crisper cast 9 Gene editing technology the reason we can’t cure HIV right now is that some of the virus go and hide and our drugs can’t kill them the Advent of crisper cast 9 technology

Has ushered in a new era of precision Gene editing with profound implications for biotechnology this revolutionary tool allows scientists to make precise modifications to DNA sequences offering unprecedented accuracy in genetic engineering crisper cast 9 has the potential to treat disorders prevent hereditary diseases and Advance scientific research by enabling targeted

Modifications to the genome I think we need to definitely keep up the speed in terms of trying to understand how crisper Works to get it to work almost perfectly its applications range from correcting mutations to engineering disease resistant crops highlighting its versatility and transformative impact on various Fields the continuous refinement

And expansion of crisper based Technologies though still somewhat controversial holds promise for addressing previously untreatable conditions and driving further advancements and unlike previous methods crisper can be used to Target many genes at once a big Advantage for studying complex human diseases that are caused not by a single mutation but by many

Genes acting together before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on

Notifications number one artificial intelligence in healthcare a CT scan creates a multi-layered image of the organ the doctor then marks the liver tissue it’s not a very exact procedure artificial intelligence can scrutinize each image more closely AI has emerged as potentially the foremost medical miracle of the 21st century transforming

Healthcare across diagnosis treatment and research AI applications including machine learning algorithms and deep learning models have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in analyzing Medical Data predicting disease outcomes and personalizing treatment plans so where it might take a human days to be able to find a diagnosis whereas computers can run without sleep

Continuously and find uh those those patients that need triage care right away in Diagnostics AI has shown high accuracy in interpreting Medical Imaging such as mammograms and MRIs aiding clinicians in early and more precise detection of diseases additionally AI driven drug Discovery accelerates the development of Novel Therapeutics while Predictive Analytics enhances Patient

Care by identifying individuals at higher risk of specific conditions the integration of AI into Healthcare represents a seismic shift with the potential to revolutionize medical practices and improve patient outcomes what do you think is the most amazing medical Advance this Century let us know in the comments it’s actually doing a

Lot of the more mundane work like tracing tumors tracing structures measuring the amount of fat and muscle in body CTS is another example and so if a computer can do that first pass that can help us a lot check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to

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