Top 10 Most Exciting Victories in F1 History – Video

Top 10 Most Exciting Victories in F1 History – Video

The world of Formula One is known for its high-speed thrills and heart-stopping moments, but some races stand out above the rest for their drama and sheer excitement. In this video from WatchMojo, we take a look at the top 10 most dramatic wins in F1 history, from the Mercedes Civil War in the Austrian GP to Kimi Raikkonen’s thrilling victory at the Japanese GP in 2005.

The countdown includes iconic races like the Four-Way Photo Finish at the Italian GP in 1971, where Peter Gethin snatched victory by just a hair’s breadth, and Jenson Button’s unforgettable comeback at the Canadian GP in 2011. The video also covers nail-biting moments like Lewis Hamilton’s miraculous win on three wheels at the British GP in 2020 and Max Verstappen’s stunning last-lap pass on Hamilton to clinch the championship at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2021.

Each race showcased in the video is a testament to the skill, determination, and sheer adrenaline that makes Formula One one of the most exciting sports in the world. So sit back, buckle up, and prepare to relive some of the most jaw-dropping moments in F1 history. Let us know in the comments which race kept you on the edge of your seat, and if we missed any nail-biting moments that you think deserve a spot on this list!

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For Sten now slates the championship trophy from leis Hamilton who’s trying to fight back welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at the overtakes and heartbreaks that led to the most dramatic victories in Formula 1 up to and including the 2023 campaign never seen anything like it enormous bravery by

Alono number 10 Mercedes Civil War Austrian GP Hamilton wins out Hamilton takes the Austrian Grand Prix the 250th Grand Prix win by a British driver by 2016 Lewis Hamilton and Nico rosberg were no strangers to getting close on track as each battled for the championship in a dominant Mercedes the

Pair’s once friendly rivalry had turned bitter to say the least at the Austrian Grand Prix it was Hamilton’s turn to chase down his teammate and this time the drama came down to the very last lap it’s they’ve touched again Hamilton went for a move into turn two and rosberg defended aggressively neither driver

Gave way and the resulting contact left rosberg with a damaged front wing and a 10-second penalty and leis Hamilton does manage to to overtake his teammates but the damage has been done to the front he slow Hamilton’s quite slow too in one corner rosberg lost the win and the

Podium only managing to recover to Fourth Place number nine braam Falls at the final hurdle Monaco GP and on the last lap it’s anybody’s wi overtaking at the Monaco Grand Prix is more or less unheard of in modern Formula 1 but yaken Ren’s pressure paid off in 1970 forcing

A last Corner mistake from Jack Bram the Australian braam LED over half the race in relative Comfort while Ren capitalized on reliability issues to gradually move into contention R’s gone straight on Ram’s run out of Road once in second Ren up the pace clawing back a

9-second gap to the leader and ren win the r all Bram had to do is keep the car on the racing Lane but he went too defensive taking a Dusty inside Lane around the final Bend braam skidded into the barriers and ren passed for a grateful Victory number eight signs’s

Speed of thought Singapore GP you know what this is my first smoke operation karate in the final laps of the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix Carlos signs was just keeping Lando Norris at Bay but the McLaren wasn’t the only threat Mercedes risked an extra pit stop leaving George

Russell and Lewis Hamilton to reel in the leaders in the closing stages the gamble paid off and the silver arrows caught up in plenty of time but SS pulled off a master class and high-speed strategy actually slowing down to allow Norris to close the gap Norris with the

Slipstream from as Ferrari was too fast on the straights for either Mercedes to make a move and frustration eventually got the better of Russell and into the barrier goes George Russell been struggling on his tires Russell’s bit for Singapore Glory ends up in the barriers SS took the win while Russell

Could only take to the wall Carlo SS wins the Singapore Grand Prix Lando Norris comes home to collect that second place and it’s leis Hamilton who completes the one two three Bravo Take a Bow what a thrilling end to that Grand Prix number seven the race nobody wanted

To win Monaco GP Alan Prost looked set for an anticlimactic win at the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix but the rain had other ideas as did I new my goodness what about patrey now that tells you how wet it is the Frenchman stayed out on dry Tires Only to slide into the barriers

With two laps to go Ricardo Patrice took the lead but spun his Brom down the field next up didda Peroni neared The Checkered Flag but not before running out of fuel is that paroni stationer it is my goodness the third leader in two laaks fourth in line to inherit the wind

Was Andrea dezar but by the time the cameras had caught up they found his Alpha Romeo had also stopped with fuel issues in the chaos Patrice had got going again and cross the line to win a race he didn’t even know he was leading there is the man who who could have said

This is going to win the Monaco Grand Prix despite having spun off Ricardo Patra comes up to the line to win his first Grand Prix he takes the checken flag and wins certainly the most eventful exciting momentous Grand Prix I have ever seen number six four-way photo finish Italian GP the famous Mona

Circuit was not as we know it in 1971 longer Straits made the slipstream so powerful that cars ran closer together and regularly swap places the high speeds also meant reliability issues and safety risks which left some unlikely contenders in the leading pack at the latest Italian R Prix among them Peter

Gin who came out of the final corner of the race in third position but you guessed it gethin took two places on the line for his only win in the Sport’s closest ever finished runner up Ronnie Peterson lost out by a 100th of a second with the top four separated by under

2/10 number five Hamilton hangs on British GP sir Lewis Hamilton has won 103 races in his Formula 1 career but only one on three wheels but I I’m staggered they didn’t bring that car in to protect against that it was only going to be a fraction behind the other

The Brit was cruising at his home race in the 2020 season when a late puncture for teammate valter batas raised eyebrows on the pit wall Hamilton was told to nurse his Mercedes home and Max for stappen over 30 seconds behind in second suddenly sniffed the win on the last lap the unthinkable happened

Hamilton’s tire blew out in the final Corners the world champion used all his experience to keep his three remaining tires on the tarmac crossing the line only just ahead of the Flying Dutchman home it’s leis Hamilton who takes the race Max for stappen comes home to takes second number four he’ll denied

Impossible win Hungarian GP now he’s running quite quickly as far as an ordinary mot is concerned but paralytically slow as far as Formula 1 is concerned world champion in 1996 Damon Hill was controversially dropped by Williams for The Following Season his new team arrows had never won a race in

F1 but an upset was on the cards when Hill took a shock lead at the 1997 Hungarian ground PRI AF Mari Dame has just come on the radio to say that he’s having a problem with his throttle it’s not backing off properly the rainy champ drove an impeccable race only extending

His on track lead to title challenger jacqu vov but it just wasn’t to be Hill slowed with a hydraulic issue just two laps from the finish and V swept past to claim the win well f n wins the Hungarian Grand Prix Damon Hill is second Johnny Herbert is third Michael

Schumaker finishes 2/10 of a second ahead of his brother in fifth position Hill held on for second place still The Joint best result in team arrows history number three Jensen’s Canada comeback Canadian GP surely one of the finest races of his life and the best Grand Prix of his spectacular career Jensen

Button’s 2011 Canadian Grand Prix couldn’t have got off to a worse start no question as we See’s touch on a wet track the McLaren driver ran wide to lose early places collided with both Fernando Alonzo and teammate leis Hamilton served a drive-through penalty punctured a tire and at one point ran

Dead last after a 2-hour rain suspension Buton finally got the hang of the conditions the 2009 World Champion called for tire changes at just the right time and picked his way through the field it turned in too late he got the tires button leades the Grand Prix

Button started the final lap just a second behind leader Sebastian vatel and forced the German wide to claim the most unlikely of Victories he wins a brilliant race it’s a sensational drive for button what a victory number two Kimmy risks it all Japanese GP Kimmy riken and sweeps through to take the the

Lead of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2005 a wet qualifying saw Fernando Alonzo and Kimmy reinan start the Japanese Grand Prix back in 16th and 17th the two championship protagonists lived up to their reputations lighting up the timing screens and putting on a show for the fans at Suzuka Alonzo shot past Mark

Weber to finish on the podium but up ahead reikenen was chasing the top step I’ve never seen anything like it a late Pit Stop gave him work to do but Kimmy pushed his McLaren to the Limit taking over a second to lap out of John Carlo f

‘s lead and Brilliant what a brilliant move side by side down the straight the Iceman pulled off a last gasp swoop around the outside to mark one of the all-time recovery drives Kimmy reenan the winner absolutely Sensational performance in second place will be before we unveil our top pick here are a

Few honorable mentions Michael closes on mik Spanish GP taken and denied first win of season by faulty engine and closing schacher and on the very last of the Spanish for Prix Michael schumacker looks as though he’s going to go through and take another win what an incredible

Situation it would be his third and Mah hainon is pulled off Alonzo pounces on McLaren mistake European GP riken and gambles on used tires spectacularly crashes out from the lead the tire let’s go he just misses the V and I said he should have ped I told you he would have

Got a Podium if he pitted instead of which he’s going to get absolutely nothing Clark twice denied victory Italian GP certis wins after Clark suffers tire and fuel issues 48 laps apart Clark missing and Bram leads ctis wrong ctis takes braam photo finish okan holds off two world champions

Hungarian GP estaban okan takes Maiden win from charging vitel and hamiltonan okan is going to be a grand prix winner in Formula 1 okon wins the Hungarian Grand Prix before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest

Videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Yas Marina Showdown Abu Dhabi GP is it going to be a first world championship for ven is it

Going to be an eighth world championship for leis Hamilton it was Winter takes all in the 2021 season finale with Lewis Hamilton and max verstappen level on points heading to Abu Dhabi Hamilton built a comfortable lead and looked set for a record eighth World title until a crash for Nicholas latifi completely

Tore up the script for Sten took advantage of the safety car to pit for new tires but laped cars stood between himself and Hamilton in a first for the sport only the Five drivers between the Brit and the Dutchmen were allowed to unlap themselves leaving a single lap

For the top two to battle it out is stappen far enough back he’s going to make the lunch down the inside Hamilton sees him coming it’s a lead launch by verstappen who takes the lead of the race for stappen the pace on new Rubber and passed Hamilton in the final seconds

To take his first of many championships and it’s going DCH in 2021 Max mappen for the first time ever is champion of the world which one of our picks kept you on the edge of your single cater did we miss any nail biting moments let us know in the comments oh my Lord

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