Top 10 Movies That Resemble Kids Movies (But Aren’t) – Video

Top 10 Movies That Resemble Kids Movies (But Aren’t) – Video

Top 10 Movies That Look Like Kids Movies (But AREN’T) is a countdown of surprisingly disturbing films that may seem family-friendly at first glance. From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to The Dark Crystal and Coraline, these movies may have unexpected dark and intense themes that may be unsettling for children. Directed by Jim Henson, The Dark Crystal may have colorful puppets but also features evil villains and intense quests.

Gremlins, Coraline, and The Never-Ending Story are also on the list, showcasing how these seemingly innocent movies actually have violent and tragic moments that may not be suitable for young audiences. Water Ship Down and Return to Oz are also mentioned, with scenes of blood, violence, and electric shock therapy that may be alarming for kids. Grave of the Fireflies is considered a masterpiece war drama, yet its tragic story may be too much for both adults and children.

Have you ever accidentally shown your children a movie that turned out to be inappropriate? Share your experiences in the comments and remember to pre-watch these films before inviting your kids to the couch!

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I’m sorry but this is not the time to place for children welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at surprisingly disturbing films that may appear familyfriendly at first glance no R-rated films are included and there may be spoilers I’m so happy that Gods put our packages together it’s because we belong

Together number 10 Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Road doll’s imaginative Darkly humorous books have been hail as classic children’s literature for decades however reading is not the same as seeing and scenes that come across as merely odd in a book can have a much scarier impact when they’re brought to

Life one example is when normal looking women transform into monsters in the Witches another is the trip down the chocolate River in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the boat enters a dark tunnel to an unknown destination and Willy Wonka begins chanting rhymes about danger growing and the grizzly Reaper mowing yes the danger must be growing for the rowers keep on rowing

And they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing though this scene was taken directly from the book it’s still rather jarring in a G-rated film number nine The Dark Crystal since it was directed by Jim Henson of the Muppets and marketed as a family friendly film there

Was no reason for parents to feel nervous about taking their kids to see The Dark Crystal when it came out however this is a little a little different from Henson’s other work what do you want of me A Shard a crystal Shard that’s all you want a crystal

Shard it has amazing puppets and colorful settings but the plot is more like Lord of the Rings innocent creatures called gelflings must undertake a dangerous quest to save the world and naturally fight evil Villains not bad at all these villains look like giant spiky vultures enjoy eating small animals alive and sometimes torture intelligent creatures by sucking their souls out and turning them into zombies yes and now the beam will rid you of your fears your thoughts your vital Essence pretty heavy stuff for

Kids who are used to Sesame Street number eight The Fox and the Hound there are serious aspects to a lot of Disney animated movies and in this one the main conflict is right there in the title a little fox cub and hunting Hound are best friends growing up but eventually

Must come to terms with the fact that they’re natural enemies ER you’re my very best friend and you’re mine too Todd how does this happen well an older dog chases the fox and gets hit by a train then the hound and his owner hunt down the fox out of Revenge and then

They get attacked by a bear and honestly it’s a mess if you and your kids are looking for a sweet story where a dog and a fox teach everyone to be more accepting of one another this isn’t that get out of the way number seven Bridge to Terabithia

Some of you probably remember reading this book as a kid if not we’re about to spoil it for you sorry honestly though we may be doing you a favor the first two-thirds of the story are happy and imaginative a young boy and girl become friends and make up a fantasy world

Together where they act out heroic scenes it’s a giant troll no it’s a giant tree that almost killed us you think that tree just fell all by itself then practically out of nowhere a main character dies horribly the film becomes a tragedy and your heart is crushed as

You watch a child struggle with previously unknown depths of grief I wasn’t there to go with her it’s my fault no no no no it’s not your fault none of that makes it so yes all right there is a somewhat uplifting ending if you can get there without

Losing all hope and turning off the movie it’s an Ancient Forest Mayo full of magical creatures and friendly Giants anything you can imagine but you got to look really hard but keep your mind wide open number six Gremlins I just call him Gizmo these seems like it a look at that

Cute little fell fellow sure the others aren’t as cute and they get up to Mischief but they’re just little puppets so it can’t be too scary right well bear this in mind the movie’s rated PG but it’s listed under horror and it has an honest to goodness kill count get out of

My kit the human deaths occur mainly offscreen the Gremlins aren’t so lucky when the mischievous creatures begin waking havoc in a small town kids and adults must band together to destroy the Little Rascals and they do in a variety of surprisingly violent wavs so even though the Gremlins are evil young

Viewers may find it disturbing to watch them get killed not just once but numerous times I warned you with McKai comes much responsibility but you didn’t listen and you see what happens number five Coraline Coraline is reminiscent of those old fairy tales intended to frighten children into obedience hey

Kids wouldn’t it be fun to live in a magical world where your parents didn’t make you follow the rules well that’s how you get your soul sucked out and your eyes replaced with buttons don’t remember our names but I remember my true mommy when Coraline meets some trapped ghost

Children and sees the Otherworld version of her mother transformed into a hideous monster she decides this isn’t the place for her you’re back and you brought verman with you she manages to escape and you think the terror is over but no the movie is to give you one final heart palpitation

When a skeleton hand tries to drag her back to her Doom this is one nightmare inducing PG rated stop motion animated film number four the never- Ending Story this is another movie based on a fantasy book for kids and another example of how reading something may not prepare you

For seeing it in fact the main character finds himself magically entering the world of a [Applause] book B’s even more beautiful than thought but before he gets there we all have to watch the book’s protagonist endure various hardships like walking a deadly spin Gauntlet and fighting a wolf Monster with a stone knife if you come any closer I will rip you to strench to be

Fair those scenes aren’t too shocking for a fantasy movie even one intended for youngsters unfortunately whatever this movie May lack in scariness it makes up for in sadness when our young hero watches helplessly and cries as his faithful horse slowly sinks into a swamp to drown MX please you’re letting the

Sadness of the swamps get to you you have to try you have to care here for me you’re my friend number three water ship down at first glance especially if you haven’t read the novel this looks like a cute animated film about rabbits well it may be animated and about

Rabbits but water shipped down is anything but cute it’s downright horrifying the field the field it’s covered with blood after a young rabbit sees an ominous vision of blood on a field he and his friends leave their home only to be attacked at every turn by humans dogs and even other rabbits in

Extremely violent scen can you run I think not probably the most disturbing moment occurs when another rabbit describes how his previous Warren got buried and all the rabbits inside were trapped and killed he didn’t see this since he escaped but they show it anyway just to make sure no one leaves

The film without nightmares runs blocked with dead bodies he couldn’t get out everything turned mad number two return to eyes that’s where we landed on the wicked switch to the east wicked witch but where are all the munchkins wait there was a movie sequel to The Wizard of Oz that came out 46

Years later yes and there’s a good reason you’ve probably never heard of it El Frank Bal wrote many Oz books several of which featur Dorothy however none of them involved Dorothy being sent to an asylum to undergo electroshock therapy pretty soon they’ll draw all those unpleasant dreams out of your head you

Can’t imagine why I mean anyway Dorothy escaped and goes to Oz where she meets some familiar characters from the first movie like the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion and some new characters from later Oz books like the evil gnome King and Princess Mambi this princess wants Dorothy’s heads since she has a

Collection of heads that she occasionally swaps out with her own wait what I think you’re very beautiful I should hope so before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions The Adventures of kabad and Mr tote spoiler alert only one survives yeah yeah [Applause] Where the Wild Things Are short sweet book for kids become long depressing movie for No One things are getting crazy here this thing’s dangerous you’re scaring me you know what I say you got a problem eat it the garbage pale kids movie if you enjoy watching literal

Garbage you might like this film but probably not we can’t do anything bying with each other come on kids take a shot show them what we we really got before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you

Have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one grave of the fireflies should I get a doctor sat why did he hurt you the fact that this movie was released on

A bill with the Whimsical my neighbor too is unfortunate if not downright criminal because this may be the most tragic animated film ever made follows the story of SATA and setsuko two children struggling to survive in the final months of World War II after their Village and Kobe is bombed they’re left

Homeless and without parents what’s wrong I’m hungry and I’m thirsty too SATA becomes increasingly desperate to save his little sister as she grows hungry and sick and we’re sorry to tell you this but nothing ends well for anybody great grave of the fireflies is widely considered a masterpiece War

Drama and as such it may be too much for adults to handle let alone Children have you ever accidentally shown your children something you thought was appropriate only to discover that you were terribly wrong we sympathize tell us about it in the comments so you get nothing you lose good day did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure

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