Top 10 Robert Wagner Movies of All Time – Video

Top 10 Robert Wagner Movies of All Time – Video

In this video, Stream TV presents a top 10 list of the best Robert Wagner movies ever made. From his early roles in Westerns like “White Feather” to his villainous turn in “A Kiss Before Dying,” Wagner’s career spanned a variety of genres and characters. Highlights include his role in the classic comedy “The Pink Panther” and his portrayal of Bruce Lee’s manager in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.” The list culminates with the biopic “Stars and Stripes Forever,” where Wagner shines as a young musician who joins John Philip Sousa’s band. Featuring trivia and behind-the-scenes stories, this video pays tribute to the elegance, charm, and versatility of one of cinema’s best stars. Subscribe to Stream TV for more great content and discover the timeless appeal of Robert Wagner’s films.

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Robert Wagner is the definition of Elegance charm and versatility is it any wonder why audiences were mesmerized by his performance throughout his entire movie career it didn’t matter whether his roles were dramatic or romantic his range never failed to impress or Inspire and with those boyish good looks he was

Destined for the Silver Screen that’s why it’s time to remember the legacy of one of Cinema’s best stars as we count on the top 10 Robert Wagner movies of all time Number 10 White Feather I’m here to speak for myself I will fight little dog if that’s what he wishes with a rifle or with a lance but I will talk first this is a time for dying early on in his career Robert Wagner was still trying to establish himself as a headlining star

In Hollywood and that’s why his performance in 1955’s White Feather is so important then as it allows him one of his first opportunities to truly shine as a leading man what’s the story to this one well it’s that in 1877 Wyoming an American land surveyor played

By Wagner falls in love with a Native American Girl during peace negotiations between the USA and the Cheyenne tribe and this draws the theory of the girl’s fiance yes part romance part Western this one has something for all audiences to enjoy but as it happened aside from being hugely entertaining white feather

Was also history making in its own small way too as it was the first American movie to ever be filmed in Durango Mexico and the only reason it was filmed there at all was because our director Jack Martin Smith liked the sound stages found in the

City it’ll be all right ayen is a warrior he’s too proud to attack us with our backs to number nine the war lover put down that dog you couldn’t wait until he was buried could you to get your hands on what you wanted Max doesn’t want him somebody’s got to take

Care of the m not you put him down 1962’s the war lover sees an onscreen Clash take place between two heavyweight of Hollywood’s golden age and that’s because it pits Robert Wagner’s character of wartime military pilot Bo Boland against Steve McQueen similarly positioned Buzz ricken does this make

For a lot of great scenes between the two as they often threaten to come to blows yes and it also helps to elevate this tale of a brass young Captain placed in command of a boing B7 bomber to Heights it would never have otherwise been able to achieve in fact so good is

The Chemistry Between the pair here they steal every scene they’re in together but it almost wasn’t McQueen who got the role of Captain Buzz Ricks in here no Warren batty was originally offered it but he turned it down after realizing who his co-star would be this of course

Was the period where the two were not on speaking terms after batty had caused the divorce between Wagner and Natalie Wood hey stne stne I don’t know where you live number eight Between Heaven and Hell hey this is real stuff just give me this chick’s number boy and when I get State

Give me that picture sure Another War film 1956’s Between Heaven and Hell sees Robert Wagner take on the role of private Sam Gord the spoiled son of a wealthy Southerner who finds himself being drafted into the military during World War II and while initially he remains Brash and above it all when

Comparing himself to everyone else around him eventually his experiences fighting in the Pacific cause him to reassess his views yes here we get to see Wagner go from unlikable character to outright hero over the course of the movie’s 9 4minute runtime and that makes it impossible not to relate to him as

We’re seeing things through his eyes every step of the journey but that’s not the thing people talk about this film for today no it’s perhaps best known for being at least partially adapted for screen by star of The Twilight Zone Rod sirling that said he would not receive

Credit for his work here as his initial 9-hour script was ultimately rejected for being too [Applause] Long number seven A Kiss Before Dying oh mother don’t worry they’ll love you you’ll see w why did you wear a thing like that I told you the kind of people that would be here well it’s too late now one of Robert Wagner’s most celebrated early roles 1956 is A Kiss

Before Dying sees him take a villainous turn as Bud corus an ambitious college student so desperate to marry a rich Aris that he resorts to murder in order to achieve his goal obviously then this was a side to the Detroit native which audiences had rarely gotten a chance to

See before and it made him all the more compelling to watch as a result do his murderous plans succeed you’ll have to watch it to find out and that’s not the only reason to watch as a Supporting Cast made up of Jeffrey Hunter Virginia leth and Joan Woodward are also Stellar

In this one but it wasn’t quite the same story as the source novel of the same name written by Ira 11 and that’s because due to the haze code being in effect the producers were unable to get a scene where abortion is discussed included in the Final Cut okay anything you say

You all right number six the mountain you’re always reminding me about how I was born and Mama died and before she died she said his name is Christopher take care of him that’s how it was then take care of me 1956 is the mountain sees Robert Wagner take on his toughest

Challenge yet Mother Nature herself yes alongside his co-star Spencer Tracy Wagner spends the majority of this flick trying to conquer the Earth by climbing the French Alps after a plane crashes there not that he has altruistic motives though no he simply wants to loot the bodies of the dead and that’s why his

Character Chris teller brings his brother Zachary along because his onscreen sibling as played by Tracy is an experienced mountain climber obviously as things go on though their plan gets more complicated particularly when they come upon a survivor of the crash but the two leads were more than capable of handling anything that was

Thrown their character’s ways here as they were already comfortable working together after having done so in another film of course in that one they wouldn’t portray Brothers S no instead they’d portray father and son in the plane back there something moved there’s something in there wind no no no I saw it there’s

Something back there something moved at number five we have broken Lance go ahead pull it drawn I’ll blow your head off broken Lance might not be the most famous movie Robert Wagner ever appeared in but it’s certainly one of his best ones and that’s because it

Tells a tale of the deos a family of ranchers and the interactions they all have with one another while living in 1800s Arizona who does Wagner play here well that would be the youngest son of the family Jo Deo a part native American man who seemingly has no interest in

Taking over his father’s Ranch Empire and his father would be portrayed by another big star as it happened because that role was taken up by none other than his future the mountain co-star Spencer Tracy that said neither of these actors would get the most Buzz coming

Out of this one as the accolades would all be saved for Kathy Gerard so good was her performance as Joe’s mother Senora Deo in fact she’d be nominated for an Academy [Applause] Award number four Titanic I’ve never heard it before never heard it before where have you been locked up in some

Art gallery why that’s the hottest jig the kids do James Cameron may have broken every box office record under the sun when his 1997 take on the sinking of the legendary ship became the highest grossing movie of all time but he wasn’t the first person to tackle the story of

The Titanic on screen and that’s because back in 1953 Jean Nesco was making his own version and that version featured a star turn from Robert Wagner sure Wagner wouldn’t technically be the lead here but he would play The crucial role of GIF Rogers a tennis player who finds

Himself caught on the doomed ship and when things go wrong and an iceberg strikes then he does everything he can to survive not that he had a difficult job acting this one though as the filmmaker strove to make the whole thing as authentic as possible so authentic

Did they go in fact the only music featured on screen comes from the band playing on board I don’t think it’s so serious we’ll get help I think so too I’ll bet they practically seven or eight Ships coming right now number three The Pink Panther inspector clo this is the

Prefi of police I have information regarding the Phantom the Phantom yeah what of the most legendary comedy movies of all time 1963 is the Pink Panther remains a master class of laughs to this day and that’s because it expertly tells a story of a notorious Jewel thief’s attempts to steal a Priceless Diamond

All while a bumbling inspector tries to catch him and while Robert Wagner doesn’t portray either of these roles here he still has a major part to play as George Linton the nephew of David nen’s villainous jewel thief though for as good as he is pretty much everyone

Agrees the show is well and truly stolen by Peter C’s iconic turn as Inspector jacqu cluso but sers wasn’t initially supposed to be the breakout star here no the whole thing was supposed to be a vehicle for nian and because he was so outshone in the end he would all but

Disown the film in the years which followed oh I never make any plans I just sort of uh follow my instincts you know George number two dragon the Bruce Lee Story okay so he wanted his land searching for his brother and he has something no one else has ever seen K

Starring Bruce Lee Bruce Lee is one of the greatest legends in Hollywood history so it’s no surprise that not long after his tragic death in 1973 his life story was told in a book written by his widow Linda Lee Cadwell and that book would eventually be adapted into

1993’s dragon the Bruce Lee Story starring Jason Scott Lee as the titular martial arts master as for Robert Wagner’s role in the proceedings he plays Bill creger the manager of Lee obviously then for the film to work the Chemistry Between the pair must be strong and luckily it is as every scene

Featuring the two of them is a mustat but Bruce Lee wouldn’t be the only member of the Lee family this this one was made in honor of in the end as only months before it was released Bruce’s son Brandon would also tragically die before his time and this death would

Actually happen on the set of the crow after he was accidentally shot in the gut with a live round our number one pick is Stars and Stripes Forever well I guess you’d say it’s a kind of tuba sir only it goes more like this while Robert Wagner has been

Featured in a number of classic movies over the years for our money none of them are better than 1952 new Stars and Stripes Forever and that’s because in this biography of American composer and band leader John Philip Souza we get to see the life of a legendary musician

Play out and with Clifton Webb carrying the film’s heavy weight on his shoulders by playing Souza it leaves Wagner free to go wild as private Willie little another Young musician who’s given the chance to join the famed composer band after he invents a new instrument named the suop phone not that everyone was

Happy with this one though no as a result of artistic license being used at various points in the story many musicians who had played under Souza walked out of the world premiere and the reason they did so was because they felt it was too historically inaccurate it

Lets the sound come out evenly over the whole band what on Earth what the devil’s going on out here and there we have it the top 10 Robert Wagner movies of all time no doubt you have your own list so be sure to let us know in the comments

Below also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and get alerted of our next video we’ll hope to see you soon [Applause] Oh

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