Top 10 Winter Destinations in Wisconsin: Must-See Places to Visit

Top 10 Winter Destinations in Wisconsin: Must-See Places to Visit

Are you one of those who plan their big vacation for winter? No wonder. The cold weather transforms nature into a beautiful wonderland and brings plenty of exciting activities.

Set by the two Great Lakes, Wisconsin offers an enchanting experience. From ice skating and skiing to curling up in cozy pubs and cabins, solo travelers, families, and couples will find the perfect getaway in the Badger State.

So let’s together find the best places in Wisconsin to visit this winter so you can hit the road ASAP.

Cana Island in Door County

In winter, Cana Island in Door County is enveloped in snow, with temperatures frequently dropping below 20°F (-6°C). This period transforms the island, known for its 19th-century lighthouse, into a serene, snow-covered landscape against the backdrop of the icy Lake Michigan.

Skiing at Granite Peak

Skiing is probably the most popular winter activity. And in Wisconsin, there are many areas to embrace it, such as Granite Peak in Wausau. With its 74 trails serviced by 7 lifts, not only is it the largest skiing resort, but also one of the most beloved ones in the state.

Skiing for the first time? Equipment rentals and lessons are also available. There are no lodging options on-site, but you can find plenty of amazing places to stay in downtown Wausau.

Kenosha Harbor

During winter, Kenosha Harbor in Wisconsin experiences freezing temperatures, often dropping to as low as 15°F (-9°C). The harbor, located along the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan, becomes a serene, frozen landscape, with ice covering its waters and surrounding structures.

Snowshoeing at Nine Mile

When in or around Wausau, don’t miss the Nine Mile Forest. It offers scenic views of nature and a stunning 6.7-mile-long snowshoe track, which is ideal for a day in the snow. Alternatively, you can shorten it to 4 miles, making it an afternoon trip.

Not into snowshoeing? No worries. Fat biking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling are other winter sports you can engage in at Nine Mile.

Frozen Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva transforms into a winter wonderland as it hosts its annual ice castle event, drawing in crowds eager to experience the icy allure of this unique attraction.

Ice Fishing at Lake Winnebago

Not every state has access to large bodies of water. Luckily, Wisconsin does, and with that come multiple opportunities for ice fishing. One of the…

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