Top 30 Greatest Performances of the 21st Century (To Date) – Video

Top 30 Greatest Performances of the 21st Century (To Date) – Video

“Top 30 Best Performances of the Century (So Far)” is a video that delves into the top dramatic movie performances of the 21st century, featuring iconic performances from talented actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Carrie Mulligan, Kate Winslet, and many more. Each performance highlighted in this countdown showcases the depth, complexity, and emotional intensity that these actors brought to their roles, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

The video also includes performances from critically acclaimed movies such as “The Master,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “Monster’s Ball,” each compelling in its own right. These performances not only demonstrate the immense talent of the actors but also shed light on the transformative power of cinema in conveying profound human experiences.

From powerhouse portrayals of real-life figures to haunting character studies, this video celebrates the diverse range of performances that have captivated audiences and critics alike. Whether it’s exploring themes of love, loss, ambition, or survival, these performances resonate with viewers on a deep and personal level, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the credits roll.

As you watch this video and revisit these unforgettable performances, you’ll find yourself reflecting on the impact of these actors and their ability to breathe life into their characters with such depth and authenticity. Which of these performances continues to stay with you to this day? Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the discussion on these remarkable performances of the century so far.

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To protect the Sheep you got to catch the wolf and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf you understand welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 30 best dramatic movie performances of the century so far I drink your water I drink it

Up number 30 Matthew mccon Dallas Buyers Club Matthew mccon is without a doubt one of Hollywood’s top leading men and oozes Charisma and sex appeal with almost every performance he’s put to screen they got Al 721 over in Israel how can I get some of this none of those

Drugs have been approved by the FDA screw the FBA I’m going to be DOA his role in Dallas Buyers Club however was a departure from all of that with the actor losing 50 pounds to play real life AIDS patient Ron Woodruff Dr Sach you know this once you once you got the

Virus you’re married to it act or not I’m talking about symptoms and survival set in the homophobia hotbed of Dallas Texas circa 1985 woodruff’s story is one of rebellion and also charity as we see the Rodeo Cowboy going to Great Lengths and risking his own life to provide life-saving treatments to the gay

Community it was a career-defining performance from the Texas native who rightfully took home the Oscar for best actor I mean godamn people are dying and y’all all up there afraid that we’re going to find an alternative without you number 29 Brendan Fraser the whale you can rarely predict where star will be

Every 10 years in 2002 it was hard to imagine a blockbuster actor like Brendan Fraser struggling to find work in 2012 it seemed like Fraser’s career had peaked a long time ago in 2022 Fraser delivered the performance of a lifetime in the whale he had me at at um I’m

Making a movie so that’s why I went some didn’t realize that Fraser had it in him for his loyal fans it was the moment they had been waiting for Fraser shatters your heart as char a 600 lb man trying to make peace with the time he has left receiving a 6-minute standing

Ovation at the Venice Film Festival Fraser reestablished himself as a star who deserves to remain in the conversation come 2032 and Beyond people are amazing number 28 Renee zwier Judy everybody has their troubles and I’ve had mine I probably had everybody else’s too this biopic is about Judy Garland but

Parallels can also be drawn to Renee zel wag’s career like Garland zwagger was one of the industry’s biggest stars for years until suddenly disappearing from the Limelight their Hollywood hiatuses might have been backed by different reasons but Garland and zel wagger were presented with the same question is

There any coming back especially given how this industry treats women of certain ages somewhere oh for the rainbow Garland’s life ended in tragedy leaving us to wonder what could have been zel wagger not only came back but she returned on the highest note possible with a performance that explores Garland’s demons while paying

Tribute to her number 27 Daniel Kya Judas and the black Messiah Fred Hampton is one of the most important names in African-American activism while this biopic depicts Hampton’s natural leadership skills Daniel Kya Oscar winning performance brings out qualities that people didn’t always see at rallies his shy side his vulnerability and his

Love for the family that he was just starting to build before the Betrayal that abruptly ended his life that’s when I knew I had to protect him I mean looking at that photo how can you not feel that way as powerful as Hampton appears on stage commanding a screaming crowd there’s an overarching

Fear that everything can be taken from him in a Flash Kya authentically balances these two personas providing a complete portrayal of Hampton that will leave you respecting him even more Hampton left us too soon but this performance is just one of the ways that his legacy is still burning strong you

Can murder revolutionary but you can’t murder Revolution and you can murder Freedom Fighter but you can’t Mur Freedom number 26 Carrie Mulligan promising young woman Carrie Mulligan played a promising young woman whose life took a turn after her best friend met a trag end Mulligan’s Cassie dedicates her nights to freaking out

Quote unquote nice guys who don’t understand the meaning of consent as Cassie tracks down those responsible for her best friend’s demise her master plan comes into frustration keeping us guessing with every move Cassie is intimidating and unforgiving but also hilarious and outspoken to the point

That we like to hang out with her being Cassie’s friend is much better than the alternative of being in her notebook you know I was affected by it too okay I mean it’s every guy’s worst nightmare getting accused like that can you guess what every woman’s worst nightmare is

Number 25 Kate Blanchet Carol show don’t tell it’s a fundamental rule of Storytelling yet one that many filmmakers neglect to follow with Kate blanchett’s Carol almost everything is on the surface requiring the audience and Rooney Maris TZ to read between the lines I mean I want to ask you things

But I’m not sure that you want that ask me things please when Carol leaves behind her gloves at the store where TZ works one could see it as an innocent mistake it’s truly an invitation to further explore the chemistry between the two given the 1950s period and Carol’s marital status the subtlest

Codes have to speak a mile a minute when Carol and terz finally Express their love it’s as satisfying as it is romantic I love you Blanchet is mysterious Exquisite and devastating as a woman navigating romance parenting divorce and social status in a triing Time number 24 Octavia Spencer the help

In 1997 Octavia Spencer moved to LA at the suggestion of Tate Taylor about a decade and a half later Taylor directed Spencer to an Oscar winning performance by this point Spencer had already popped up in numerous movies and shows with her funny empathetic and fearless port trail of Minnie Jackson though more audiences

Came to see what a versatile Talent Spencer is what Law’s going to say you got to be nice to your ma you have to do this now Minnie you damn right I don’t you two give me her palpitations Minnie has the guts to do to her employers what most people in her shoes

Would only fantasize about however Minnie still struggles to summon the strength to leave her abusive husband finding courage in an unlikely friendship Spencer was offered similar Parts after the help but she felt she had already played quote the best damn maid roll written inspiring her to

Pursue New Horizons we had to burn the chicken a little many don’t burn chicken number 23 Kristoff Waltz in glorious bastards Inglorious Bastards is one of Quenton Tarantino’s best but he almost didn’t have the courage to make it this is due to the character of Hans Landa a role he thought might be

Unplayable he nearly pulled the plug on the film until he auditioned Kristoff Waltz who wasn’t widely known outside of Europe oo that’s a bingo is that the way you say that’s a bingo the embodiment of Nazi evil the audience is horrified whenever land walks onto the screen yet Waltz is such

A scene stealer that we also get excited behind his charm wit and unique way of saying Bingo every fiber of Landa is callous ler relishes in every maniacal action he commits with smiling Glee seemingly being a step ahead of everyone you can’t always predict what a bastard

Will do next however where are you mad what have you done I made a deal with you jle for that man’s life number 22 Kate Winslet little children Kate Winslet topped herself in Little Children Sarah Pierce is trapped in a Loveless marriage and boring Suburban life something inside Sarah is

Awakening when she meets a hunky fellow parent named Brad Sarah and Brad’s relationship seems destined to end in heartbreak but they delude themselves and the audience into thinking that it will somehow work out how long are we going to sneak around together how long can that last I can’t do this anymore no

No don’t say that as long as I know that we’re going to have this have what what is this some might call Sarah a feminist others might call her Reckless either way we empathize with Sarah’s desire for something more out out of life in the

End the most Sarah can do is be a dedicated mother hoping that her daughter’s life will be more fulfilled Winslet has arguably never been more compelling to watch on screen number 21 Andy Circus the Lord of the Rings The Two Towers with his game-changing performance as Gollum Andy Circus highlighted the advantages of

Digital makeup while he had help from a team of special effects Wizards Gollum wouldn’t have been nearly as believable without circus onset providing the characters Expressions movements and raspy voice thieves the FY little thieves just as the character possesses a split personality the audience goes back and forth on how to feel about

Gollum Slagle Master is my friend you don’t have any friends nobody likes you not listening ranging from humorous to sympathetic to intimidating circus runs a gamut of emotions in the role while also taking on an assortment of physical obstacles the work that goes into motion capture remains underappreciated with circus being the

Poster child for the challenges it entails what did they [Applause] steal prous number 20 Jesse Eisenberg The Social Network going into this decade Eisenberg was written off as a Michael sah clone that all changed when the young actor escaped into the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg while some have called this film’s historical accuracy into question there’s no

Denying that Zuckerberg became one of the world’s most influential powerful and controversial figures before even turning 25 I believe I deserve some recognition from this board Eisenberg captures this to a tea depicting Zuckerberg as a tech genius who’s awkward yet assertive timid yet intimidating and generally the smartest

One in the room even when he’s not the smartest person present Zuckerberg’s definitely the richest and he’s well aware of this you have part of my attention you have the minimum amount in addition to eisenberg’s multi-layered portrayal Andrew Garfield delivered a breakout performance as Eduardo sein Zuckerberg’s friend/ business partner turned bitter

Enemy I’m not signing those papers we will get the signature tell this isn’t about me getting into the Phoenix number 19 Rosamund Pike Gone Girl although she had already established herself as an actress Rosman Pike’s riveting work in Gone Girl made audiences feel as if they were seeing

Her for the first time you think you’d be happy with a nice Midwestern girl no way baby I’m in Pike’s performance as Amy Elliot dun snuck up on us in more ways than one Pike initially paints Amy as a fragile woman who’s trapped in a struggling marriage and living in the

Shadow of a children’s book series she inspired as Gone Girl shifts to Amy’s perspective Pike removes her mask to reveal a manipulative diabolical Mastermind who’s pulling everyone’s strings because sometimes the way he looks at me I think man of my dreams father of my child this man of mine may kill me

Cheeky Charming complex and creepy Pike leaves the viewer constantly guessing what Amy will do next Pike never goes too over the top in the role however creating a psychopath who’s surprisingly and hauntingly believable for Valentine’s Day I thought I’d buy a gun that is how crazy I’d

Become Nick wants me gone but he won’t ask for a divorce number 18 Mersa Ali Moonlight appearances can be deceiving Mersa Ali’s Juan is a drug dealer so obviously he’s a bad guy right well he is contributing to the crack epidemic not only hurting his customers but their

Loved ones as well when Juan meets the neglected chyron however he shows his true colors at some point you got to decide for yourself who you going be can’t let nobody make that decision for you he emerges as the father that shyon never had trying to provide

Stability and send him down the right path had Juan been raised in another environment his tender side might have been embraced instead Juan must play the role he was born into to survive even though he’ll still likely die young Ali brings warmth to the character who

Wishes to do right by chyron but can this compensate for his other actions you got to know right now all right not yet number 17 Francis McDormand three Billboards outside ebbing Missouri we live in in frustrating times and perhaps no modern character better epitomizes these feelings than Francis MC Dorman’s

Mildred Hayes you ain’t trying to make me believe in reincarnation or something are you cuz you’re pretty but you ain’t her she got killed we’d like to live in a world where the police track down all wrongdoers Justice is served and were’re left with some sense of closure it’s not

Always that simple as is the case with the unsolved murder of Mildred’s teenage daughter Mildred just wants answers but she only hits roadblocks around every turn with the world against her Mildred’s rebelling turns into Anarchy it does little to help her cause but McDormand helps us to understand that

Mildred feels as if she has nowhere else to go all she has left is the illusion of control which she will reach for no matter what the consequences at least I had a day of hop and that’s more than I’ve had for a while number 16 hi Berry monsters ball

Only 2 years after portraying the first African-American to be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar Dorothy Dandridge Hy Barry became the first woman of color to win in this category ironically there was a point where Barry feared monsters ball would end her career due in part to

The risque subject matter it’s a it’s a very passionate but very kind of explicit very explicit and I thought if if if people don’t get it you know this this would be bad yet Barry felt she had to take the role her risks paid off with one of the most devastating and

Resilient performances we’ve ever seen every time it looks like Barry’s Leticia has been through the worst another catastrophic storm [Laughter] awaits you going to take her home ain’t you while by no means an easy film to watch Barry’s bravery sees us through the roller coaster of grief she may

Break your heart but leticia’s will to survive subsequently mends it number 15 Ellen Burston requim for a dream I never thought I’d be on television I’m just a that’s right you on television we’ve seen some amazing films about substance use although few have put the audience in the character

Shoes like reum for a dream M I can hear you grinding your teeth from here that goes away at night at night yeah when I take the green one 30 minutes I’m asleep the psychological drama has an allaround striking cast but it was the legendary Ellen bursten who received a Best

Actress Oscar nomination for her unbelievably committed performance as Sarah Goldfarb are you doing reolution why are you whereas most of the film Central characters fall victim to heroin the widowed Sarah can’t say no to pharmaceutically enhanced weight loss Sarah’s determination to look slim on television turns into an obsession

Taking a drastic toll on her body and mind she thus serves as a disturbing reminder reminder that drug use comes in many different forms all the while buron is electrifying as a woman who’s plunging deeper and deeper into a bad dream come true I love you I love you

Too number 14 Christian Bale American Psycho Christian Bale a known method actor went through a startling Evolution for this now cult classic film sure Bale is a good-look guy like Patrick baitman is there is an idea of a Patrick baitman some kind of abstraction but there is no

Real me only an entity something illusory just as baitman has his unnerving body care ritual though Bale fully committed to getting the baitman looked down even having his teeth capped physical appearance aside Bale seemed an unlikely candidate to play an axe murdering psychopath at the time being

Best known for his childhood roles in movies like newes Bale changed our perception of him here balancing dark humor Terror and extreme narcissism in a riveting performance author Brett Easton Ellis thought his book was unfilmable it might have been without Bale but they should because it’s not just about the

Pleasures of Conformity and the importance of Trends it’s also a personal statement about the band itself hey Paul number 13 Philip Seymour Hoffman capot four years Philip Seymour Hoffman was often listed among character actors who might not be household names despite all always turning in reliable performances that all changed with capot

Which propelled Hoffman to a-lister status this is my work Perry I’m working and when you want to tell me what I need to hear you let me know Truman capot was such an over-the-top Persona that it would be easy for any portrayal to feel like a caricature while Hoffman gets

Kot’s mannerisms and accent down his goal wasn’t to deliver a spot-on impression the true challenge was expressing the author’s quote vitality and the nuances the result is a more layered portrait than some might have anticipated Hoffman’s capot is confident but lonely insecure and regretful underneath sacrificing part of his soul

For his art after you’ve seen the film you will never look at Hoffman or capot the same way again I did everything I could okay number 12 Jamie Fox Ray there have been so many music biopics over the past couple of decades that they’re starting to blend into each other yet

Jamie Fox’s turn as Ray Charles still rises above all others as the gold standard I’m singing about my feelings for you but I love you what could be more natural than that although Fox was dubbed for the film singing portions everything behind the piano is all him this is even more

Impressive considering that fox glued his eyes closed making him blind BL for much of the shoot Fox only got to meet the real Charles once playing the blues on separate Pian Charles gave Fox his seal of approval saying quote the kids got it Charles died shortly before the

Film’s release with Fox’s best actor- winning performance serving as the perfect Tribute to The Legend and the Man baby when I walk out that door I walk out alone in the dark I’m trying to do something that ain’t nobody ever done in music and business but I can’t do it

If I’m alone everywhere I go number 11 JK Simmons Whiplash JK Simmons has been one of the 21st Century’s most consistently entertaining character actors he landed the role of a lifetime in Whiplash winning an Academy Award for his chilling performance as Jazz instructor Terence Fletcher this merciless teacher conducts his band with

The ferocity of a drill sergeant that’s great yeah it’s all right Fletcher can go from being calm and reasonable to chucking a symbol at a student’s head 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 was I rushing or was I dragging I don’t know in Fletcher’s

Mind his brutal methods are Justified as long as students reach their full potential even if a few get pushed beyond their limits as coldblooded as Fletcher can be Simmons unearths the character’s Humanity he molds Fletcher into a Shakespearean antagonist who vindicates every cruel action he commits in the name of making beautiful music

And that’s more than most people ever do and I will never apologize for how I tried number 10 Leonardo DiCaprio The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 saw some amazing performances and despite not winning the Oscar many would argue that the year’s best actor was Leonardo decaprio as Jordan Belfor DiCaprio’s portrayal of the

Titular wolf demonstrates that there’s really no line between your average Wall Street hot shot and a fraternity brother every waking moment is a crazy party making you feel feel so Invincible that consequences appear non-existent look I know you’re not following what I’m saying anyway right that’s that’s okay that doesn’t matter

The real question is this was all this legal this makes the fall from the top all the more brutal but you never doubt that Jordan would do it all again in a heartbeat Belfor requires a performer who can act privileged enough to despise yet charismatic to the point that we

Can’t look away DiCaprio sells the performance along with this pen sell me this pen number nine Natalie Portman Black Swan to watch Black Swan you need to mentally prepare yourself not just because of the more graphic moments but because Natalie Portman’s performance is so emotionally draining

Just want to be perfect you what want to be perfect every second Portman is on screen we can sense everything she threw into this role from the nearly 20 lb weight loss to the 6 months of of ballet training to the emotional turmoil that Nina conveys to an extent the role

Mirrors Portman’s career just as nah must transform from innocent White Swan to seductive Black Swan Portman strove to mature out of her child star days with more daring roles nenina was the boldest part she could have asked for she’s a vision of perfection in the role which reminds us that such Perfection

Can come at a price what did you do what did you do I felt it what number eight Tom Hanks Cast Away being a oneman show for most of its runtime the success of Castaway almost entirely depended on its lead fortunately Tom Hanks was more than up

To the task of carrying the film on his shoulders help help hanks’s Oscar nominated performance starts off very dialog driven playing Chuck Nolan as a workaholic who’s demanding yet caring and always likeable 87 hours is an eternity the cosmos was created in less time Wars have been fought and nations

Toppled in 87 hours fortunes made once Chuck is stranded on a deserted island the performance begins to rely more on hanks’s body language and facial expressions Hanks lost over 50 lbs during shooting and we really feel that physical transformation we do we have time look the wind’s still blowing in

From the West what’s more we experience Chuck’s isolation as he turns to a volleyball for companionship well Well up while Chuck is a tragic figure in many respects hanks’s humor and sincerity make him a bonfire of Hope look what I have created number seven Charlie theren monster and I didn’t want to die thinking that maybe maybe he could have loved me so I killed

Him I shot him all right unrecognizable is a word that gets tossed around a lot when it comes to biopic performances almost to the point that it’s become a cliche in the case of Charlie theren as Eileen waros though few other words do it justice there’s so much more to

Ther’s transformation Than The Uncanny Prosthetics and 30 lbs she gained she gets inside wars’ head unearthing what made her a monster in doing so theen also finds wo’s Humanity although not to the point where we’re willing to forgive the atrocities she committed theren got into character by traveling through

Warno old stomping grounds of Daytona Florida with director Patty Jenkins who knew there was only one person who could tackle this demanding part maybe you can forgive me for her cuz I don’t know I don’t know if I can forgive myself number six Javier bardam No Country for Old Men Javier bardam was

The embodiment of evil in his Oscar winning performance as Anton shur and now it’s here and it’s either heads or tails the Relentless Anton almost seems like a supernatural entity who will destroy anything or anyone that stands in his way showing zero compassion in the process Anton is very much a human

Being however which makes bardem’s portrayal all the more herro I know where it is I know something better what’s that I know what it’s going to be while Anton May bleed like any other person whether or not he possesses a soul is another question entirely we don’t get a sense

That Anton enjoys causing pain and suffering rather it’s as if he doesn’t have a choice living by a strict set of principles and judging a person’s fate based on a coin toss step out of the car please sir what is that I need you to step out of the car sir whatever Anton

Is bardem’s performance personified the darkest side of humankind would you hold still please sir number five Tony Colette hereditary performances in horror movies often go overlooked by the academy hence why Tony let infamously was not nominated for hereditary while this Ari Aster film includes Supernatural elements like covens and

Demonic possession it also organically incorporates real world Horrors like fatal accidents sudden loss and the realization that your mother might have been happier if you were never born I never wanted to be your mother this is where Colette shines the most playing a parent overcome with grief resentment and the walls of Sanity

Crumbling around her when Colette does take on a more monstrous form her screen presence is as disturbing as anything we’ve experienced this Century so far I love you Steve I love you so so much Colette manages to be the most sympathetic and scariest character a feat we haven’t quite seen since Reagan

In The Exorcist number four Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler despite widespread praise Jake gyllen Hall shockingly wasn’t even nominated for his chilling work in Nightcrawler gyllen Hall created a villain for the age in L bloom a con artist who as far as we’re concerned has no past we know nothing

About who he was before the film’s events he’s almost like an alien who fell out of the sky he may look human and talk like one albeit in an unnervingly calm manner what he lack is the basic human emotion of empathy something that isn’t required in the Stringer profession in place of

Compassion Lou compensates with ambition not letting anyone or anything stand in his way of getting what he wants you filmed him dying hey that’s what I do it’s my job I like to say that if you’re seeing me you’re having the worst day of your life number three waen Phoenix the master

There was a period in Wen Phoenix’s career when he seemed lost and confused this was largely because people didn’t realize he was shooting a mockumentary called I’m still here after playing such a warped version of himself it’s fitting that Phoenix’s next part would be Freddy quell a Wandering Soul desperately

Seeking guidance tell me why you’re not with her if you love her so much I told her I come back and I never went back and know I just I got to get back to her why don’t you go back I don’t know why don’t you I don’t know Freddy seemingly

Finds what he’s been looking for in a cult helmed by an enigmatic leader from the Navy to Landcaster Dodd Freddy has spent much of his life following others we’re left to ask if Freddy can ever be his own Master for that matter can any

Of us in any case Phoenix is a master of the screen commanding every scene he’s in with an unpredictable Allure and I’m not in it not in it window and I can leave anytime I want but I choose not to I choose to stay here number two Daniel

D Lewis There Will Be Blood do you understand Eli that’s more to the point do you understand I drink your water I drink it up few actors have taken more chances throughout their careers than Daniel de Lewis for starters just look at his work and Gangs

Of New York or Lincoln There Will Be Blood might have been his biggest swing though resulting in a performance that hits the audience like a Title Wave of oil Paul Thomas Anderson had de Lewis in mind while writing the character of Daniel Plan view an oil Baron whose

Greed snowballs into Insanity D Lewis drew some inspiration from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre director John Houston and old recordings from the film’s era yet it’s hard to compare plan View’s voice delivery or presence to anything we’ve seen before or or since D Lewis created a towering unpredictable

Figure who stands on his own this performance could have backfired in so many ways but everything about it is Iconic say it louder I’ve abandoned my child I’ve abandoned my child I’ve abandoned my boy before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our

Latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Heath Ledger The Dark Knight whenever an actor steps into an established role they run the risk of repeating their predecessors

With Heath Ledger as the Joker it was as if we were meeting this character for the first time Ledger originally auditioned to play The Dark Knight in Batman Begins at the time many could imagine Ledger in that role but they were more skeptical of him playing the clown Prince of Crime

The second Ledger takes off his mask and delivers his first line any doubts are Swept Away by a haunting Transcendent and Darkly humorous performance I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger we’ve seen others come close to capturing what Ledger achieved with the character walking Phoenix’s 2019

Embodiment in Joker is certainly nothing to scoff at but Ledger’s portrayal is truly lightning and a bottle winning him a postumus Academy Award well you look nervous is it the scars you want to know how I got them which of these performances stays with you to this day let us know in the

Comments below thank you for offering me the position but working for myself is more in line with my skills and career goals did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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