Top Highlights of the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards | Billboard News – Video

Top Highlights of the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards | Billboard News – Video

Best Moments From 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards | Billboard News

The 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards showcased some of the best moments in music and female empowerment. The event, held at Los Angeles’s YouTube Theater, featured incredible performances and heart-stopping speeches that highlighted the talent and resilience of women in the music industry.

Hosted by Tracy Ellis Ross, the evening kicked off with a high-energy performance from Rising Star Victoria Monae. Icons like Spice Girls and Charlie XCX graced the stage, with Spice Girls accepting the hit maker honor and Charlie XCX delivering a powerful performance.

Demi Lovato and Louisa Sansa joined forces for a captivating performance, while newcomer Carol G wowed the crowd with her talent and gave an inspiring speech. The night was not just about the performances, as stars like Lainey Wilson and Kylie Minogue were seen mingling backstage and capturing memories with Polaroids.

The Billboard Women in Music Awards celebrated the achievements of women in the music industry and showcased the incredible talent and strength of female artists. For more highlights and coverage of the event, visit

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Video Transcript

That was crazy oh my God ladies T hi guys girl from the most incredible performances to heart-stopping speeches women rocked Los Angeles’s YouTube theater last night on and backstage hey everybody it’s Rana nipos at billboard women and music recapping everything you missed at the year’s biggest celebration of

Women guests packed into the Lively venue that was decked out for the night Tracy Ellis Ross hosted the event and our Rising Star Victoria Monae kicked it off with an energetic [Applause] performance we watched ice spice accept our hit maker honor shout out to all the

Women in the Bronx shout out to all the women in New York shout out to all the women in this building right now yall look really pretty and we saw our Powerhouse Charlie X CX take the stage every bright and then they both hung out backstage with Katie Perry girl power

Indeed Demi levado teamed up with global Force Louisa Sansa with vocals that captivated the Crowd and our not super shy group of the Year ask what’s your ETA what’s your ETA ETA I absolutely loved new Jean’s performance and speaking of performances Carol G killed it and not only that she gave such an inspiring speech it might be the most significant and important recognitions

Of all my career this is super special and all the night’s action wasn’t just on stage we saw stars like Laney Wilson and new jeans meeting and posing backstage and Kylie manogue and young moo signing away epic Polaroids I had so much fun tonight for all things women

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