Trailer 2 for THE WILD ROBOT (2024) – Video

Trailer 2 for THE WILD ROBOT (2024) – Video

The Wild Robot, directed by Chris Sanders and starring Lupita Nyong’o, Pedro Pascal, and Kit Connor, follows the story of a robot named Roz who finds herself stranded on a remote island. With no memory of how she got there, Roz must learn to survive in the wild, adapt to her surroundings, and make peace with the island’s animal inhabitants. As she navigates through challenges like storms and bear attacks, Roz forms a bond with a gosling she names Brightbill, whom she vows to protect at all costs. However, danger looms as the island’s secrets unravel, and Roz must confront her true purpose and identity. The film explores themes of survival, adaptation, and the power of love and friendship. The Wild Robot promises an emotional and thrilling adventure that will captivate audiences of all ages.

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