Explanation of RuPaul Runway Ban: Manila Luzon’s Controversial Dress

Explanation of RuPaul Runway Ban: Manila Luzon’s Controversial Dress

Manila Luzon, a beloved contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, found herself at the center of controversy with a runway outfit that aimed to promote awareness about menstruation and women’s health. Despite her good intentions, the outfit was deemed too offensive for TV and ultimately censored. This decision sparked a debate about the boundaries of what is considered acceptable on television, especially when it comes to topics like menstruation.

In addition to the runway outfit scandal, Manila also faced backlash for being eliminated from All Stars by fellow contestant Naomi Smalls. Many fans criticized Naomi for prioritizing her game strategy over loyalty to her friend. Despite the disappointment of being eliminated, Manila has chosen to focus on the opportunities that have come her way post-Drag Race.

One such opportunity is her role as host of Drag Den, a drag competition show specifically tailored to Filipino culture. While Manila may have missed out on hosting Drag Race Philippines, she sees the value in creating platforms for drag queens to share their stories and talents, especially in countries where opportunities for drag performers may be limited.

Through it all, Manila Luzon has remained a fierce advocate for the drag community and a trailblazer in using her platform to promote important causes. Despite the challenges she has faced, Manila continues to shine bright and inspire drag queens and fans alike around the world.

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