Trailer for “LAND OF WOMEN” starring Eva Longoria on Apple TV+ (2024) – Video

Trailer for “LAND OF WOMEN” starring Eva Longoria on Apple TV+ (2024) – Video

In the upcoming drama series “Land of Women” starring Eva Longoria, Carmen Maura, and Santiago Cabrera, a New York socialite is forced to flee to a charming Spanish wine town with her mother and daughter. Set to premiere on Apple TV+ on June 26, 2024, the series follows the protagonist as she navigates small-town quirks and confronts her deepest family secrets, all while dealing with a pair of bumbling hitmen.

As the story unfolds, viewers will see the socialite’s life unravel as she grapples with unexpected challenges and tries to find a sense of belonging in a new environment. With a mix of drama, mystery, and humor, “Land of Women” promises to be a captivating series that explores themes of family, identity, and resilience.

Don’t miss out on this compelling series, subscribe to Apple TV+ to watch “Land of Women” for free with a trial subscription. Get ready to immerse yourself in this exquisite tale of self-discovery and redemption in the picturesque backdrop of a Spanish wine town.

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