Trailer for LATE BLOOMERS (2024) starring Karen Gillan – Video

Trailer for LATE BLOOMERS (2024) starring Karen Gillan – Video

Late Bloomers is a heartwarming comedy film that follows Louise, a 28-year-old Brooklynite who finds herself at a crossroads in life after breaking her hip. Sent to a physical therapy ward filled with elderly patients, she forms an unlikely bond with Antonina, a cranky Polish woman who doesn’t speak English. Despite their initial reluctance, Louise takes on the role of caring for Antonina, leading to a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Starring Karen Gillan, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, and Jermaine Fowler, Late Bloomers delves into themes of aging, growth, and the universal need to confront the realities of life. Directed by Lisa Steen and written by Anna Greenfield, this film promises to be a poignant and humorous exploration of the human experience. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be inspired as Louise and Antonina navigate the challenges of growing up, no matter what stage of life they may be in.

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