Trailer for MARS EXPRESS (2024) – Video

Trailer for MARS EXPRESS (2024) – Video

In the year 2200, the world of Mars has evolved into a complex society filled with intrigue and mystery. Aline Ruby, a skilled private detective, teams up with her android partner Carlos Rivera to unravel the dark secrets of the red planet. Hired to track down a notorious hacker, the duo finds themselves embroiled in a web of corruption, brain farms, and a missing girl with a secret that could shake the very foundation of the universe.

As they delve deeper into the underbelly of Mars’ capital city, Aline and Carlos discover a world where robots hold unimaginable power and the line between human and machine blurs. With a stellar cast including Léa Drucker, Mathieu Amalric, and Daniel Njo Lobé, “Mars Express” is a thrilling science fiction film that will take viewers on a mind-bending journey through a futuristic landscape. Prepare to be captivated by this high-octane adventure that promises to push the boundaries of imagination.

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