Training on Lithium Battery Fires for Auto World by MotorWeek – Video

Training on Lithium Battery Fires for Auto World by MotorWeek – Video

The paradigm shift to plug-in electric vehicles is well underway in the car market, but with this shift comes the need for training to ensure that communities are equipped to handle the influx of EVs. From city planners to first responders, it is crucial that everyone has the necessary know-how to effectively accommodate these electric vehicles. One such program from the National Fire Protection Association is aimed at teaching the right way to approach the issue of lithium battery fires, which have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With around 219,000 cars catching fire each year in the US, electric and hybrid vehicles make up a small portion of that total but have been capturing the majority of headlines. The NFPA’s training program is designed to educate firefighters and first responders on how to deal with fires involving lithium batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles, as these vehicles pose new challenges that many are not prepared to handle.

The training program, developed through a US Department of Energy-funded project, is aimed at providing knowledge and tactics specifically for dealing with lithium battery fires. The program utilizes a computer-based, gaming-type interface to allow participants to walk through scenarios and see the impact of their decisions in real time.

The NFPA’s online training is free and available to all firefighters, police, and EMS personnel across the country, with over 350,000 firefighters having already participated in their electric vehicle and hybrid safety training. The goal is to reach all first and second responders, as the challenge of preparing for lithium battery fires extends beyond just electric vehicles to include battery storage for solar panels, power tools, and other lithium battery products.

With proper training and education, communities can be better prepared to handle the potential risks associated with lithium battery fires and ensure the safety of both responders and residents. The NFPA’s efforts in providing essential training are crucial in ensuring that every community is ready to handle the electric vehicle influx in the coming years.

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