Travis Kelce’s Dad Says He Didn’t Recognize Taylor Swift at First

Travis Kelce’s Dad Says He Didn’t Recognize Taylor Swift at First

Travis Kelce’s dad is recently converted Swiftie — to the extent that he actually didn’t recognize Taylor Swift when he first met her.

“When Travis has a lot of friends coming into town to the game, everyone meets at his house, although he’s not there,” Ed Kelce told Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan this week. “Taylor walks in with a security guy, and I look at her, and I say [to my girlfriend], ‘Oh my god, I know this kid, but I don’t know what her name is.’ Jeez, you know, like a real idiot. And [my girlfriend] says, ‘You don’t know her? This is Taylor Swift, you idiot.’”

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s crazy…Yes, he’s dating Taylor. Yeah, there’s eyes on you every place you go. It’s funny because last year, Donna [Kelce] and I – were shown on TV screens, and we had some articles that were done. So, our [names were] out there. We were so popular, the Commissioner offered to let us sit in the box for the Super Bowl… More people recognize us since he started dating Taylor, though – I’ll be [in] the grocery store, somebody will smile and say, ‘Hey!’ Come over and say [hi], and I have no idea who they are. That has certainly picked up and become more frequent by a long shot than the before Taylor days.”

Swift and Kelce’s real life “Love Story” began back in July, when the football player tried to give a friendship bracelet to Swift during her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City. Since then, the singer has attended countless Chiefs football games and the duo have stepped out together on dates on multiple occasions.

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