Trolled for the Love of Myself: Why I Spent K on a Self-Marriage | LOVE DON’T JUDGE – Video

Trolled for the Love of Myself: Why I Spent $4K on a Self-Marriage | LOVE DON’T JUDGE – Video

Danni, a body image coach and influencer, made headlines in 2023 for marrying herself in a wedding ceremony. Spending $4,000 on her self-love event, Danni faced harsh criticism and judgment from online trolls. Despite the negativity, Danni explained that her decision stemmed from a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where she focused on loving and valuing herself. She shared how she stopped unhealthy habits, went to therapy, and embraced self-love. The wedding, which was attended by family and friends, touched many as they witnessed Danni commit to her own happiness. Despite facing hateful comments and online harassment, Danni remained resilient and focused on inspiring other women to embrace self-love. In a blind date revealed on the show, Danni discussed her unconventional marriage with her date, Adam, who appreciated her unique journey. The episode highlighted Danni’s strength, confidence, and determination to spread a message of self-acceptance and empowerment.

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DANNI is a body image coach and body positivity influencer originally from Florida, now living in LA. She went viral in 2023 for practising the act of Sologamy and committing to herself in a wedding ceremony. She told Love Don’t Judge: “I’m judged because I spent $4000 on a wedding to marry myself.” Explaining her choice she said: “Before the wedding, I spent a couple of years in therapy, just really trying to find myself. During my self-love journey I stopped drinking, I stopped having s**, I spent a lot of quality time with myself, taking myself on dates. Just really finding out what I like.” Growing up, Danni never understood the idea of a man walking you down the aisle and said weddings were all about the bride. She came up with the idea to marry herself before COVID but didn’t have her ceremony until 2022. Her unusual ceremony hit the headlines a year later, and critics came out in force. One commenter said: “This is the dumbest, most narcissistic c*** I’ve ever seen!” Danni said: “The most hurtful comment I experienced online was people saying that I had to marry myself because no one would want me. What messages are we sending people of size that they are unlovable, that they are unworthy? That’s not true, I can get married to a man tomorrow!” But Danni chooses to focus on herself, and the inspiration she can give to others. “I will continue to inspire women and show little girls that loving themselves is the most beautiful thing they can do.”

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