TV Host Responds Defiantly When Corrected on Pronoun Usage – Video

TV Host Responds Defiantly When Corrected on Pronoun Usage – Video

In a recent viral video, a TV host at Virgin Radio named Shani D. was corrected on their pronoun usage by their guest, Shian. Shian, a non-binary trans person, expressed their pronouns as “they/them,” to which the host responded by insisting on using “she” and “her,” arguing that it is correct grammar to do so.

The conversation quickly turned tense as Shian pushed back, asserting their right to be referred to with their preferred pronouns. The host, on the other hand, maintained their stance, stating that they were simply using factual grammar. The exchange highlighted the ongoing debate around pronoun usage and respect for individuals’ chosen identities.

The video, titled “I use correct grammar,” has sparked discussions on social media about the importance of respecting pronouns and the need for inclusivity. It serves as a reminder that everyone deserves to be addressed in a way that affirms their identity, regardless of personal beliefs or opinions.

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