Tyrese Proclaims Himself as ‘Usher Raymond’s Biggest Fan’

Tyrese Proclaims Himself as ‘Usher Raymond’s Biggest Fan’

At the 2024 BET Awards, Tyrese took a moment to express his admiration for Usher’s Lifetime Achievement Award win. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Deidre Behar backstage, Tyrese referred to himself as “The BIGGEST Usher Raymond Fan,” showing his genuine support for the R&B star. It was clear that Tyrese had nothing but praise for Usher’s talent and success in the music industry.

Aside from discussing Usher’s award, Tyrese also gave a shoutout to his “Baby Boy” co-star, Taraji P. Henson, for her role as host of the awards show. Tyrese made sure to acknowledge her hard work and dedication to the event, highlighting the dynamic and successful careers of both himself and Henson.

In addition to celebrating Usher and Henson, Tyrese shared his excitement for his upcoming film, “1992,” where he not only stars but also serves as a producer alongside Snoop Dogg. The film, set to hit theaters on Aug. 30, has already generated buzz in the entertainment industry due to its star-studded cast and intriguing storyline. Tyrese’s enthusiasm for the project was palpable, as he eagerly talked about the film’s release and the hard work that went into bringing it to the big screen.

Overall, Tyrese’s interview at the BET Awards showcased his admiration for Usher, appreciation for Taraji P. Henson, and excitement for his upcoming film “1992.” His genuine support for his fellow artists and passion for his work were evident throughout the conversation, making it clear that Tyrese is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the entertainment industry.

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