“Ultimate NYC Food Bucket List: 100 Must-Try Dishes You Can’t Miss!” – Video

“Ultimate NYC Food Bucket List: 100 Must-Try Dishes You Can’t Miss!” – Video

Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the culinary world of New York City with this full documentary video titled “100 NYC Foods You MUST TRY Before You Die!” Featuring iconic and unique foods ranging from street food to higher-end dining, this video will leave you craving a taste of the Big Apple.

From the famous Nona Maria Slice at Bleecker Street Pizza to the mouthwatering Chimis at Max Chimitos, and everything in between, this video is a comprehensive guide to the must-try foods of New York City. Whether you’re a fan of classic New York cheesecake or adventurous enough to try Jollof Rice at Ginjan Cafe, there’s something for everyone on this list.

The video also provides an intimate look at the history and significance of each food item, offering viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse culinary offerings of the city. Whether you’re a seasoned New York foodie or planning your first visit, this documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking to explore the vibrant food scene of NYC.

So grab a snack and get ready to be inspired by this ultimate foodie’s guide to the 100 top NYC foods you must try before you die. With tantalizing visuals and insightful commentary, this video is sure to leave you eager to embark on your own culinary adventure in New York City.

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Video Transcript

If you visited New York just once these are the 100 Foods you must try from the legendary to Hidden jams offering tasty dishes from around the world this is your ultimate list wow thank you so much fresh Nona Maria dreams are made of this my absolute favorite pizza in all New York

City you know first and foremost I love the story of bleer Street Pizza was opened by a retired police captain who served at Ground Zero during 9/11 and this was his grandma’s recipe thin cross with fresh mozzarella homemade marinara sauce finest parmesan fresh basil and parmesano regano cheese I think that’s

Like the missing ingredient in a lot of Pies right now in New York City you’re seeing parmesano regian cheese being used which is imported from Italy and very very expensive here we go it’s been too long since I’ve had this actually all of those premium ingredients together just hits different I’m telling

You I’m not trying to compare this to your everyday New York City slice that’s his own animal but this particular slice here it’s a specialty it lies somewhere between the neapolitan pizza and a regular New York slice holds up really well nice undercarriage a lot of sauce a

Lot of cheese very Saucy you’re into a saucy slice you are going to fall in love with nona Maria everybody behind me is ordering an NOA Maria this is by far what they’re most known for I’ve had the other slices here before all very good but this this is

What you travel to bleer Street Pizza for I think of all the places I’ve ever filmed this is the spot where people are most likely to say hi and it’s really cool that a long time ago they put me on the wall of fame here so I I don’t know

If there’s a bigger honor in my life than being on the wall of my favorite pizza spot Dominican chamito is here and I don’t know this looks straight out of Miami Beach yeah I do love the neon signage so uh Corona here does have a pretty big Dominican Community now

Chimy’s usually find on the streets at trucks this one’s special I’m excited to see it your first time first time first chimy my name is Max Pina I’m the owner of chimo operating since 2022 I only started it with the chimis this is the only place I believe in Dominican

Republic or United States that is dedicated to the elaborate the Chim is our national Dominican sandwich we have 10 different ones it doesn’t matter your nationality because the sandwich is so flavorable it’s going you’re going to love it so this is this is a mix you set

Of pork and beef yes otherwise you won’t get the texture yeah but this is the original this is it this is the most similar to the pandaga it’s a Portuguese crunching in the top go through the toast he get crunch you have to be crunchy as a Caribbean we like

Everything a little burn beautiful green tomatoes that you only going to fed on chimos shred cabbage the Main Ingredients keto and Mayo otherwise it won’t taste the same the mustard yes not sauce you can tell here it’s got a nice like crunchy I can already feel it down this I never had this

Before you know with a lot of burgers it’s just about the meat but this is about the entire bite in one getting all those flavors together ketchup and Mayo really hitting me hard up top tasty Patty at the bottom the chisso half pork half beef like where has this been my

Whole life yeah I love the whole package I love the crunchiness you get out of that cabbage it kind of like lightens up a little bit too right it’s not as heavy as you might think you know you think Mayo can be a little heavy not so much

And the bread I love the bread I love good bread on any sandwich basically two layers of crunch the bread and then you get the cabbage in there too and you get that green tomato which is a interesting curve ball there and what’s incredible is if you don’t want the traditional

Chimi you can get vegetarian options they have 10 different varieties here Max was telling us putting it through the toaster going to get nice and crunchy man the sauces just work well together and he was saying in the in the Dr that you let all the ingredients fall

Into the plastic bag and then you scoop it up after with a spoon we might have to try that after I don’t about to spoon I’m going to try with there’s going to be some good stuff underneath going be making a mess that’s for sure you know

He was telling me that late night is the most popular time here I am not surprised like if you went out for the night imagine finishing it off with this I think that’s the only time I’ve ever had this been late night it’s probably the earliest earliest time of day I’ve

Ever had a chimy in my life I’m glad this is like a A specialized place for chimis and it’s a really cool little like hole in little hole in the wall spot this spot has been around for so long it’s so iconic a lot of people have

Grown up on this spot and after a game of basketball come here and grab a little snack so all the kids in the park love this place yes wow usually the spot is like packed on the weekends packed this is actually think the quietest I’ve ever seen seen it here yeah really can

We get two orders of number one very important cash only yes I’ve been waiting for this I mean I think this is one of the best deals in Chinatown 50 cents each now you said this isn’t even the cheapest fried dumpling not even by a long shot that’s why I gave you the

Look $4 pork and chive dumplings just a a classic yum nice and crispy I never put so much sauce in mine until you did that I love it I love the combination of the Sriracha vinegar spicy and sour and savory all in one there’s a reason why

People of all ages love this dumpling spot so at some spots the dumplings are pretty dry this spot is actually pretty greasy and it’s so much better with the sauce it’s not too doughy it has some ches in it and a good amount of meat I’ll tell you I think a lot of

Times I’m more in the mood to do a dumpling run like this then I would be for Dollar Pizza I definitely go for a dumpling run over a Dollar Pizza run but if you’re a fan of of like anything fried you never had a dumpling before I

Think they’d be a really good spot like your first visit in Chinatown I think so I love dumplings I’m so excited for this tour there’s something cool about naming your store very simple like Dollar Pizza fried dumpling tasty dumpling and just like doll pizza store they have to mass

Produce Mass serve these D things to make it work and these guys are doing it FIA is changing the game here in Jackson they had the first they changed the game New York City tacos period like started here now they have four trucks around the city you can tell they’re serious

About their tacos when they have their own bouncer biria from biria landia often imitated never duplicated these were the first people to do bira in New York City M yeah they open here in 2019 they got two stars in New York Times the same critic gave Peter Luger the famous sck house

Zero stars now for anyone who has never had bira before we’ve got bira de Res we have beef with cilantro onion salsa and the cons yeah all right you can’t forget the cons never never never never best part is dipping in the con by far oh

Yeah go ahead yeah get a good dip can’t be shy there we go all right let’s take a big bite I’ve been dreaming about this bite if anyone ever asks me where’s the best taco in New York City I say right here I cannot think of a better Taco in New

York city so juicy so delicious worth the Trek the queens or in Manhattan or in Brooklyn wherever you are or the Bronx or bronze this is next level this is like gamechanging tacos yeah I agree best in New York City for sure it tastes as great as it has every single time I

Love that crispy shell the tender juicy meat just a right amount of spice in here phenomenal you actually look in the consum look at the chunks of beef that you are dipping your Bea into you could eat the consumate on the side I think I’d be very satisfied if this was all I

Ate this was my meal just to consum itself and if you’ve never had a beer at Taco before in New York City find your nearest beer like what are you waiting for classic New York this is on a lot of tourists and locals radar we’re going to

See if it lives up to that hype right now let’s get in there can I get two classic bagel and locks I want to do everything bagel sky and cream cheese got to get the Nova that’s it got it all right we got our prize right here heavy

Bagels we got the classic right here $17 this may be one of New York’s most expensive Bagels okay let’s try this I love the Nova salmon Smokey flavor different than your typical belly locks which is a lot saltier I love coming here I think you can get a lot better

Bagel in New York the bagel as itself is one area they could do a lot better what great Bagel they don’t make their bagels fresh here this is my favorite locks not my favorite Bagel Spot now imagine you combined absolute Bagels Utopia bagels with this Nova salmon it’ be like an

Avengers level Bagel you go one place to get the bagel yeah you go one place to get the cream cheese you go one place to get the novin and you put it all together in your kitchen it won’t come cheap like we saw some of their options

In there you can get caviar cream cheese you could make the most expensive Bagel in New York just going in there if you wanted you want to get like old school Jewish stuff this is what the Lower East Side used to be like 100 years ago they were

Full of places like Russ and Daughters and now this is one of the last ones standing that’s why I think you have to come here and it doesn’t get much older than Yona shimel since 1910 ah this place hasn’t changed at all every time I come here like stepping into something

Comfortable yon shalish is the first kisher that came to United States it’s a granddaddy of all kishes so if you haven’t had y shimal Kish you really never had a Kish and what I say it’s one world one taste one Kish I’ll do uh one potato old school Craig what are you

Thinking oh man um one spinach okay and we’ve got 14 different flavors feeling adventurous we got mustard too and nothing very neat perfect thank you so much sure now if you’ve never had a Kish before a Kish consists primarily of potato onion and seasoning filling wrapped with a thin layer of dough that

Is baked never fried popularized in North America by Jewish immigrants the great thing about a place like Yona shimo is you are coming to the inventor of the Kish one of the oldest remaining eateries in all of New York City that’s tough to find anywhere oh yeah I mean

These are the places you really have to cherish and treasure when you come and visit and as a local and a native like myself here we go words cannot describe how satisfying and comforting a bite of a fresh Kish from Yona shimel is oh man so I love

That it’s very light on the outside and it’s so soft mushy inside I got mine with spinach I like it a little bit of a earth to it and little extra vegetable why not I’m actually a fan of the classic potato one they have so many

Different flavors that you can go with I do want to grab some mustard though that’s kind of a must here don’t forget the spicy brown mustard now a little mustard added so pillowy and this is the same kind of mustard that you would put on a

Hot dog never had a bad experience here came here like 10 years ago for the first time on a food tour never forgot it best condition I ever had Ian special cheesecake hi how can I help two of the classic planes been they’ve been open almost 50

Years for a reason they were telling me in there that they actually designed these special cheesecakes to be this small for all the tour groups from around the world and tourists that come in I mean I’m always singing their praises as well this is the plain a lot

Of cream cheese graham cracker crust makes it a little more unique so light so creamy I’m not the biggest cheesecake fan but for eans I always make an exception and I just don’t think you have to make a special trip to eat cheesecake if you’re eating

Some huge meal and then you got to force yourself to have dessert this is perfect because you’re right on the edge of Soho here so you’re probably going to be in the area at some point grab a quick dessert on the go and try New York’s most famous dessert Choice cheesecake

They baked so many of these they’re so busy they always getting a fresh piece tar sized cheesecake perfect for uh on the go or you could eat it inside there’s nothing like Utopia Bagels my name is Jesse Spelman I’m the co-owner at Utopia Bagels we go through about 70

To 100,000 Bagels a week so that comes out to about 10 to 14,000 Bagels a day all handrolled Utopia Bagels opened in uh 1981 so we don’t teach any timers or anything like that it’s all about feel and I so once they get on the seed

Boards then we seed the top of them so the boards go in the oven and they get one rotation around this oven and then we flip them off of the boards onto the Slate that’s how they get the crispy bottoms bag of bagels Adventure is about to begin I got in everything with

Scallion cream cheese got egg everything so basically the same but with the egg bagel everything seasoning not easy to find these my favorite Bagel here to get all right let’s give let’s give us a go M that may be the crispiest exterior of a bagel I’ve ever tried in my life

That’s a major compliment mhm got really nice chew to it very light like it’s it’s really not going to be such a gut bomb like some other bagel shops can be can’t say I’ve ever had a bagel quite like this one and this has got to be one

Of the best bagels I’ve ever had in my entire life this is like the ultimate breakfast sandwich right here you got hash brown sausage egg cheese avocado bit Chipotle mayo on there too on a go big never really gotten anything here that’s so involved like this you I stick

With the classic so I’m excited to try it it’s really a whole breakfast in one sandwich and I love to just the bagel itself is not so heavy just like we’ve been stressing so far about it so it really is a great balance of the filling

And the bagel this is the worth hit we’ve got cream cheese locks tomatoes onions and capers on Sesame bagel you know for a spot so well known for their bagels their locks are actually really really good like not overly salty obviously you have an amazing Bagel to

Go with it the worth it is absolutely worth it they have these incredible bagels and then you can order all sorts of varieties for lunch or even for dinner donovans and they’re synonymous with their burger right absolutely they are very famous for their burger all right I’m hungry I got to check his

Burger out let’s do it feel like we’re stepping back in time uh Joe Donovan and his father took over in 1966 I mean it’s a really big part of the community this is the place everybody wants to meet and hang out how did the burger get so famous I’m curious

That’s Joe dunan he has a burger which is you know chop meat which he puts cuts of steak into and we never changed it you know we just kept going and uh it’s still being raved as one of the best burgers you could get in the city so

This is our famous dunans handcrafted Burger 8 oz Burger ground beef chuck steak and brisket and other ingredients which going to keep to our ourselves if you think it’s excruciating waiting for your food sitting at a table imagine watching it being made and all those smells man being ranked one of the best

Burgers in New York I’m amazed at the Simplicity of this I am too I I love places like this and I’ve had this burger several times been a little while but definitely comes to mind when I think of some of the best burgers and queens is always high on that L all

Right let’s let’s take a bite oh yeah m M wow wow is the right word this is a Patty forward Burger it’s so juicy so moist like that first bite I didn’t notice anything else but the beef there and that’s exactly what you’re looking for out of a burger like this absolutely

Like the juiciness of that burger is really Top Notch um you get a little bit of saltiness from the cheese on both layers he he does put it on both sides of the bun I really like just the star of the show is a Patty you know they

Have other varieties here you can get bake and you get egg you can avocado if you like but I think the cheeseburger is the way to go for how juicy and just high quality the Patty is is this is one of those Burgers I think you could eat

This too quickly if you’re not careful I’m already on my way I got to chill out look at all the juices from the Patty that I’ve already seeped out I’m use like a dipping for my fries little ketchup little Burger juice M don’t sleep on the steak fries

Either real potatoes it’s not these are not frozen these are definitely handmade that’s the thing what I really appreciate about donov I’ve been here before there a lot bigger than I expected too it is it’s huge it’s like two hockey pucks or something if this

Was a ratings Channel which we are not I think it give us a 10 out of 10 gingan Cafe and from the outside it just looks like your ordinary Cafe but that couldn’t be further from the truth right yeah this is a a local favorite a lot of

People come here to do some work but they got excellent food here they got great African teas great African cuisine sandwiches wraps bowls soups and so forth I think we should check it out let’s do it okay we started the company back in 2015 and the whole idea behind

It is to make food and beverage products that are based on traditional African recipes a lot of ingredients come from from the continent but no products or brands have been built around celebrating the people the culture of the continent we have unique um bowls and salads and wraps and snacks that are

All inspired by um dishes that we grew up on Superstar on that is probably the gelof rice rice cooked in a rich tomato stew fried plantains roasted veggies fruit vegetables potatoes carrots seed potatoes actually juli and uh cabbage and carrots sted in a little bit of a vinegar the chicken is actually cooked

In the stew itself ch to what do you think this is a meal right here I like the the spices how they combine in here I like how the chicken you said is also cooked right in the stew as well it’s so juicy and moist I’ve not had enough West

African food in my life I need to change that there’s a version of it in every country go to that we we actually had moms if you will right pair them up with our with our chef but we started with mom’s recipe and sort of played around

With do you have a lot of people that come in here and say this reminds them of home oh all the time all the time it’s like the best compliment you can pay Cava fries Cava we boil deep fry them uh and we garnish it with cilantro

Parsley some fresh onions uh salt and pepper and some uh lemon juice and toss it all up oh it’s not your ordinary fry no good stuff let try with the ketchup definitely never had fries like this before no never this is Hidden Gem for sure yes

Yes I agree I agree yeah thank you appreciate chicken and shrimp for the stock um and then flavored with the Malaysian Curry and then topped with shrimp and fish balls um and the bowl comes with egg Let’s Do It full loxa um it comes with the egg noodles and the rice

Noodles and then it goes in our noodle warmers to just like warm up so it comes with Chinese long beans which is almost like a string bean but a little hardier and then shrimps which our shrimps are also poached in our curry soup it’s a Malaysian fish balls this this one we’re

Using is a white uh one not fried just a boiled so we just warm it again in here so this is our luxa soup you’ll see the tofu Puffs are in here um that also goes in the bowl but we let it soak in the soup so then like it really absorbs the

Flavor of the Loa but the vegetarian ones are shitake mushrooms for the stock with some miso and then the Malaysian curry in there the full portion um the bean sprouts are at the bottom and then we put the noodles over it then the toppings on top okay ready for soup now

This is where we finish the bowl so it goes with a some cilantro on top slice of lime squeeze it on before you enjoy the bowl a half a hardboiled egg finish it off it’s a fried shallots do have a side of hot sauce if you guys like spicy

It’s Mama Lamb’s hot sauce we’re both trying Locka for the first time cheers cheers do it this is really good the rice noodles are very thin and what hits you is really that broth from the Malaysian Curry I can really taste that coconut milk as well which gives it just that

Little bit of extra thing that you need here she was telling us about Malaysian food in general and I’ve only had it a handful of times Indian influences Indian spices but then you have the Southeast Asian influence going on like the coconut milk and the flavor and it’s

Spicy like in the best possible way you know I’m normally not a tofu fan but covered in that broth so good probably the best Malaysian Curry I’ve had in a while it’s not overly um heavy I’m actually surprised that they don’t have a brick and mortar or a food truck yet

They were telling me that they’re looking into it I had a big like bunch of bean sprouts in here and they’re just so crunchy and it hit that egg I don’t think there’s anything in this dish that they did wrong what Vibes you get very Lively Diner but also a little Asian

Fusion vibe that looks like a burger we got the Chinatown egg and cheese sandwich with bacon 17 bucks soft scrambled eggs American cheese a hash brown patty served on a sesame scallion milk bun I don’t know if I’d wait 2 hours make a reservation if you want to

Come here all right let’s take a bite and we’ll we’ll discuss what we got going on here ready let’s go let’s do it this is just bringing like different textures and flavors to the mix that you don’t think about with a bodega bacon egg and cheese like how soft the milk

Bun is the hash brown on top which you know this is different there was no hash brown on anything else even the eggs being super fluffy this is incredible I know it’s a back comparison but I do like putting hash brown in my McDonald mcgo so this kind of makes me think of

It a little bit this going sound crazy do you think this is too decadent for bacon egg and cheese yes and no I wouldn’t mind it at all actually if I’m waiting 2 hours inside at this Diner I think I would order this and the scallion taste is actually pretty

Punching pretty strong in a good way yeah no it’s it’s all super balanced and apparently they pick up these milk buns fresh every single day from a Chinatown Bakery yeah usually sweetness wouldn’t be a part of your bacon egg and cheese sandwich but the bun itself has a hint

Of sweetness to it which is really good it’s more popular for brunch to order avocado toast I think this is a unique way to bring bacon egg and cheese back into the picture at a diner yeah I wouldn’t be too proud of myself eating an avocado toast in the public but this

One you could eat it probably nobody wants to watch that video we’re not making that video that’s too healthy for this channel I just feel like they’ve ele they’ve elevated most of the basic ingredients Dr a dollar worth egg I just dropped a dollars worth of egg right there this

Delicious I love the hash browns it’s delicious eggs are so fluffy it’s really good would you pay 17 bucks for it though is it that good I would pay for it but I never wait 2 hours for it so yes I would definitely pay for this

Inside oh what bless New York’s the best I love New York I have never tried a Shia Bing before s s yeah so sing what it directly translates to sell means like roasted right anding means flatbread you know people do it in different ways this is essentially a

Roasted or baked sing and we’re showing you the sweet version First we’re going to we’re going to go backwards we’re going to start with dessert so this actually this type I’ve never had because she said there’s sticky rice in here okay all right let’s let’s discover this

M by the looks of this I was actually expecting this to be a lot sweeter and like more sugary than it is it’s really interesting it’s crispy on the outside tender on the inside like nothing I’ve really ever had before we also ordered the red bean paste filling for people

That have had that it’s actually kind of similar but imagine a rice texture that’s sticky love that about flushing so many small little family-owned businesses like that and it’s completely homegrown and that’s I think that’s what makes it special right that’s what keeps this community

Going so hot that we have to like double wrap the bottom to even hold it and I was joking off camera this is like a I don’t know Chinese calzone stuffed on the interior got lamb cumin all right let’s try this I actually didn’t even get any of

The Lamb on my first bite and I’m happy about that because now we’re letting it air out a little bit the little onions on top of the Lamb ch flavors excellent It’s just so interesting a Shia Bing because you know I’m I’m fine with meat being stuffed into something I’m used to

That but all the juices that’s what’s keeping this piping hot you know what’s amazing about this is really I think again the texture the fact that there’s soup inside there’s really meaty filling in there but then you get this flakiness on the outside I mean this is worth

Burning your hand for I’ve already done it five times since we’ve been here but Flushing Queens you can find like almost every type of Chinese food imaginable F Shia banss never eaten anything quite like this this in the combinations mean I love oxtail love mac and cheese grew

Up eating patties but combined together sounds crazy let’s see what the hype’s all about Let’s do an oxtail Mac Patty goat Curry Mac Patty jerk chicken mac Patty all right I got you bro my uncle and auntie make these fresh patties for us deliver them every day this is going

To be like the oxtail right here we Str it so there’s no bones every bite is like you’re taking a bite of a whole dinner personally the goat is way better than this one but this the one that went viral cuz everybody loves oxtail and these are our three best pack right here

To me our goat our jerk and our oxtail we got a beef patty with cheese and we’ve got mac and cheese on top oxtail extra gravy surrounded by cocoa bread this is an insane hybrid here and the Patty is homemade too which I think really is going to add an interesting

Touch to it let’s do this so you got the Oxo on top little spicy and all the juices just soaked in with the cocoa bread this sandwich is honestly just bragging this is a messy delicious sandwich the soft cocoa bread the fresh Patty freshly made Patty mac

And cheese adds that little extra but o that oxtail is really the start I think the cocoa bread really brings it all together that soft cocoa bread is amazing I always love eating patties either it’s at home or at the pizza shops where you would get it they would

Cut it open you would add mozzarella cheese if you like pepperoni that’s what the owner he said he likes it that way best I think it’s just Tak it to a whole another level here with the West Indian flavors cuz I really wanted to open up a restaurant so people could taste my

Dad’s food I first originally made the Mac Patty one night after work and when I cut it open it looked so appealing and I told my sister I’m like post this on the business page and let’s see if people are going to come for it the next

Day I opened a girl walked in and she bought a Mac Patty and then after that a bunch of influencers came to started trying the original Mac Patty and one day a girl came in here and she asked for oxtail gravy on it and then the guy

Behind her was like Hey can you do that too for mine and I was like yeah we got something here you know I I always tell people try Pizza when you you first get to the city I’d say try that’s deli first that would be a really cool move

Try something different you know I don’t know how it’s taken me so long to get to the sturgeon King green grass we find it here you have a sturgeon platter eggs and onions what kind of bagel plain s plain toasted yeah please how big is the sturgeon in Nova Scotia salmon is it

Good for two yeah the platters are all for two oh beautiful all right I want to order what Bourdain did all right two bagels with that what kind we’ll do plain toasted both plain yeah we did the mix platter here of both cuz I want to try both and we’re going to

Eat it just like Bourdain did got the sturgeon look how how flaky this sturgeon is it’s just falling apart on my Fork now I understand why Bordan like this so much doesn’t have as strong of a flavor as the Nova and as he described

It has a bit of like a buttery taste to it a lot milder but super super super good this is a a smoked fish for someone that isn’t into every type of smoked fish now combination of the cream cheese toasted Bagel balances out everything just right you can even see the little

Fatty Parts on the sturgeon just adding little bit of extra flavor don’t know what an appetizing story is these are very popular particularly in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the turn of the 20th century where Jewish immigrants would congregate to get all sorts of fresh Goods like smoked fish and these

Stores are so rare today that if you want to get really good sturgeon really good Nova Scotia salmon you pretty much have to come to a spot like this cash only on weekends or personal checks you know I remember my mom used to walk around with her checkbook when I was a

Kid there’s still people up here who do that one thing that’s different since Bourdain filmed her over 20 years ago is the outdoor dining everywhere especially these little outdoor stations with a rooftop tops this is all postco so actually more chances to get a seat at Barney Greengrass on a busy weekend

Going to Barney Greengrass this is a destination spot you could just pop in and get a bagel to go you don’t have to do the whole sit down service highly recommend this span he had some good taste 99 C fresh Pizza located just a block from Grand Central is my absolute

Favorite they just had a line out the door and I think the locals know what’s up here get two slices so fast a lot more efficient than going to the DMV I’ll tell you two slices $2 nothing fancy here there’s a certain consistency to spots like this where you don’t have

Like super high expectations for the best slice of your life but for a dollar are you really complaining no crispy enough for what it is I’ve always wondered how long will these places stay in business they’ve been around since the ’90s and with everything else in the

City getting so expensive the fact you can still get a slight for a buck shocks a lot of people who aren’t from New York just like I would never compare a New York slice to a neapolitan pizza I wouldn’t compare a dollar slice to your average New York slice these serve a

Utility to me this is like a snack food they’re open from 9:30 in the morning until 5:00 in the morning I saw a bunch of delivery drivers popping up on their bikes and I thought how do you order Dollar Pizza and then I realized that’s what they were eating in between their

Deliveries I saw a mom on the subway with two young girls and Dollar Pizza is pretty easy to spot and she was giving them each a slice for a snack after school having kids here I know it’s expensive having options like this like whatever your income level is whatever

Your budget is if you’re visiting from overseas you’re not going to find Dollar Pizza in any other city in the US and it’s become such a part of New York culture but if you’re Buy Grand Central about to take the train home I think it’s a great value for a

They’re actually owned by immigrants from Bangladesh they’re doing the community a real service with this pizza I’m telling you welcome to no one number one Burger in New York City come on in come on in fresh patties so it’s really a blend of using some nostalgic ingredients with some high quality

Ingredients like we use a great blend of of meat we smash it it’s a technique that really matters and to season it with our special Umami seasoning what’s in it I can’t tell you there’s our Sesame buns we get customade Sesame seeded buns from a local bakery look how

Soft and are look at all those air pockets you get a nice Seer on one side and while the other side is cooking we’re going to start to layer some cheese over the top so now we’re going to give it a quick steam just to

Melt the cheese over the top so I love American cheese cuz it just melts right into the cracks and crevice of the burger patty every nook and cranny that’s what I really love and we sear every burger patty to order nice and toasted this is our kimchi Special Sauce

We’re going to do some raw onion on the bottom add some freshness and a little bite this is our homemade roasted kimchi my mom’s recipe so we make this here we make about 100 lb of Napa cabbage a week and then on top we’re going to add some

Of our homemade house pickles so how can I take Korean traditional flavors and incorporate that into American staple as a burger so the bun is a vehicle for a Korean barbecue in my mind all ready let’s take a bite something a Jay said in there is

Really standing out to me these two buns here are just holding together that Korean barbecue experience and as soon as I tasted the kimchi and the kimchi sauce with the moist patties and the cheese oh flavor explosion off the charts this has to be the best burger

Ever had like right away you bite into it that Hill we s fun you got that pack full of like kimchi I don’t know what to say about this this thing is perfection really Kim cheese I’ve had in the past have been much spicier than this one but

I think this is the perfect temperature because if it was too spicy it might take away from the burger too much for me it’s a 10 out of 10 they perfected it with this I usually pay $21 for this normally I would find it very difficult

To justify a $21 Burger but in in this case I would justify the cost vat Cafe it’s my son Joy Batista when he moved into Manhattan 11 years ago they ni name him Joy vat so then he he thought it would be a cool name for a business then

He got sick of his job he decided to open the the business with my cake then we started doing the natis which is Portugal’s most famous P Tre pastel na in the middle uh it’s a a custard but my son describes it perfectly imagine a warm cremet wrapped in a flant you’re

Going to need two because one is not enough I also got him love at first B A little cinnamon a little powder sugar I have to say uh I loved her story and her pride and her son for opening the business and and natas as you heard the

Most popular pastry in all of Portugal for a buck I mean I just came back from a trip from London and over there it was hard to find some cheap Beats I was in the Chinatown I paid $5 for a custard one that explored all over my jacket

This can pass for a cheap beat M she was right wo love it first bite M like the creme Bret in the middle b m a croissant yeah pretty accurate actually yeah I would even say like it might be part donut too she looked at us I said

There’s only three of us she’s like you’re going to need more than one she knew she knew something there you might even need three warm gooey I finished that in two bites maybe that was a little quick but wow yeah I could do it

In two two but I wanted to show the rest a fun fact this Portugese pastel the is actually the inspiration for the Hong Kong egg Tarts or the Cantonese egg Tarts that you’ll see in dim some I don’t know I’m actually struggling to think what I like better the the

Portuguese Hong Kong style egg Tarts or the natas right now I’m leaning on the natas I don’t know I’m leaning on the OG I think the OG is better man there’s something about this crust and the the cream in here this surprised me a lot I don’t know what to

Expect so many people come here visit here and get everything on the menu there’s such a variety but today we’re going to eat some soup dumplings love soup dumplings getting the salon boom crab and PK Mi 9.95 cash only you could do Veno you could venmo yeah cash only

Or venmo would you consider this street food usually no but um first time for everything all right first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to bite a little hole on the top so that you can let the steam come out so you don’t burn yourself now this hole you’re going to

Pour some vinegar onto it into it I meane okay all cool down so you don’t burn yourself pop it in your mouth and that’s how you eat a soup dumpling I shaved it I shaved it you want to pour the vinegar for me yeah thanks Mom and just down the rest of

It and drink that soup that’s the best part of the end right there the soup at the end the vinegar that’s the missing right there that vinegar I haven’t been to every spot but as far as soup dumpings are concerned Deluxe Greenbow has always been my favorite all right John Asian

Death out I think I miss Ming’s tutorial so he fell asleep during Ming’s tutorial all right show show us how it’s done one bite s dumplings started from like a rural part of Shanghai and it’s enjoyed by all now theux green will actually became a really popular spot cuz they’re

One of the fews that actually open really late so how late are we talking oh 10 p.m. but it’s pretty late for this area cheers the hell that those it grab for dumpling you’ve literally created a sideshow here with your performance people are stopping in the street they making we’re doing for

YouTube oh for fun cuz we enjoy it oh let me pour this in holy woo thank you than you thank you welcome to the show bye sponges Cafe 49 on Google you’ll be surprised when you meet the owner his name is Fernando he’s actually not Chinese he’s Mexican hi Fernando hi

Fernando to see you friend John they adopt me like part of the Asian community so nobody say I’m here someone they don’t even know my name they say hey I’m how you do that’s it oh I got the chocolate let me open this up oh yeah someone that doesn’t know

Chinese culture at first glance you would think this is a muffin so it’s actually from Hong Kong with British influence so it’s like some British faking influence this this is so soft wow you ever get one of those moments where you just know something’s going to

Be good before you even bite it waiting for John to stop talking all right you win go go I love the texture mhm it might look a little scary at first you think like oh you’re going to down this whole cake without any water you might choke on but

It’s actually really moist this has been sitting for a little while and it still tastes pretty fresh to me too yeah this is definitely one of the best snacks I’ve ever had in trying to town everything is freshly made in the morning natural ingredients no Powder you really taste

It can’t take her anywhere 49 live up to it oh gosh with this this place has to be a 5.0 all right so this is one of the best grab and go Street Foods in all of flushing 250 peek and duck buns normally you don’t equate duck with being cheap

No not at all and it’s like really just paired on the spot like it’s doing it right now oh that’s it oh perfect have a good day thank you we got the peeking duck boughs uh for 250 usually with peeking duck the skin needs to be crispy so they actually

Use air pressure to essentially blow air Under the Skin and prar it but they were cutting this up right there you know this is one of the most popular stalls in Flushing so let’s give it a go let’s give it a go yeah you know what I really like the

Sweet glaze on top of the duck I love sweet like sweeter foods like that essentially like a really thick honey Malto goes on the skin and then you got hoiston sauce right here um giving it that sweetness I mean I crushed my duck and stone 250 gone in two bites you’re

More civilized than I am normally it’s not true you know could be a little bit mess see with some of the sauce what I find so interesting about this is you think of duck and a lot of Cuisine what’s say like a French restaurant that’s one of the more expensive items

On the menu here $2.50 and they also have the option of just straight up getting their roast duck which is different from peeking duck but get that over rice and it’s a meal and it’s not that expensive you can just grab this and go like bring this home for everybody it’s an Historia

Legend it’s been here for as long as I can remember I grew up in historian has been here for many very many years uh go-to spot for your classic deli sandwiches all right still one bomb everything everything yeah oh my God what is this you know what you’re

Getting yourself into huh look at that 3 lb I’ve been told oh man dude feel this each sandwich is 3/4 of a pound basically each piece is a sandwich for $17 actually I think it’s a great value we’ve got thinly sliced ham turkey roast beef pastrami mortadella pepperoni provolone cheese American cheese lettuce

Tomato onions hot and sweet roasted Peppers mayale mustard olive oil and vinegar I I lost count of how many ingredients we just had there crazy let’s take a bite I can’t even tell you what I just had but it was basically like putting an entire Deli into one bite like mixing

Every cold cut you’ve ever heard of like the amount of meat and cheese is very heavy but I like this you do get that creaminess of the Mayo in there you get the crunchy peppers it just works well they created this before social media was really a thing

This isn’t something that they just came up with cuz they want new people to come they’re like an established spot Historia oh yeah so they open at 5: you can either be a responsible adult going to work or you can be a degenerate after going out partying all night and get one

Of these and I’ll hit the spot and you said you did it last summer right mhm this is like surprisingly satisfying right now I actually this is the second time I’ve had this and this is way better than I remember best way to eat this my opinion take it home have a

Plate get a fork and knife ready for the end of it this is tough to hold together what do you think I think I’m just lucky I had this end piece here so it’s kind of staying together a little bit better what makes a sandwich really special too

Is the bread which is perfectly crispy but not too hard it really holds it together with this much inside it absorbs all the sauce all the meat and cheese really well which is the reason why they are the Sandwich King of Historia they are they’re Pros never not seen a line here and

You’ve got a little Insider trick the point of the kiosk is to speed up the process you could just kind of walk in and pay cash they would never say no to you and actually pay less of cash how many they sold out of the pineapple

Roast pork bun cuz we came L great thing about melee W is that the line here moves quick because everything is you know pre-baked so you’re never waiting more than 5 10 minutes mhm we actually been in their kitchen they make them so fast all the Grandpa’s back in there and

Of all the places in this video this is the one I’ve been to the most it’s just the easiest to stop by with people yeah all right let’s talk more eat this never fails ever sweet batty pork mhm a little bit of barbecue flavor you know if you had to put head-to-head this

Or Dollar Pizza I think I’m going for this every time I’m going for this every time me too bold staming coming one of the best Pizza in all New York City oh yeah this should be the first image on cheap pza and it comes with so much meat

Like Dollar Pizza doesn’t have meat in there no we have covered other spots in the city with pork buns that give you 50% less pork than this this street is often towards first spot like a warm-up spot they warm up with this nothing scary very tasty and then move on to

Something more challenging that’s why buns and dumplings very easy way to start all right Bing Buzz worth the weight in line or no especially the quick weight yeah you you’d wait longer I think oh yeah I would add I would wait an extra 5 minutes for this Cafe Napoli

This is the restaurant that I always send my viewers to if they say they’re going to be eating in Little Italy I am really curious to see your opinion look they even have Aqua which is as Italian as it get we’re going to do BR

Napan Al great and uh let’s let’s add a a spaghetti meatballs as well we intentionally order the most Americanized Italian food you can get Little Italy spaghetti meatballs I don’t know if it gets more American than that maybe this is more American fedini Alfredo what do you think of this we are

There I think they they are even literally in Italy you can’t you can’t find this on any menu no no it’s it’s not an Italian thing and I find it very funny that they called this plate with a Italian name of a person Alfredo you know you could find it potentially in

Some restaurants if you find it it means that you are in a very touristic restaurant and they receive so many Americans that are asking for Alfredo that they add the item to the menu for the American tourists M my meatball tasty good flavor how

About you I like it so much this is not an item on a menu in Italy but it’s something that an Italian would make at home when he doesn’t want to cook you’re feeling lazy okay yeah when you feel lazy you don’t want to cook proper sauce

For your pasta you’re just going to throw in some butter parmesano reano cheese and some cream which I feel is exactly what this is a little bit of pepper that’s it do you think it is possible to find decent food in Little Italy if you know where to look you know

I’m actually very surprised I have to say the food here tastes quite legit you know the fetuin so far are really delicious they are cooked alente can’t go wrong here they have a huge location you do outdoor dining uh this is always my go-to is why I took you

Here the industry Pizza the top ranked spot in the city located in the hipster capital of Williamsburg Brooklyn 4.8 stars on Google after 1585 reviews that’s not easy to get New Yorkers are tough critics one pepperoni one Bara and one Margarita look at how perfect this frust

Is the cheese even have basil on here they’re Italian owned so they’ve been described as this perfect hybrid of New York meets Italy how’s your pepperoni looking it’s a different style of pepperoni than what you normally see on Pizza usually it’s the flat type but

This one is like the the cups but I’ve been seeing this pop up more and more lately okay Bara cheese fresh basil some grated I think mozzarella on top their dough looks so freshh always on Point especially with the Bara cheese have no words for this pizza I mean it’s really that good

Perfect level of cheese and tomato pepperoni is really really good excellent my friend Antonio always says looking for the little air bubbles here you know they know what they’re doing I mean where was this pizza all my life see all this fresh olive oil they just drizzle here

M this is what you call the New York slice definitely the cheese and everything the combination of whole pizza makes you feels like you are biting it from a Haven I think give this a five out of five no 4.8 here there’s no 4.8 to five 102

10 man we got lucky today cuz last time we walked through here we couldn’t even get through it was like people on people we’re in business it looks like a Chinese Taquito our friends who frequent this pleas showed us the right way of eating this all right let’s pour it all

In I know John is a little worried but it’s going to be worth it then we’re going to close this back up and we do a little and then voila i’ I’ve never seen a dumpling like this before we’re ditching the Chopsticks right we’re going in with the

Hands heck yeah all right this is a lot of chili oil but I’m just going to take a bite Cheers Cheers it is so much crispier than any fried dumping I’ve ever had in chinat to here before exactly they really made a name for themselves with the way they’re

Frying it it’s super unique the dumplings are nicely wrapped up all the way around and the Exposed on the two ends so you can see the filling the juiciness the moist everything don’t call me on this but yeah it’s the only place I’ve seen and they make it almost

Like a little rectangular shape they definitely nail the moist to fry ratio I also have to say that the way Ming shook it up they really spread out the chili oil where it’s just not that hot for me as someone that doesn’t love the spiciest hottest foods and for someone

That just wanted Dive Right In and start eating instead of Dipping wasting time dipping I like this way more now these might look very scary with a chili oil but trust this is a super bite super bite for super taste mhm it’s pretty cheap 58 cents each what are you

Going to do when you see the day when dumplings cost a dollar each I’ll be so sad the search will continue what a good sign lying down the stairs we ordered the steam shrimp dumpling steam seai the steamed rice noodle wish shrimp and the steamed sticky rice and chicken wrapped in Lotus

Le y look at this Feast for three of us anyone watching who doesn’t know what dim sum is how would you describe it to make it easy Chinese breakfast Chinese breakfast 2:30 all right we’re starting with the shrimp let’s do it oh so fresh wow I’m in heaven right now

The shrimp is the most pump in this one though in this one though and then here we have the shumai M damn John you know all the words that’s a frous th some gets really all right we got the rice roll yes the steamed rice roll with shrimp inside

Which is my favorite dish of them some I like to like drench it in soy sauce like back and front messy goodness here we go there it is I a spot this so sa the best and the shrimp this one takes the longest to pick up but goes down the

Fastest that’s a good point this is steamed shrimp and chicken and sausage and other types of meat wrapped in sticky rice wrapped up in a Lotus Lea so it has all the textures and the ingredients to make everything super hearty and F filling it’s amazing how I’ve walked by

Here so many times and most tourists know about hop key and Wo Hop across the street but I actually think pings is my favorite of the three for sure I’ve liked every single thing we’ve had so far and the service in the past you because he CH to didn’t really have the

Best customer service but if you come here you’ll see the difference and they still PA it really well to the local Chinese residents all this food for three people already s some Take My Money Take My Money Yes actually the first time I’ve ever been to raay before

And it totally lives up to the height this is like a a kid’s dream come true all the ice cream candy everywhere wow this spot is Old School New York to the core I want you guys to come at my store I need more business I am here

From 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the morning so please come here my store otherwise I’m going to quit can we do three egg creams all right for Greg for anyone who’s not from the New York area tell them what’s in an egg cream okay there’s no egg no

Cream it’s milk typically chocolate syrup but we have chocolate and vanilla and seltzer so to me it reminds me a lot of like a sparkling chocolate milk if I can really describe it to anybody let’s try very refreshing you know I used to work at this Cafe in Ridgewood New

Jersey I would make egg creams these blow my egg creams away this is the best egg cream I’ve ever had actually by far this is one of those New York Spots I’m thinking like I’ve lived here 11 years I’ve never walked in these doors and

It’s open 24 hours I used to go out around here all the time like shame on me I remember there was a time we walked in here we met Ry and he was talking about how you know even though his prices are going up he really does not

Want to raise his prices he was forced to but like very slowly he was like I don’t want to raise my prices he tries to keep price as low as possible he really is a neighborhood spot he wants people to be able to afford everything he’s got actually and he just turned

90 years old we have the mural on camera a few blocks away and everything in here is like stepping back in time including that old cash register right there I think a spot like raise is a reminder that it’s okay to be a kid sometimes it’s okay to get a neck cream milkshake

Sundae fried Oreos you earned it the best in the low side forever I could smell this food truck half block away you can tell we’re in the right spot we’ve got a Spanish Tel Nolla playing behind us so that’s the first indicator and it’s $10 for a samita you’ve got $10 worth of

Avocado sticking out of that thing this thing is incredible I mean it’s got so much going on in here you have the Waka cheese we have the Milan de poo so like very thin breaded chicken you have the Chipotle you have beans and you also have the Papo Leaf that’s really what

Gives it like I can’t even describe that flavor it’s extra oomph in here but that chipotle oh I can’t even talk about it anymore it’s just got to eat all right Bon Petit I needed three bites know one they says first thing the chicken m breaded chicken fantastic so much flavor there’s

A little spiciness too the Chipotle I love the creaminess you got creaminess of avocado creaminess of the cheese a little bit of mayo in there but then that Papo Leaf hits you oh so you you’ll call this one of the best sandwiches in New York City right here easily look at

This line forming would you say this is one of the most popular street food trucks in track tonight’s somerst it is yeah and it’s been here for a long time they’ve been just consistently delicious too consistently delicious that’s important in New York if you were not consistently good people will find another

Spot well this isn’t our first rodeo at Rudy’s I will tell you I don’t need onions or sauerkraut or any other nonsense I’m a purist so mustard is good enough oh yes delightful thank you sir than get two of the Rudy’s blondes a hot dog with mustard

Than I mean how many dive bars are pretty busy at 2:00 on a Thursday Rudy’s is an institution and knew that better than anybody and we’re ordering exactly what he ordered a beer a hot dog just mustard that’s it that’s the beauty of Rudies you get a free hot dog with every

Drink you get this could be one of the best cheap eats deals uh in New York City I I love Rudies you know what the blond loger is not bad at all they’re in-house beer this spot is so popular with not only locals but tourist and they never raiseed their prices

Don’t raise their prices if you’re watching Rudy’s but I’ve never seen them raise their prices since I’ve lived in New York and a true institution here this is where I would take any first time or visiting New York like you have to put this on the tour uh people are

Always coming in for um talk about Bourdain and see him there’s there’s always articles and videos people look back and see that and they want to like come relive some of what he did so the booths here before Co used to be duct taped it was like a thing of Legend and

He said after Co they actually got new leather for the boots but they’ve told me that they will be putting duct tape on eventually and they are open from 8: in the morning until I believe 4:00 in the morning I think that we’re doing it right because Bourdain used to like

Going to bars in the afternoon when no one was around you know it’s an interesting time to have a beer but it’s a good time to have a beer I love what a picture of the Rudy’s blonde is 12 bucks okay there’s some stuffy Manhattan bars

Where one beer is like N9 or 10 bucks Rahim Muhammed AKA General a the Aku way all different type of sandwiches C of Honey Buns popta Jamaican Patty pancake French toast waffles we do it all seeing people from all around the world that’s a blessing all right we’re going for one

Of the signatures here bacon egg and cheese with honey bun you got to grab whatever Honey Buns you want first yes sir man I’ll be you today yo I want to get a bacon egg and cheese and a honey bun you want ice the AY way the AY way sure

Sure then we crack egg now we going to pour some cheese into the egg after we pour the cheese now we scramble it after we scrambled the egg and cheese now we going to hit it with the black pepper and salt now we poured it in the

Grill then we put the mozzarella sticks on the fryer once the bacon and egg is ready now we going to put them together now we put on top of the honey bun get ready to go to sleep okay now we WRA them up and a result is OMG can’t forget your bath never

Never never never never never now we serve it to the customer there you go my brother thank you you’re welcome and you know we have to serve the other customer as well now we serve it to the customer you enjoy my brother than you are you welcome I think you could feed three

People with the amount of bacon and eggs se but you saw how much bacon you put on the grill lot it’s like two portions into one all right man let’s let’s dig in let’s do it M you know what does it for me it’s the honey bun it’s so soft when you take

That first bite you just get through every single layer get all those sweet and savory flavors at once I love that sweet and savory combination this one with the icing on it too adds even more sweetness man this is the New York Bodega like elevating the game to levels

We’ve never seen before this is crazy yeah like I never even could have dreamed of having something like this growing up like bodegas usually was just back in day like bacon egg and cheese just simple stuff now some Next Level I’m so convinced that easy Paya

Has one of the best sit down lunch specials in all in Midtown one of the things that makes easy paa different is we serve the paa in an easy way so if you come here just sit down you probably have your paa served within the first 10

Minutes so you don’t have to wait 45 minutes for a Paya we have very easy experience to try the best paa in town what launcher specials here are great we have sangrias we have burritos we have lunch size paas and now we’re going to have Aras one of my favorite things about a

Spot like E Pay is like small family-owned business this is the the lifeblood of the New York City culinary scene places like this love the Venezuelan Spanish fusion and Alex said he’s not positive but he believes this is the only paa burrito in the entire world for $99 95 during lunch specials

You’re trying something pretty special here what really does it for me is how unique it is to have a burrito shell with a paa rice never had that before and somehow it just works out brilliantly love the flavor love the chicken so much going on it’s like the perfect marriage haa

Burrito less than 10 bucks for thisa and America and in Spain is the reason to celebrate uh birthdays Father’s Day why not baa is the the main dish look how big this sria is passion fruit for 595 well if you have a group of uh six

People or more we have the best place to celebrate your birthday because the birthday person gets to eat and drink for free pretty damn good food in the neighborhood of sheepside bay exactly it’s so how long have you guys been here 4 months okay so I’ve been here for 4

Months but my mother and my father had a place for like 45 years okay what was it called papon stopped in 2017 and then in the pandemic I came back started experimenting Mom and Dad’s backyard like Woodfired stuff mostly Woodfired stuff that’s why the dough is really

Light and fun it’s not a super traditional New York do I mean there’s hundreds of pizza places in New York City how do you stand out as a new place I think it’s also about the lineage respectfully going back to like what my mother and my father did for so many

Years always room for improvement constantly learning new tricks as we go along and Innovation was that a little o to defar with the olive oil on top yeah I mean d DeMarco over at defar nobody was putting basil on pizza before him I look for this stuff just looking at this we know

This is going to be absolutely fantastic It Takes Time dress this pizza up and he doesn’t have to put all the grated cheese on there and and and that beautiful olive oil he doesn’t have to do that in New York you can make bad pizza and get away with it I’m pumped

Let’s try this I’m pumped crunchy from the first bite you told me to look for that as soon as we got here loving the Vodka flavor it’s just right and yes I do look for that crispy first bite I want that crispy first bite this pie delivers maybe we’re

Seeing the evolution of New York pizza right now because we have shown classic spots which are going to be here I hope forever you’ve got new spots like luchia’s here here doing some AR testinal stuff doing it a little bit different but still staying true to the roots Pizza is definitely evolving not

Just in New York City but all over the world people are taking more time to ferment their do the crush looks almost woodf fire I have to say like this tastes healthy to me as well good point John it makes it more digestible as well yeah when you take time to ferment the

Dough I haven’t been this impressed by a new spot in a really long time you do you got pizza dance this is the pizza that makes me Dan you the old school Vibe here this is like bringing me back only in New York this narrow only in New York stools

Counter love it I think B&H is the like the last place of the Kure vetan and is Village and I think in Manhattan so we homemade cooking Eastern Europe food we prepared the food every day so it stayes delicious cold outside warm in here some hearty

Soup no better at a cold gray dreary day than some hot sou you eat the soup okay I want I CH you know I’ll be honest growing up I didn’t always love matal soup had I have grown up eating matal soup this good I think I actually would have liked it

More in front of me right now like a who’s who of Jewish food for people that aren’t Jewish and maybe don’t live in the New York area we’ve got hola French toast we’ve got matab Bal soup we’ve got alatka we’ve got stuffed cabbage fried perogi Greg’s got the borch if you never

Grew up a Jewish friends just come here order all this food you can catch up yeah it feels like we’re at home here but just like it’s a whole different vibe I love it there something about the food here in general I’ll say is that nothing here is too sweet too salty too

Overpowering it’s just like very home cooking taste very fresh just like I I love it just you could taste the love and care they put into the food here love and care is the right word we saw their calendar where their customers here this is a restaurant where if

You’ve been here once they’ll probably remember you this is the rabbi da nice I don’t know this speci I’m honestly shocked does not always have a line out the door I think you’re not going to find place like this anywhere else the food is delicious and

Just the vibe you come for the food you stay for the vibe oh you definitely stay for the vibe you become part of the place eating here it’s chaotic in the best possible away and they’re known for their chicken ticka this is a really interesting delicious dish yeah one uh chicken

Ticka I don’t want to eat this this looks too pretty to eat this is like a work of art all those colors so what do we got break this down for us pretty much everything but the kitchen sink here we have the chicken which is a very

Deep red color you have the white sauce which is like the yogurt Mayo sauce a little bit of the hot sauce the green sauce like a mint Chutney and also this mango pickle which is a really kind of a secret thing you have to ask him for

Here now the owner is from Bangladesh so it has that kind of Bangladeshi flavor in this plate all right let’s try it m this tastes like something I would order at a nice Bengali restaurant not on the side of the street here in New York City wow that first SP that’s a lot

Of flavor that’s a lot of spices yeah very Punchy spice and we haven’t gotten to the rice yet the rice here is also very special M spicy creamy get that mango pickle that minty flavor the briani flavor it’s it’s got it all of this place dude I have to say it this

Might be the best rice I’ve ever had at a Halal truck before it’s up there for me for sure would you say the halal cart in New York is like the taco stand in La I would say yes I mean Halal carts have really taken over New York as in the

Last 20 to 30 years it’s overtaken the hot dog cart I would even say it’s overtaken Pizza is the number one street food you me want to say pizza is the street food but i’ say it’s definitely by far number one street food in New York City I just have one problem with

This this is our first stop and I want to finish it right now that’s the only problem I have with this this is unreal is absolutely tremendous I’m shocked there wasn’t a longer line for this they got an A which is pretty rare for Chinatown back then but now yeah sanitary

A good observation small pork small dry shrimp salant scallion nothing breaks $5 yet for the kall do you feel like inflation is H Chinatown is hard not as hard if it’s 30% elsewhere it’s maybe 10% here thank you thank you a few stools they were really cool

We took it across the street one of our favorites rice noodles here when do you normally eat this oh my gosh you can eat this for breakfast lunch or dinner but I love eating this for breakfast and lunch scallion and cilantro which I saw in one

Of the reviews was recommended one of my favorites is the shrimp this is the dry shrimp let’s take a big bite you ready let’s do it breaks AP easily it’s really simple it’s not overpowering me with any one flavor except for all the soy sauce we

Put on for the camera just tastes hearty and and silky exactly what I would want out of a rice noodle how much was this 275 such a good deal this is such a good deal under five bucks easy to eat great to carry around that’s the nice thing

About chinatowns like you can sample so many different cheap food varieties eat them on the go pull up a stool it’s so simple and then soy sauce is what makes it it’s super important if you love your bacon egg and cheese you can forget your ketchup you could get away with it but

With this you can’t get away without the soy sauuce santaa started as a push cart Rockaway Beach here is to enjoy the artwork on the walls with the food the music you can find almost in every corner hot dog carts where they have this super crazy version of hot dogs and

Burgers and and and sandwiches bacon onions cabbage and carrots fresh potato chips ketchup mustard Special Sauce the Santa Sala and the wasakaka this looks like a hot dog that’s about to go to some kind of award show like we’re presenting it for the judges this is the PTO cono $5 this one

Best hot dog in New York City by The Village Voice and it has like every ingredient you could possibly imagine on this like an American hot dog on steroids this a Kosh should be frank onions cabbage chips cheese ketchup mustard Santa salsa I don’t even know where to begin with this salivating like

This this looks fantastic I’m going to take a big bite it’s really hard to describe how many flavors I just experienced in one bite but I say a lot of them and something I love about Latin hot dogs are the chips potato chips cut up inside

Of them it takes me back to my time in Puerto Rico I mean he said they stay true to the roots of Venezuela and these hot dogs this is just taking something simple bringing it to South America and going absolutely wild with it and I’m

Just such a huge fan of it this is so interesting you always ask us about vegan food you have great options here just look at this one look delicious it’s a sweet plantain inside with beans and wasakaka Venezuelan green sauce it looks delicious guys oh my God this is so good these

Held up fantastic like I thought this would be a complete mess but somehow the way they’re created they actually hold up that’s a Latin sweet plantain in a hot dog is a great idea for a beegan hot dog this is delicious 12 CH is the perfect combination because you can be

Casual here but it also gets a really fashionable crowd you can come here for a date you can come here for a celebration the brunches are really well known also wow thank you so much slowly cooked Tomatoes garlic green hot peppers this is what you come to 12 chairs for these small plates

Healthy delicious we’ve been taken my mom here before and she is a super picky eater and she even loves this spot I think we got too much appetizer be honest with you this enough for two or three people so this is one of the signatures here I used to always order

This the 12 chairs lamburger look at that big piece of feta cheese right in the middle right on top of lamb meat this brings me back I have not been a 12 chairs in in too long I will tell you way too long when I talk about a burger to me

It’s all about the meat first and this lamb is so juicy so tender it almost doesn’t feel right putting this between two buns but that’s exactly what we’ve done it’s like a gourmet burger essentially it’s what you’ve ordered here it’s been too long too long I

Better slow down I can finish this very very quickly Don Munchies this may be the best name for a food truck in history oh yeah and one of the coolest looking cars I’ve ever seen in my life very colorful and it’s just desserts and snacks after the day we’ve had like I

Can’t think of a better ending yeah look what we got I love their menu too got churo bites mini churos elote a skite feels like we’re going to like some little bubble tea shop the style of the menu this smells phenomenal I drool every time I walk by this C oh man I

Don’t think that’s something you think of very often street food that’s strictly dessert that’s not an ice cream truck mini churos here like I don’t know how I signed up for this job but 8-year-old John would be very impressed and jealous that I get to do this right

Now all right Craig jump in here try you want to be like the hit of any party walk in with these the party will stop everyone will rotate and move towards you oh man they’re very addictive I think he nailed the texture of these it’s like nice crunchy not

Overly sweet it’s got that cinnamon B these are incredible a lot of kids are lining up here too my parents watching very good spot have a few tables here as well this used to be a plantain before I got buried by a pound of Nutella some strawberry sauce and God knows what

Else oh this the sweetest plantain I’ve ever had in my entire life I can barely tell it’s a plantain it’s not a bad thing though cheers it’s a heck of a night oh yeah drinking the atle right now which has the the cookie yeah the Maria

Cookies a little bit of cinnamon milk in here so it’s B like pulverized like Crush cookies basically drinking cookies milk together like how can you go wrong with that and not too sweet actually it’s a good point and I’m going to make a bold statement I think Don Munchies

Could be the next big place on Instagram or Tik Tok seeing how they make those desserts I I think it lends itself so well to social media and these guys are going to be aead I think so too our ultimate goal was to bring something new and funky to our

Neighborhood this is where we grew up this is you know where we spend most of our time how did you come up with this be of pizza idea I think it’s amazing One customer came in and he asked us hey um do you guys have he said he had a

Large party he said hey do you do you mind doing it in a uh piz form we took a picture of it we posted it on Instagram and everybody just started and it took off from there yeah everybody just started asking for ladies and gentlemen I present to you the favorite thing in

The world is Adriana and I order from our apartment beia Pizza beef inside shredded cheese onion cilantro it doesn’t have tomato sauce or any other major attributes of pizza outside of the shap we’re going to pop your be of Pizza Cherry you ready we going to dip this in it’s taking a little

Bath oh yeah look at that I never really had one of these almost let’s do it let’s do it yeah that right there right speechless speechless yeah that was good cuz you’re dipping the meat in its own juices Pizza is a true guilty pleasure food you’ve had a rough week it’s Friday

Night order yourself a be of pizza matter how bad your problems are there’s nothing that a be of pizza couldn’t do to solve it because there’s some people that would be more comfortable here and the food here is Amazing by the way but it’s also really stylized like this it’s

Really I mean the perfect word like instagrammable versus the spots there were more holes in the wall but they felt more local and authentic you can really find like whatever you want in this neighborhood half block off Time Square one of the best hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurants in New York City

This place is no secret I will tell you to locals locals know about this spot and you eat a lot of Cuban food in Miami now right that’s right I mean the standard in Miami is Biz restaurant they make some pretty good Cuban food but let’s try it in time spare just one

Cuban sandwich I also get three Cuban coffees three Cuban coffe yeah these are strong right no IDE for C need an energy boost this is no ordinary Cuban sandwich this is special from meat we’ve got roast pork ham salami melted Swiss Mayo mustard garlic sauce toasted bread what

Else could you ask for yeah let’s try it let’s see how it Compares it’s so meaty I bit through three different layers of meat there the salami the roast pork and the ham all at once paired with that mustard nicely toasted bread that’s good experience I’m

Enjoying this took me a good like 15 seconds to chew through it all there’s so much meat in this thing man but the garlic sauce the Mayo mustard I think really makes it overall a great Cuban sandwich if you’re a carnivore you’re going to love this place they have

Plates too that you can get you don’t just have to get a sandwich you can get a pretty big lunch for about 14 bucks do you feel like this is I’ll use a big word the antifaces of a Time Square Restaurant I mean yeah you don’t really

Wouldn’t think there’s a place in Time Square you would think it’s a chain restaurant are the only thing around here a spot that locals actually go to in fact looking around I don’t think I saw a single tourist in here right off Time Square half block away surrounded

By these big restaurants big flashy spots you got Maron which has been here like 50 years all right this coffee is dangerously addictive you know how you get customers you put your Donuts at the window that’s like the best policy ever is it absolutely it’s like a I candy right

Here where people oh now I got to get the donut now this is a Greenpoint institution right right absolutely John it’s been here for such a long time if you don’t come here on time the Saturday or Sunday by noon all the good stuff is gone or either there’s a line out this

Door this looks like the kind of place that has not changed in the over 60 years it’s been open I love these old school dut shops this was the original F Bove back in the day I like how they kept the photo Bo like in 2022 my Marvel fans out

There this place might look familiar it was used in Spider-Man no way home and I want to spoil it a little bit for you because it was actually filmed in Atlanta they just recreated the set to look like this my father’s been baking Donuts since 1970 when he came here from

Greece there’s tons of doughnut shops in New York what makes you guys distinctive we stay the same in a world that keeps on changing and on top of that I think what sets us apart is we really have a family feel here uh when people come in they feel included we have regular

Customers who’ve been coming in since I was a kid are Donuts $150 which I don’t think is very common now for anything for one of anything to be $150 classic glaze we have a blueberry buttermilk and we have a chocolate cake so these two are like plastic Donuts that you would

Have had back in the day this is sort of like a newer style John I’ve been coming here oh my gosh since I was probably like 3 four as a kid I could imagine a little kid liking this place actually and I loved it I kept coming

Back you got me saying that too I got the the chocolate cake donut and these guys are consistently rated the top doughnut shop in New York City and I can see why I can imagine growing up in Greenpoint bringing boxes of Peter Pan to every single party oh everything John

Everything weddings parties even I mean sometimes I heard stories of funerals too and it was always a good time when when they say oh where’d you get it from Peter Pans okay now you can come in this may be the best dut i’ ever had in New

York City mhm making a bold statement here may be my favorite at least 40 minutes in this line wow it’s insane 107 people just waiting it was all the way down to that that pink truck down there H that is crazy uh want to do the combo platter

Spicy rice okay you like some Veggie some broccoli car give us the work and this is about 5 lbs worth of food so let’s start from the top they gave us french fries they gave us Falafel then we’ve got veggies including broccoli here we’ve got a mix of chicken

And lamb and if you can get to the bottom somehow someway we have their famous spicy rice it’s actually better to use a spoon but have this is messy this is messy food that is good you know what it is for me I think they their white sauce

It’s the best white sauce I’ve ever had in the city there’s a reason for those long lines folks I’m telling you I can see it it’s it’s good I don’t think it’s good I just feel like the flavors for adell’s are a little bit more classical

New York Halal which is why I would personally put adell’s in my top five must visit food destinations in New York City oh I just got a bite of that spicy rice it’s got a lot of flavor I think it was kind of covered up out of meat it’s

Growing on him this is very good I would definitely come back ideally not at the end of that line though I say it every time but right in front of us we have Radio City Musical it’s such a cool New York City moment to even be here I think

The evolution of Halal carts and how popular they become in New York is really a testament to the diversity of New York because this was a food that was aimed at Muslim Taxi drivers and now all New Yorkers eat it many New Yorkers will tell you this is their favorite

Street food yeah and really something for everybody if you like chicken if you like lamb if you’re vegetarian you can even get it with Falafel and quick meal you can even get fish and I do like that they all bring their own kind of spices maybe depending on the background of the

Country you know Egyptian Bangladesh Pakistani wherever I appreciate that and I mean it’s let’s think of like New York pizza every place has their own little take AUM just like Halal and I don’t think Halal gets enough love from tourists way more from locals you can find cheap eats at sit down

Spots you just have to get a little bit clever about it Wings eight piece original we have the sauces on the side yeah a lot of people think a cheap eats in New York it’s got to be $5 this $3 that like you can order something for 14

Bucks share it and get a really good value too yeah we’re not like stucking ourselves with like carbs some would call this healthy mhm dude this actually came like super quick oh yeah waited like less than 10 minutes not even I’m salivating at how crispy that looks and the smell coming

And then we have the two flavors waiting for us what was the honey so garlic yeah and then the sweet and spicy super crispy oh Hot and Hot not going to lie it was a little scared at first cuz it’s the sweet and spicy one but it’s very light and spice so you’re

Not going to die it’s actually really good though kind of like a Asian barbecue style type of taste I have no idea what to expect here I literally found this on Yelp I looked up Yelp newest hottest locations this was on there tell you what I’m impressed so far crispiness s

Garlic’s good I am really curious though about the sweet and spicy sauce I kind of want to I want to try that this is little food porn that’s good definitely feeling those barbecue Vibes yeah I just had some of the like the skin by itself even if you

Don’t get any of the sauces like I feel like the the breading is like very well seasoned I swear you can smell that s Lui down the r as we oh it smells phenomenal like I love this place we got H three lamb sticks lemon salt oregano

Please after holding one of these lamb sticks for a few minutes my wrist is actually sore there’s like a pound of meat on it yeah very generous so there’s a lot of great with in the story is like the top Greek street food to eat in this

Neighborhood U the reason why we picked Frankie not only because they’re the best rated I’ve actually been coming here since I was a little kid coming here Steinway 31st Avenue been here he’ve been here for years they used to be just a little cart now they’re a

Bigger truck they’ve been here since the 70s and another reason they also have lamb suaki hard to get lamb suaki in New York and even in Greece it’s hard to find all let’s let’s do this yeah pumpt mhm so tender oh forget Dollar Pizza I think I’d rather walk around with this

You oh yeah I saw dude just taking this to go walking and eating yep better for you high keto protein yep keto friendly as a kid I used to also get the big hunk of bread on top we used ordered it lemon salt oregano that’s the classic Greek

Way to get it what this cost when you were a kid I’m curious oh I don’t remember like a dollar prob dollar something two bucks back in the ’90s I still think this is a good deal for New York oh it is and I feel like this place

Is so New York we saw people like every skin color ethnicity show up here supporting a local institution love it I love the story I mean i’ I say this every time I’m in Queens that Queens is the best burrow in New York City for food and I know you’re you’re not going

To argue that oh no best burrow for food best burrow period I’m biased I’m a bon raed Queen kid but I love it and this is one of the places that make castoria and queens General very special this would have been so good at a July 4th barbecue

I know yeah get give a bunch of lamb suaki like who needs hot dogs exactly Mike I think when you ask most tourists they’re going to say Nathan’s is the go-to for a hot dog but you talk to locals and grav papaya is always in the conversation it’s been an institution

Here in New York we were talking about earlier how we used to go there coming out of clubs at 4:00 in the morning this is now the last surviving location let’s check this out let’s go oh places like this never change the prince the tropical Vibes I’m going to buy a

T-shirt today I didn’t realize they sld t-shirts so that’s the other thing is I was here the other day somebody was ordering breakfast I was like breakfast you can do breakfast here yeah only for a very short window one just with ketchup one with onion mustard sauerkraut two papaya drinks Nicholas

Gray opened Graves papaya 1973 this is not the first of the tropical hot dog chains of New York actually papaya King’s been around way longer I still like Gray’s better okay not much different honestly they’re so similar show people what you got so I got your basic with ketchup and I know

This is going to drive the internet crazy but but I like all right internet if you got a problem with mic’s order feel free to say something I want maybe a little more classic New York I got onion mustard sauerkraut can’t go wrong with either of

This all right let’s take a bite of this here we go man man this tastes the same always to me like nice snap anytime of Daye this is great I don’t know I I’m just such a fan of grav papaya and then topped off with a tropical drink the papaya she’s

Been around for 50 years I think for a good reason how’s yours oh my I love it I love it clearly love it man you’re almost done almost done one more bite how many bites could you finish that in two three probably three what do you

Like about the hot dogs here it’s been the same quality even when they had multiple locations across the city it was always the same regardless of which one you went in and even now it’s still the same thing it’s a lot more expensive what do you think about that like

Comparing Grays to a street hot dog where we going to get viewers who want to do either or yeah I mean like there’s people that eat Dollar Pizza I I don’t recommend it take yourself on the subway right up here literally the subway is right there and come get the best hot

Dog in New York city so for you this is the best it’s absolutely oh not even close how big is a Cho cheese sandwich to local New Yorkers um see I didn’t really grow up with in Queens I heard it’s more of Uptown thing but I say in

The last 5 10 years when I really started hearing about it now it’s everywhere that’s probably New York’s most popular sandwich I would say along with the bacon egg and cheese we got three chopped cheese on hero chopped cheese on hero yeah with everything right lettuce tomatoes Min

KET it’s everything yeah famous original we want the famous original all right Bo yeah all the people come here to check the chopped cheese every days we sld a lot of chop cheese now thank you man much appreciated it’s not every day that we get to eat a sandwich that’s this

Popular in the city where it was invented today’s been a special day it’s been quite a food Adventure let do it let’s try a classic there something about the way it all goes together is what I really like about it and the crispy bread I think

The the pressing of the bread makes it extra special that do great I it’s all about the ham pressed bread I mean hamburger Meats hamburger meat chopped up a little bit more finely though mhm and just perfected up here I think it’s probably Tak to another level you eat

This late night after some drinks oh this is like the perfect hangover food people compare this to cheese steak before and while yeah there’s some similarities there I think these are two completely distinctive things definely his own animal now they were out of rolls originally we wanted a roll gave

Us a hero I’m not complaining though no way I would take this over hamburger butn any day really the city is always evolving always new food coming in and just twists on it that’s the beauty in your New York City a phenomenal food here food culture here is almost on

Match anywhere in the world all right Antonio doesn’t it get much better than Luigi’s it does not this is the place you would see in a dictionary if you were to look up Brooklyn Pizzeria it would look just like this I love making pizza I never

Had a work a day in my life because this is the easiest thing I have I could do and I think Pizza is Brooklyn Italian Tomatoes Rich Italian Tomatoes I love using my Grande I float it on makes for a beautiful incredible pie some olive oil the magic of pizza good

Olive oil 50 years of doing this there isn’t a pie that comes out of this oven that I don’t look at and say wow I want a slice of that pie look at this reward we’ve got look at this you know the last time I was here I

Kid you not a guy walked in and he said I’m bringing this box to Buffalo New York which is like 8 hours away from my daughter yeah Luigi’s as a of late has become internationally known this pizza is made the old school way with love they don’t cut Corners here the owner is

There all the time and that’s special that counts for something guys Gio is saying how he inspects like every single pie that goes in that oven he is a man who is serious and look I know in your review video you said it almost no flop

Here it’s just a sturdy sturdy slice and you know what I look for in a pizza is a a nice balanced crust you want you want it crunchy but you don’t want like a bread stick oh it’s like a bite oh my I just love the flavor of

This pizza man the the cheese the tomatoes everything is fresh really thin as well this is not your standard plain slice in New York it’s Unique absolutely thinner than the typical New York slice it’s really thin it’s a lot thinner than Joe’s in my opinion unlike other places

Everybody Raves about New Haven pizza folks New York is where it’s at you’re not going to find tourists here the people that are are walking in here a lot of them live in the neighborhood these are local places that’s what I love best about doing a South Brooklyn tour definitely the most famous

Ukrainian Restaurant in New York City you know the New York black and white cookie Vela we got the blue and yellow see you you’ve literally sold out of Ukrainian beer we just have polish beer left yeah since the beginning of the war I bought up everything that I could in

Terms of any Ukrainian a bottled beer and uh about 2 weeks ago it it ran dry so now I’m trying to support Poland Polish beers since they’re doing such a great great deal of helping refugees we’re here serving great Ukrainian food and we’re trying to do our best to

Support ukrainians abroad how are you guys going about fundraising I know you said that every time somebody orders borch it goes directly to the cause we serve traditional Ukrainian borch so I thought what better way to give back all the sales of our Ukrainian borch whether

You eat it here in house Take out delivery and we ship goldbelly.com Nation nationally that until I had the bore shirt Vela I really wasn’t a fan of it they actually turned me into a Believer the side of bread Heaven if we weren’t filming at three

Restaurants today I could eat a dozen of these parois easily potato and mushroom went for the fried variety here somebody want I know that boiled is more traditional but these fried parois like this is true like Ukrainian comfort food but I’ll also say it’s become New York City comfort food as well now

Remember boka used to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week people for years and years would come here after a night of drinking to eat perogies now they close either at 11:00 or midnight on weekends due to the pandemic some changes but still I love what they’re doing here I

Really love the cause and how the city has come together to support a restaurant that I already think was well deserving of it fantastic Lower Manhattan was built up all around it smells like American growing up in Italy did you see these types of places in

Movies as a kid oh absolutely yes F fiction of course I mean come on pigs are filthy animals I don’t eat filthy animals yeah bacon tastes good maybe no better Diner scene in American Cinema history right every possible thing you might be ordering they’re prepared for

You do the French toast please have a two egg scrambled with bacon oh this is the famous maple syrup got it ready for you it’s so sticky know there’s something about diner coffee you just can’t get this flavor anywhere else I grew up in New Jersey which has more diners in any

Other state in the US about 600 of them and I would order eggs at like 1100 p.m. I was one of those people that would do breakfast for late night dinner even the eggs all taste the same to me there’s just just like consistently good diner

Taste tastes like New Jersey to me this tastes like New Jersey first time ordering French toast at a restaurant period I think I tried to make them at home when I was still living in Italy but I mean they’re not the same of course let’s dig them in the in the

Syrup oh look at that m that’s actually good you weren’t expecting it to be good it’s very simple no I was expecting it to be to be heavier yeah very nice it’s a it’s a good breakfast if you didn’t know the word Diner came from dining car because

Diners actually used to be on Wheels that’s why they have the shape that they do I didn’t know that I’ve always wondered why they’re called like that why they called diners a diner should be your first breakfast in New York City even if your hotel has a free breakfast

I still say check out a diner at least one morning possibly make make the argument that we have the best job in the world we’re just eating Diner breakfast all day if you can think of an easier job tell me what it is I don’t know Kasa Adella is absolutely the most

Famous Puerto Rican restaurant in New York City been here since 1976 and you know what I’ve never eaten here before if you don’t know what you want to order I always recommend Mungo it’s just it’s platino right plantains plantain with a bunch of veggies some beef let’s try

It this the first time ordered a a Fungo in New York City that I’m a huge fan of oh my God it’s so good I mean the proof is in the pudding a lot of New York City businesses are struggling right now there’s not an Open Table midweek during lunch that says

Something okay this is my my ketchup it’s really big and Puerto Rico our friend introduced those two did and we love him for that person kind of addictive just a little it’s a perfect snack oh wow these might be the best platinos I’ve ever had period even in PTO Rico I

Can’t believe I’m saying that but these are out of this world just melt in your mouth so this place is really loud because you have families here eating together and it really really makes me feel like in myt in my aunt’s house it makes me feel at home I like it we’re

Going to do some Pakistani food to begin thank you because it’s been such a cold winter having all these amazing food options Under One Roof it’s like Foody heavy four of their signature lamb chops just coated with cute humanin coriander Pakistani spices so you know this is

Going to have quite a kick to it I’m just salivating looking at this thing guys oh it smells so good too you know if you’re into lamb chops with a little Pakistani flare some spicy kick to it you got to try this these are not your average lamb

Chops this isn’t something you normally order at a food market this is something I would typically order at a higher-end restaurant I’m getting a kick out of this we’re up to a heck of a start ohing my mouth is watering already has so many flavors going on I

Never had a burger like this is so good the meat is so tender I love everything about this burger I swear M it’s so juicy wow and you add the mint Chutney to this like it’s definitely adding a lot of flavor and spice to a burger that I’m not really

Used to certainly happy about this is what I love about food markets is everybody can be happy and you can try so many different places in one day these are so good that I just want to eat them until all I’ve got left is phone people are always asking me what’s

Something you should do on a rainy day and today it’s rainy it’s cold it’s windy I always say go to a food Hall and New York’s got plenty of them I know that Little Italy is right around the corner but if you want authentic Roman Street food trapeo right here is the

Spot this is the only trapeo in the United States and what’s incredible it’s just $9 we could actually classify this as cheap eats in New York sitting in a beautiful European style Cafe pizza Bianca dough and inside the pocket got that meatball just stuffed inside what a

Meatball if you put this on spaghetti and meatballs this would rival anything you can get in little ity I would have paid way more than $9 for something this good mix it up with a cocktail or wine I would say this would be a good date spot as well how could you possibly

Walk around run eating this and not getting a messy face I don’t know you tell me you’re out with friends in the Lower East Side and you want to go somewhere before going out to a lot of the bars in the clubs here this should be a good spot not too expensive

But just right we going out that’s cute look at that that’s very cute perfect for Chinatown look at this tiny little booth we got air conditioning Foods on the table this is a little Weir alley Street I used to get my haircut here for $5 actually and then

Just get a quick buy after yes and this place is called tasty Hull noodles but we ordered the pan Fred D dumplings because they are a little underrated and you can’t sleep on them so know that it’s a good pan frry dumpling the outside is a little crispy lightly fried

And then the inside is a chewy take a bite and look at the inside M wow it’s got such a nice crispy exterior and then we have good portion of pork with just a couple chives some veggies I made some of the soy sauce on top I’ve actually never eaten here

Before and I know so many other pan fried dumpling spots in Chinatown but I already one bite I’m really impressed with this Choice let’s take another M I’m impressed it’s actually one of the best pan fried dumplings I’ve had in Manhattan Chinatown already tell very fresh very very fresh Cheers Cheers

Oh M it actually tastes so much better with the soy sauce you can’t you have to dunk it in soy sauce is so good and there’s some ginger in there some chives it’s so fresh so refreshing so you can get them Frozen too right yes take them

Frozen take them home cuz you got the all these options right here we’re kind of curious about this $5 haircut to be honest with you how how good of a haircut is it for five months Chinese Americans when they’re younger we all got the same haircut just kind of short

Everywhere and that’s what I got yeah yeah and it was good and then the dollar TP we have a private booth and we spent $7 this is one of the cheapest ways to eat out in Manhattan and actually have some privacy like would you admit this

Is a pretty good cheap date for a couple oh yeah and it comes with water comes with water I love this we have not one but two different doors in this place there’s so much things here there’s a lot of food places a USPS and there’s

Haircut your oh we’re going to stop I I’m going to stop by your $5 haircut I I’m in for this I think it’s absolutely crazy how this street had some of the most murders in US history here on deer’s bloody angle and today it’s so colorful and full of restaurants I would

POS right here too just like that girl of all the street food I’ve ever eaten in New York City this may be my favorite oh thank you so much guys are amazing wow it’s so crazy this this puts a smile on my face every single time for

People who don’t know what fos is how would you describe it so basically fuska is a kind of street food of Bangladesh that is very popular F in ingredient like smashed potato and other sort of spices that’s secret sometimes they don’t share but coriander powder so they

All mixed it up and put in into this puffed uh braid you call they make this tarine Chutney it’s called okay and this is how it’s made and there’s a little bit of shredded egg on top oh yeah they just spread some egg so it’s give you

More Ki of the flavor okay so you want a cheer one bite everybody know rules one bite one bite that’s the rules right ready let’s do it I love the spices of the Chutney oh it’s so so good I think if you read our Expressions you can see how much we

Enjoy that bite it’s just like Flavor Wham just uh busting inside your mouth oh my gosh it’s so highly highly recommend this you and I own gby we’re on 36 now we said that Korea Town was really centered around 32nd but just a couple blocks away there’s still some

Amazing spots I heard a lot about Yun and Korean barbecue is definitely one of the best things to do in K Town it’s a little off from the normal strip but it’s definitely worth the walk you’re the one who invented the hand the cup which is like diamond cup so if you go

To all the Korean barbecue restaurants and if you see all this like cups like that that actually was invent from my father grandfather thing about this restaurant is it’s definitely a little bit more upscale so it’s a good place for celebrations for dates anniversaries they have amazing cocktail do you say

Cheers and Korean so uh it’s GBE GBE G all right G so age is very important in Korean culture right so if you’re specifically older than someone you’re going with someone who even is underage if that older person tells you to drink the younger person has to drink this would

Be a little bit overwhelming if you’ve never been to koream barbecue before on this alone you would probably be full they don’t call these appetiz These are side dishes it’s meant to be eaten with the meats Bobby the owner was telling us that the meat they buy is actually from

Nebraska because he said that the way they raise the cows out there is similar the way they rais the cows in Korea it’s very much meant to be a lot of people sharing it at once and just like a good get together all that all right then you take whatever

Side dish you want I’m going to take a little bit of kit this is like a staple so you got you got to do it and then U I’m just going to put a little seasoning on Cheers Che half short rib it’s amazing finally I learned how

To properly eat at a cream barbecue spot so thank you da we actually teaching me some of the intricacies here in Korean etiquette It’s usually the youngest person is supposed to serve everyone else before they serve themselves or they’ll usually have someone serve the youngest person never had Kim chiu before but looks

Interesting too spicy or I can handle it I mean it’s okay I’m feeling a little heat now but like something in the back of my throat you know that feeling like that was incredible so good that was the best Korean barbecue I’ve ever had yes two and three thank you thank

You so much they started as an inconspicuous little cart in Corona Queens only on weekends upgrading to a bigger spot on the Lower East Side getting covered by the New York Times and then blowing up and being you know one of the most popular places here that’s why I love coming here because

Not only is it just the food that you’re enjoying it’s the backstory you know it’s the hustle that nobody sees that what goes on behind the kitchen I was really pumped Marco took me here because you don’t find tamale spots at every corner of Manhattan check that out right

There and they make their own Masa which is really difficult not common at all in New York City I’ve had this in Mexico plenty of times tastes homemade man just fresh soft and I’m actually bringing three of these home one for Adriana and two for

Her ofrenda for Day of the Dead which is where you give offerings to deceased relatives and friends for that altar Adriana specifically asked for Tamales because her dead relatives and friends love tamales I love tamales too on a less dark note I really wish this was in

Brooklyn cuz I’d be coming here all the time the moly poblano really really good wow that that that hit that hit different that hit different that’s really really good I have not seen McDougall Street here in Greenwich Village this crowded in over a year what a positive sign for

The reopening yeah one one classic one classic you want spicy not spicy this is how we make you guys hungry we do this intentionally five bucks I’m shocked they haven’t raised their prices over the years you yeah I mean it’s just it’s it’s Word of Mouth advertising it’s got

To be easily one of the most famous places on McDougall Street which was hopping uh I’m happy to see the village coming back to life we’re in the heart of Greenwich Village let’s try you ever tried this before I have not tried this before this one’s my call so we’ll see

If he likes it it’s Tangy Tangy it’s just like I remember than I thought yeah real sweet two different types of pork and then we’re really tasting those pickled carrots I like the the hard roll a lot too you know is this the best Bon me

Sandwich in New York that I’ve had no is it one of the best deals for the village heck yes oh thank you should bring her on the video say of all the neighborhoods in New York City The Village has by far taken the most advantage of outdoor seating it’s really something else around

Here can I do the uh three small fingers with a sticky sauce Evan you’ve told me that stickies is your favorite New York City chain that’s why I decided to put this on the video about $6 for three chicken fingers and this is a New York institution so

Many cities are known for their local chains like New York used to just have Shake Shack and that went National and everything like that but you know who in this world doesn’t love a good Shake finger and we got the white barbecue sauce which is not really common in the

Northeast no absolutely not this is something that you know in my experience is very closely associated with Alabama got tons of sauce so crispy crispy juicy freshly made you’re not going to find this too many other places really super affordable by New York City standards and plus it tastes amazing for an extra

$150 you can get one of their Specialties and we got the Vampire killer can you can you talk about these ingredients oh absolutely wait hold up before I do that what we have right here is we got some fried garlic cuz again what else doesn’t fried garlic not make better um

You got garlic sauce you got parmesan you got parsley like honestly like this is definitely something that you don’t want to have before your first date otherwise they may not want to get too close to you yeah Vampire killer date killer there a lot of garlic be careful

Seriously all right let’s let’s try this this looks nuts M packs of punch if you love garlic this is this is what you want this is just beautiful this is this is Art Evan you found your match you know what the best part about this experience is right now as we’re

Eating this over there is a soul cycle station so Evan what do you say after we finish the last one we go and uh do a little cardio for 30 minutes or no you want to keep eating no we’re get going to go eat like I don’t know if you know

Me but we’re not stopping after having that finger I can honestly tell you there’s no way you can go kiss anybody after that it’s going to keep you single for a long time oh yeah you got to pet the dog though you got to pet the dog

This is not a real dog for the record it’s fooled me 10 times this isn’t a hidden gym at all a lot of people have heard of pis I’ve never been here before the original pis East Harlem open in 1933 look at this thin slice big flop uh let’s try some New York

History M $2 for this incredible yeah really small it’s really thin it’s like the perfect grabbing go slice for the city I mean you can go inside and sit too when you sit down and sit you only serve you the whole pie and it’s cash only thin crust the tomato sauce is very

Original and unique doesn’t drip down your face when you’re eating it hands down best pizza in the city hands down patto was Derrick Jeter’s favorite pizza spot the only thing we didn’t try yet was dessert and cow Nom isn’t your ordinary spot in tiie town for our last

Up home is yet another hyper authentic Thai restaurant in elur they’re known for traditional Thai Dishes lots of takeaway particularly under Co but they also do great desserts like the Canam Bo that she’s griddling up behind us they’re really Crepes but when you see them you’ll know why they’re called the Thai

Tacos Thai iced coffee the most sugary coffee drink you can have this side of the Atlantic wo to me it feels more like a dessert than an actual coffee here we go so what we have in front of us is a Thai crepe called Canon Bo so what color

Do you have it’s red okay so you have salted coconut and there’s like a little smear of bang so it’s kind of savory salty sweet this is definitely not your traditional American dessert flavors we’ve got salty we’ve got lime in here you know really crunchy very different

But I would say a good mixture of flavors like you’re not going to forget eating something like this or as Joe called it a taii taco yellow one has uh candied egg yolk called the fong in there this is the traditional shaved ice dessert called the toptim CR so these

Are water chestnuts in tapioca different this is a Tokyo chicken hot dog M it’s a sweet crepe around a hot dog completely different experience I love it though B Tokyo pandan so this is pandan panden is a it’s a plant a leaf used in a lot of Southeast Asian cooking and

Desserts that is really really really good the Tokyo hot dog is actually the top three things we’ve had today completely surprised by this hot dog Meats dessert down the BL down the block all right we’re there I smell some I smell it I can’t even see the place I

Just see the smoke ahead and I smell barbecue already I feel like your typical American probably would not equate Chinese food with barbecue but they would be way off right you’re right you’re right and this is a whole different type of Chinese food this is actually originate from weager which is

A Muslim part of China that many people don’t know about and there’s a lot of lamb the Muslim so they’re only for the lamb is a goto thing so we have to get the lamb skewers it’s simple food but it’s barbecue done right got so we’ve decided we’re we’re going

To eat our lamb skewers at the top of a parking lot over looking flushing the perfect ending to an amazing afternoon that smell is so strong and so good lamb and Golds uh are abundant in in the weager part of China and what we have right now it’s marinated in salt pepper

Cumin garlic Citron pepper a lot of things so let’s let’s see what the Chinese barbecue experience is all about medium medium spice medium spice they they’re not sure if I can handle this Ben just shook his head from behind the camera I think I’ll be okay Ben’s like

No Ben knows me well okay let’s just try it let’s let’s do it okay not too spicy it’s okay it’s really good really tender just a lot of flavor they really season this well y they do it’s a known Street pool in China people just eat this late night

For $150 I mean how how can you go wrong with this Uptown Bronx to 33rd and you and I have something in common we’re both first generation here in the US my family’s from Ukraine your family’s from J Jamaica and you insisted we come here for some patties right yep cuz they make

The patties fresh handmade there nothing Frozen so I was like why not let’s go get some spicy cheese bee patties from Uptown Bronx I’m excited I want to see this let’s get in there guys can I have three spicy um with cheese okay let’s

Go oh 46 g of sugar 92% of your daily sugar intake number one go-to meal if I’m super hungry if I’m hung over or something like that this is um broke and I have very little money this is what I get this is the secret how to cool down

A beef patty though you got to be very careful eting beef patty cuz you can burn yourself all right so what you do you open it up and you just blow inside of it and this is how you know it’s in a real original beef pwder it like it’s

All like ugly that’s how you know it’s handmade it’s not all uniformed they look all pretty right I’ll take your word for it I don’t need a lot of beef patties you need a lot of beef patties I don’t need a lot of beef patties but

I’ll tell you if I like it I’ll what we about to convert you convert me let’s do it here we go M mhm this is so good this is actually probably the best beef patty I’ve ever had in my life I think I’m about to go that far here I don’t know

Man I’ll sell my S for these you’ll never believe it and you said you’ve been to Jamaica a lot of times right how’s this compared to actual Jamaica Jamaican beef patties it was pretty close pretty close I wouldn’t low of you it’s not the Jamaican Patty though but

It’s pretty close if you can’t find it in New York City or in this case in the Bronx like you you’re not looking hard enough you find anything here I feel like I’m I’m expanding my Horizon so much and and I’m somebody probably didn’t consider the Bronx as much of a

Foodie destination but it totally is well said John well said in front of East Wind snack shop and Michael you told me that you’re vegan and this spot has a lot of great vegan options yeah um the thing about Windsor Terrace is not a ton of like

Solid vegan places but there are a lot of little hidden places like this one where you can get my favorite vegan dumplings they’re vegetable dumplings and they’re like the best I’ve ever had and it says absolute best dumplings Nyc New York Magazine timeout New York so they have stuff from meat eaters and

Vegans I’m excited to see what they got let’s get in there they offered us hot water as we came in I I might take them up on it yeah so this store was inspired by the old coffee and tea houses in Old School Chinatown and those places had uh lots

Of counters and places where people you know were coming off of work to come and sit and have a quick lunch Lun and have lots of great Chinese snacks when I started to develop my uh vegetable dumpling I I still wanted to taste and feel the textures of vegetables I wanted

To celebrate vegetables inside a dumpling these are the biggest vegetable dumplings I’ve ever seen in my entire life they’re absolutely jam-packed with veggies look at that let’s try it let’s do it let’s do it he’s right about those those big vegetables right like I’m not used to having that in a dumpling never

Had a dumpling quite like this before at least like a a vegetarian dumpling so many vegetables crammed in here and if you like the texture of vegetables really like that veggie flavor this is great so much going on in here teach piano lessons in the neighborhood and I walk pre pandemic

Walk house to house and teach lessons and this was a perfect place for me in like a late afternoon when I’ve got like 20 minutes that I need to account for like pop in and like get some dumplings and just hop into this really cool place

Guess why I called snack shop yeah pop in yeah two of the short ribs all right so you want to place to go yeah to go Moment of Truth the handoff thank you special thanks to Anna one of my patreon members for tipping me off to this place

Technically we crossed over into Hell’s Kitchen this is about a 15minute walk from Time Square it’s a little bit outside the Midtown boundaries but I think it’s worth the hike brazed short rib with gravy and potatoes look at that heat just coming out of

It this is so good oh I want to repeat that first bite over and over again that feeling oh my God that’s good the meat is so tender and juicy awkward the meat is just collapsing out of this it’s almost too much meat this may be a contender

For my favorite thing in this video and I didn’t think I would say that this actually might be my favorite thing we’ve had today guys we are in front of Kosar now many of you have heard about the bagel the most famous Jewish food in

New York City but how many of you have heard of the biali cuz it was founded by Morris Kosar who is from Bei stock Poland and in fact the whole word Beall is basically a shorten word from be stop cuz that’s where the Beall originated it’s like a big beali yeah oh

My God yeah could you show us that we’ve never seen anything like that before thank you wow we got we got to get that that is not a regular beity folks yeah and it comes with everything that’s everything inside everything iside all right guys we have got both the biali and the bagel

In front of us this Bagel by the way is absolutely one of the largest Bagels I’ve ever seen it barely has a hole in the middle but we’re still going to call it a bagel Carla can you talk more about the differences outside of the obvious in the middle right besides their

Obvious appearance because this be has that depressed Center full of the onions cuz we got the onion B um the basic big difference is the ingredients like I said the Alle much much simpler just flour water yeast and salt that’s it very simple and then because you’re

Adding the onions in the center it’s onions as well but I mean you can forgo the onions and just do garlic or something like that but the bagel has maltt and sugar so like when you taste it you can taste like the sweetness even

In a plain bagel but not the be Ali the be allei to me I would say like the dough itself is like the consist consistency and the taste of like pizza dough if you didn’t put sauce or cheese on it if you just ate the pizza dough

You know crust or something like that I haven’t had this in a long time going in much thicker than a bagel completely tastes like pizza dough I see that you can feel it right and then it’s Airy but not like the big airiness that’s in a that’s in a bagel

And you know it’s not it’s not as high obviously I mean it’s denser right it is denser that definitely definitely you know the yeast is making it rise but it doesn’t have that extra added sugar which I think makes the bagel rise exactly higher as well so because

There’s no sugar definitely in this one I got to get to the onion part that’s that’s what I’ve been eyeing yes yes I I do too but I’m going to have to go for a bigger bite than this oh you got the onion I ripped right

To it look at this thing guys I would say the onions a nice surprise in the middle I’m a fan of onions if you like onions you may like biis more than Bagels but I will say that I grew up eating bagels all the time in New Jersey

And I’ll still take a bagel over a biali but if you’re visiting New York and you want something very unique an old school biali place like this you are telling me is extremely hard to find so there’s a line at 3:00 on a Thursday that’s how you know a place is good

Where’d you go I’m right here Roy with potato what we got was a Roy with Alo or potato Curry Roy it’s really nice and what I like is it’s also vegetarian I know a lot of you out there say that I eat too much meat on the channel I specifically ordered this

Thinking of you guys that you know not everything we do has to always have meat with it but no just really soft on the outside chunky pieces of potato little spicy just the way you would expect it coconut water which is frozen oh this is good woo refreshing

Right refreshing and really cold too like I know we were actually looking for somebody who was cutting fresh coconuts outside we didn’t find him here but you know this is the next best thing I mean straight out of Guyana M they’re really good I love the spices

In the curries like really fresh you can tell that they just grinded the spices or something really good yeah this so good so good it makes you laugh I don’t even know where she’s running for the next stop we are waiting in line Line’s moving quick and you had

A funny interaction with this Bakery yesterday right yeah cuz I was reading online that this place sells out of egg Tarts really quick so I called in and they were like oh just come tomorrow come tomorrow and they didn’t allow me to make any kind of reservation order at

All so here we are here we are the line’s moving quick though egg Tarts look absolutely humongous I know look at that it’s like this big pretty much I don’t know uh oh Portuguese egg tart what do we got here oh yeah we have the very very good

Baked crust egg and sugar that’s perfectly burnt on the top and these are supposed to be the best egg Tarts in the city I’ve never had them before but we’ll try them out I’ve never had these ones before either the last time I had an egg tart in Manhattan’s Chinatown it

Was so small I could practically eat it in one bite this would be physically impossible to eat in one bite so we’re going to really enjoy this all ready to try it let’s try it hold on let’s do it let’s do it all right 1 2 3

M there’s so many layers to this thing oh wow right I mean you get the the crispy little crust Savory in the middle little sweet it really feels like a cake because the crust is very like I don’t know if it’s butter in there but it really feels like that kind of

Consistency and this egg it really doesn’t feel like an egg it’s like very gooey and just a lot of flavor in this it’s unbelievable she they actually had another store here before and since I was away at school they they’ve made a significant changes this is one of the biggest

Buffets I have ever seen in New York City I mean this is Las Vegas level they have like beef tongue right next to tuna salad that’s pretty noral you have to see this line behind me there’s no YouTube promotion no Tik Tok this is just locals knowing where to go some carrots and

Raisins so this is PL it’s the national dish of us bistan uh here they used carrot two different types of carrots yellow and orange there are I believe some raisins or Craisins not sure whichin yeah cran dried cranberries it’s cooked for a long time the meat is

Slow cooked it looks very tender as you can see I think we literally have every single ingredient in one bite was Becky PL I’ve had this before I was most excited to try this again I love lamb here we go keep in mind how tender this meat is let’s try this oh wow

Flavorful just melts in your mouth so much flavor I just I just want more of that meat guys I like the the sweet hints that the raisins or Craisins give when you’re eating the rice when you go to a supermarket like that and you see a

Line that takes you 20 30 minutes to get served I think generally speaking that’s a that’s a pretty good sign that you’re going to get food like this also I haven’t seen in any of the Brighton supermarkets or any Russian Supermarket I’ve been to where someone is serving

The food to you it’s always grabbing go like buffet style you know in my experience I’ve seen some of the best food in New York City can be found in little ethnic supermarkets like this I’m telling you really true best thing you can do apart from visiting a Russian

Supermarket is find yourself some an older USC lady friend and she will she’ll make you the best CL you’ve ever had in your life are they are they are they waiting for us or any around here somewhere older at who Becky ladies I don’t know I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been

Searching my whole life I can’t seem to find one Tai Hong it’s a excellent Taiwanese restaurant and if many of you have watched my channel you know I came back from a trip in Taiwan and January and I was looking for a good Taiwanese spot and this is

It this is honestly one of my favorite things about New York City is that you could just wander into what feels like a little hole in the wall here and have absolutely tremendous food waiting for you getting a little sneak peek of what’s coming here I hope it looks

Better in person I think it’s going to look way better in person I hope it looks better in person look at this steamed bun with pork belly inside Taiwanese Burger so much love went into this ready I’m ready let’s do this let’s do this this pork so much flavor and you

Have the little pieces of peanut on top it almost feels like there’s a peanut paste on it when you eat this wow like really good choice for a complete hole in the wall I have to say I know it’s so good you got the little peanuts like

John said the Pickled mustard as well and the pork belly along with the steam bun perfect combination you have so many flavors in this it rocks authentic too I went to Taiwan and this is the closest that I’ve gotten to good pork belly Burger in New York City too many

Tourists make the mistake and granted if it’s your first time in New York you might not have time to spend 40 minutes on the train coming to Flushing but if it’s your second trip to New York if you’ve just moved to New York or if

You’re here on a longer trip you owe it to yourself to come to Flushing I’ve been here before it’s just uh a Foodies Paradise I would call it yeah it really is a Foodies Paradise you come here you’ll be in love with the neighborhood just from the

Food are we doing thighs we doing legs what what are you recommending well I’m a fan man myself all right see me too two drums two thighs we need to do uh some mac and cheese and some candy Ys it’s a lot of food you know we did

Run into Charles the owner the man the myth the legend unfortunately I didn’t tell them we were coming and he was on his way out so he said a word or two on camera so we didn’t get that big review but we’re going to we’re going to pay

Them homage we’re going to give them some respect by eating a ton of this on camera now this isn’t really the best food to eat outside this isn’t really straet food yeah it’s not like a slice of pizza where you just take it you fold

It and you just kind of walk and go like the best part about like having fried chicken and soul food is the fact that you get to sit down and like really enjoy it and spend time with those that you care about it’s definitely not something that you’re just eaten out of a

Container that my friends is what you call fried goodness Evan insisted I go first I have not had fried chicken in Harlem since we were at Amy ruths doing chicken and waffles this is different this is just a drumstick coming right out of the bucket perfect let’s try this mhm it just so

Crispy I see exactly what Evan was saying about the pan Fried Chicken how you just get a better flavor out of it and clearly you know Charles is a legend for a reason excellent just just in one bite I could tell how good this Fried Chicken is really happy Evan took me

Here as usual Evan another good choice honestly like this is just bringing me back some memories already just by smelling it and oh yeah this is perfectly done like it’s crispy it’s juicy it’s full of flavor and like even when I bite into it like it’s it literally brings me back

To my childhood like I I can’t think of a more perfect piece of chicken right now honestly tastes homemade to me like that’s how I would describe it I feel like this is homemade all right this is Molly’s Cupcakes this is where me and Adriana certainly meat in the middle

This is also one of my favorite shops in Greenwich Village I’ve covered it a few times on the channel but now Audriana is going to to tell you a thousand reasons why she likes this place I honestly love I I was a big fan of beach cobbler and I

Ordered it for many years I it was everything I ate every time I came here but now I’m a big fan of blueberry cheesecake I’m going to either get the chocolate decadence or the cookies and cream tough decisions in life huh get a blueberry cheesecake sure anything else that’s

I can’t describe how good this is seriously I can’t it’s perfect it’s soft it’s sweet but not super sweet crunchy o I’m inan love with this cupcake it wouldn’t be a Cookie Monster without a little cookie on Top This is what makes the Cookie Monster cupcake folks all

Right haven’t had this one in a little while it’s like cookie goodness mixed with a cupcake that’s the best way to describe it’s so soft but the the little chips oh this just definitely one of the top cupcakes in New York City well russos has like

The like the window says has been in business since 1908 and they specialize in their homemade mozzarella which they make right on the premise in the basement every single day and it’s amazing you know it’s just like to taste that freshness you you just can’t be be what they make their own

Pasta oh you were right about the smell the second you walk in here look at all this pasta everywhere also you know they have a a lot of imported goods because like you can really get everything you need here for a proper Italian meal oh yeah and all

The different kinds of olives and like little salads like this you know their um Sun DED tomato they make all these themselves plus the prepared food cuz the neighborhood has changed so now a lot of young people they don’t have time to cook they want to come in and look

Very reasonable price cheese lasagna $6.99 that’s a good little hack there I like that I might for this made and you made that fresh today every day here every day couch thank you Jimmy you’re the best thank you so much they’re like our extended family they really really

Really really are we genuinely care about them and they care about us as well you know it’s I’m taking my first bite of the Italiano I’m not going to finish this I think we’ve got more food to come in the video but I just wanted

To show you guys what you’d get if you ordered their most famous sandwich look at all the mozzarella in here this is ridiculous I’m taking a big bite from the bread to the fresh mozzarella to the basil to the oil and vinegar this is just a perfect Italian

Sandwich to get in New York City this may be one of the best Italian sandwiches I have tried living in New York it’s definitely like top two or three I mean you’ve got to come here just for that support local business and get an amazing lunch too thank you guys good choice good

Choice lmb spon Gardens established 1939 New York City history right here there’s no place like L&B you feel like you’re at a block party guys look at this it’s like it’s like a movie scene here it’s a Brooklyn movie scene everyone’s just outside enjoying themselves and I it’s Brooklyn look I’ve

Been here before I had a great time when it comes to the Sicilian Some people prefer the corner Some people prefer the side slice some people don’t want any crust they want the full bank for your buck sauce cheese spread to the edge and that’s when you get the middle slice

Corner slice please can I do a middle looks good I was fast like 10 seconds Antonio I think it’s important for people to know that L&B is the god father of the upside down slice they pioneered this style and everybody loves it because you’re getting a lot of sauce

There’s two cheeses on it more flavor for it I love the spongy crust and the tomato sauce like the flavor just jumps right out at you a little bit sweet pretty unique for New York City you don’t find the style of pizza too often there’s nothing like having an upside

Down Sicilian at the place that pioneered this sty wow the SAU is Dand out when you come to lmb absolutely I’ve been here John I can’t I can’t even count the times this was my uncle’s favorite spot these places become a part of you become part of your your life in

A in a way that you’d never imagin huge groups are here a lot of families that brought their kids I love that about these Brooklyn Pizza spots that these are like generational destinations your record for lmb one sitting guys look at me I five slices is nothing I can do five

Slices but it’s going to knock me out for the rest of the day that’s going to be a really long nap after I think a mom and and a grandma eating pizza in the front seat of their car like doesn’t get much more Brooklyn than that everyone’s

In a rush in New York City guys I mean I myself have paper plates in my glove compartment how you can tell he’s serious right here this is probably my favorite stop in all of Dumbo jacqu Torres if you’re into chocolate this is the place for you and on a cold Winter’s

Day youve got to try the hot chocolate that’s exactly L what we’re about to get I don’t know how you can come here and not buy five things I want I want to buy the whole store right now winner four bucks for a valentine lollipop this is the kind of place that

Makes you want to ruin dinner early if you ready New York Chocolate blueberries the gifts just keep on coming and coming every place we go to in dumbo this is my favorite store in dumbo like just put that on the record 60% dark chocolate in this hot

Chocolate CH no we got to do it again I saw that coming okay so rich and flavorful this is the perfect way to end a trip to Dumbo you know take this go walk alongside the Brooklyn Bridge you know one of the biggest food crazes I’ve seen in the city the last

Couple years are Korean corn dogs big time thanks to Tik Tok thanks to Tik Tok yep not only do they have Korean corn dogs here but they got K-pop albums as well this isn’t my thing are you do you know anything about K-pop Ming actually

You know I love the old school stuff big bang I don’t think most Korean corn dog spots have K-pop this is unique yeah all right number one number four number five number 12 wow my sticks don’t break you guys went wild through the the condiments my God

This is a monster all right I’ve actually never tried this before I’m I’m super excited ready Big B John big bite big bite let’s do it chz I’m working to that level I’m working to that level I never would have thought that powdered sugar on top of a corn dog

Would work as well as it’s working right now but somehow amazing M crunchy cheesy spicy Savory sugary all in one she sounded like a commercial for this place right I can understand why this got so popular on Tik Tok just watching Ben with those cheese p this is actually a

Fun food to eat there we go I think it takes some skills let me do it skills I lack I’ve never felt so left out in my entire life so disclaimer I just realized that neither of them actually had hot dogs in their K Dogs it was just cheese and I

Think sweet potato and cheese hence it was easier for the cheese pole I don’t feel as bad anymore so this is it it looks like we’re about to eat at somebody’s house it does it’s a fujin restaurant and we’re in a fujin Chinese Chinatown neighborhood and we have to try out the

Cuisine so let’s go for it let’s do this is anyone here yeah someone’s here they’re open I think we had to get their attention yeah hi can we get the noodle of peanut sauce noodle huh noodle PE noodle what we have here is a little carb overload we’ve got the peanut sauce and

We’re just it’s at the bottom so we’re mixing it together yeah they must have dripped it in and all the sauce is at the bottom so I’ve had the famous peanut noodles at shua fuo cuisine in Manhattan’s Chinatown I’m going to be curious how these compare you ready yeah

Let’s try it let’s do it here we go got a big pull there I know too much look at that look at that this is a Mikey chin noodle pull here okay now I’m going to take a big bite it’s really good the one in Manhattan I think it’s got a stronger

Flavor which I prefer personally but I’m someone that likes a really sweet flavory sauce this is more understated yeah this one is a little bit more light but which one gives you more noodles I don’t know I think these guys might give more noodles I don’t think anyone in my life

Has ever given me this much noodles period I need a nap after this though it’s carb overload oh my goodness it is look at this economy candy has been opened since 1937 this is one of the city’s most famous candy stores they have a selection of goods that you really can’t

Find in many other shops we’re going to go inside and see exactly what we can find I’m trying to find something that would be actually like difficult to locate thinking bulk candy gummy bears sour gummy poppers she said that her dentist is angry at her for working here for life’s

Boo boos chocolate Aid milk chocolate Band-Aids you C yourself I think of all the places on this video if you have kids this is the spot to come for sure as an artist I love this one I want to know my Misfortune could be funny you never disappoint at letting people

Down so this is a traditional Brazilian buffet uh we have riceing means of course a bunch of meat and also great salad bar but if you want if you feel like having a Brazilian shihas which is Brazilian barbecue you can go to the back and they have an amazing shasco

Spot and it’s 8.99 a pound if you want to include this shasco or $7.99 a pound for this Buffet over here guys I have to admit they have some really healthy options here it’s not your typical Buffet they’ve got kinoa they have salmon that was the first thing that

Jumped out to me how sweet potato the healthy choices they have but if you’re anything like me you’re here for the Brazilian barbecue and and I saw this stuff hanging on skewers oo that’s what I want to be getting for sure we have top sirloin and skirt steak this

Is what I’m most interested in I’ve been to know Brazilian steak houses Brazilian all you can eat places where they they carve it right in front of you so I like that touch here where you can go order whatever you want and just add it on to

The price of your Buffet so let’s try some top stline very tender I like this a lot also just the right amount of salt I’ve had problems at steakhouses in the past where there’s just too much salt on the meat not an issue here but I really love

This top sirloin if you come here this has got to be your pick but I miss the Brazilian community so much so I try to leave as close as possible so is a perfect mix for you know New York and Brazil why don’t you show everyone your super healthy meal

Yes asai people very popular in the world but it’s a Brazilian thing especially so it’s really good they blend it with gu so speechless mhm I don’t want to get food there’s a lot going on here guys we’ll explain out side so this is the Taiwanese toar ball

Shaved ice this is incredible for 550 you have 13 different ingredients I mean look at this thing there’s three three different kinds of balls here you have the purple one which is the purple yam you have the light white one the light purple one which is taro and you have

The orange one which is sweet potato and then you have pineapple in here some uh some beans and some kidney beans and shaved ice at the bottom and the way you’re supposed to eat this is you eat it from the top to the bottom so that

Way when you eat the ingredients at the top the ingredients have time to soak into the shaved ice at the bottom so guys I don’t know what’s cooler the fact that there’s 13 different ingredients or the fact that we are on Deer Street AKA bloody angle and the intersection here

Has apparently had the most murders in US history due to gang activity in this region in the early 20th Century so a lot of history going on but as Candace said just start from the top so I’m going to take a few quick bites so we can mix the flavors a little

Bit this isn’t like any dessert I’ve ever had before it’s got a lot of different things going on we’ve got the purple yam we got the sweet potato flavor we’ve got the tarell flavor dig in a bit even looks like a little corn yeah they have corn in there too yeah

This is this isn’t your typical American super sugary dessert I feel like this actually has elements it could be kind of healthy know yeah and look even the ice at the bottom is seeping in already it’s becoming a little ground yeah and this is the best part as he was saying look

Look at the flavor just seeping in for 550 by the way this could easily serve two people maybe even be deserve for three people yeah this is really incredible it’s hard to find like a Taiwanese place that sells it for this cheap in fact this is the only place I

Know in China That’s salted all right so my goal here is to try to mix as many flavors as humanly possible into one crazy bite I we got pretty close nobody saw that that’s where it’s that mhm when you mix them all together that is where it’s

At so you have the proper tennis method you eat it from the top and you have my method you just you know do whatever ever uh whatever serves you better thank you we’ve got the Masala dough so we’re going to open it up and show you what’s inside okay so main ingredient potatoes

We’ve also got onion we’ve got mustard seeds it’s pretty basic again very healthy vegetarian $4.50 not going to break the bank I also like about this place that it’s mostly uh local Indian people who come here you know they go to Temple upstairs to worship come downstairs have a great

Meal waiting right for them but of course you don’t just have to be Indian to come here you see non-indians sitting here as well a really inclusive environment I’m I’m pretty happy already but let’s try this now I’ve got all the ingredients in the middle this is my favorite part of eating this

Style of food just dipping everything in sauces you know there’s a big flavor explosion about to happen wow it’s such a nice combination just getting that crunchiness of the Dosa then the potato The Mustard Seed a little bit spicy complimented well by the Chutney so delicious Adriana’s about to try the G

Roast look at look at this cone look at this guys I’m breaking it apart has it has nothing inside it’s very very very tasty like butter I love it I love it at least I wouldn’t think that something like this with no filling inside would

Be as good as it is but the ghee roast Adriana just told me so far it’s her favorite thing this is so buttery like silky smooth when it goes in your mouth nice crunch oh absolutely amazing I’m so impressed by this and I feel bad messing

Up this little cone we had it’s like a work of art isn’t it so guys they surprised us they just brought us like an an extra dish a Raba Dosa it’s Cream of Wheat with onion and green chili they wanted to see how much we’d like

It I’m just going crazy here guys guys again for me this is my first time trying all of this food it’s a little bit different this wheat dose I feel like it absorbs the Chutney and the sambar more so I’m tasting a little bit more of the of the sauces

Here it’s still very good I love onions so it’s really good for me so soft and crunchy at same time hard to explain but all right this is my favorite suaki in yo in New York City they’re called the king of suaki they started off here just as a humble little

Cart on this corner for in 1970s and they’ve grown to this huge truck and they’ve actually had multiple trucks and have bricking mortar now in Brooklyn so they’ve done very well it’s for good reason the food is amazing here all right let’s let’s try this out half pork

Yo half pork suaki please okay lemon s oreg yes please and paprika I love the smoke that’s coming out from the top of this truck truck right there they are they are really popular this spot and they call the king for a reason we got here we have the pork por

Suvlaki half and half that’s the beauty of this truck they’ll do that for you and it’s the hand stack variety of Vos not the mystery meat this is how they do it in Greece I was just an ath 2 months ago I can attest to that and they have

The ziki with made with real yogurt it’s not that white sauce with the Mayo this is real ziki sauce and you have the fries what special about these fries they’re fried in extra virgin olive oil they’re amazing you know don’t count the calories just get the fries

I I don’t eat Greek food that often which is a shame we’re in Storia so you know we’re going to be trying this so I’m putting the Euro right now into the sauce here we go oh man that is so tender that might be some of the most tender juiciest street meat

I’ve ever had before unbelievable so luy they marinated for a while that’s why it soaks up a lot of flavor so let’s take a bite it’s so juicy so tender my name is Frank Russo I am the district manager for Tomkins Square Bagels we have about 33 to 40 different

Spreads we created a lot of these just from Trends comments people wanted different things and we came up with our own recipes all the cream cheeses here are made in house my men aren’t uh Del guys they’re food stylists there they’re sandwich artists they they just don’t

Make it they create it one of the classic favorites it’s the French toast bagel with birthday cake cream cheese now the birthday cake cream cheese is basically like a sweet cream with the Funfetti sprinkles plain bagel with Walnut raising cream cheese chocolate chip cookie dough on a french toast bagel

Deserty that would be the first words that come to mind like serve this at a party afterwards I don’t know even for breakfast if you’re looking for something sweeter yeah the birthday cake cream cheese it’s sweet but it’s not like overly sugary literally tastes like I’m just taking little pieces of a

Birthday cake you’re taking off the layer the cream and this uh French toast bagel I he said it was Brio I really taste that it taste a bit of the cinnamon in here um so it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool Riff on like a French TOS breakfast but in Bagel form the

Bagel SS quite uh pillowy soft I really like it I think a pair is really nice with the sweet cream cheese I’ll tell you it’s probably the first sweet bagel cream cheese combo I’ve ever tasted that I enjoyed what’s Wild to me is comparing this to Absolute Bagels like almost old

School as they come and then they have these flavors here and these cream cheeses do you think that people’s tastes are to change yeah I think it’s in general I think people are getting more creative with uh you know like sandwiches you have these places to do

Crazy customizable like a way think that I think now just kind of like very creative even with pizza like a lot of foods are getting much more creative I think there people are more adventurous more willing to step out of the Comfort zones when it comes to traditional foods

And I think Tomkin Square was the first one to do the French toast vagle and this was before Instagram this is before Tik Tok this is before these things really blew up who would you tell to come here uh someone who would loves dessert I mean we haven’t really tried

The Savory we had a lot of savory today but we want to try something really unique you really like sweets I was say come here if you want to go to like a pastry store you want to kind of you want to try a bagel but you want to get

A little sweetness to it come here plus you’re visiting New York City High chance you’re in the East Village at some point and maybe one person in your group likes really sweet stuff you can still get all the classics here they even have a jersey Bagel Taylor ham and

Cheese they have everything here I really like the bagel itself this French toast Bagel is really unique I haven’t heard of this before here uh really like the flavors a little subtle cinnamon in there is eggy flavor yes this is where you get your aul which is sweet red beans uh this

Lady is famous so as you see there’s always a line here um cuz it’s really good I like it I don’t know why I like it but I like it and I like these little crackers and you said there’s a little beans in there as well just super

Sugary you said people either love or hate this right yes put me in the love category I was so impressed how simple this pie was to make how quick it was to make and I’ve had neapolitan pizza before New York City I’ve never had it

In Naples before so I guess I’m not the best judge but uh let’s take a bite I’m folding it now Mary Jane said some people do fold it in Italy so I’m not the only person in the world to do this for neopolitan slice I’m not using a fork and

Knife M this is delicious like I I think I can eat this whole thing in 5 minutes this is just unbelievably good this may be the the softest crust ever tried in my entire life I’m serious let’s try it guys I’m very curious actually cuz I’ve tried several

Pizzas in New York but I’ve never tried an authentic Italian place which this claims to be so let’s try it and as you can see I’m going to use fork and knife you’re a lot more civilized than I am no it’s not that it’s just that many many

People in Italy use uh just their hands to eat pizza it’s just that the first part it’s a bit more to eat just with your hands that’s why I use first broken knife and then I will switch with my to my hands you will see finally

Finally so many people ask me what’s the difference between Italian pizza and New York City Pizza and there are obviously many things to mention but the one difference that for me is most important is the mozzarella because do you see how this mozzarella looks like this is fresh mozzarella we call it

Also F Dil latte in Italian whereas the New York City slice doesn’t use this kind of mozzarella it use a low low moisture mozzarella uh so this mozzarella is usually uh round it’s shaped like a small ball so to say I’m really impressed by this one um this in particular

They import from aerola which is a place right near Naples in the um peninsula of Sorento and I must say it really tastes like authentic Italian Neapolitan mozzarella rice 450 with two veggie items T First Impressions this just smells amazing I’m overwhelmed I’m just excited to get food in my mouth look at

All the options here it’s just lined up for you so you just pick your sides so cool look at all these people that have been here a lot of smiling faces including this guy’s a famous YouTuber right no oh this guy this guy too he’s a famous YouTuber too right more famous

YouTuber so 450 we’ve got lentils on one side we’ve got the rice like deep underneath here and we’ve got the yogurt Curry I’m expecting a very flavorful first bite here we go we’re trying the m M the lentils have like just the right amount of spice for somebody like me who

Enjoys Indian food but doesn’t want it super super hot it’s got flavor it’s got a little bit of a kick to it I’m more excited to try the yogurt Curry though I got the rice buried underneath I’m going to try to get I’m going to try to get some rice with a yogurt

Curry poopie said that this was a very good choice so kind of winked you ready guys wow tastes like the the yogurt flavor it’s got good spices a little bit hot little bit hot look at all ingredients mixed in here I’m not an Indian food expert by

Any means but I will say that for $450 you can do a lot worse this is easy an easy lunch for me for under $5 like no question you can know take it to go enjoy it in the park and it’s healthy and vegetarian so there’s so many good things going on

Here I just feel like while we’re eating we’re like dodging cab drivers coming to get stuff and it’s been an interesting food experience one of the most random things I’ve done in a long time cuz one thing about the food here we make it daily but also we say prayer

You have to do if you’re going to do the way the ancestors did it oh yeah then the ancestors commune to the God so cooking was their love when the people sat down to eat they want them to really enjoy it really feel like they are back

Home really have a moment of peace and Tranquility talk about the chicken and waffles why why do you think it’s your most famous dish well well one because we season the chicken like 24 hours in advance let it sit in this special seasoning same thing with the you’re not

Going to give us a secret on that are you no oh man that would be foolish it’s like three or four seasoning but it would be foolish right here you got your collard greens you got your baked mac and cheese got your candy Gams you got your black eyed

Peas here we go Cheers Cheers collard green chears there’s so much flavor that’s just the first thing that came to my mind oh yeah perfectly done it like you can even see like the bits of meat that are in here unfortunately it’s not vegan or vegetarian but it’s pretty darn good made

Glove it’s such a perfect comb combination e like whoever would have thought combining a chicken waffle and one would be so good but they they try to compliment each other really well you know that’s why Geniuses exist is sometimes you just got to go ahead and you know put things together that way

You know all right members with bario this is for you big bite like you didn’t even put that in the words like it’s just like it’s so melty in your mouth like it’s like eating a cloud like there’s no other way to describe this like it is literally the best waffle

I’ve had and trust me I eat a lot I figured we’d start at L tacos number one we’ve been to the one in Time Square before we’ve rated it the best taco in New York City let’s see how Chelsea markets does what do you think I’m really excited guys and I’ll let you

Know if it’s worth it or no if it’s as good as the one in Time Square I’m definitely eat L let’s go I mean it smells amazing as you’re walking through Chelsea Market you can smell the taco we’ve got our Taco we’re going to go eat it now in the little back room

Area that a lot of people don’t even know exists it’s very cool follow me one of the factors that make it the tacos taste bad in US is a tortilla because they don’t taste the same and they have this strong flavor and these tortillas have just this perfect flavor

Like they are just perfect she’s trying to peever I don’t I mix again and I don’t do that well she’s like what that’s not bad I mean it’s not bad it’s it’s not spicy for me I think it’s spicy it’s really good the corn tortilla is amazing

I can’t wait to eat this you’ve been to Malaysia before so this is going to be like a a repeat for you right I remember it was good that’s all I remember that’s the most important thing to remember for sure all right so first up for the taste

Test is going to be Nasi lamach and Nasi means rice this is like a staple dish in Malaysia I really like the sauce though is just the right amount of spice for me I’m not someone that loves super spicy food there it is right there wow this is really really really good my

First few bites of Malaysian food already in F you mix some of the the rice into it my friend who recommended this restaurant jod sto thank you good call are those like little fishes where this I think that’s fish I think it is yeah all right let’s try this yeah it’s a little

Spicy reminds me a bit of Indian food okay know which is logical since geographically it’s on that part yeah it’s more Indian than anything else I would say okay really tasty yeah Super Rich sauce Super Rich we took you back to Malaysia sort of in Queens how was the overall experience it was

Delicious like in Malaysia you’re always kind of suspicious of the thing you eat cuz you don’t know what it is and you ordered it like in Malaysian but here when you actually feel safe you can enjoy it so yeah definitely try Asian food it’s really different than any other Asian food

Actually I used to work in the hospital work in the hospital for like 18 years to hang out here every day A friend of mine used to own a store before so so when he decided that he didn’t want to do it anymore me and a very close friend

Of mine Jeff we don’t want a space to go to was so we both just came together keep the American Del but just a Fusion on it lived in a story all his life I grew up in Jamaica so we just Blended the two and you know the notable was Bor

What what’s the impact been of social media in bringing you a lot of business listen man hungry artist Johnny eats I’m no lights probably a 50% jump in business since Johnny and Justin came in people came from Boston everybody comes from one Island Brooklyn the whole New

York City come been here to support us it’s been pretty good for the Jamaican me crazy I think the KFC in Jamaica have the best chicken and the best COA D island dressing has that sweet taste and the klaw has that sweet taste so we just put klaw and the jerk chicken together

So you know you have the sweet and a little bit of spicy with the jerk chicken look at look how much meat is in here it’s on that cocoa bread the cocoa bread is very soft but it’s been pressed down on a pan press it’s got those marks

On top oo jerk chicken legitimately one of my most favorite things to eat in the world let’s give it a shot M chicken is very smoky and he got that jerk sauce on top I love that cocoa bread though it’s just so soft and spongy you mix that all together those

Little crunchy peppers in there got a nice bit of heat in here I love also important to note we are standing outside of notable no table no tables here we’re standing and eating Good Eats no seats and you were telling that not so easy to find Jamaican food

In stor right nearly impossible until this spot opened up diverse as Storia Jackson Heights area is we did not really have West Indian food but now a jamaan spot right here in Historia definitely be back 7th Street Burger you’ve heard all the hype what are your first impressions I mean this is

Basically a hole in the wall right here and they make decision making really simple because their menu barely has any choices cheeseburger double impossible fries Coke that’s it keep it simple three cheeseburgers they bring you the burgers outside we are sitting under heat lamps it’s about 40° right now this

Is nice I’m going let you get yours first this thing is greasy and sloppy look at this the Patty is bigger than the bun like 1 and 1/2 times size of the bun here all their burgers are served with grilled onions American cheese pickles and their house sauce and a

Griddle toasted Martin potato bun also just the crisp edges of the Patty here one of New York’s hottest Burgers right now 7th Street let’s try it I remember not quite a White Castle slider not quite a shack Burger but perfectly in between the first thing I hit me was

The onions caramelized onions on top what hit me at first is the sauce this is kind of like a Big Mac sauce this thing is amazing the sauce is really what makes it I love how thin the beef is and just satisfying overall I love the Simplicity of this you know exactly

What you’re getting no lettuce no tomato just plenty of Grease plenty of burger here no frills No Frills yeah I’m telling you the sauce brings it all together that that and the onions it would be perfect to me if the onions were just a little bit more

Caramelized a little bit more but other than that it’s a good fast food Burger I have to say yeah this thing 6 and 1/2 bucks I mean great price Great Value too you know I’ve eaten at all the the city chains and a lot of people say that

Shake Shack is overrated I am a Shake Shack fan I do not think seven Street Burger is overrated I think I’m jumping on the hype train they got one of these in Brooklyn I’m going to be hitting up near me now it ain’t pretty but it works

Yep so the people brought over what they knew how to do they knew how to make pickles it was an inexpensive item and uh it felt like home cooking the Home Food at that time was a nickel for a pickle new pickle see how green it is

Right so that’s kind of like like closest it can be to a cucumber yes it’s only been pickled for 1 to 10 days after 2 weeks it turns to a half sour pickle you see how the color changes it goes sort of yellow and then the other pickle we saw

The salad pickles those are 3 months old be I know the most gking the most D flavor so we’re going with the classic we’ve been doing classics all day sour pickle super sour right full sour this is full sour three weeks curing three weeks for this okay let’s let’s do

It so much pickled juice I would say in it definitely so juicy so sour and you you like you heard that snap too when I did into it right it’s super crisp like extra fresh good really crunchy oh yeah yes this is actually a very popular stop

On the Jewish food tours they have some on the low E side I took one a long time ago I have been here before I think the owner is a character definitely stop by this place yeah like you said it was 5 cents a pickle hey hey no no Hudson

Loves pickles too and now only a dollar a pickle so it’s still a very affordable food you said a pickle for a nickel a pickle for a nickel that’s it oh Hudson Hudson ready catch all right and now two manell like Christmas came early with these colors

I’m very very excited for this we’re at a fine dining Italian establishment outside you don’t usually see these kind of tablecloths on the street I kind of like it this place is so good the door Dash delivery drivers will eat it first inside then bring you your pie okay it’s

A good signal look how puffy this cornon is on the edge this one is vodka sauce pesto and chicken cutlet you I don’t usually do chicken pizza but I’ll make exception it’s a very sturdy slice like zero flock considering how many ingredients we’ve got on it too let’s give us a

Go that pesto just balances everything out pesto and vodka sauce nice combination here I like how thick it is on top too sometimes it should be like a little bit of a drizzle it’s a really thick peso but I’ll even tell you that the chicken cutlet is well seasoned and

Marinated as well it’s not just an afterthought here I think you could put a lot of these ingredients in a sandwich it would be fantastic too same wavelength yeah what can’t you do with a good chicken cutl I bet you he would make great bread like how skilled he is

To making this dough I bet you he’d make a great sandwich bread the dough is so well made and fermented that you don’t feel so heavy in your stomach that’s the thing about all these new school shops is that way this has been one of my

Favorite slices of the day I got to tell you right here you know what it reminds me of similar new school Vibe luchia’s Avenue X in Brooklyn old school inspiration new school technique and kind of elevated fermentation dough ingredients I agree with you that check that out in our Brooklyn Pizza guide did

A really good video last year including luchas I think New Yorkers are getting pickier about pizza as well I can’t just open up a dollar shop and expect people to show up now you have pizza like this in New York I don’t even want to waste my stomach space on dollar slices I’ll

Tell you it’s funny cuz most of the native New Yorkers I meet they want nothing to do with Dollar Pizza I get it trust me you know why because old school good pizza like we had like at a mod for example that used to be a dollar for a

Slice back in the ’90s you’re right I if only still was right but Jersey Boy here we’re sitting outside of satri here in The Sopranos all right kind of reminds me of that cuz like with the the tablecloths it’s kind of like a chilly fall day you know kind of brings me that

Vibe a little cloudy out toras Nea and what’s interesting here is that every Tor is named after a different Mexican football team uh so the torta Pumas what we’re going to get it’s got all these different ingredients breaded chicken hamon uh head cheese toriso egg cheese sausage

Tons guys what what have we done here I don’t know what we’ve done here they’re expecting me to eat all this by myself I’m kind guys I’m kind of skinny for a reason I can’t eat this much I can’t even get my mouth around I guess it’s got to start from the

Side it’s amazing the first thing the first flavor I noticed was this Sal chicha the hot dog got a little kick to it on top of the Omelette and the bread was just grilled over this monstrosity this is really good and I don’t even know if I could finish a

Quarter this is just a quarter of the sandwich with all this meat sticking out this is this is an Insider’s pick drag and ji wow good call here the hot dog a really strong flavor it all works so well together I’m not a big hot dog fan personally but in here it works

Everything melts so well together and the bread is excellent this spot is known for their teas it’s by their name on Prince Street the original location this restaurant is absolutely beautiful the interior it feels like you’re having tea with the British royal family daring Margaret’s hope black tea oh

Refreshing it is so refreshing and it’s great for such a heavy meal that we’ve eaten before it really cleanses our palet dessert here is so good you could spend an entire year wandering here and not even hit every single restaurant it’s just a truly uh over whing

Neighborhood in the best possible way it really is and I’ve lived in Queens my whole life I still haven’t experienced all these restaurants and flushing only just recommendations and then I’ll go pop in but there’s so much more to explore here let’s try this T soon

Now flushing is the Foodies Heaven of it really is of East Asian food I have to say oh and I just ruined it okay oh wow it has that really really strong like chocolatey flavor on the top food coma coming up guys all right so simple

It’s so New York we heard you were the best hot dog cart in New York you seem very popular around here I’m seeing the line only a rum I’m going to send people to you my friend my friend I have so many customers I can’t even handle it thing

We can do is just put over here help who want no experience necessary clun deal we’re about to eat hot dogs on a bench next to Central Park does it get much more New York than that so excited how was my dream when I came here was it it

Was one of those things the as you want to do because you see it in the movies this looks fantastic look at this thing this is the OG street food of New York City if you think about it before Halal before anything else hot dog ready all let’s go let’s try

It I think of a hot dog experience in New York City I’m thinking this right here like nice snap to the dog when you take that bite onion sauce adds another layer to the flavor I think this is what you go for this is what all the reviews

Said to get is the onion sauce what what about you how you feeling simple but perfect you don’t need much just like the bone great saucer and the Fantastic onion sauce I almost never see long lines at hot dog stands in New York we even saw Billy running to a car somebody just

Pulled up ordered a hot dog that’s how much of like a neighborhood celebrity this guy is is I saw people running over real quick everyone has a chat with the guy he even have like like holiday cars from families probably around the area that’s so cool having that neighborhood

Guy be it a hot dog be it coffee be it anything where like he knows what you want and he’s got absolutely no attention could be the first ones to ever film him as far as I know only locals know about it I think I think if

A tourist walks by they’re going to think it’s just one more vendor thank you it was it was that was honestly one of the best hot dogs I’ve had my entire life it was so good I’m glad you guys enjo really popular cart they actually have two locations on this block and

This block has five different carts selling similar dishes from Bangladesh fushka alley here rename the street rename the street yeah enjoy thank you all right let’s go eat it let’s go eat now I’ve done the foska thing so many times with you and others but this is my first time eating

Bell Pur we got two things I’ve never tried before let’s go through them yeah Bell Pur is very interesting is very thin fried on the bottom there’s uh chickpea spread on top there’s Tamarind sauce there’s cucumber a little bit of cilantro Cho Red Onion now not every C

Here sells this either I’m only saying this because my wife is from Mexico but it looks a little bit like a like a tostada like a bali tost let’s do this a lot of the seasonings and flavors that I’m used to from the fushka but a completely different surface just that

Crunchy surface of this of a bell Pur is is phenomenal reminds me a lot wise of doubles except it’s not in a sandwich form and that it’s uh more like open face and crispy cuz you do have the chickpeas and Tamarind and the cucumber in there very similar taste telling you

The Bengali know how to do flavor like it’s just rip there’s so much of it it all works very well together just the textural Masterpiece too you have sweet sour spicy you have crunch for multiple things not just the shell but also the cucumber and you finish that in like 20

Seconds I could have finished it even faster than that I don’t know if I can think of much better value for 13 bucks in New York and the two Foods we got right here on the street vegetarian as well everything they serve here is vegetarian well we kind of alluded to it

Before but Bangladesh Street did they add that recently yeah that’s pretty recent this block has so many Bangladeshi businesses like culminating on this block with all these Bangladeshi street food carts lately on weekends you’re starting to see people who aren’t necessarily locals at Jackson Heights coming and doing these little informal

Food Tours right yeah I’ve been seeing um more people slowly I mean this is not really a heavily touristed area but people are slowly starting to realize all the great food we have here in Queen especially Jackson Heights I don’t know it’s taking them so long but yeah it

Kind of looks like you’re eating inside of some cottage Upstate this feels like you could take a date here this gives me that Vibe it’s like we’re going to a nice steakhous so what I’m going to do is going to dip it a little shake it

Out put it back on the plate take the roll I just dip the meat only some gravy on the side we got the double dip dip the bottom the roll little Qui dip double dip dip the meat don’t rinse it out leave it on top take the roll dip

It and then pour there a little bit of gravy on it may to double tip the kfj style which is on it comes on two comes on two plates as you can see we dip the roll again put it on the plate DP the meat thr right

On now you can see a lot of gravy sitting on the plate on top now we got a KJ style little more gravy okayy this is the double dip thank you dingle dangle thank you I love everything about this place so far I like the waiters are really friendly and they’re so

Knowledgeable about the food and the way they’re dressed it’s like we’re having a nice steak dinner but instead we’re about to Feast on hot roast beef sandwiches this is dripping right now it’s just this is something I have like a a pool of probably the most delicious broth on Earth right now

Here just melts in your mouth wow the bread is so moist and soaked and you take that bite and you get all of that freshness and the juiciness this is a once in a generation kind of play the menu here really doesn’t change that often and this is just a classic spot to

Come to if you’re in South Brooklyn I have a lot of regular customers that come back for me I pretty much know their orders I don’t have to even have to ask what they’re going to have if they decide they’re going to change it

Up on me I tell them I’m not going to serve them anymore I can’t believe we took me 10 years living in New York City to finally try some of these hot roast beef sandwiches but it was worth the wait and they are well known for their

Beef steam Momos and in Jackson Heights they have a Momo craw every year yes so they won the best Momo in 2015 for good reason that looks like an amazing trophy I want to win this $5 for a Tibetan Momo it’s a dumpling great price you get eight of

These Greg insisted a little hot sauce first bite of the night hope it’s a good one look at that d if we had an instant replay some of the broth actually came out so be careful when you bite into a Momo but it’s really good the beef is just so juicy

Surrounded by all that broth definitely the best Momo I’ve had so far in my life I have honestly not had too many Momos and I know there’s a ton in this neighborhood but this is now my go-to Momo spot I only know if something is good or it’s not is PR good

I doused this Momo here in the hot sauce they call it seepin so this is great this Momo has a little bit of broth in it so it’s kind of like a shalong bow but not as soupy I love it’s very simple really tasty let’s take a bite oh

Yeah it’s got that kick I like to do one biter on that one where do you get a good pastrami sandwich I always Point them as sarges over cats’s for a more local experience I love this spot want to do the number three corn beef and pastrami always get that like every

Time and a dark brown s many people say just get a pastrami I like to mix up the two when I come to sages so we have rye bread on top of klaw Russian dressing then we have some of the fatter pastrami on top of the

Leaner corn beef so this is the ultimate Jewish deli sandwich in New York City right here you’re probably going to need a fork and knife I’m going to attempt to get at least a few bites where this thing topples over it’s so rich so tender in flavor if

You just want double meat experience combined with that rye bread and the Russian dressing one of my favorite sandwiches in all of New York City and honestly something that I would say New York does better than any place else in the world the deli sandwich you can

Argue Pizza you can argue Bagels you can argue hot dogs Anthony Bourdain said it many times this is what New York ises better than anybody and I think sares does it better than the rest my personal opinion New Yorkers will fight you to their death on who their favorites are

But I’ll tell you I don’t see a single tourist in here I’ve had many of you out there call me out for not ordering doc Browns celery soda I’ve actually never had celery soda that’s really good I approve this pairing but bring your appetite when you come here saris

Is interesting because for years and years they were open 24 hours but after the pandemic like many businesses they do now close at 1 p.m. so you can’t come here at 3:00 in the morning and try to fight a hangover with a big pwy sandwich anymore no shame using a fork and knife

You want to get your money’s worth here no shame

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