Unbelievable Discoveries Uncovered in Antarctica! – Video

Unbelievable Discoveries Uncovered in Antarctica! – Video

Shocking Things Discovered In Antarctica!
Aliens or even sperm samples that are 50 million years old are two of the many surprises that Antarctica brings to scientists.
Under the endless icy surface of this land hides scary and mysterious things and creatures that very few people know about. In this video, we will explore 15 mysteries discovered in Antarctica. Everything you imagine in a horror-fiction movie will be available in this southernmost land.

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Shocking things discovered in Antarctica aliens or even sperm samples that are 50 million years old are two of the many surprises that Antarctica brings to scientists under the endless icy surface of this land hides scary and mysterious things and creatures that very few people know about in this video we will

Explore 15 Mysteries discovered in Antarctica everything you imagine in a horror fiction movie will be available in this southernmost land pyramids in Antarctica jesa pyramid and pretto or aluxa were not the largest and oldest pyramids on this planet the top structure in this ranking while unbelievable is said to be

Located in Antarctica a place where civilization seemingly does not exist in 2016 satellite images distributed on the internet showed something like the Egyptian pyramids we often see on the small screen however the difference is that it is found in Antarctica from satellite images the structure of this object consists of four sloping sides

Quite similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza with an area of about 2 square kilm the Antarctic pyramid and its special geological structure immediately became the inspiration for all kinds of conspiracy theories some people believe it was built by an ancient civilization 10,000 years ago when hka was still warm

While others claim that it is the work of aliens according to David children the author of these hypotheses Ancient Aliens likely created the pyramid at the top of Mount Shackleton this is also the oldest pyramid in the world it was the first pyramid and the model for later pyramids that

Humans mysterious monsters of Antarctica in 2007 a Japanese scientist shared about a monster he saw with his own eyes he said he saw a mysterious creature at the bottom of the ocean in Antarctica it is white up to 30 m long has the body of a fish but has two human-like arms

Although he only had time to observe for a moment weer discussed the story with other scientists of course everyone thought it was a myth but the attitudes of all of them have changed since a strange video appeared which captured an image of a giant sea creature with a

Very mysterious shape that no one can explain for many years rumors began to spread about a mysterious unknown monster lurking somewhere in the icy waters of Antarctica the Japanese call it ningen based on a simulation of a humanoid monster in this country’s Legend ningan was first discovered in the 1990s by fishing boats

In the Pacific Ocean due to the distance Sailors mistakenly thought the ninj sea monster was a resident of Antarctica wearing a white bear fur coat but when the ship approached the strange creature these Sailors were really shocked to discover that ningen was much larger in size than the surrounding creature with

A length of about 20 30 m pure white color smooth body minus ninine shape is quite humanlike with two hands with five fingers two legs big eyes and a slit mouth however they could not determine which species it belonged to scientists also pose a few hypotheses about this mysterious creature the most prominent

Is the theory that ninen is a giant Monteray which occasionally floats to the surface to create Buzz for imaginative people in addition in the case of the Japanese scientist it may have disguised itself with some icebergs causing him confusion there is another theory that the nin monster may exist

But is just a special individual with a genetic mutation the ice layers in ticer act as a prison to trap ancient viruses and bacteria from prehistoric times but as the Earth warms and the ice gradually melts they begin to revive and make Humanity scared last year chelene scientists recently announced the

Results of a study on genes scuffing Antarctica that could give bacteria superpowers to resist antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs research team leader andrees Mar later said scientists from the University of chel collected genetic samples from many different points on the Antarctic Peninsula between 2017 and 2019 and discovered that the Antarctic

Peninsula one of the regions most affected by melting ice is home to a wide variety of of bacteria some of which constitute a potential source of long-standing genes that confer resistance to antibiotics the superpowers developed during Evolution to resist harsh conditions are contained in Mobile segments of DNA chromosomes

Allowing them to be easily transferred to other bacteria in one possible scenario these genes could leave this Frozen landscape and promote the emergence and spread of infectious diseases but these bacteria are still not the scariest thing scientists estimate that there are thousands of ancient deadly viruses sleeping in the

Antarctic Ice scientists warn that human exposure to zombie microorganisms could increase even more as the pl as the world emerges from the covid-19 pandemic it seems likely that the Antarctic and even the Arctic regions will continue to emerge as the next major virus hotspot number 12 these can out work

Imagine you are preparing ing for the Journey of a lifetime going to Antica here you will see Antarctica and can play with penguins but how do you find the real South Pole probably the first thing that comes to mind is a compass compasses navigational tools containing magnetic pointers have helped us humans

Find our way around the earth for thousands of years the Earth’s magnetic field always attracts one end of the magnetic pointer on the compass toward the North Pole so the compass always tells us where North is however you may not know that compasses do not work accurately near the South Pole and it

Seems useless when you set foot on this land why is that the compass needles are designed to align with the Earth’s magnetic field the North End of the needle will point to the Magnetic North Pole while the opposite end of the needle will point to the South magnetic

Pole when you take out the compass and the needle tips are stable this axis will be parallel to the Earth’s magnetic field lines where you are standing but the Earth’s magnetic field is not arranged in straight lines from the South Pole to the North Pole when you approach the South magnetic pole the

Magnetic field lines will bend and go straight to the South magnetic pole perpendicular to the Earth’s surface so the compass will often not work said Tom Jordan a geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey instead of trying to point horizontally what the compass needle is actually trying to do is point

Straight down at the Earth that means if you go to the South Pole and carry a compass with a needle that is free to move in three dimensions the South tip of the compass will Point straight down as soon as you reach the magnetic South Pole number 11 world’s most mysterious

17b meteorite scientists have found one of the heaviest meteorites ever discovered in Antarctica as well as four other space rocks that likely crashed into the icy continent thousands of years ago among the five meteorites the standout was a rock the size of a cantalupi the way to whopping 17 lb of

The 45,000 merites discovered in Antarctica only about 100 are as heavy as this in addition this is also a meteorite containing some of the oldest materials of the solar system it may contain materials that are billions of years old the meteorites were found on the ice surface in early January

2023 and it is likely that they were buried in the ice for thousands of years and only emerged after the movement of glaciers brought them back to to the surface but because the meteorites are shielded from precipitation wind and air beneath the ice they remain completely intact according to

Researchers number two Fierce mushrooms we usually only find mushrooms in warm humid places but in a place where No One Believes they exist they are growing and cannibalizing the remains of polar exploration Robert Blanchet scientist has found mushrooms in a place where no one believed they existed Antarctica and he says they’re enjoying

Historical Treasures wooden Huts built long ago Century by legendary British explorers Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott the three small buildings built during Shackleton and Scott’s attempt to explore Antarctica and reach the South Pole between 1901 and 1915 are considered invaluable links to the heroic age of travel polar exploration

As eight Nations launched 15 Antarctic Expeditions between 1895 in 1917 the Huts among the only remaining structures from the species first known Endeavors people to live on the continent monitored by the new zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Foundation are being eaten by this aggressive wood fungus not only that blit made another observation

Mctic fungus appears to be feeding on petroleum spilled from the leaking fuel tanks got left behind at Cape Evans if so Blanchet speculates that the fungus would influence humans as the enzymes extracted from it could destroy marine oil from oil spills however it would be a worrying future if this terrifying creature spread

Globally number nine illusion of third person many of us have heard stories about people hearing someone’s voice in their hip or always feeling like there is a mysterious person walking and following them but most people believe that the owner of the story was thinking too much hallucinating or being too

Obsessed with a certain movie however starting from the story of nnest shackleton’s expedition to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and mysterious voices scientists seem to have an explanation for the stories about this mysterious person three explorers Earnest Shackleton Frank Worley and Tom Ken during their expedition to Antarctica in 1916 had to

Face death when their ship froze and could not move they walked for 36 hours Crossing many mountains with only an ax and a roar of R having gone through many incidents luckily this arduous Journey ended well and the entire crew returned alive the story seemed to end here but a

Few weeks later all three people recounted a strange incident on the roads they felt like there was always a fourth person silently standing by their side throughout the journey not only that this fourth person also talked and confided with them on the way when the story was published many climbers

Explorers and sailors also shared their me memories about the appearance of a hidden person a mysterious Force sometimes even a voice a shadow but there is no specific form to help me throughout the long days according to researchers this inance will happen commonly when the person involved is in a particularly dangerous situation

Related to survival Guardian Angels or guides that phenomenon is called the third person illusion hallucinations and hallucinations appeared together Witnesses described that they were not just sounds but were so real that it seemed like the appearance of a person speaking the third person character is not only a guide and companion in the

Most dangerous situations but more importantly it also helps people learn the mysteries about their own bodies number eight sperm is 50 million years old my question is how on Earth can this happen and can scientists find it that is the sperm of an organism up to 50 million years old old it’s crazy

But it’s completely true in 2015 scientists discovered fossil sperm of ened worms dating back 50 million years in Antarctica this is the oldest known specimen of its kind the newly discovered sperm specimen is from an extinct species of Antarctic were in the fossilized cocoon created for mating purposes scientists discovered

Fossilized sperm cells information about this rare Discovery was recently published in the journal biological letters because sperm cells have a short lifespan and are fragile they are very rarely detected in Lakes as author Benjamin Bomer a paleontologist at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm a member of the research team

Accidentally discovered this fossil while sifting through Rock samples from Antarctica looking for fossils of small animals when the fossil cocoon was found and observed more closely with the help of an electron microscope scientists discovered the presence of a large number number of sperm cells but of course they have fossilized and cannot

Be revived anymore but something much more terrifying than these Stellar specimens has also been found something that can revive and kill humans after hundreds of years thousands of years of freezing in Antarctica number six 60 million fish nests on the Antarctic sea but I would like to reiterate that we are not making any mistake in bringing this information to you that there are 60 million fish nests on the bottom of the southernmost sea a huge population of ice fish and

Toth and IO was discovered in Antarctica and is the largest breeding ground for ice fish ever discovered in February 2021 the German research vessel polar stern was surveying the sea bed via a towed camera system more than 300 M below the sea surface and transmitting images to the deck for researchers on

Board to view what the scientists observed aboard the ship was an unexpected discover large numbers of ice fish nests seem to spread out in all directions the Ida of such a huge breeding area for ice fish in the previously undiscovered wed see is truly fascinating the camera recorded more

Than 16,000 ice fish nests during the 4-Hour dive according to researchers mapping of this area shows that the total number of ice fish net is about 60 million spread over an area of about 238 km2 of a seabed this discovery makes the ice fish population the largest breeding

Population ever found the round ice fish nests on the Antarctic seab bid of this giin population or about 25 cm apart have a depth of about 15 cm and a diameter of about 73 C several types of ice fish nests have been classified by observers including active nests

Containing 1500 to 2500 eggs guarded by adult ice fish ice fish nests containing only eggs and empty nests according to a study by scholar John pole weight from the University of Oregon the Genome of ice fish is very meaningful to humans because these characteristics arose over evolutionary time in ice fish we can

Help solve similar problems in humans such as osteoporosis reduced ability to create blood cells and problems of the circulatory system newo crashes until now reaching Antarctica is still a huge challenge for human except for a few extremely wealthy people only researchers come to this land to do tasks but when Google Earth

Was born it helped all of us sit at home and still be able to explore this land and surprisingly it helped people discover the secret of this coldland UFOs there are many reports of UFOs in Antarctica but the most common are of alien spacecraft in 2018 a mysterious

Object was discovered on Google Earth and alien Hunter were convinced that it was a UFO landing it was discovered on the remote island of South Georgia on the edge of Antarctica with a population of just 20 people footage of the object was posted to YouTube by research agency

Security claiming that it was exposing an alien cover up one leak at a time they zoomed in using satellite maps to take a closer look at the object discovered near 10,000 fond mount pegate it appears that the object slid through the snow for a con considerable distance

Before coming to a stop a strange tracks were also discovered running behind the mysterious object video is captioned what happened in Antarctica was published on Saturday and has been viewed more than 370,000 times since then another photo that also gave scientists a headache was posted in 2012

We have to start the story with a photo of a Russian guy named Valentin deev a self-proclaimed researcher comes from Central Russia he published IM Imes of what he believed to be a UFO in Antarctica discovered by himself on the Russian social network VK and received a lot of attention many people immediately

Use Google Maps to verify it is known that just by typing the coordinates 8 death 34 8.4 s 30day 59.3 w into the search engine and placing it in the earth’s satellite coordinate everyone can see this strange area although there are many opinions that this giant structure is an iceberg

That fell off the coast of Antarctica the UFO crazy Community still asserts that it is a strange ship disguised as a ship some people even suggested the possibilities that the 500 long object captured by Google image could be an underwater alien base another photo also makes many people wonder about what the

Government is hiding about extraterrestrial inhabitants the photo is posted by alien Hunter Scott C wearing and claimed to have found an alien in Antarctica Scott SE wearing posted on the blog at database and UFO sightings daily that through Google Earth he took a photo of a strange

Creature about 20 M high and next to it was a 22 M High door to the majority Antarctica is just a frozen place with no people living but for UFO Hunters they believe that aliens have chosen this land at the end of the Earth to hide spaceships and build bases

Antarctica once became a Hot Topic when UFO Hunters claimed to discovered some evidence of number five fruit cake is still edible after 100 years once again we have to feel that this land is really crazy the question is how can there be fruit take here and it is still edible

After 100 years in 2017 the new zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust found a rusty metal box in Kadar Antartica containing fruit cake that was at least 106 years old according to I conservationists said the the box was in poor condition but the cake wrappers were still intact in particular the cake

Still has an almost edible shape and smell conservationist Lizzy Meek said the fruit cake produced by the British company Huntley and Palmers was a favorite dish of Explorer auert Falcon Scott when he visited here between 1910 and 1913 although the cake survived a century other items found during the

Trip required many steps to preserve the organization has conserved nearly 1500 artifacts at Cape adaa since May 2016 and is beginning to plan the conservation of other area it is possible that in the future we will have another surprising information about this cold Land shipwreck in the fall of 1915 polar Explorer nnest Shackleton ship endurance sank off the coast of Antarctica leaving the crew stranded on the ice all 28 Sailors of the Expedition were eventually rescued but the ship’s final resting place remained a maritime mystery for hundreds of years the final

Chapter of this legendary story was completed on March 9 2022 when the Expedition team searching for the wreck of an expedition ship sunk more than 100 years ago in Antarctica announced that it had located the wreck of the endurance at the bottom of the Weddle see continued borders the northernmost

Part of Antarctica the first images of the legendary shipwreck have been transmitted via autonomous underwater devices from a depth of nearly 3.2 C March 5 cameras pan over the ship’s wooden deck video captures centuries old ropes tools railings even the Mast and Rudder all in near perfect condition

Intact due to cold temperatures lack of light and low oxygen levels at the Shipwreck site the endurance was part of shackleton’s trans Antarctic expedition the expedition was funded by the British government and private sponsors to bring explorers to the Antarctic Coast number three SCS of explorers Antarctic exploration is often very

Dangerous with harsh weather conditions and harsh environments and in such conditions many people could not stand it and left this place the most famous and heartbreaking story is that of a famous explorer Robert falcan Scott and his crew Explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s Journey to the South Pole and his death

Have always been one of the great stories in the history of British explorers in 1911 team leader Robert fulcin Scott 44 years old led to five- member team to Antarctica with the hope of being the first expedition in history to set foot in this place when they arrived in January 1912 an expedition

From Norway led by Explorer Rd amonson had already arrived therefore Robert Falcon Scotts group was the second group to set foot in Antarctica on the way back to base all five British Antarctic Pioneers succumb to starvation in extreme cold with Scott probably the last to lose his life around 29 March

1912 8 months later the frozen bodies of the crew members and other item including letters were found next to him were two other teammates in a sleeping position while Captain Scott looked like he was in extreme pain before breathing his last breath number two the biggest Iceberg I

Have very unfortunate news for for you the world’s largest iceberg has separated from Antarctica and is moving towards the sight of the Titanic tragedy many people will think that it is just an iceberg and that as long as the captains de well nothing will happen of course with other icebergs this is

Completely true but with an iceberg three times the size of New York City it’s really not an easy tag scientists say the iceberg named a 23A is the largest iceberg in the world with a huge area of 1500 square miles that is separated from the ocean floor previously this Iceberg separated from

The Antarctic Coast in 1986 but quickly PED in the wed sea turning this area into an ice Island after 37 years scientists confirmed on November 24 2023 that satellite images showed that the trillion ton mass of ice had drifted North across the Antarctic Peninsula aided by winds strong ocean currents

Like most icebergs in the region 23 will most likely move into the Antarctic current which will take it to Iceberg alley Where several icebergs congregate in dark Waters such as the waters where the Titanic collided with an iceberg in 1912 causing the ship to sink and 15 17 people died scientists are also

Concerned that the giant Iceberg could again fall on South Georgia island in the South Atlantic potentially devastating an tartic Wildlife by cutting off access to of millions of seals penguins and seabirds that use this this area to breed or hunt and forage number one singing tape did you

Know that the ice caps in Antarctica are not as quiet as they appear on the contrary they can also make sounds that researchers call singing however this is not the singing you want to hear because it brings a very scary feeling this singing ice phenomenon is created when

Wind Blows across the surface of snow covered land in this case the Ross ice shelf in Antarctica the emitted free frequency is very low compared to the threshold of human hearing okay but when you increase it by 1200 times you get the creepy Harmony of the Frozen desert

Land a research project has been established to learn about the physical properties of the rasai shell the largest ice shelf in Antarctica and the largest in the world nearly the size of Spain impacted by Earth’s warming phenomenon the ice shelves in Antarctica are melting and crumbling very quickly

To better understand the problems on the the ice shelves researchers in the group have placed 34 sensors seismic fluctuations under the snow layer on the solid ice of the Ross ice shelf according to researchers wind vibrations and temperature changes both affect the sound frequency of the ice shelf

Studying how these effects develop over time could tell us more about how ice shelves respond to Earth’s rapidly warming temperatures this is the time when ice shelf protection research needs to be promoted more strongly than ever to fight a dark future in the coming Century after all Antarctica is still a

Mysterious place to humans over thousands of years we’ve have only discovered a very small part of the terrifying Mysteries that exist in this land

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