“Uruguay Nightlife: Abundant Single Women and Affordable Drinks” – Video

“Uruguay Nightlife: Abundant Single Women and Affordable Drinks” – Video

Uruguay Nightlife is an experience like no other, with excellent prices, beautiful people, good music, and up-to-date establishments. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of two different clubs with different vibes and crowds, so you can choose which one suits your taste best.

Follow R Harper as he explores the vibrant nightlife of Uruguay, showcasing the energy and excitement of the clubs. From the lively atmosphere to the cheap drinks, Uruguay Nightlife has it all. The video provides an insider look at the club scene in Uruguay, giving you the opportunity to see what it’s like before you even step foot in the country.

Experience the beauty and excitement of Uruguay Nightlife for yourself, as R Harper takes you on a journey through the clubs and night markets. With plenty of single women and affordable drinks, this is the ultimate destination for a fun night out. Whether you’re a solo traveler or looking to experience the nightlife with friends, Uruguay has something for everyone.

So, if you’re looking for a vibrant and lively nightlife experience, look no further than Uruguay. Get ready to dance the night away and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the excellent nightlife that Uruguay has to offer. Pack your bags, grab your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable night out in Uruguay!

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Video Transcript

Hey yo what up guys it’s R Harper here one more time you know how we do y we are here and I’m talking to this super super cool chick and she says that urugay urugai is the best country ever for nigh life so you guys know how I do

When it comes to nigh life man I stay on it so let’s ask her how she feels about why should you come to because we are um we are good people we have the paret we have M and we’re amazing and our country is amazing and

You’re amazing and I am amazing I am the best host that he ever had right I don’t know I don’t know we we we’re going to find out we’re going to find out okay and then for my followers if they coming here how are the girls we have pretty girls we have the

Best Latinas are best ever ever really yeah okay but what makes you say that well because we are fun we have personality really we I have to see that I haven’t seen it yet you’re going to see that on the and we are the best okay cool cool cool cool cool and then

You you single or you’re married you have a boyfriend I have a boyfriend sorry don’t look for her don’t look for her she’s in love okay good so what what else do you want to tell them we We all right cool cool cool so see you on the next one bro we about to go to the club right now um check me Out dud the line is huge out here bro and if you are over 22 don’t come here all right and come early want to come I just going to go to show you guys what it look like but I’m not going to stay here long everybody looks like they like

16 That’s Not My Vibe but I like a little bit I like them a littleit old all right so let’s see what it look like but for sure for sure we’re not going to stay I mean we take it from there like something you want to get

In get answer you get answer it but I don’t advis It man everything changed when I was outside there was nothing but dudes in the line and they look super young but when we came in inside inside there was so many beautiful women like you know of course there some young ones like I’m not even going to lie but there was some

Nice ones as well like you know 25 and up so that was a good look so it was all kind of girls and then as you can see like there was nothing but dudes in the line but then all the wom were outside like all the girls were inside all of

Them like it’s it was actually really really nice out the only thing is that it was super dark and like Smokey and stuff like that besides that the music was popping girls were actually shoing and nice so I had a good time man I’m having a good Time All right guys so we are here man they also have a Terrace which is super cool and we are here I mean the girls are Pretty man I don’t know about you guys but I have a thing for bartenders man I don’t know I’m always looking at Bend like for most of the time they always had as F this super fire sexy and you know disturbing you that great drink so

I’m always looking at them look at this one right here she’s so fire and you guys are going to get to see them when they get on top of the counter and stop like giving people shots and stuff that’s going to be the fun part of the

Night man I’m just giving you a little hint in our dance but it gets popping but I don’t know look at it’s so Smokey and it’s not even the camera like trying to focusing on that it’s just guess like that on top of for the camera trying to

Focus as well but it was really Smokey from the I guess some of the stuff that DJ was doing and stuff like that and some other the whatever things they do in this in the clubs but you can see here how they started giving people shots and Olden bartenders on top of the

Conor man this [ __ ] is sexy as hell and look I’m just surrounded by girls left and right man this is the way I like it I love it and there was a whole bunch of dudes man there was actually really cool man the dudes you know they were really

Welcoming they were talking to me they were you know having fun they introduced me to some of the girls that were there like everybody treated me treated me really nice and so I can’t really complain about this night this actually this club was better than all the other

Clubs that I want to so if you go out there to Uruguay I definitely suggest that you go to this club this club was popping and this is on a Thursday night and look how crazy it is it’s super lit and the drinks was fairly fairly

Cheap man I was spending like I think it was from like four to6 between four and $6 for the mixed drinks and while I was out there in um Argentina and even Uruguay I was just drinking fet fet is the most popular drink out there like all the young crowd that’s why they

Drink actually everybody drinks fette and and it was a good look man all right guys so it’s another night here in Uruguay I’m about to go out we’re going to that club right here it’s called B MRA I’m going to have to write that one down cuz you guys are not going to

Remember there like two clubs there we’re going to check one of them out but I also wanted to show you this night market out here it’s kind of lonely it’s not a lot of people here but I mean seems cool um so I just wanted to show you before

We going in and get our clubing on oh they sell all kind of stuff here too night market it’s supposed to have like food here too supposed to be trucks Oh the trucks are in the other side okay I see them we not going to see the trucks

But oh some of the places already close it is midnight guys it is midnight guys it was late night and it was cold so I would say if you come to his night market come during the summertime man because it was actually the beginning of the summer cuz it was

Early December but it was very cold so I’m pretty sure that during the summer when it’s actually like high summer it gets better when you when they do these night markers cuz you could just walk walk across to the clubs once you don’t walk in and shopping oh I see the trucks over

There I see the food over here man I’m I’m going be super honest even though that Ur gu is supposed to be like super safe I still felt a little weird that night like I still felt like a little weird nothing happened but just Cur like I was super

Careful yeah that doesn’t look interesting and here I don’t know what this is oh this is like I don’t know pizza or something and obviously drinks nuggets or mugget what the [ __ ] is that yeah so that’s just a little bit of the night market now we’re going to go and

See what they talking about with the clubing oh there’s more food over here okay hopefully is open when we come out of the club that’s the ladies back out here we don’t want to see that so this is the club um in Uruguay bro b

Negra I think is the name of it I’mma I write it down so I try to get in they said it’s only for reservation I think it’s racism to be honest cuz they l a whole bunch of people without anything and they were trying to charge them the guy looked at

Me and he’s like oh you can’t get in I’m like why like I got money to pay and then he’s like oh you need a reservation reservation the the thing there’s not even a line there’s nobody here I actually was just doing them a favor anyways cuz I’m you know just visiting

Promoting their place but this racism thing is crazy I here bro I really don’t want you guys to think that I think everything is racism it’s really not I’m actually using used to this people treating me like that in the US so it doesn’t even bother me

Anymore but it was weird the way they were treating black people out there man cuz to be honest they asked another group of people that went in two other guys came in and they didn’t have reservations or anything and they asked them to pay the entrance I said that I

Could pay the entrance and they didn’t let me in but they wanted to let in some other two guys that were actually you know fair skinn or white so that’s what I’m saying it was RAC ISM and I was well dressed as well so there was no reason

For them to not let me in but at the end of the day it’s their clubs it’s their rules and they do what they do and it is what it is I just do not suggest black people to go to that one Club B Nea don’t go there but the other club right

Next to it is super fun it’s super nice and the people are very very welcoming and again man I’m just a reporter I’m just reporting my events my experiences the way it happens and I will give you my opinion my opinion is I wouldn’t suggest people to go to that

One Club I will suggest people to go to the club next door at the end of the day you guys are growing UPS you do whatever is best for you but if you ask me I don’t advise you go to those clubs cuz if they’re going to treat you like [ __ ]

You know you need to go where they’re going to treat you good or they’re treating it or they’re going to respect you and your money all in all I had a really good time if you ask me I will suggest you go to the first Club it was a lot better it was

Fun people were nice and welcoming girls were actually choosing the second one was great welcoming but the girls was not choosing it was a little older crowd and they were weird I don’t know I I didn’t think I didn’t feel the vibe the first Club was popping and you could

Even see the images and the different in the crowd um again you know thank you guys for visiting the channel thank you guys for the support thank you guys for the for all the support truly truly truly truly thank you for all the support I’m going repeat it again thank

You for the cash apps thank you for the um paypals if you guys would like to continue contributing with the Channel please do everything is down below in the description all the information are down in in the description talk to you guys on the next one if your boy R

Harper please do not forget to subscribe I mean leave your questions and I will definitely um respond as I mean with all the answers um based on my opinion and based of my experiences see you the next One a

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