Unboxing Nostalgic Items from His 30-Year Career: Devon Sawa | PEOPLE

Unboxing Nostalgic Items from His 30-Year Career: Devon Sawa | PEOPLE

Devon Sawa, the former teen heartthrob who shot to fame in the 90s, takes a trip down memory lane in a recent video by PEOPLE. In the video, Sawa received a box of nostalgic items from his mom that included memorabilia from his most iconic roles over the past 30 years. From his early days in films like ‘Little Giants’ and ‘Casper’ to his later success in ‘Final Destination,’ Sawa reflects on the moments that defined his career.

One interesting revelation from the video is Sawa’s cringe-worthy reaction to a scene from one of his movies. Despite his experience in the industry, there are still moments that make him squirm. Additionally, he shares what it was like to grace the covers of magazines in the 90s alongside heartthrob peers like Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

One standout moment from the video is when Sawa discusses his brief but memorable experience shooting Eminem’s “Stan” music video. Describing it as complete “nuttiness,” Sawa gives viewers a glimpse into the chaotic world of music video production.

Overall, the video provides fans with a glimpse into the life and career of Devon Sawa, reminding us of his lasting impact on pop culture. From his early days as a teen idol to his current success in horror films like ‘Chucky,’ Sawa’s journey is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

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