Vietnamese Improvements on French Things – Video

Vietnamese Improvements on French Things – Video

The video titled “The Vietnamese took this from the French and made it better” showcases the Vietnamese adaptation of French food, specifically dishes that incorporate pate. The video takes the audience on a culinary journey through different restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam, highlighting dishes such as Bò Né Thanh Tuyền, Mì Sụa Tân Hương Nam, and Bánh bao chiên from Bánh Tiêu Tân Định 1990. The host provides insights and commentary on these dishes, emphasizing how the Vietnamese have incorporated French influences and made them their own. With mouthwatering visuals and engaging narration, the video offers a delightful exploration of the fusion of French and Vietnamese culinary traditions. Viewers are treated to an immersive experience, learning about the unique flavors and techniques used in the preparation of these delectable dishes. Overall, the video celebrates the rich food culture of Vietnam and the innovation and creativity of the Vietnamese people in adapting and refining culinary influences from around the world.

Watch the video by Max McFarlin

Good morning so today’s theme is all about Pat something I feel like the Vietnamese took from the French and you could argue made even better they made it their own so today I’m going to show you a bunch of dishes that have Pate not just your typical bunme either that has

Pate on it kind of got a slight little version of it here this morning we’re going to start off with a little Bonet we’re going to do Bonet and we got some really fun stuff some stuff that you’re going to be like wow that has Pate so

Let’s start it off Bonet here in District 4 probably one of the most famous places you can get Bonet um talk to them they’re going to be super busy I mean they’re already packed out they got a full house I don’t even know if we can get a seat in

Here okay so one reason they call it b n so like the N is kind of like dodging dodging beef kind of a funny name but when you see the oil fly up you kind of start to understand how it got its name almost like a bun sale right cuz it

Makes the sail sound the sizzle when that batter hits the hot oil um I’m not going to get too close to this and I don’t want to get in their way they’re actually frying up some Vietnamese pasta as well some new and you can see that high heat flame and

He cooked these up maybe about 30 seconds to a minute he’s heating up the oil right here then he goes into his main burner and then he just throws on the ingredients you order one thing I really do find funny about this dish is and I I don’t know

The story of it and I would love to know is why every Bonet restaurant the plate is in the shape of a cow throws on almost like some marinated be right here cracks the eggs high heat oh my God everybody pulling back since that heat comes up now where are we going to

Sit I have no clo try to find a seat UPC yeah yeah so they do have English for y’all like I said super famous they’re going to have English um cool little part of District 4 one of the more open little alleys not too too busy come

On uh you can get all things you can get the kind of like I thought it was kind of but you know the like the fish that comes in the can with like the tomato sauce you can get that on it but to me B is nothing without the beef where’s the

Beef don’t know what’s more impressive when you’re outside you’re watching the cookie or the liquor collection the owner has here look at all of that whiskey W so nice a nice cold winter morning [Applause] andon yeah that’s that right okay yeah yeah yeah okay you got to help me make sure I do

It right oh isn’t she so cute I did I did not expect her to make the sauce for me so you actually put the sa in kind of almost like some chili sauce into here with the lime Stir It Up she said just kind of

Pour it on here as you like for me the best thing you can do is to get in here straight and get it all mixed in so give you a little egg corn here cuz I know y’all waiting for it oh God sauce that’s what that is you

Don’t really need much else when you got the egg yolk has god-given sauce get it going with that P and see right here so they marinated that beef right and my favorite bits are those marinated bits they get like a little bit caramelized a little bit bitter o so nice those charred little

ISS boom make a little bun yourself rule number one when eating Bonet don’t touch the plate honestly I’ve never made a sauce like this with Bonet before I love the way she took the so sauce added the chili sauce added the sa and the squeeze the lime that that

Quadruple little combination right there is what you want I mean it perfectly balances out with that beef flavor that Umami that saltiness that sour little bit spicy lemongrass coming through with that charred beef the runny egg yolk and then the creamy creamy P oh yeah all right let’s eat it up and

Finish it off because there’s people waiting to get in here and get a seat need some and the last thing you probably like seeing is somebody in here taking their time making a video when you’re outside hangry ready to get your own food beat it up get on the moving come on

Yeah 29 years the best B you’re going to get in saon to me sometimes I go other places if I just want like a quieter more relaxed still but if you just want one of the better Bonet and sagon and you like the crowds you like the craziness you like the In-N-Out Fast

Pace calling orders it don’t get much better than that they do it so well like I said 29 years good people Cole was very friendly um they’re all friendly they’re just like very very busy so come here get in there elbow a little bit get

You some B name I think I got greas on my lens so I’s meet you at the next spot all right down here at district 10 we’re on the street back hat insane Street a cuz I feel like I’m always about to have four or five wrecks but just so much

Food like intertwined in the street I’m trying not to show you the sign cuz y’all are about to freak out at this Nick spot you’re going to think I’m crazy then think I’ve been drinking early or something H A lot of people think of H they think of n Bang right

Like pom pin noodles I found a hot they call Hot P what have to go search and check that out apparently I didn’t know this till I got here cuz I saw the sign it’s especially back which I did not know how cool is that I’m super excited for this [Applause] yeah

For okay come ah okay so it’s actually not like the P you would think of like that you spread on a bunme that is super interesting yeah oh I was not ready for the English yeah spe thank you you speak English better than me though ah yeah okay so we got the Bowl

Here check this out this so funny that’s it that’s a y right there so they’re making it in here in house look at it it’s almost got like looks like it’s got like roasted pork in there and like a Nim such an interesting looking texture

So for me they got a little side sauce here I want to try it looks like it’s going to be kind of like sour sweet o this place has making me feel like I’m just like I’ve never lived in vnam it’s very salty it’s kind of weird

You know like uh I guess like a chinu sauce right like a it’s got a consistency of that like corn syrup like sugariness but it’s got a salty kind of like Savory component almost like a gravy does have like a little sour kick to it and I’m just

Going to eat this like I would a bang I’m going to I got it the dry style and pour some broth Stir It Up and get after it I would have to be insane to try anything but this right here the I guess y to but the pate

Oh look at that see that big old black peppercorn in there oh wow oh wow you got to love black pepper cuz when you crunch a black peppercorn it was like a black pepper floral explosion in your mouth the texture for me is what’s getting me it’s

Got a little bounciness to it I kind of like a Tapioca but then I was thinking of something softer like a Che like a sour sausage in Vietnam but it’s not it’s got more of like a Tapioca bounciness to it and then you’re like biting through almost like these roasted pork

Pieces at first for me but if you had to say Max what’s one of your favorite noodles that have just a mouthful of noodles in like a boom from a would be up there a like a flat noodle and hot but Hotel like this type of Hotel would probably be my top three

That just quit going off the top of my head though so I’d have to think about it a little bit more uhoh yeah you want to take that sauce get your pool noodles cover it in sauce and just get a big mouthful of noodles man that texture that fine fine noodle

Texture a small noodle texture it’s still got this doughiness to it kind of like an egg noodle oh wow and you know we’re all about diversity with our bitney me Cuisine got one bowl got a porkier with a fried fish cake as well thing is if your pork here is good

Make me fall in love if if if a place can do pig gear correctly it’s worth going back to time and time again I had the whole and I don’t even know if it’s the most interesting thing they do so that’s what she was talking about right they make the M here but

They do it the I don’t know how you make noodles with mung bean I really don’t know how you do that and then they got the bo yeah come let’s get out of the way though cuz there’s actually no place for anybody else to park Park uh another

60k meal another delicious meal uh I’m going to grab a cafe fiend from somewhere relax a little bit cuz this next one you thought that was interesting we just getting started I’m about to show youall something that’s going to blow your mind even more honestly I’ve seen some things it’s

Been a minute um had something kind of fall through so I got my plan B right uh super loud music so I don’t know how much footage I want to get to show you on the inside of them making it but we got bunbo bunbo chin so kind of like the

Buns right vames buns but they’re fried up now they call this Bono but I call it bun they also have Bono what they do bun Bono like all the fried goodies and they kind of do it cool here cuz they’re stuffing a lot of cool ingredients on the inside so you

See they got the do bit here which is a Chung boy they got the k k s ring so that’s going to be kind of like this custard filled one that they fry as well I do believe and a bun Bell what’s they

About F they got a bun B as well so I can’t get too much in I’m going to give you a little b-roll of them making them cuz it’s kind of a cool production on the inside then we’ll get some things ordered and I’ll show you the P one and

Yeah and I’m kind of amazed when they do the Bun B cuz everybody here like they make it look so easy they just roll it out they stuff it and they close it so fast but for me it’s just like it’s not easy and the fact they probably make

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds a day and we can see they’re all just stacked and ready to go they’re going to which I like cuz I like that they’re constantly Mak them it’s a lot of work for the family right cuz they’re going to be

Here all day making it man you get get that fresh product it’s so delicious when it just comes right out of the Fryer out I feel like a lazy person everybody here is like making bun BS making them so fast I’m just sitting here just talking having a good time drinking my drink so you can kind of see the whole assembly line here so they’re actually making them and what’s I again what I

Like is how fresh you get things here it’s a lot of work for them but it’s worth it for their customers so they’re just kind of watching and they’re like what are we out of what do we need and they’ll make it right on the spot

They’ll fry it up right here and they’re going to hold it right up here in the front and then it’s going to come and sell out and just repeats that process lot of work long hours I was talking right here Cole wakes up at 3:00 in the

Morning they said by you s that is not morning we call like I was like that’s by qu they come oh my gosh a lot of work a lot of effort coming in to be able to run something like this but the extra effort and detail to make it fresh it’s

How you get famous and that’s why this is one of the most famous places where you can get mou they were really cool people I mean I bet we sat there and talked for an hour I had the point where I like I just had to leave I felt like I was

But like I was annoying them no I’m just kidding they were super cool they talk they would talk to me all day if I would have kept asking questions but want to let them get back to focusing on work uh and I want to do the real test we know

It’s delicious hot out of the fryer but I drove about 20 minutes I want to see how these would be like in a shipment if you order these on and grab or something and how would they taste if you got them and you had to wait 20 minutes so I can’t lie

Um and the daughter of the original owner gave me 1 2 3 4 five types they wouldn’t let me pay wouldn’t let me pay for the drink wouldn’t let me pay for this you need to know you need to know when I get things for free got to keep

The tally in your head uh for cuz we got to get back cuz remember it’s not what Vietnamese people do for you so what can you do for the Vietnamese people at least that’s my saying oh this one is gorgeous looking it’s actually still hot it’s going to be super

Crunchy oh almost almost kind of looks like a cake donut probably American thing when I talk about cake Donuts but oh man sesame seed overload very dense I feel like if I just ran this through from powdered sugar this could pass as a cake donut back in

America and I don’t know which is which I’m just kind of grabbing and going I’m going to assume the biggest is the dock bit oh yeah gorgeous inside I mean they’re frying it just right too there’s no really grease marks no grease soaking through just white fluffy bread I’m

Going to get some with the Salted egg in mine got two of the Jungle and that meat mixture that is superb the bread they’re working with the bread they’re using is so aromatic it’s got a sweetness to it and then you fry it so it’s nice and crunchy and the quality of the

Ingredients can’t beat it oh look at it look at it how cool is that how did that split perfectly Destiny like a salty sweet bomb the Pate very salty you get the sweetness coming from the bun it’s fried salty sweet fried come on you feel me you know what

I mean for Giggles the one with the sesame seed has the uh soldering one wow whoa even if you don’t like durian you can get after that actually the durian flavor is very very mild my is creamy and sugary and custardy oh man heavy day Bonet the H

And then all the bun that was fun I hope you enjoyed it with the theme if you like more of the themes and things like that let me know it’s super windy and there’s storms coming in so I got to get inside I will catch you the next One Peace

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