When Enterprise Fails to Pick You Up… – Video

When Enterprise Fails to Pick You Up… – Video

The video titled “When Enterprise DOESN’T Pick You Up…” is a compilation of different instances of customers experiencing frustration and conflict while trying to use the car rental service. The video features recordings of phone calls, interactions at the rental location, and confrontations between customers and Enterprise employees.

In the video, customers express their anger and disappointment after being left waiting for a car that never arrives, despite the company’s advertised promise to pick them up. The frustration escalates as customers are put on hold for extended periods of time, given incorrect information about when to expect a car, and faced with rude and unhelpful employees. Some customers are recorded having heated arguments with Enterprise employees, accusing them of incompetence and lack of customer service.

The video raises questions about the reliability and professionalism of Enterprise’s services, as well as the treatment of customers by the company’s employees. It highlights the impact of poor customer service and the negative experiences that customers have when a company fails to fulfill its promises. The video serves as a cautionary tale for potential customers and a call for accountability from the company.

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Call us right before I called at 510 I was supposed to be picked up at 5:00 I called at 510 you guys didn’t come to pick me up I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes waiting for a ride I was supposed to have a car you didn’t have a

Car Monday you told me come Tuesday I said I need to be picked up you guys said you come pick me up I said my address I gave you my information I said I’m right around the street at the Walmart Distribution Center they said do you work at the Walmart Distribution

Center I said no I’m right next to it I live here I’m waiting for a ride I’m supposed to be picked up at 5:00 I’ve got to be to work I’m over here now 30 minutes on hold and I’m I’m trying not to have a really bad attitude but you

Guys are messing up the order you’re messed up the reservation I’m waiting on a car I got to be somewhere and this is what I’m this is what I’m going to tell you though all that could have been avoided if you answered the phone or picked me up all that could have been

Avoid it if you weren’t by calling me and when I picked up the phone saying you don’t have to pick me up you don’t have to pick me up I’m here I’m not giving you a rental card I don’t care that I’m I don’t care I’m not giving you

A rental card that’s fine okay this is so then you can exit thank you you have a great day you because you called me like five times okay check out check out is at 11: and what time did you knock on my door 15 minutes before 11 15 no it

Was actually 20 minutes before 11 it was at 10:42 was 1042 it was said 10:45 okay well this the phone is set to the atomic clock and every clock is the same and I was I was on my phone what time is check out what time is check out it’s at 11:00

I was trying to be courteous you wer being C had you not mocked me had you not mocked me had you not mocked me I heard you mock me I heard you mock me when I say leave me alone you leave me alone that’s it I’m the customer I live

And exclusively lose use Choice Hotels you can’t hear the conversation that was going on somebody asked me what he said I said he said your boss the owner of this store is going to see this and they’re going to see what you Dido hotels be sure to let the owners know

Exactly what happened I want to talk to are you going are you owners don’t put up with customers like this they don’t put up with people treating their employees like this um I don’t treat I’m not haven’t Trea you you were rude from the get-go sir when you knock on my door

You’re you were not being cour and I asked you I you’re not being C what you doing is you harassing me once you knock on the door I tell you to leave me alone that’s you not say that you go away yes I there you go there you go that’s the

Kind of customer service that you can she just Mar me again I got you on video mocking me fine okay hi hi hi hi now you can go or you can be escorted out by our police officers a please there you go start start brushing up on your resume

Sweetheart you’re about to find another job Okay bye so you want to get mad and hit the computer because you made a mistake cuz your company made a mistake you want to take it out on me I’m not taking it out on you so why did you get mad and hit the

Computer why how did you get mad and hit the computer cuz I have M I’m sure you on camera right yeah I am I’m sure you on camera so this the type of people they have working here I got to go man I got to go you

Ruined my life you ruined my whole life wow you got be kid Me Wow

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