What You Need to Know About Sargassum Seaweed in the Dominican Republic in 2024

What You Need to Know About Sargassum Seaweed in the Dominican Republic in 2024

Sargassum is a floating seaweed that in “normal” environmental conditions, provides food, shelter, and a breeding ground for marine life. But those conditions no longer exist.

For a number of years now, sargassum has been washing ashore in massive quantities on Caribbean coasts, making it a nightmare for beachgoers and a threat to sea animals in shallow waters.

The phenomenon has been linked to an excess of nutrients in the ocean and an increase in global temperatures.

Sargasumm by itself is harmless to humans but it definitely affects vacationers’ beach experience. 

When is Sargassum Season in the Dominican Republic?

According to reports, in the Dominican Republic sargassum is peaking between May and August but it can vary each year depending on meteorological factors affecting the Atlantic Ocean.  

This seaweed is rarely seen between November and May because lower temperatures don’t favor its reproduction. So you might want to plan your holidays accordingly. 

So far in the 2024 season, the sargassum situation in the country is under control. Some beaches are seeing increased quantities of algae, while others are almost sargassum-free.

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Recent Seaweed Updates from the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) 

Hoteliers and local authorities are on top of the issue, cleaning beaches every morning and installing ocean barriers to catch the algae before it washes ashore, in order to provide vacationers with an unforgettable beach experience.

Take a look at this timeline to get an overall picture of the current situation on some of the most popular beaches and how it evolves. This report is based on data from the Algues sargasses Punta Cana and Sargassum Seaweed Updates Dominican Republic FB groups.

April 21:

– significant sargassum at Riu Palace after the morning clean up.

– Bavaro Beach, outside of Bavaro Princess Resort, one of the 10 most amazing beaches in the world as per National Geographic, reported no sargassum. 

April 20:

– Bavaro beach had a little bit of sargassum in the water but nothing that could disturb swimmers. 

– The Cortecito beach, outside of Impressive Punta Cana resort, had some sargassum on the beach but the water was clean. 

April 19:

– Cabeza de Toro beach, outside of Dreams Flora resort, had no sargassum.

April 14:

– Bavaro…

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