WhatsApp update adds three new features for better group video calls

WhatsApp update adds three new features for better group video calls

An upcoming WhatsApp update is introducing three new features designed for better group calls and video chats. Originally a text-only platform, the messaging service owned by Meta, started offering call functionality six years after its launch. Since 2015, major improvements have been made to WhatsApp’s calling tools.

WhatsApp group video call

Late last year, WhatsApp enabled voice chats for up to 32 participants. Now the company says this has been expanded to video calls, allowing up to 32 users in a single session, which can be handy for work meetings or virtual birthday parties.

This brings WhatsApp in line with Apple’s FaceTime in terms of the number of people allowed into a call. Large video chats can become chaotic with multiple people speaking at the same time. To address this, WhatsApp has added a new speaker spotlight feature, which simplifies identifying the current speaker by showing their profile at the top of the screen.

WhatsApp screen-sharing

In August 2023, WhatsApp also introduced screen-sharing during video calls. The platform has now expanded this feature to include audio so that users are able to share and listen to voice notes, music, and other audio files simultaneously. This is convenient for long-distance chats, as users can share experiences over a call while viewing content together.

Improved call quality

Call quality on older devices or in areas with weak network signals has also been updated, as Meta has implemented a new codec called MLow, which improves reliability and reduces background noise and echo.

In a blog post, Meta said that it was committed to improving call quality, stating, “As more and more people have relied on our products to make calls over the years, we’ve been working on new ways to ensure all calls have a solid audio quality.”

Meta confirmed that the updates will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, but has not specified which regions will receive the upgrade first.

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