Woman Constructs Underground Tunnels Beneath Her Home, Gains Popularity on TikTok – Video

Woman Constructs Underground Tunnels Beneath Her Home, Gains Popularity on TikTok – Video

A woman has taken on an extraordinary project of building tunnels under her house and has been documenting her progress on TikTok, which has since gone viral. The ambitious project involves constructing a storm shelter off the side of her basement, a task that requires a lot of engineering, planning, and hard work. The woman provides updates on the project, showcasing the dimensions of the door, cutting through reinforced concrete blocks, and the challenges of working below the water table, requiring constant water management.

The project also involves building a ramp, a crane, and a bucket to remove the rubble from the site, making it an enormously expensive endeavor with zero return on investment. In addition to the storm shelter, the woman is also extending her tunnel system to harvest a layer of grilling stone, which she plans to use for landscaping. The video also provides a glimpse into the sub basement and the entrance of the tunnel system, showcasing the intricate and detailed work involved in the construction. The woman’s determination and creativity in taking on this ambitious project have captured the attention of many online viewers.

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Video Transcript

I am about to embark on a new and complex project I’m planning to construct a storm shelter off the side of my basement uh it’s going to take a very long time a lot of engineering and a lot of planning and work to make it happen and I will be posting

Updates the shelter itself will be cut into this wall here uh I will need to measure out the dimensions of the door and start cutting through the reinforced concrete blocks this is off the side of my bunker home office I will have to move all my equipment upstairs for at

Least a few weeks while this project is starting then I’m going to need to build a ramp a wooden ramp to go up to that window behind the green screen at the other side of the window which is about 14 ft below ground we will need to

Construct a crane and a bucket to get all of the rubble out of here and to put it into a trailer or truck this project is going to be enormously expensive and have zero return on investment it’s something that I wanted to do and uh it should be fun

I still have so long to go this time it’s working perfectly working below the water table requires constant Water Management here I’ve set up a small utility pump and a garden hose to pump water out of the storm shelter excavation into a saddling tank I need to install some Rod hols so

First I need to glue a few holes in the the overhead rock over the storm shelter unfortunately the rock bolt is not long enough and I don’t think I got quite enough grout inside for this to be truly effective so I need to improve and iterate on the

Design and now we have the reinforcement cage completed for the First wall one of the reasons for extending my tunnel system is to harvest a layer of grilling Stone so far I only found one good layer about a foot sandwiched between Sil Stone and courts sites I

Will use some of this for landscaping I really like Stone and plan one day to build a castle the sub basement is a great mess since I have been building tunnels off of it for the last year this is the entrance to the tunnel system and to the side is the steampunk mechanical

Box the entrance tunnel goes down a decline 30 ft in and 10 ft down the first chamber is 22 ft below grade and is approximately 10 ft by 6 ft the subbasin is covered up in that corner there is a pile of useful building Stones stacked here and looking

Back this is the entrance tunnel what do you think should I convert my house into an airbm

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