Woman in Nebraska Alive Despite Funeral Home Notices – Video

Woman in Nebraska Alive Despite Funeral Home Notices – Video

A shocking incident occurred at a funeral parlor in Nebraska, where staff members preparing a body for a funeral service discovered that the woman was still alive. The woman, identified as Constance Glantz, 74, had been received from a hospice center, where she had been declared dead.

The staff members immediately called for an ambulance, and Constance was rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to save her, she passed away hours after being declared dead at the hospital.

This unbelievable turn of events has left many people stunned and questioning how such a mistake could have occurred. Authorities are investigating the incident to determine the cause of the error and to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Watch the video for the full story and more details on this bizarre and tragic incident.

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