World’s Angriest Animals in Turf Wars: Watch the Full Episode on Animal Fight Night – Documentary

World’s Angriest Animals in Turf Wars: Watch the Full Episode on Animal Fight Night – Documentary

Turf Wars: World’s Angriest Animals (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

In the full episode of Animal Fight Night titled “Turf Wars: World’s Angriest Animals”, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey into the world of wild animal confrontations. From the plains of Africa to the waters off the coast of California, animals engage in fierce battles for food, territory, and survival.

The episode features a dramatic showdown between a lone wolf and the alpha male of a wolf pack. The lone wolf, determined to take over as the pack leader, launches a sneak attack on the alpha male, resulting in a brutal fight for dominance. With powerful bites, strategic attacks, and sheer determination, the alpha male successfully defends his position and reasserts his dominance within the pack.

In another story, a mother lioness fiercely protects her young from a group of lionesses looking to prey on her baby giraffe. Through cunning tactics and deadly defenses, the mother lioness fights off the attackers and saves her vulnerable calf, showcasing the strength of maternal instinct in the animal kingdom.

Additionally, viewers witness the agility and precision of a California mantis shrimp as it takes on an octopus in a battle for survival. Using its incredibly fast and powerful claws, the mantis shrimp overwhelms the octopus and emerges victorious in a thrilling underwater encounter.

The episode concludes with a tense confrontation between a California ground squirrel and a deadly snake. The mother squirrel risks her life to defend her young from the snake, engaging in a high-stakes battle to protect her family and ensure their safety.

Through captivating footage and expert analysis, “Turf Wars: World’s Angriest Animals” offers a riveting glimpse into the intense and often brutal struggles for dominance in the animal kingdom. From wolves to lions, octopuses to squirrels, these stories of conflict and survival highlight the relentless drive of animals to secure their place in the natural world.

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Video Transcript

All over the world species clash in Nature’s Savage Battle of survival on dry land at the water’s edge and Under the Sea all are locked in deadly conflict animals fight tooth and Claw to win food territory and rights to the bloodline from The Plains of Africa to

The marshes of South America there are no rules this is Animal Fight Night wol packs are an extended family of killers at the head of the family is the alpha male and he’ll defend his position to the Death American gray wolves are big they can weigh nearly as much as a man they work together to bring down prey under the lead of the privileged Alpha he gets to eat first he mates with the alpha female but he has to be on guard there’s a rival on the

Scene a lone wolf is looking for trouble he’s a young Renegade tired of being out in the cold he wants to break up this family by becoming their new Alpha Male time for The Showdown it’s a sneak attack the Lone Wolf targets the alpha below the

Ribs he latches on with his inchl long canines if he rips through to the gut he could kill the alpha but the Alpha’s fur protects him it’s 2 and 1/2 in deep and his winter under fur thickens it by a Third the alpha goes for the neck it’s Basic Instinct severing the jugular is the quickest cleanest kill but not this time wolves are cursorial Hunters they chase down their prey on the run when the alpha runs off the lone wol W’s instinct is to bring him down then he targets the thinner Flesh

On the Alpha’s face and makes it count the alpha retaliates with an attack on the muzzle it’s how wolves show dominance and an assault on their greatest asset their sense of smell pinning down his rival proves he’s the top dog and freeze up his jaw he has 42 teeth his back teeth are

Called carial extremely sharp they cut through flesh Like a Knife powerful jaw muscles produce a bone crushing bite pressure of 1,500 lb per square in that’s more than 12 times the power of a human bite the Lone Wolf can’t get on top so he aims low the protective fur on the leg is

Thinner so the potential for damage is higher and the lame wolf is a dead wolf the alpha bites back it’s a Race Against Time the Paw’s not broken but it’s weak the Lone Wolf is finally on top he targets the face again and forces the alpha down

The position of top dog is there for the Taking but the alpha digs deep fighting through the pain he throws his injured leg into one last shoulder hole he’s back on top and he’s not giving an inch this time the Lone Wolf can’t believe what’s happening he’s got no answer and he’s driven back into the snow blooded but

Victorious the alpha holds on to the top spot and returns to join his mate and the Lone Wolf must find another family to break up males fight savagely to defend their dominance but no fight is as desperate as a mother defending her young a lionist up to 400 lb in weight

And 10 ft long every inch a killing machine and she isn’t hunting alone she’s part of of a team her eyes are six times more sensitive than a human’s but one target is easy to spot the giraffe is the tallest animal on Earth with front legs reaching up to

6 ft from shoulder to hoof and an elongated neck of nearly 8 ft lions jump 12 ft high so they can bring down an adult giraffe but today there’s an easier meal on offer at about 220 lb this baby giraffe would feed these lionesses for the next 2

Days the mother turns her back for just one Reg inredible moment maternal Instinct kicks in she attacks and they scatter the big cats are cunning they spread out so one is always in the mother’s blind spot the plan is to draw the mother away and finish off the injured

Calf but they have to dodge her deadly defenses her front legs are powerful clubs large retractor muscles stretch as she kicks forward and then fire on the back sag with 6ft legs and Hooves about 12 in across she has every chance of Landing a killer blow the full power of her 2,500 lb

Frame is behind every stamp if she connects she can shatter spine or skull and she’s getting closer the lionist gets nearer to spring the Trap and Dodges death the lioness’s plan works the mother instinctively chases her leaving her baby calf exposed the Frantic mother mounts a second rescue bid but the

Lioness is too quick and the mother’s Hooves strike her Baby it will be almost 2 years before she breeds again her personal tragedy is a blood soaked testimony to the benefits of teamwork some animals don’t need backup the waters off the coast of California are home to a Silent Assassin this California two spot octopus haunts the seabed in a constant search for

Food and he’s hungry octopuses are a shell fish’s worst nightmare they’re deadly Hunters with sharp polarized Vision eight tentacles give them the edge hundreds of suckers along each one provide an inescapable grip on their prey and they have specialized chemical detectors 16 million sense organs called receptors chemically analyze the

Surroundings literally testing the water to sniff out potential prey in all directions this octopus is searching out the scent of shrimp this guy looks delicious he’s a California mantis shrimp living in a seabed burrow of Santa Catalina Island at around a foot long he looks like an easy but satisfying

Meal the octopus is at least four times his size mentis shrimp are fast covering 30 body lengths per second an Olympic swimmer would have to reach 130 mph to match that so he could flee but he’s no quitter he makes a stand at the entrance to his burrow

He performs what’s called a meril spread making himself as big as he can the octopus isn’t buying this scare tactic shrimp Sushi sounds too good but this is no ordinary shrimp he has a secret weapon that has to be seen to be believed this hungry octopus has his mind set on a shrimp

Supper he’s ready to strike he ignores the shrimp’s warning display but this shrimp’s not bluffing his front claws are like clubs the octopus reels he doesn’t know what’s hit him a network of Springs linkages and latches power the Mantis shrimp’s specially adapted raptorial claws they work like a crossbow suddenly

Unleashing a massive burst of energy when he delivers a punch it combines the acceleration of a 22 caliber bullet with a force almost as strong as the crushing jaws of an African lion the stunned octopus is down but not out the shrimp is only just getting started it’s a bullseye Right Between the

Eyes he’s just too quick for his opponent the octopus can’t take anymore he heads off to terrorize the next neighborhood as a final meril spread reminds him there’s plenty more where that came from but some Killers don’t need arms to pack a punch snakes are permanently on the radar of

This California ground squirrel because she has a young family they’re hidden in an underground burrow with 200 ft of tunnels around the nest they should be safe unless this go snake picks up their scent he can reach 9 ft in length he grips large prey with his

Teeth and then squeezes them to death in his coils he can eat an entire litter of baby ground squirrels in one sitting mom spots the snake and she’s mad she’ll stop the snake before it finds her burrow or die trying the snake strikes finding its range but mom won’t give

Up strike two zoning in Strike three but he’s not out to have a shot the squirrel has to open herself up to attack the snake forms his neck into a tight s shape it’s a power base to fire out a fast ball but the squirrel steals in and bites down hard she has four tough chiseled Central

Enzers ground sharp like axe blades if she gets a clean shot she might cut clean through the snake’s spinal cord but if the snake hits home he could squeeze the life out of her literally he has four rows of backwards curved teeth made to grip they’re not

Venomous but give him a fish hook hold they’re designed to lock on for good allowing his coils to wrap around his Victim the snake overreaches now he’s open to attack but the squirrel makes a big mistake she attacks too close to the snake’s head this could be the end a motherr squirrel has a gopher snake on the run she targets his vital organs striking close to his head a whisker from disaster she learns

Her lesson she focuses her bites on his tail she’s one sassy squirrel her strategy’s wearing out the snake she even rides his back tiring him further exhausted the snake makes a Last Stand his Tail’s taking a hammering but he isn’t finished yet the squirrel can’t risk going for

The kill but this snake can’t risk coming back she gives him the eyes then swaggers off the snake gets a hard lesson from squirrel fight School and the squirrel’s young family gets a Lifeline the mighty black bear there are up to 725,000 living in North America 6 and 1/2 ft tall standing uppr

And weighing up to 900 lb he hunts our woodlands and Mountain sides but why hunt when you can get takeout black bears are omnivores they’ll eat pretty much anything a human will and they need to eat at least 20,000 calories a day it’s August in Rockaway New Jersey this 4-year-old black black bear

Needs to bulk up for the winter hunger is a black bear’s main natural cause of death so this bear is coming to town but here’s his problem a bear in Residence two hungry bears one outcome the classic display of black bear aggression slowly brandish their razor sharp

Teeth it’s a standoff to see who will crack first nearly half a ton of raw muscle and senu collides sending the brawl crashing onto the street up on hind legs they recruit the full force of their weight to wrestle black bear males rarely fight each other as the results can be

Catastrophic one and a/4 in claws at the end of stocky forelimbs aim to slash through their thick Bel but a better technique is wrestling the other to the ground and trying to sink a deep fight into the net the Intruder has the defender right where he wants wants

Him the defender backs off appearing to concede defeat but he’s got home Advantage he knows the lay of the land and he draws the Intruder back up to the uneven ground using the huge stack of muscles in their shoulders they rear up and lock on the defender backs his opponent onto

The slippery slope and pins him down the Intruder tries to wriggle free but he’s locked in a bear hug the defender drives home his victory this neighborhood isn’t big enough for the both of them it’s dinner for one because black bears don’t share for a Titanic Battle of the bone

Crushers trade claws for rock hard clubs in the Arctic Wast this six-year-old Caribou bull is at his Peak bull Caribou weigh up to 700 lb and reach 7 ft long at over 4 ft his antlers are more than 50% taller than am’s but just 6 months ago they didn’t

Exist they’re made from the fastest growing mammal bone tissue on the planet at their Peak just before the breeding season their lethal weapons in the fight for the bloodline this big Bull’s huge antlers could win him a prized mate but has he got the right stuff it’s fall temperatures begin the

Drop to below -30 the Caribou migrates South and then search for a mate the big Bull’s neck muscles are now five times their normal size he’s fighting fit and he has his eye on one particular cow she’ll breed just once this season giving birth to one

Calf and he wants the calf to be his the competing males are in a race to win her Caribou can run nearly 50 mph the bull uses his speed to catch and take on his biggest rival antler to his antlers are as hard as Granite they Branch off into spikes called

Tines the brow tines grow toward the front and curve upwards his tines are tough enough to break bone and can be sharp enough to gouge flesh injury isn’t the only risk one wrong move and the time could lock together for good unable to feed they’d starve to death in the Frozen

Wastes but this bull brings his massive neck muffles into play he avoids a deadly headlock then changes tactics it’s a simple plan tip his rival on off balance and open to those pointed times the rival’s losing footing and can’t recover it’s a brush with death and the Rival

Retreats the display of strength ripples through the chasing herd a warning look freezes them in their tracks in the Caribou world this bull proves that size Matters and he secures his mating rights for another Season bigger is often better when it comes to fighting but a mouthful of sharp teeth helps too the red fox is a lean mean killing machine at over 13 lb and 20 in at the shoulder he’s a rangy predator narrow flesh piercing teeth this animal fight night featherweight is father to four

Cubs living in an and in Badger Boro his the American badger is a musclebound heavyweight at 26 lb he’s twice the weight of the fox but he’s low slung built for tunneling his shovel-shaped head has a Steely skull loose skin lets him turn in tight spaces and he’s a cold calculating killer Badger’s

Back he’s visiting his former home and finds a fresh new food supply the fox has to put his life on the line or his babies will be Badger brunch this Badger stumbles across a fox den but father Fox catches him in the act the fox targets the head but at

Twice his weight the Badger’s too strong for him uses his height to snap down on the Badger’s neck the Badger’s loose neck skin gives him the edge and he shakes free he turns on a dime in the tight Foxhole en counters with deadly Jaws his tough skull has a pronounced

Sagittal Crest an elongated surface area it forms an anchor for powerful jaw muscles giving a Savage bite that’s pound-for-pound five times stronger than an African leopard’s the badger turns offense into defense lowering his head to protect his throat the fox’s needle teeth bounce off the skull he needs to find

Flesh the badger wants to finish this he bulldozes the fox downhill but the fox finds The Sweet Spot he tears through muscle at the back of the skull it’s the Clincher the Badger’s punch drunk and loses his nerve he knows when he’s beaten the fox family is safe and the

Badger will strike Fox Cub off the menu for now two opponents literally tear each other to shreds as aggression is Unleashed in the Thai wetlands this is a siese fighting fish a small fish with a huge temper almost as big as his fins Si’s fighting fish bodies are just 2 in

Long they’re armor plated with a network of tough scales their showy fins attract females but this fish has an ugly side he’s a killer it’s the dry season hunting grounds are at a premium this fish has been alone for a long time which makes him even more aggressive than usual When a Stranger

Comes musling in AES fighting Fe face off can be a fight to the death and their prized fins are in the firing line the fins are mostly skin supported by Soft Rays muscles in the trunk contract billowing the fins out like a large fan paper thin they’re vulnerable to Attack but in blind rage the red loner attacks the body first The Stranger bites back and finds Finn these males attack at faster than 3 ft per second son Siamese fighting fish are carnivores both the upper and lower Jaws are lined with rows of teeth around 40

Teeth in total all pointed and super sharp they can tear their prey or opponent apart red takes the fight to his rival he’s hitting home but the stranger uses his smarts he’s saving his energy for a kiss of death siese fighting fish have gills but in these oxygen starved Waters they

Survive by breathing air from the surface red short on oxygen he grows weaker by the second he twists free but he’s done in the stranger lunges hard and comes away with a jaw full of fish his focused attack leaves red in tatters he’s a wreck but still breathing

The Stranger writes him off and claims Victory but Red’s fins could grow back and next time he’ll be the stranger in town when scaly Fighters are armed with tooth and Claw the battle is blood soaked a monster’s on the prowl in Australia’s Rocky Heartland he’s a lonely sand goana and he’s

Following the trail of a female but his tongue picks up another scent that makes him fighting mad a male love rival this Lonely Heart Won’t rest until he’s challenged him in a bloody bout of sumo wrestling sand goas weigh in at 13 lbs and reach nearly 5T from nose to

Tail they have a thick scaled leathery skin and Powerful clawed limbs to pin down their prey a muscle dense tail makes up over half his body length it gives him balance and it’s a powerful asset in a fight the Lonely Heart sees his love rival and he wants his

Blood the Rival tears at the throat of the lonely heart but the tough leather skin holds out so he tries a SmackDown the Lonely Heart’s pinned under but he forces down his opponent’s head it’s a grip and bite strategy his powerful rear legs have a vice likee hold and the biting tactics

Working it looks bad for his rival a human wrestler would have no way back an extreme San goana fighting trick could be his only chance two two giant Predators lock limbs in a desperate battle a lizard love rival is wounded and pinned down but he has one trick

Left using his musclebound tail as a lever he Springs back on top the Lonely Heart throws his rival against a rock it’s a shattering blow the rivals losing blood with their tails they tripod their bodies to full height for maximum Leverage the Lonely Heart targets the neck with a pile Driver it’s a tail off a crushing Victory the Lonely Hearts power ful tail puts him at the front of the line to find a mate and his passion makes him Unstoppable when giant teeth are your weapon of choice fighting is biting with a razor sharp edge happy Bara are the world’s largest

Roads they’re related to guinea pigs eyes and nostrils near the top of their heads allow them to see and breathe while almost completely submerged web toes make them excellent swimmers they can dive for up to 5 minutes they’re the hippos of the rodent world and just like hippos capy Bara mate in

Water they live in herds up to 15 strong and at their head is the Kingpin he’s 4 years old nearly 4T long and weighs almost as much as a man his teeth will never stop growing his incizors are nearly an inch and a half long he’s a born

Fighter the Kingpin enjoys Soul mating rights He reigns over a Harum of 12 females and young and he lets the other males know who boss cppy bearers have a bare lump on the top of their snout called a Moro it produces an oily liquid that has a distinctive

Smell he uses it to mark his territory defining clear limits but this three-year-old male doesn’t respect the kingpin’s boundaries he’s tired of being a bachelor he matches the Kingpin for size and has youth on his side the kingpin’s been in charge for over 3 years he won’t give up his

Privileges without raising hell first game on first blood to the Challenger he’s locked on to the kingpin’s cheek but lacks the experience to take full advantage the Kingpin twists and Spins away the Challenger changes tactics up on hind legs he gets his paws inside his opponents the Kingpin can’t get a

Grip the Challenger bites down just missing the Mario it fires up the Kingpin this time he gets his front paws up first and makes it count he lets rip with his huge incizors the Challenger has no answer to those terrible teeth and runs for his life back to No Man’s

Land he’ll need to tough up before he mounts another challenge the older Kingpin proves what all season Fighters already know being long in the tooth can have its Advantages

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