Yogi Bear Caught Stealing Cooler with Its Teeth

Yogi Bear Caught Stealing Cooler with Its Teeth

A hungry brown bear in Lake Tahoe, California, redefined the term “pic-a-nic basket” when it decided to steal an entire cooler from a truck using its “bear” teeth. The daring moment was caught on camera by Graciela Ruiz, a mom who documents her family’s RV adventures on TikTok and Instagram.

In the video, the bold bear can be seen climbing into the truck at the Eagle Falls parking lot and effortlessly picking up the rolling cooler with its teeth before making a quick getaway. The close encounter with the thieving “Yogi Bear” left onlookers stunned and amazed at the bear’s strength and resourcefulness.

The video has since gone viral, with viewers marveling at the incredible footage of the bear’s bold heist. While the incident serves as a reminder to always be cautious around wild animals, it also showcases the intelligence and adaptability of nature’s creatures.

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