15 Taboos and Unbelievable Facts in Indonesia – Video

15 Taboos and Unbelievable Facts in Indonesia – Video

15 Taboos In INDONESIA And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
A country formed from thousands of islands, where incredibly bizarre things seem to exist, almost like something out of science fiction movies. For instance, a tribe of fish people, a land of golden jelly, or even dragons. I know it sounds unbelievable, but what I just described is entirely real. I’ll prove to you that in this world, there are truly countless extraordinary things that you might have never imagined.

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15 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Indonesia a country formed from thousands of islands where incredibly bizarre things seem to exist almost like something out of science fiction movies for instance a tribe of fish people a land of golden jelly or even dragons I know it sounds unbelievable

But what I just described is entirely real I’ll prove to you that in this world there are truly countless extraordinary things that you might have never imagined number 15 cohabitation prohibition if you intend to bring a romantic partner to Indonesia for travel I advise you to

Think it over carefully I’m not sure if the Indonesian government has any issues with awareness or not but they have indeed Bann premarital relationships and living together for couples in love individuals engaged in extramarital relationships May face up to one year in prison while unmarried couples living

Together could be sentenced to 6 months in prison however only parents spouses or children of the violators have the right to report them to the authorities the enforcement of this law has raised concerns among many foreign tourists who wish to visit Indonesia including the famous resort island of Bley although all businesses and

Tourists find this regulation highly unfair the Indonesian government remains determined to implement their longstanding intention they argue that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country many views on marriage family and ethics are built on the religious Foundation of Islam and banning premarital relationships is believed to bring more benefits than harm to the

Youth number 14 the blue-eyed tribe ignoring the illogical regulations of the Indonesian government let’s move on to something truly special that only this country possesses a tribe with stunning blue eyes bhen Island the 19th largest island in Indonesia located in the southeast e region of suisi is home

To a unique tribe called the bhan this tribe is divided into smaller Clans among which there are individuals with beautiful sky blue eyes this is extremely rare in Indonesia where the majority of the population has black hair and black eyes moreover this rare condition is known as wardenburg syndrome affecting

Eye pigmentation due to inheriting a specific genetic mutation this syndrome is a rare genetic mutation estimated to affect one in 42,000 people apart from affecting eye pigmentation this syndrome can also lead to hearing loss from adults to children in the bhutanese tribe on butin island they all have blue eyes if someone is

Not aware of the origin of these eyes they would surely think they are from another planet or a product of artificial intelligence number 13 homeland of dragons if you don’t believe dragons exist then come with me to Indonesia where you will witness dragons strolling casually in the wild in addition to the Tropical

Paradise of Bali Indonesia is home to Komodo Island one of the new Seven Wonders of the World announced by new seven wonders in 2011 this Wonder boasts a pristine and Majestic natural landscape and is the unique habitat of the Komodo dragon the largest living lizard on earth commonly referred to as a

Dragon the Komodo dragon is a species of monitor lizard found on Komodo Island rinka Flores and Gil motang in Indonesia belonging to the monitor lizard family they are the largest lizard species still in existence today kodo dragons can reach lengths of up to 3 m and weigh

Up to 150 kg they prefer to live in hot dry places and are often found in dry grasslands savanas and tropical forests at low elevations they are most active during the day with a top speed of 20 km per hour the ability to dive up to 4. 5 m

And Adept climbing skills their diet includes various invertebrates birds and mammals with preferred prey beinging deer wild boes and buffalo it’s important to note that kodo dragons are dangerous creatures possessing a venomous bite equivalent to that of a venomous snake their bite can cause paralysis in their saliva contains

Various proteins that can lead to eventual death additionally kodo dragons are known to play dead to Ambush their prey therefore when experiencing the Komodo dragon tourists need to adhere to safety guidelines maintaining a safe distance and limiting close contact to ensure absolute safety the best time for hunting Komodo

Dragons is from April to December when the climate is dry and comfortable during this period the sea is Calm making it convenient for boat exploration of the pantai Maris sea after completing the necessary procedures Indonesian tourist ists can choose to admire Komodo dragons by embarking on a 2-hour island hopping tour to rinka

Island according to local experience this island provides numerous opportunities to comfortably observe a diverse range of Komodo dragons of various ages in just 15 minutes you can encounter three Komodo dragons most of these dragons lie scattered along the path venturing deeper you can also witness some unique moments in their daily

Lives number 12 the sea Gypsy tribe how long can you hold your breath 1 minute 3 minutes if you can manage 5 minutes you are considered quite extraordinary but did you know that in Indonesia there is a tribe capable of holding their breath for tens of minutes or even more the bjo

Are one of the unique tribes in the world leading a nomatic life around rivers and seas without nationality as a seafaring tribe they live scattered across southeast Asia from Indonesia to the Phil Philippines and Malaysia the bajo are known as the exceptional free diving experts with Superior free diving abilities they are

The guardians of the sea as their lives are intimately connected with the ocean their traditions and Customs revolve around protecting the sea regardless of gender or age but Joe boys girls and children are passionate about diving they can spend up to 8 hours a day diving Beneath the Sea some

Even dedicate 60% of their time underwater according to the latest research the bodies of the baju have adapted to their underwater lifestyle internal organs such as the spleen have evolved larger helping increase oxygen in the blood during Dives while diving the heart rate decreases and blood is directed to vital organs having larger

Spleens containing more oxygen rich red blood cells allows the bajo to extend their breath holding time this is crucial evidence that the sea people tribe has evolved genetically to adapt their living environment it’s a genetic trait rather than a learned experience cipel a professional diver describes how bile people dive like

Dancing and move very slowly despite being an experienced diver saful can only descend to about 5 m while the tribe members can dive from 12 to 15 M deep this creates the distinction of the sea people tribe it’s known that bajour babies start free diving training from a very

Young age some toddlers as young is 3 or 4 years old follow their parents to the sea to practice diving their lives revolve around fishing using primitive and self-made tools besides fishing they dive to search for sea cucumbers pearls or sea urchins valuable resources to exchange

For food on land due to their pneumatic sea life over centuries but being detached from modern society this tribe is less known they have lived Generations attached to the ocean but do not belong to any Nation without National ity the bajjo do not have citizenship rights for the

Social welfare benefits that an ordinary person is entitled to number 11 chili smoothie would you believe that there is a dish that just by looking at it makes you feel like you have indigestion it’s the chili smoothie from Indonesia at first glance it looks quite similar to a smoothie but has a thick

Consistency like a food item and crucially it contains nothing but chili this dish is called too GED a popular snack among the people of Indonesia the main ingredient for this dish is almost entirely ground Bird’s eyed chili known for its extremely spicy taste additionally it includes crispy fried tofu but in minimal

Quantities it is eaten with shallots garlic and after being finally ground pure chili water is added shaken well and then enjoyed looking at the images many people have expressed surprise at this chili filed dish some think it would lose its distinctive flavor because the spiciness would overshadow it on the other hand the

Majority of people believe that just by looking at it they can already feel their stomachs aching how about you after seeing it would you dare to try this dish share your thoughts with us number 10 no hand shaking and no left hand usage shaking hands when meeting

Someone is a civilized Gest in many countries especially in developed Nations however it is considered Taboo in Indonesia especially for women Indonesia is the most populous Muslim majority country globally and Muslim women often dislike unfamiliar men touching their bodies ideally when you meet someone in Indonesia you should

Just smile and Nod to greet them only when they extend their hand to shake hands should you reciprocate and remember not to grip too tightly furthermore using the left hand is a serious offense in this peculiar country Indonesians strongly discourage the use of the left hand according to

Local beliefs the left hand is considered unclean and lacks hygiene therefore when using the left hand to hold give or receive objects or money it will not be well received in this country so if you want to leave peacefully from here you should be very careful with how you use your hands

Don’t act hastily otherwise you’ll have to pay a high price number nine no revealing attire and public displays of affection no matter how alluring your figure is it’s advised to wear the most modest clothing possible when stepping into Indonesia especially when visiting restaurants and religious temples wearing revealing attire is strictly

Prohibited particularly for women clothing items like spaghetti straps low cut tops shorts and short skirts are strictly forbidden for men wearing shorts tank tops when in public places or religious temples is not permitted alongside the dress code something the Indonesian government always emphasizes to tourists is to avoid displaying affection in public

Indonesian people often feel uncomfortable and perceive it as indecent when couples openly Express their affection in public when in this country it’s best to limit actions such as hugging and kissing additionally maintaining a respectful distance that doesn’t affect those around you is crucial some couples have even faced unpleasant incidents including having

Things thrown at them for kissing in public I believe you wouldn’t want this to happen to you number eight No gambling while many tourist destinations allow gambling activities in Indonesia even betting a few coins could cost you dearly gambling in any form is strictly prohibited in Indonesia so stay away from spots and

Tempting invitations for these black red games if caught gambling the consequences range from fines and deportation for lighter cases to imprisonment for more severe offenses while people in many parts of the world view card games as a form of entertainment in their leisure time in Indonesia they see it as something only

Idlers and those without a proper job would do playing such games is highly frowned upon by the Indonesian people moreover if you encounter extremely devout Muslims you might face even greater danger this is one of the most strictly forbidden things in Indonesia that you must remember number seven no pork

Consumption once again this rule is applied based on Islamic principles according to Islam pork is considered filthy compared to other livestock because a pig’s digestive system operates much faster than that of other livestock this results in a shorter and less effective toxin elimination process additionally pigs don’t have sweat

Glands allowing diseased germs to store and develop in their fat tissues blood and meat the final reason relates to the instincts of pigs among livestock pigs are the only animals that tend to exchange mates as an inherent trait ethically this behavior is unacceptable in Islam Islamic scholars believe that a

Part of human nature will be adversely affected if consuming food derived from pork the Indonesian government supports Islamic beliefs and agrees to restrict this type of food in the country even when it causes significant economic losses to Indonesian Farmers number six strictest traffic rules in the world in Indonesia everyone wears a specific type of thick secure head covering a helmet in this country costs around $13 this price is not considered expensive when it comes to ensuring safety and avoiding trouble with traffic police the serious compliance of the

People has turned these helmets into a simp symbol of traffic civility in Indonesia however it’s important to note that this culture does not solely stem from the awareness of the Indonesian people but is primarily enforced by the extremely strict traffic laws of the country under Indonesian law motorbike

Riders not wearing helmets can face fines of around $500 have all their personal identification confiscated be prohibited from going on the road or even face imprisonment for up to 1 month while these laws might seem severe they have proven effective in a country where the motorbike related mortality

Rate is the second highest in the world reaching 73.6% number five macabra Market if you love animals never visit the market called Toman in Indonesia this place was once a famous tourist destination for the slaughter of wild animals the market Specialties include bats and snakes consed unsafe species the notorious Tomah Mar Market

In Northern Indonesia sells cats dogs and monkeys the ruthless treatment of animals and the experience of a walk through hell have made tahon a tourist attraction at one point this Market was even listed on trip advisor as a top attraction at first glance Tom moan may seem like any typical traditional Market

The parking lot is crowded with trucks and vendors offer all kinds of goods from ice cream and Candy to plastic toys and fresh flowers the colorful facade of the market showcases fruits smoked fish and spicy spices however this image only conceals the Dark Secrets behind the market nicknamed the scariest in

Indonesia as you delve deeper into the market you’ll sense a stark difference a pungent odor permeates the air flies Buzz around enjoying the Feast of abundant meat bats with clipped Wings a snake gutted on a stick or a few M skew these are just a few scenes you might

Encounter dogs and cats are being prepared for cons consumption with wooden Stakes located in the Highland volcanic region of North suisi tahon used to be the largest traditional Market in minahasa most of the customers here are from the minahasa ethnic group known for their exotic Cuisine today while they no

Longer live a forest-based lifestyle as they did centuries ago they still favor ancestral dishes including snake and bat the mahasa people’s meat section at the market is most bustling and vibrant on Saturdays most animals sold at the market are hunted by local residents in the forest despite the potential health

Risks of consuming Wild game the locals ensure their reputation by claiming they are selling safe food based on their lifelong credibility number four marriage without dating can you believe that some people become husband and wife after just one day of knowing each other it may sound absurd but in Indonesia it’s quite

Normal more and more young people in Indonesia the world’s largest Muslim country are skipping the dating phase and going straight to marriage after a brief conversation success stories of marriages without dating have gained significant traction on Indonesia’s internet one such story is about Muhammad Alvin phze the son of a famous polygamous

Preacher images of the 21-year-old inundated social media after he married a 19-year-old girl initially a Catholic who converted to Islam upon meeting faas through a mat maker returning to the trend of marrying without dating supporters believe it empowers women to choose a life partner without compromising in premarital relationships however some critics warn

That marrying based solely on reason rather than emotion May lack a genuine connection between the couple and could potentially put the woman in a precarious situation a successful marriage means both Partners must adhere to the teachings of Islam regarding the duties of husbands and wives it becomes becomes

A significant issue if both parties are unaware of each other’s rights and responsibilities in such cases divorce becomes inevitable number three the golden Island immediately buy a plane ticket and head to Sumatra Indonesia to pick up gold yes getting rich here is surprisingly easy you just need to take

A stroll and you might find gold numerous precious artifacts made of pure gold worth millions of USD have been discovered along the mui River in Sumatra Island over the past 5 years The Continuous findings of these valuable artifacts have led archaeologists to believe that this area was once the legendary Empire of Shaya

Shaya often referred to as the golden Island in Indonesian folklore is said to be an ancient civilization that achieved incredible wealth and prosperity until now researchers have been trying to find traces of the shajia Empire which mysteriously disappeared around the 40 Century recent archaeological discoveries have sparked hope among

Scientists that they have found evidence of the existence of the sagia Empire local divers while underwater fishing along the MU River unintentionally stumbled upon these valuable Treasures in the river section near palang City divers often unexpectedly find ancient Treasures from Buddha statues dating back to the 8th Century

Adorned with precious stones to valuable gold jewelry despite the findings of precious gold jewelry and Buddha statues made of bronze or even gold adorned with precious stones and dating back to the 8th Century archaeologists believe these artifacts reflect the ancient wealth of the shaji Empire nevertheless the mystery of why

This Kingdom vanished continues to baffle historians number two widespread occurrence of shamans if you live in Indonesia for a while you will notice that there are many shamans in the the country because the Indonesian people are highly superstitious many Indonesians face financial difficulties or even lose their lives due to believing the false

Promises of fake shamans who use mystical and superstitious methods to deceive their victims in a predominantly Muslim country like Indonesia many people believe in shamans exploiting this many fraudsters have used deceptive tactics to Swindle the assets of their victims and worse take their lives in April 2020 3 the Indonesian

Police arrested a spiritual leader in a village accused of killing at least 12 people after several bodies were found buried in the man’s Garden he was charged with premeditated murder at his private home in banjan Gara Central Java the shaman promised to miraculously help clients with money but when they

Felt no spiritual experiences and wanted a refund he resorted to poisoning them ultimately these shamans are working for money and they do not possess the supernatural powers that many superstitious Indonesians still believe in number one restrictions when giving a gift in Indonesia giving gifts can be quite complex items such as beef knives

Or sharp objects are always excluded during initial meetings giving small gifts is the best way to express care and sincerity in establishing long-term relationships however gifts should be modest possibly representing the symbol of your country or Province and they don’t need to be wrapped when receiving a gift the recipient often says thank

You and sets the gift aside without opening it until you leave therefore when given a gift by an Indonesian it is advisable not to open it in front of them you can give gifts on occasions such as returning home being invited to an Indonesian house or expressing gratitude to someone who has

Helped you Indonesian Chinese people appreciate receiving food as a gift but not during a party invitation bringing food then implies that the host does not have enough to treat you instead sending food afterward is seen as a thank you gift candy or a fruit basket is the best

Choice they may refuse the gift up to three times before accepting it to avoid appearing greedy flowers are also a common gift however avoid giving odd numbers of flowers as it is considered unlucky when men give flowers or gifts to a woman misunderstandings may occur therefore when giving gifts they often

Say and you should say too that the gift is from your spouse remember these rules to be appreciated by Indonesians it will be very useful for you when traveling or working there but most of all Indonesia is not the only country with harsh laws we invite you to follow us and continue

To Singapore a place that will truly surprise you strange prohibitions in Singapore shock the whole world Singapore is one of the safest cleanest and most civilized countries in Asia but did you know that this always praised country is forcing its people to accept many strange and unreasonable prohibitions some of the prohibition

Laws in this lion island nation are so strange that they even affect very normal human habits to make sure you won’t get into any trouble in Singapore please stay with me until the end of this Video number 15 B chewing gum you are chewing gum and walking around the streets of Singapore with your friends when suddenly the police come to arrest you and take you to headquarters you were confused and didn’t know what serious crime you had committed to get arrested but after a while of

Questioning the police told you that the reason you were arrested was simply because you chewed gum Singapore officially imposed a ban on chewing gum and selling candy in the 1990s with the aim of cleaning up the streets according to Singapore statutes online the first penalty for selling chewing gum can be

Up to 100,000 ‘s where a maximum prison prison sentence of 2 years meanwhile people who chew candy and spit gum on the street can be fined up to 30,000 us and detained for about a week according to the Singapore Housing and Development Authority every year the agency has to spend

150,000 us to clean up gum residue on the streets around apartments and even on public transport seats initially Mr leq on you Singapore’s first prime minister opposed the absolute ban on chewing candy saying the the ban was too hasty people’s behavior could be corrected through dissemination and fines mainly for repeat offenses but

Everything changed in 1987 with the introduction of the high-speed traini train system many people when taking the train had gum residue on the train sensor causing the train door to fail and the train to crash discontinuity since then chewing gum has been completely banned on line Island if you

Come here you can still use gum but only eat it at home and throw the gum in the trash not you will soon meet the Singapore police again because they manag this issue very strictly number 14 mity is prohibited in the house let’s agree that home is our

Private place no one can prohibit us from wearing or undressing in the house but in Singapore they prohibit that wandering around your house naked in an obvious way such as leaving the door open can get you a 2,000 us a 3month prison sentence or but according to Singaporean law nudity is considered a

Form of cultural disgrace violates regulations of conduct and can be considered annoying to others Singapore has always made it a point to maintain a decent environment and ensure respect for all members of the community so even if you are naked in the house if someone accidentally catches you you can be

Arrested fine in addition being naked on the street will also receive the same fine so in general when coming to this country you should always wear clothes with enough fabric to avoid breaking the law and getting into unnecessary Trouble number 13 too when giving gift giving gifts is a very natural action to express affection but it is not as simple as you think Singapore is a multicultural country so giving gifts is extremely complicated for example you should not wrap a gift in white because white symbolizes mour gifts such as

Watch handkerchiefs and flowers should also be limited because in Chinese culture they carry funeral significance for Muslims or people of Indian origin be careful not to give items made of pig skin always use your right hand or both hands to give gifts in addition gifts are often given on farewell occasions

When receiving a gift you should refuse it three times before actually receiving it and do not open the gift in front of the giver after hearing these rules at first I felt that giving gifts here was Troublesome we have quicker ways to receive gifts from each other but after

Studying everything carefully I see that we must also respect their culture keeping the rules will make the country more interesting and diverse right prohibition on movement walking across the street can also get you fined or jailed which may sound strange but is a law that applies in Singapore the law

Applies to people who go 50 m beyond the markings when crossing the street for your first violation you can be fined on the spot up to 1,000 us e for 3 months in prison this fine will double for the second violation I have interesting information that many many foreign

Tourists have violated this law the fines are so high that the Singapore government has enough to build an additional 12 km Road number leval we prohibition on sales as a country that values trust Singapore strongly condemns fraudulent trading practices if you intend to sell something in this country it is imperative to do business in a clean manner according to Singapore law they prohibit cheating on size and weight when buying and selling Goods otherwise

They can be sentenced to one year in prison find or both tackling fraud is an important part of country’s efforts to protect consumers maintain Market fairness and build a transparent business environment Singapore continuously strengthens controls and surveillance at border gate retail points as well as using technology to

Prevent and detect cases of fraud Singapore where as one of the countries with a developed economy and strict legal system regularly implements measures to protect consumers and maintain fairness in the market regulators and governments can work closely with businesses and communities to ensure that fraud has no place in

Business and commodity trading so if you buy in Singapore you can rest assured about the quality number 10 tabos in the New Year many people want to experience welcoming the New Year in the lion island nation of Singapore because it is interesting but before participating you need to

Clearly remember the cultural rules so as not to disrupt other people’s Happy Days local people during the first days of the year in Singapore people avoid cleaning their houses and washing their hair to avoid losing good luck do not break Furniture especially mirrors do not wear white clothes do not use

Needles or Scissors because they will bring bad luck in addition depending on each ethnicity they also have their own taboos but don’t worry too much because the Tet atmosphere here will really make you feel wonderful when the new year comes a jubilant festive atmosphere takes place throughout the first month

From January 1 to the end of mid-February to welcome a peaceful and lucky New Year all singaporeans will join in let’s clean up the house wash blankets arrange furniture and decorate our living or working Place beautifully so we can be ready to welcome the New Year in the most neat and tidy way

Possible besides singaporeans also go shopping for more new clothes and outfits to wear in the early days of spring to have the most beautiful and neat appearance singaporeans believe that this is the simplest way to help dispel the bad luck and Misfortune of the old year and get ready for a new

Beginning full of energy and Excitement number numbers taboo numbers you are four the first time I came to Singapore I encountered a lot of difficulties when I couldn’t find the fourth floor in the hotel elevator but luckily a Singaporean girl guided me and explained very clearly why there wasn’t one fourth floor an elevator turns out

According to singaporeans number four is a taboo number singaporeans similar to some other Asian cultures doe the number four based on the principle of Yin and Yang and affection for this number in Chinese this personality can be called tetrobot avoided to avoid bringing bad luck especially in situations such as

Choosing apartment numbers product numbers or other important numbers in addition number number 7even number 303 number 37 and number 69 on negative and unlucky numbers they hate and hate the number seven the most normally they try their best to avoid encountering this number singaporeans believe that black

Is an unlucky color and purple is also a color they do not like they only like pink and red because according to them this color symbolizes solemnity intense enthusiasm Joy courage and symbolizes tolerance and generosity number 88 prohibit pork and alcohol I was banned from entering Singapore in

2018 for carrying a bit of bacon in my luggage and until then I didn’t know that this country bans pork and alcohol it’s hard to believe that the two most popular foods in the world are banned in this country but ultimately it’s because of culture you need to know that Islam

Is the main religion in Singapore and according to the rulle S Pork and alcohol are completely prohibited avoid pork because it is considered an unclean food for the body even in the sacred cure and it is clearly written that certain foods should not be used and

Pork is one of them according to the theory of Muslim monks pork is not clean not good for human health because it has too much fat and is too Amorous so it contains many toxins and bacteria Pig’s living environment is also not clean so their meat is considered susceptible to

Human diseases meanwhile Muslims are also not allowed to use stimulants such as alcohol because they make people lose their reason and easily cause regrettable sins Believers are always very respectful and obedient to the teachings of their almighty God so the governments of some countries following this religion also ban alcoholic

Beverages and Believers Never drink beer or wine in their lives de so when you come to Singapore you should never invite locals to drink alcohol it’s like provoking them and another action is also considered aggressive and contemptuous of the people here that you must avoid number sis and tipping is

Prohibited no matter how satisfied you are with the service of the staff in Singapore don’t be foolish to tip them I don’t want to turn you into a stingy person but my giving this advice to protect you when you come to this country in Singapore according to General regulations or in the beautiful

Lion Country service staff in all departments are not allowed to receive tips therefore restaurants and hotels have added a 10% service fee to each bill however baggage handlers at hotels are entitled to receive gratuities from guests therefore if your luggage is brought to your room by the staff

Remember to give them a few dollars as for other employees even if you don’t give them a tip they will still serve you thoughtfully even if you tip and they accept they will still be punished by the restaurant for asking for more money from customers the act of tipping

When they have already received an additional 10% of the bill is also considered disrespectful to the staff so put your tips away and just pay the restaurant in full number six don’t point fingers at others I told you already Singapore has a lot of Muslims so you have to be

Extremely careful in every action like visiting a Muslim country the rule that many people often make is to use the index finger and some Muslim cultures using the index finger to point can be seen as a sign of disrespect and ostracism Muslims often consider this a polite gesture when referring to a

Person or when chatting asking for directions or exchanging with Muslims you absolutely should not use your index finger to point at any person or object using the index finger when communicating is considered an extremely offensive ction especially offensive to the other you need to pay special attention to this because some Muslims

May Express their outrage right Away it’s forbidden to use the left hand okay after you’ve learned how to hide your index finger the next thing I want you to do in Singapore is hide your left hand don’t use it for anything if there are locals around it sounds quite strange but it is really necessary the

Left hand is an unclean hand so in some sacred religious rituals and important thoughts people do not use the left hand for example holding food offerings shaking hands with the left hand when giving gifts receiving food or offerings if you have to use both hands the left

Hand must be placed below the right hand besides using the index finger to point is also a taboo in Muslim countries if you want to point you can only use the thumb of your right hand while the remaining four fingers must be clenched into the palm of your hand Muslims often

Use their right hand for rituals and important events in their lives According to Islamic beliefs the left hand is associated with personal hygiene so it is often unclean therefore when coming here you should not use your left hand to hold objects and food when singaporeans give gifts or deliver

Things to you you should use both hands to receive thing with a left hand under the right hand okay if you’ve learned how to use your hands and fingers now we get to the costume part number four revealing clothing is prohibited the weather in Singapore can

Sometimes be very hot but don’t let that stop you from choosing cool clothes to go out because you will likely be fined heavily because in Singapore wearing skimpy clothes can be considered a violation this regulation is intended to maintain a kind environment and respect the cultural values of the island nation

Not only when you arrive in Singapore but if you dress too revealingly you will also have difficulty entering the country public areas such as shopping malls parks and other public facilities have cover up in respectful dress codes if they do not comply violators may be asked to change their clothing or leave

The area therefore when in Singapore you should comply with the dress code and choose clothing appropriate to the environment and standards of the country this helps maintain public order and respect for social and cultural values in Singapore this is probably the reason why we don’t see Singaporean women

Appearing in sexy outfits on the streets it seems like their dressing style is also quite boring when the country introduces these restrictions but is not the most absurd thing that exists in Singapore the following ban will make you feel even more feeding pigeons is prohibited Singapore has a lot of pigeons they

Often swoop at tourists to beg for food but no matter how cute they are don’t be foolish and give them something to eat if you don’t want to lose several hundred to be exact that’s a few hundred just for feeding the pigeons toys in Singapore throwing leftover bread to

Pigeons or feeding them can get tourists fine 500 CCD Singaporean authorities have long been aware of the dangers the pigeons can POs to human health not to mention the damage caused by bird droppings previous previous efforts to reduce bird numbers such as using Nets or using electrical devices to detect

Bird roosts have not been very successful what makes the recent situation particularly serious in Singapore is that the number of tourists has gradually increased causing bird feed consumption and waste to increase as well that also means that the number of pigeons here has increased and caused significant damage to historical

Buildings on the Square and immediately or ban was issued of course many pigeons will die due to lack of food in Singapore number two is forbidden to think about ending own life I have a very difficult question to ask you which is when a person has chosen the path of

Ending their own life are they still afraid of the law it’s really difficult to punish in this case because you have already subjected yourself to the harshest punishment but this action is still illegal in Singapore in Singapore mental health and mental health issues are of concern and there are organizations and medical facilities

That provide psychiatric Support Services if you are someone you know is facing mental health difficulties authorities will seek support from a medical professional or Mental Health Organization to avoid the worst but if a person fails to end his life in Singapore he may be imprisoned for about

2 years or sent to a mental institution until he gives up that idea it sounds quite complicated and useless but there are a few successful cases and did at least temporarily protects these people’s lives number one eating and drinking is prohibited on the subway in Singapore Subway is a popular means of

Transportation between famous tourist destinations however traveling by Subway in Singapore also has its own regulations especially the prohibition of eating food and drinks on the train maybe in other countries when you ate food on public transportation you will just be reminded but in Singapore you can be fined up to 500 Us

In addition when bringing food on the train be careful not to bring durian even if you don’t eat it you can still be kept there because the strong durian smell can cause discomfort and affect other passengers in addition you are not allowed to make noise on the subway

Making noise on the subway can disturb others and create an uncomfortable environment keeping the environment on the train quiet and being respectful of fellow passengers is an important part of etiquette and courtesy when using public transportation like the subway singaporeans are quite similar to Japanese people in that they hate being

Disturbed in public places so it’s best to keep quiet in common spaces if you don’t want to lose money to the Singapore police take a pen and paper and write down what I just said Thank you for taking the time to watch our video we hope that the content has

Provided valuable and useful information to you if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below we look forward to hearing if you like the content don’t forget to like And subscribe to the channel to update the latest videos from us also share this video with your

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