15 Things That Are Prohibited and Unusual in Egypt! – Video

15 Things That Are Prohibited and Unusual in Egypt! – Video

15 Prohibitions and Strange Things in Egypt!
The entire country is fearful of the owl; throughout one’s life, it is forbidden to reveal the soles of one’s feet, and one might lose their life just by looking at a corpse. These are just a few of the many bizarre things existing in the country of Egypt.
As one of the oldest countries, regarded as the cradle of world culture, Egypt is not lacking in unique regulations and behaviors that you might find unbelievable.
Join me for the next few minutes of the video as we explore 15 prohibitions and strange things in Egypt; I will reveal things that no one has disclosed before.

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15 prohibitions and strange things in Egypt the entire country is fearful of the owl throughout one’s life it is forbidden to reveal the souls of one’s feet and one might lose their life just by looking at a corpse these are just a few of the many bizarre things existing

In the country of Egypt as one of the oldest countries regarded as the Cradle of world culture Egypt is not lacking in unique regulations and behaviors that you might find unbelievable join me for the next few minutes of the video as we explore 15 prohibitions and strange things in Egypt I will reveal

Things that no one has disclosed Before number 14 seeing an owl is a disaster many visitors to Egypt have been extremely alarmed when they see the locals tightly shut their eyes and mutter prayers upon spotting the silhouette of an owl ultimately what terrifying Deeds has this bird done to make the people of

Egypt fear it according to the ancient I Egyptian Legends HS are associated with the mysteries of darkness and death thus instilling both fear and reverence in the locals owls are considered creatures with the ability to navigate between world and are therefore seen as symbols of death and transformation encountering

An owl is often viewed as an omen of impending Misfortune and ancient Egyptians often believe that encountering an owl could bring bad luck and danger usually for telling death owls are not only frequently depicted in artworks but sometimes also mummified their images form a key hieroglyph in the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing system

They believed that owl served as Protectors of Truth and prevented the undeserving from attaining higher wisdom furthermore the owl is linked to the death of the god Osiris the god of resurrection and fertility Osiris was known as one of the leading gods of ancient Egypt and his murder by his

Brother set marked the end of Egypt’s golden age at that time the people of Egypt reported numerous owl sightings from these beliefs and traditions the owl has become a significant cultural symbol in the history and ancient traditions of Egypt playing a role in representing death and darkness number 13 avoid shaking hands

With women I have an important message for gentlemen planning to visit Egypt absolutely do not shake hands with girls here even a Simple Touch could cost you dearly men including Muslim men not allowed to shake hands with unfamiliar women similarly Muslim women are not allowed to shake hands with unfamiliar

Men the act of a woman shaking hands with a man is considered highly inappropriate and disrespectful in the Islamic perspective in certain Islamic traditions and societal Norm maintaining a boundary between genders is deemed crucial and physical contact between the two is against the Commandments of the almighty for travelers and those in

Interacting with the Muslim Community respecting and adhering to Social and religious values and regulations is essential to avoid uncomfortable or conflicting Situations number 12 avoid revealing The Souls of your feet it may seem like we’ve all walked barefoot in front of friends or family a perfectly normal thing that happens worldwide right not exactly in Egypt the soul of the fort is considered a highly sensitive part of the body people will not expose it

Throughout their lives except in extremely special cases in some Egyptian Traditions the soul of the fort is seen as a part of the body that needs to be kept clean and spiritually sacred especially when entering sacred places like temples or someone else’s house while many Asian countries May interpret

Fate through the palm of their hand Egypt chooses to read Faith through the so of the foot Egyptian fortune tellers often examine a person’s foot to a assess their health and future for example a deeply concave soul is considered a sign of prosperity and abundance particularly for women

Possessing such feet indicates a high likelihood of managing wealth and having a prosperous husband according to Egyptians those with deeply concave souls are destined for great blessing bringing not only financial strength but also good fortune to the family soft and many line souls are also considered excellent people with such

Characteristics are often d hardworking and dedicated in their work therefore they can achieve their set goals and have a stable career I am quite curious about these predictions from Arab fortune tellers but I have an offbeat question do they find it uncomfortable to smell the feed of Others number 11 prohibition on wearing native attire to show respect and admiration for Egypt many tourists visiting the country want to wear clothing similar to the locals especially traditional attire however in Egypt this is strictly forbidden in Egypt wearing the traditional clothing of the native people can lead to uncomfortable

Situations or even cultural Distortion traditional attire holds great significance for Egyptians and as such they almost never allow anyone without Egyptian Heritage to wear their ancient clothing these outfits are typically reserved for ceremonies involving deities and only those elected to serve in the ceremony could wear them Egyptians also fear that their culture

Will be misrepresented through photos of tourists wearing their traditional clothing they value respect for the culture of their country more than gaining Fame if locals decline your desire to try on their attire it’s essential not to negotiate they’re likely to change their minds and insisting on wearing these outfits May create animosity towards You number two 10 Egyptians are a unique ethnicity have you ever wondered about the ethnicity of the Egyptians are they black yellow or white skin as one of the four ancient civilizations the ethnicity of Egyptians has always sparked curiosity regarding their Origins and race Egyptians have a skin tone that is

Not white yet their appearance differs significantly from people in subsaharan Africa hence along with exploring the ancient culture of Egypt people often won what race are the Egyptians and why do they look different from present day Africans Africa is considered the cradle of humanity and ancient Egyptians have

Their Roots traced back to black Africans however this view is not universally accepted as some Western Scholars claim that white people are the true ancestors of ancient Egyptian these debates stem from a desire to claim the ancestral heritage of ancient Egyptians some argue that modern scientific

Methods such as DNA test in on Egyptian mummies can provide immediate results while this might seem like a promising approach scientists have been researching in this manner for a long time they have found that the closest ethnic group to ancient Egyptians is in the near East this finding challenges

The perception that Egyptians have a closer relation to subsaharan Africans and conversely supports the belief that they share similarities with white people in reality the history of Egypt clearly notes that the majority of ancient Egyptians were a mixed population including Nubians black Africans and libyans meanwhile ancient Egyptians held high status and privilege

This suggests that the ethnicity of Egyptians Bears similarities to those migrants from the mentioned regions but is not the same including black Africans however all these statements are still theoretical and speculative up to this point the bloodline of the Egyptians remains a mystery just like many other enigmas of this country

Number nine prohibition on discussing religion in Egypt you can talk about food with beautiful girls or anything else you want except for discussing religion in this country just one statement can get you into big trouble with the police being a predominantly Muslim country about 90% of the Egyptian population practices Islam because of

This religion plays a significant role in all aspects of society and no one is allowed to question the positive aspects that religion has brought to the country whether you find the strict regulations of the religion or the peculiar actions of the people strange never say that the

Religion of others is weird it is an extremely foolish thing to do indeed discussing religion in Egypt can be a sensitive topic and may lead to debates or conflicts especially if not done with respect and caution Egypt has strict regulations regarding dis discussions about religious matters especially if the discussions are considered to

Disturb public order or violate the law in some cases discussing religion can lead to tension and conflict between different religious communities the Egyptian government is extremely sensitive to this issue as they believe that Western countries always use religion to divide their Nation therefore if you could visit here

Remember not to open your mouth to talk about religion number eight prohibition on adding spices to food Egyptian Cuisine may be suitable for low costs but it may not suit the taste of many tourists however no matter what you’re not allowed to add spices to the dishes prepared for you by

The chef in Egyptian culinary culture dishes are often prepared with distinctive spices and herbs adding spices from outside can be seen as ruining the flavor and balance of the dish moreover adding spices to the food may be considered disrespectful to the chefs cooking and traditional culinary artart of Egypt however not all

Restaurants or eies enforce this rule in the capital city Cairo some restaurants may allow tourists to add spices to their dishes according to personal preference but before adding spices to your food it’s advisable to ask the serving staff to make sure avoid receiving angry looks from restaurant

Workers and even being asked to leave the restaurant number seven the supernatural powers of the pyramids talking about Egypt without mentioning the pyramids would be a significant om Mission the pyramids in Egypt Harbor many Mysteries that scientists have not been able to decipher among these Mysteries is a phenomenon known as the supernatural

Powers of the pyramids where fruits placed inside the pyramids remain fresh for extended periods seemingly without drying in a specific experiment scientists plac some rusty coins inside the pyramids after more than a month inside the ancient structures the coins astonishingly regained their shine following This research has placed a

Glass of milk inside the pyramid over a month later they found that the milk had retained its original flavor and especially intriguing is the fact that even when fresh fruits were placed inside the pyramids for 15 days they showed no signs of withering or Decay faced with this strange occurrence

Experts couldn’t help but wonder why the ancient Egyptian Pyramids could perform such extraord AR Feats some scientists have speculated that there might be a mysterious energy source inside the thousands of years old structures of ancient Egypt thanks to this mysterious energy source the food and fruits placed

Inside the pyramids remain fresh akin to being stored in a colossal refrigerator however this is just a hypothesis to date experts have not been able to find a scientific explanation for this Enigma therefore many top Scholars and scientists world world wide are striving to unravel The elusive mystery of the

Colossal structures built by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago number six the land of curs is if you plan to visit the pyramids or better yet the tombs of the fos pay special attention to what I’m about to say as it concerns your well-being I have no

Intention of threatening you but Egypt is indeed a country haunted by curses among these the curse of the Pharaoh is the most famous the curse of the Pharaoh is a well-known curse for anyone who violates the tombs of ancient Egyptians especially the tombs of the Pharaohs

Those who do so will face a curse which could bring Misfortune illness or even death this curse does not discriminate between tomb Raiders and archaeologists scating the tombs of the Pharaohs It is believed to bring bad luck diseases or death from the mid 20th century many authors in documentary films argued the

Curse is real in 1929 a total of 22 people participated in the discovery of the tomb of King Tut a pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty within seven years they died one after another under mysterious circumstances only two of the original participants survived there are many speculations that they inhaled or

Touched some ancient toxin or virus but the continuous and peculiar deaths have kept the curse in the minds of all those seeking to EXP explore the mysteries of Egypt until to number five the world’s Dre land if you’re truly heading to Egypt be prepared to face the scorching heat of

The Sahara Desert the Sahara Desert covers about 96% of Egypt’s land area this signifies the vastness of the Sahara Desert and its profound impact on Egypt’s geography and culture the blistering heat and water scarcity are unavoidable when venturing into this vast expanse of sand despite the mighty Nile river flowing through only the

Areas along the Riverbanks are suitable for human habitation while the majority of the territory is unsuitable for sustaining human life it’s no surprise that Egypt is now one of the driest countries in the world and is grappling with water scarcity Egypt’s current water supply is estimated at around 60

Billion cubic m per year while the total demand reaches up to 114 billion cubic m per year year additional Egypt is severely affected by climate change rising sea levels and the unforeseen impacts of global warming on the branches of the Nile River have pushed Egypt into a freshwater crisis therefore

When you’re there you absolutely must not waste a single drop of water number four capital punishment for harming cats another thing I want you to remember is not to touch the cats in Egypt they not something foreigners like you can cas ually interact with according to ancient Egyptian belief

Cats are mystical creatures that can bring good luck to those who keep them in some exceptional cases ancient Egyptians considered cats more important than their own lives for example when a house was on fire the inhabitants would prioritize rescuing the cats first when a cat passed away the entire family

Would shave their eyebrows in morning so why did ancient Egyptians cherish cats so much according to documents published by the National Geographic Channel there are two main reasons why ancient Egyptians revered cats first cats protected the Agricultural Product of farmers from rodent pests the people of Egypt unintentionally discovered that

Wild cats were adept at hunting and capturing destructive animals like mice consequently many households started placing food around their homes to attract cats regularly over time these wild cats gradually became domesticated guardians of crops the second reason is related to belief many ancient Egyptians believe that cats possessed mystical

Magical powers they believed that if a cat appeared in their dreams it was a sign of impending Good Fortune cats were also mythologized in ancient Egyptian beliefs with the image of the Goddess basted the goddess based it was worshiped by those seeking protection from venomous creatures like snakes and

Was also considered a symbol of Justice ancient Egyptian authorities enacted various laws to protect cats for example anyone who killed a cat even accidentally would face capital punishment exporting cats to another country was also deemed illegal number three the oldest country in the world when you visit Egypt or

Even just look at pictures of it you can surely sense its ancient and mysterious Aura this feing is Justified as Egypt is indeed the oldest country on this planet that still exists today among the current Nations Egypt boasts the longest history and experienced some of the earliest developments in writing agriculture urbanization organized

Religion and centralized government the rich cultural heritage of Egypt is an integral part of its national identity influenced and sometimes homogenized by external forces such as Greece Persia Rome Arabia the Ottoman Empire and European powers like England and France Egypt was once a significant Center for early Christian Christianity with such a

Deep history this land is guaranteed to evoke an Indescribable sense of ancientness when you set foot on it number two birthplace of the lock and key do you people know that the widely used invention across the world today the lock and key system is an invention of ancient Egyptians around 2000 BC at

That time only revered places like temples tombs or places storing significant wealth were equipped with wooden doors and locks however these locks were quite simple in design and made entirely of wood the Ancients crafted them by drilling holes for wooden pegs and corresponding wooden pins it wasn’t until between 870 and 900

C at the first metal lock appeared crafted by Roman Craftsmen wealthy Roman families often kept valuable items in Secure boxes and these boxes were equipped with lot by using iron locks the Romans could finally secure their possessions tightly against the attacks of Thieves this marked the first time

That metal keys were carried as essential jewelry regardless the invention of the lock and key is credited to the ancient Egyptians and to this day we owe them gratitude for it number one truth about hieroglyph the carved images of birds bottles lions or feather patterns may seem meaningless in

Modern Life however for those with knowledge living in ancient Egypt these images held specific meanings and were often referred to as medua meaning the words of the God throughout human history many civilizations Ed glyph writing system but only the Egyptian hieroglyphs are considered pictorial writing because that’s what the Greeks

The only ones who saw and named them called them however while it seems that ancient Egyptians invented hieroglyphs a truth has been revealed primitive hieroglyphs were introduced to Egypt by Western Invaders another Legend claims that hieroglyphs are a language of curses and magical spells most hieroglyphs were used for inscriptions

Or historical descriptions curses are rarely found in tombs and are almost always phrases like my age will be reduced or I will have no air it seems that we are all worrying too much about these symbols that don’t carry much negative meaning from the legends of the pyramids to the quirky rules and

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