17 Unusual Occurrences Unique to Romania! – Video

17 Unusual Occurrences Unique to Romania! – Video

17 Strange Things That Only Happen in Romania!
Romania is an Eastern European country with diverse nature and friendly people. However, it is also a place with numerous dark truths, featuring eerie locations such as the castle of the vampire, haunted bent trees forest, or underground temples.
Romania is also the origin of many peculiar customs, like bride kidnapping and lively cemeteries for the departed. Join me on a journey to Romania through the following moments to discover countless interesting aspects of this country!

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17 strange things that only happen in Romania Romania is an Eastern European country with diverse nature and friendly people however it is also a place with numerous dark truths featuring Eerie locations such as the castle of the vampire haunted bent trees forest or underground temples Romania is also the

Origin of many peculiar Customs like bride kidnapping and Lively cemeteries for The Departed join me on a journey to Romania through the following moments to discover countless interesting aspects of this country number 17 The Haunting forest in Romania oh bashu is dubbed the scariest forest in the world hiding many

Mysteries that scientists have yet to explain located just outside the city of clusion OCA in the Transylvania region the forest is the most mysterious place in Romania explorers who have ventured into this Forest report feeling an unusually rapid heartbeat and intense feelings of anxiety some some have even experienced symptoms such as rashes

Unexplained Burns and strange scratches on their bodies there are accounts of people vomiting experiencing headaches and going missing some tell stories of a young girl who disappeared in the forest and reappeared many years later looking the same as when she disappeared but unable to remember where she had been

Hoab bashu Forest gained International attention 1968 when eil Barner a military technician discovered a strange disc shaped object near the forest looking at the Eerie photos here you probably understand why this Forest is so terrifying imagine being lost here overnight it’s likely to be an Indescribable fear as you go deeper into

The forest the scenery becomes even more chilling with twisted and deformed tree trunks there are even areas where plants cannot grow scientists explain that the region has unusually high levels of radiation number 16 birthday customs in Romania birthdays are special occasions in Romania celebrated with joy and happiness

However there are also customs and superstitions associated with this event depending on the age and gender of the person for example according to Romanian Customs it is common to give flowers to women on their birthdays but one should avoid giving an even number of flowers as it is considered unlucky additionally

Women should not celebrate their birthdays before before the actual date as it is also seen as unlucky for men receiving a bottle of wine or a cake on their birthday is normal but not both as it signifies greed men should also avoid shaving on their birthday as it is

Believed to shorten their lifespan another tradition is to pull the birthday person’s earlobe several times corresponding to their age plus one extra pull for good luck this is believed to bring health and happiness to the birthday person number 15 unique living statue Festival in Romania statues that seem motionless

Suddenly come to life teasing the audience and leaving Spectators astonished and amused these are the fascinating experiences that tourists encounter at the uniquely unparalleled living statue Festival in Rome male and female artists adorned in colorful costume transform into frozen works of art in the Oldtown famous parks and the gardens with in the

Filipescu seanu estate then they unexpectedly come to life and interact with visitors a appro children particularly enjoy this living statue Festival however some statues have a creepy appearance and movements that can be frightening to tourists in addition to admiring the living statues tourists also get to witness amateur stre

Performers reenacting scenes from 17th century Parisian street life right in Romania if you happen to be in Romania during these festivities don’t be too surprised if you see a statue along the roadside suddenly come to life playfully engaging with passes B number 14 the first electrically equipped castle in the world peele’s

Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks when visiting Romania located in the beautiful mountain resort of Saia this architectural Marvel has more to offer than just its beauty one lesser known fact about Romania’s palis Castle is that it’s the first castle in Europe European history to be fully equipped

With electricity this Innovation not only reflects the country’s Progressive mindset during that era but also solidifies the Castle’s position as a unique blend of traditional architecture and modern technology number 13 the self- birthing Rock in Romania perhaps many of us have read or heard mythical stories about magical Stones capable of growing moving

And even reproducing similar to living creatures however these Legends are indeed real the small town of costesti in Romania is home to some truly unique geological phenomena rocks that are actually growing in the literal sense these Stone formations resembling potatoes have long pequ the Curiosity of the locals researchers believe that

These unusually shaped Stones formed due to prolonged and intense seismic activity during the meos epoch the shock waves generated by significant earthquakes compressed layers of sand and cemented Limestone into spherical masses commonly known as trovant travant vary in size and shape with some fitting in the palm of a hand While others Tower

Over a person’s head reaching up to 4.5 M over 100 trovant have been documented in at least 20 locations with some rocks being Unearthed as the surrounding sand was excavated travant often have smooth edgeless shapes and can be cylindrical or spheric they start as small Pebbles and grow by

About 5 cm every 1,000 years these Stone formations are unique mineral structures that mimic the life of plants and mammals their sizes can range from a few millimeters to the largest ones measuring 10 m visitors to cstd can encounter various types of trovant primarily consisting of a hard rock core

Surrounded by a layer of sand minerals in rainwater trigger a chemical reaction from within creating pressure that causes the large Rock to swell and Sprout however it’s not just their structure and growth capabilities that make trovant unique they can also move from one place to another furthermore they exhibit extensions resembling roots

And concentric Rings visible when the rocks are cut despite these features scientists have not yet been able to explain these unique characteristics in terms of perception it may seem that these trovin are a clear combination of plant and rock features make making it unclear whether they should be classified as living beings regardless

Of their Vitality these growing rocks offer a magnificent spectacle I wonder if these rocks can proliferate to the extent of taking over the Earth if you have thoughts like mine feel free to leave a comment number 12 houses with eyes in Romania SIU is one of the most beautiful

Medieval cities in Romania situated on the banks of the sibin river a tributary of the ult river it is the capital of SIU County approximately 280 km Northwest of Bucharest it was also the historical capital of Transylvania what leaves a particularly unique impression on tourists in CIA is

That while wandering through the city’s streets one can’t help but feel strange and a bit spine chilling as if being watched by some mysterious Force interestingly this feeling is not a product of your imagination but is genuinely core by the eyes on the houses here fortunately these eyes are just

Windows designed in the shape resembling human eyes on the roofs of houses in cibu they are mostly found on houses in the Southern and Eastern parts of the city this unique architectural style not only stimulates the Curiosity of tourists also creates a sense that the city never sleeps almost like houses

That know how to see and speak in animated movies reason behind this distinctive architecture is that the local people believe that ey shaped Windows serve to cool the attic often used as a storage place for meat cheese and serials additionally this window style facilitates more effective ventilation reducing direct sunlight

Into the house another surprising reason you might not have guessed is that these houses with eyes were originally built with a purpose of actual surveillance Legend has it that during the mid-5th to the 19th century when the authoritarian Nikolai SES skew came to power these houses with eyes were constructed to

Make people feel fearful of being watched reminding them to behave properly and avoid any suspicious activities consequently this architectural style caused quite a bit of inconvenience for the residents specifically if they did not build their houses in this manner they would be questioned and placed on a blacklist

Over many decades these pairs of eyes on the rooftops continue to remain continuing their mission of observation of the local people so when passing through these streets you may not be able to escape the Eerie feeling of being seen through by these eyes but you can’t help but be intrigued by their

Peculiar and unique appearance the Tranquil and Silent atmosphere of an ancient Town coupled with the legendary stories of vampires adds an extra layer of mystery to this place number 11 Cemetery with overflowing colors epitaphs making jokes about anyone who has passed away is considered Ed Taboo in many places

Around the world right especially in cemeteries which are often associated with somber colors and a melancholic atmosphere to remember the deceased however at the merry Cemetery the living often right interesting and sometimes scandalous things about The Departed even revealing shocking Secrets when visiting sepanta in Northern Romania tourists are recommended to explore the

Mary cemetery a famous graveyard in the town the living expresses their remember remance for The Departed with a cheerful and even teasing tone underneath each wooden cross made of oak is an eye-catching decorative Tombstone predominantly in sky blue the first person to engrave humorous verses gain enthusiastic support from the locals was

The carpenter Stan Ian Petrus Stan’s task was to craft crosses and tombstones from oak wood for the deceased by the time of his death Stan had adorned over 800 graves in the cemetery after his passing his disciple dmitr pop took up the unfinished work of his master and

Continues it to this day today when someone in the village passes away their family seeks out dumitru and asks him to decorate the cross in Tombstone dumitru is the one who decides what to write or Draw on each grave and no one has ever complained about his creative work his poems are often

Humorous making many visitors burst into laughter during their visits number 10 birth place of vampires and for those who have watched movie Hotel Transylvania you are likely familiar with the existence of vampires in this Castle Transylvania is a very famous location in Romania the region is

Home to Bran Castle also known as the Dracula Castle mysterious and Eerie place that attracts numerous tourists Bran Castle nicknamed the Dracula Castle is an enigmatic appearance as if it stepped out of the terrifying novel Dracula written by Irish author Brahm stoker and 1897 revolving around the fictional character Count Dracula a

Blood sucking vampire regarding the vampire character in bra Stoker’s Dracula It is believed to have been inspired by fad the Impaler a real life prince who ruled over walha a part of present day Romania in the 15th century Vlad the Impaler was Notorious for his cruelty enjoying torturing and killing

His enemies in Invasions he employed ruthless tactics ranging from poisoning water sources to burning entire forests Braun Castle is perched on a rock at an altitude of 760 m above sea level surrounded by mountains forests and valleys giving bran a mysteriously enchanting Ambience fitting its name the architecture of bran has been largely

Preserved with its red tiled roof whitewashed walls defensive Towers Stone paved paths and a well with a 20m deep shaft penetrating the Hard Rock over the years this castle with its mysterious and bewitching atmosphere has become an ideal tourist destination attracting more than 600,000 visitors annually

Whether you dare to set foot here and experience it for yourself is another question as the mention of vampires can be quite frightening number nine underground amusement park a former salt mine known as Selena turta dating back to the 17th century has transformed into an underground amusement park situated 120 M deep

Before ceasing operations in 1993 Selena turta had extracted over 3 billion tons of salt afterward the mine served various purposes such as bomb shelters and cheese storage facilities eventually Selena Tura was renovated to become an excellent amusement park in 2009 since then the mine area has been open to the

Public for exploration serving as both a museum and an amusement park attractions include a bowling alley a whole regularly hosted Ing live concerts and an underground Ferris wheel moreover the salt mine features an underground saltwater lake that visitors can explore using rowboats touring around the mine additionally there is a unique

Underground mini golf course the sports arena at Selena Tura is a place where people can engage in activities such as table tennis badminton and basketball the park is not only beautiful but also offers numerous entertaining activities visitors descend into the mine using an elevator for the tour however one might

Wonder what would happen if an earthquake occurred while inside number eight the tradition of kidnapping the bride on the wedding day you might think that kidnapping the bride on the wedding day only happens in movies right well you’re wrong because this is a common practice in Romania

Kidnapping the bride is one of the distinctive customs in Romania the tradition of seizing the bride right in front of the groom and the wedding guests is becoming increasingly popular in the capital but Romanians enjoy doing this every week at the triumphal arch of the city it’s a way to spice our orary

Wedding ceremonies every Saturday evening Brides from Bucharest and the surrounding areas are playfully abducted by their friends they are taken to the triumphal Arch and become hostages there in white wedding dresses the brides dance and pose in front of cameras The Ransom price for the groom to reclaim

His bride varies it could be a few bottles of whiskey or more romantically an official Declaration of love the kidnappers negotiate the details of the bride’s Ransom via foone calls sometimes there are strong Brides who use hotline communication to free themselves before the groomer in addition peculiar inscriptions in an unclear style appear

On wall throughout the area and in one of the conservation areas an impressive portrait resembling Jesus Christ catches the attention of many modern tourists the second liquid space is illuminated by a series of low windows and a high Skylight many residents believe that the cave Temple is connected to a nearby

Castle through a secret tunnel notes from the 1700s indicate that the cave Temple was used as a resting place for Transylvanian monks number seven the heaviest building in the world standing proudly in the historic City Center of Bucharest Romania is the Colossal Palace of the parliament lavish and extravagant

Construction project of the 20th century this is renowned as the heaviest building in the world the Palace of the parliament serves as the headquarters for the parliament of the Republic of Romania designed by the famous Romanian architect Ena petcu in the neoclassical style the construction commenced on June

25 1984 was inaugurated on September 12 1989 initially named a people’s house the the building has dimensions of 270 m in length 245 m in width 84 m in height and a depth of 933 M including eight above ground floors and 12 underground levels notably the eighth floor of the

Building was specifically designed to withstand atomic bombs to complete this massive structure approximately 1 million cubic M of rock 990,000 squ M of wood 55,000 tons of cement 20 ,000 tons of sand 7,000 tons of steel 3,500 tons of glass and an equivalent budget of 1.75 billion US did that time were used

Besides holding the record for the heaviest building in the world the Palace of the parliament in Romania is also recognized by the Guinness World Records as the administrative building with the most rooms globally featuring 1100 rooms and the largest Administrative Building in Europe covering an area of 365,000 000 square m

The Palace of the parliament is currently the venue for the meetings of the Senate and the Chamber of deput of Romania alongside hosting a contemporary art museum open to visitors on the ground floor despite facing criticism for its extravagance during construction the building has become a top tourist destination in

Romania number six residents have to find a way to coexist with brown bears second only to Russia Romania is home to the most brown bears on the planet incidents of brown bear attacks on humans are increasing as they venture out of the forests to find food from tourists or in improperly sealed garbage

Bins becoming quite common brown bears in Romania make up more than half of the total brown bear population across Europe while other countries promote the protection of brown bears Romanian citizens find it cumbersome due to their overwhelming presence the reason for such a high number of brown bears in

Romania can be traced back to the former president Nikolai sisu siscu was a nature enthusi who created feeding stations for bears by instructing citizens to dispose of annual carcasses and poultry into the forests he also ordered a ban on bear hunting but he and his group were exempt however solis’s

Self-serving actions did not significantly reduce the brown bear population throughout history the people of Romania and brown bears have formed a unique relationship both sides constantly struggle to coexist while humans DeForest impacting the bear’s habitat these gentle Giants often retaliate by attacking villagers so if you plan to visit this country be

Prepared for a potential greeting from a brown bear number five the longest bridge in Europe with a length of 48795717 EST bridge in Europe and the second longest in the world spanning the danu river the Railway Bridge a National Monument is adorned with two Bronze Statues of soldiers cast in Lion to

Demonstrate his confidence in the newly built Bridge Romanian architect Angel saly stood beneath it on a boat during the inauguration accompanied by his Engineers as 15 locomotives raced across the bridge at a speed of 80 km per hour number four marur Festival marur is a Spring Festival that takes place on

March 1 marking the end of winter and the beginning of a new season the name comes from Marty meaning March in Romanian marur is a festival that celebrates friendship where people give friends family members especially women and little girls a red and white string with an attached trinket the red color

Symbolizes love and life while white symbolizes Purity and snow the string serves as an expression of respect and admiration It is worn on the chest or wrist throughout March and then the wearer ties it to a fruit tree or a rose bush hoping for a fruitful year some

People even throw it into a river or a lake to make a wish martur has ancient Origins dating back to the dacian people who celebrated the new year on March 1 they believe this day was ruled by the planet Mars the god of war and agriculture bringing renewal and

Prosperity number three the 7,000 Yee old underground temple in addition to the underground Park you can explore a fascinating underground Temple when in Romania this Temple is over 7,000 years old and holds numerous Mysteries hidden within the Lush Hills above the village of sinche near Pai origin of the

Mysterious sinche Temple has captured the interest of many researchers beneath the sunlight surface World there is a place tucked away in these mountains unlike like anywhere else on Earth known locally as the wishing well the destiny Temple the stone Monastery and the alien Temple the ancient origins of this

Underground Temple consisting of five Chambers still perplex the Romanian archaeological Community while some believe it originates from the dacians others think this secretive chamber dates back about 7,000 years two Chambers form the Primitive preservation areas and their walls are engraved with various traditional symbols including the six-pointed Star of David with the

Yin-yang motif of China at the hexagon Center number two bear dance to welcome the New Year in Romania do you agree that every country has its own unique and peculiar Customs to welcome the New Year Romania is no exception with a distinctive and unique New Year celebration tradition in Romania people

Welcome the new year with the B Dan the procession involves hundreds of participants of all ages dressed in bare costumes with red tassels dancing annually to the sound of lively drums and wandering through Villages and towns in Romania as they March they Roar and sway to the beat of the drums and

Melodies of flutes on the streets of commonest Eastern Romania on December 30 participants in the festival say that most of the bare skin used as costumes have been preserved through many generations and are carefully treated wearing a large bear fur suit is not an easy task as it includes the head and

Claws and the costume can weigh up to 50 kg according to local media the most expensive bare skin suit can cost around €2,000 according to folk tradition ritual dates back to pre-christian times when villagers dawned animal Furs and colorful costumes moving from house to house to ward off evil spirits as they

Prepared to enter the new year for the local people the image of the bear has flowed in their blood for a long time and is considered their mascot brown bears are widely present in the traditions and culture of Romania and locals can often spot this animal in the mountains and

Forests number one world’s largest stone sculpture on the riverbank in Romania there is a stone sculpture on the riverbank that is the largest in the world this sculpture depicts the face of King debilis by the danu river to shape the rock over a ton of dynamite was used

This stone sculpture took 10 years to complete 12 sculptures worked continuously from 19 94 to 2004 to finish it the sculpted face of King deblis is 55 M tall and 25 M wide the only way to reach this sculpture is by boat we have just explored 17 strange

And Airy secrets and facts about Romania which peculiar fact impressed you the most don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts

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