20 Shocking Confessions in History – Video

20 Shocking Confessions in History – Video

These confessions will send a chill down your spine as we delve into the world’s most depraved and surprising confessions in history. From serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer to sports icons like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, the list is filled with shocking revelations that will leave you speechless.

One of the most startling confessions comes from Eileen Wuornos, a notorious female serial killer who openly admitted to killing several male clients while working as a sex worker in Florida. Her chilling confession left no doubt in anyone’s mind about her guilt.

Another shocking confession comes from convicted murderer and mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski, who admitted to killing up to 200 people during an interview for a documentary. His calm and collected demeanor as he confessed to his heinous crimes left a lasting impression on the viewers.

And who could forget the infamous confession of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Monster, who confessed to the murder of more than 17 men and boys over a period of 13 years. His detailed confession, which spanned nearly 250 pages, offered a terrifying glimpse into the mind of a serial killer.

These confessions, and many others on the list, serve as a reminder of the darkness that lurks within some individuals. As you watch the video and learn about these shocking confessions, you can’t help but wonder what other secrets are waiting to be revealed in the depths of history’s darkest moments.

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I have to come clean and CLE cleanse my spirit in the name of Jesus Christ welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the world’s most depraved and surprising confessions I misled people including even my wife I deeply regret that we’ll be excluding OJ Simpson who only confessed

Hypothetically number 20 Andre Agassi back in the 9s he was a big tennis star famous not just for winning Wimbledon and multiple Grand Slams but also for his impressive mullet hairstyle however aasy admitted in his autobiography open published in 2010 that this crazy hair was actually a wig he wore to hide the

Fact he was bald even worse he said that he was so distracted thinking about what would happen if it fell off that he suffered an embarrassing defeat during his first ever Grand Slam final good thing he finally ditched it and came clean I had about 50 bobby pin holding

It down and I said to my brother is this going to stay you know I mean it’s my first Grand s finals and he says I think I think it will just just don’t move around so so much number 19 Israel Keys a career criminal Israel Keys committed

Many serious felonies and killed at least three people between the mid 90s and early 2010s D where they were at now in all fairness I never set up a specific day Keys was arrested after killing a woman named Samantha kig and was extradited to Alaska where the crime occurred in

Alaska Keys provided a detailed and confession to law enforcement back when I was smart I would let them come to me not only were the words horrible but his behavior signified an uncomfortable air of Menace he calmly relayed some grotesque stories while eating a bagel and drinking coffee like he didn’t have

A care in the world not much to choose from in a manner of speaking but there’s also no Witnesses really the FBI special agent who interviewed Keys later called his confession quote very chilling and that’s coming from from a professional who hears these types of stories every day there is no one who

Knows me or who has ever known me who knows anything about me really number 18 Elizabeth weter she went to work she enjoyed her work she was an RN hailing from Ontario Canada Elizabeth weter was one of the most active serial killers in the country’s history between 2007 and

2016 while working as a nurse at Long-Term Care Homes wet laugher murdered eight senior citizens by injecting with lethal doses of insulin she made unsuccessful attempts on the lives of six others but the intended victims survived as the insulin doses administered were insufficient you have a portion on the fourth gaug here and

It’s titled people who didn’t die mhm what can you tell me about surprisingly the only reason wet laugher was caught was because she decided to come clean apparently seeking Redemption she committed herself to a Toronto psychiatric hospital and admitted her shocking crimes to the staff they promptly notified the the police to whom

Wet laugher gave a more detailed confession and then that night I over Jed her cuz like I said I had that feeling that it was her time to go and what do you mean about that do you think she was towards the end of her

Life at that point know that she was the person to go that she was handed eight concurrent life sentences it wasn’t so much that I wanted her to die it was more that see what happens number 17 Tiger Woods the personal life of Tiger Woods came under under intense scrutiny

In 2009 when he became the subject of an infidelity Scandal I said you’re married nonchalantly he said yeah I’m married like so he didn’t make it as to be a big deal rumors had already been circulating in the Press about a possible Affair when on November 27th Woods crashed his

SUV while leaving home around 2:30 a.m. sparking numerous questions and suspicions on December 2nd he released a vague statement apologizing for unclear and unspecific quote transgressions now every one of you has good reason to be critical of me however as the days went by several women came forward

Claiming to have had relationships with Woods it all proved too much for the golf star and on December 11th he finally confessed to being unfaithful I hurt my wife my kids my mother my wife’s family my friends the debacle resulted in his divorce and significantly impacted his performance on the green

Which he took years to overcome for all that I have done I am so sorry number 16 Naomi sham Jerusalem of Gold is an important song in its native Israel often regarded as an unofficial national anthem unfortunately it also comes with some degree of controversy for years singer songwriter Naomi sham

Was accused of plagiarizing the melody but she repeatedly denied those allegations that is until she was dying of cancer and confessed to fellow musician Gil alema that she had in fact plagiarized the Tune it came from an old lullabi called peo hos sheepe which she heard at a concert in 1962 to she claimed to have unconsciously lifted the Melody from memory having loved it so much however she regretted it to the very end even suggesting that the endless stress may

Have contributed to her fatal illness number 15 Edmund keer it started with surrogates at a non-human level physical objects my possessions other people’s one of the most notorious American serial killers Edmund keer murdered 10 people by the age of 24 including his own mother and grandparents keer was

Imprisoned twice for these crimes both as a result of his own confession after killing his grandparents he informed his mother who instructed him to call the police he then confessed that he quote just wanted to see what it felt like to kill grandma keer was released on parole and resumed his murderous activities

Soon after and I could sense I sensed everybody in the world just stopping what they were doing turning around saw what I did and are coming to get me and I knew I was paranoid his spree which resulted in the deaths of his mother and seven others came to an end when keer

Called the police to confess when asked why he turned himself in ker coldly explained that killing was quote a pure waste of time now would you get in the car with this man huh number 14 Richard klinsky how many people did you kill mystery continues to shroud Richard

Klinsky an American Career criminal who murdered at least five people more than 100 for example klinsky claims to have worked as a Hitman for the mafia but investigators have been unable to verify this he also asserts that he killed up to 200 people but only five deaths have

Officially been linked to him back in 1988 klinsky was found guilty of four murders and sentenced to life in prison actually was just seeing if it would work what was he doing at the time looking at me however in 2001 during an interview for the HBO documentary The Iceman confesses klinsky dropped a

Bombshell admitting to the 1980 killing of NYPD officer Peter Calabro prosecutors later corroborated the story resulting in 30 more years being added to klinsky sentence did you think of yourself as an assassin assassin sounds so exotic I was just a murderer number 13 Christian Sperling who the heck is

Christian spling you ask well heard of a little creature called the Loch Ness monster back in 1934 the famous surgeons photograph was published in the Daily Mail and while some had their doubts it was long considered to be verifiable proof of the monster’s existence that is until January 1991 when Christian

Sperling confessed that it was all a hoax he and his father-in-law a man named ma a weal had concocted the scheme along with weatherl son and an insurance agent named Morris Chambers they made the monsters head out of wood putty and a toy submarine and had the photo sold

To the Daily Mail and with that the world of crypto zoology was never the same number 12 Dennis neelen between 1978 and 1983 Scottish serial killer Dennis neelson strangled at least 12 men and mostly disposed of their Remains by flushing them down the toilet and he

Just turned around and looked at me and he said 15 or 16 in February of 1983 residents in nilson’s building complain AED of plumbing problems upon investigation experts found bones and human flesh blocking the system specifically in a pipe leading to the top flat which belonged to Nelson when

Police entered his house they immediately noticed the smell of decomposition Nelson played innocent at first but after a cop told him to stop quote messing about he came clean and admitted there was a body in the wardrobe with that startling confession Dennis nielson’s crime spree came to an

Abrupt end number 11 Eileen wos so I have to come clean and tell the world the lies that went on through my mouth arguably the most infamous female seral killer Eileen waros was active in Florida for just one year between 1989 and 1990 in that time she engaged in sex

Work and killed seven male clients before robbing them of their cash there is a slight misconception of waros as a sympathetic victim due to her traumatic upbringing her claims of self-defense and her portrayal in Monster which her real life acquaintance have criticized in reality waros met the professional

Criteria for psychopathy and she openly confessed to being a coldblooded killer first-degree murder and robbery as they said they had it right a serial killer while in court waros declared quote I am guilty as can be I want the world to know I killed these men as cold as ice

There’s no self-defense I’m really sorry what happened about everything I I was in in this this to me this world is nothing but evil number 10 Ted Bundy one of the world’s most evil serial killers upon his arrest in the mid ’70s he denied every count of assault murder and

Kidnapping brought against him my chance to talk to the Press contrary to section 78204 Florida statute I’ll plead not guilty right now it was only until immediately before his execution on January 24th 1989 that he finally admitted to his crimes in the weeks and months preceding the execution he

Finally confessed to the crimes he was accused of in great detail Bundy also admitted to revisiting the locations where he bu buried some of his victim’s remains and even owned up to crimes that the police didn’t know about how deep was the uh grave prox and 3

Ft 2 to 3 ft despite this Bundy’s actual death toll could be much higher than we think number nine Julian Altman some of the most valuable and revered musical instruments in the world are Stratovarius violins antiques built in Italy hundreds of years ago one in particular from 1713 currently

Known as the Gibson ex hubman Stratovarius was stolen from a virtuoso called bronis swav huberman in 1936 by struggling musician Julian Altman for half a century it remained lost until on his deathbed Alman confessed to his wife that he was in possession of the violin telling her where to find it his

Information proved true and she received a $263,000 finders fee it was last sold to violinist Joshua Bell for almost $4 million it’s a notorious instrument that I knew already knew about so I played a few notes on it and that was it I I was hooked number eight Margaret Gibson in

1922 Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor was shot dead in his Los Angeles Bungalow a crime that went unsolved until 1964 when retired actress Margaret Gibson confessed a murder following a heart attack Gibson knew she was about to die and told one of her neighbors that she had been the one to kill Taylor

All those years ago police can neither prove nor disprove this admission and while it doesn’t conflict with the information they know about Taylor’s murder all of the police files relating to it had mysteriously vanished by the 1940s though Gibson did once become hysterical after seeing a piece about

Taylor’s unsolved murder on TV number seven non Diller’s Widow in 1983 one of the most successful art heists in history was pulled off at the time police had few to no leads about who stole a collection of antique time pieces from the La Meyer Institute for Islamic Art in Jerusalem one of these

Pieces was owned by Marie Antoinette the last queen of France and was worth an estimated $30 million then in 2008 n shamat the Widow of notorious Israeli art Thief non Diller was arrested after many of the stolen time pieces were found in her possession shamhat told police that Diller had confessed to her

Four years earlier on his deathbed and revealed the location of the stolen assets she was only caught after she attempted to sell the pieces number six Carolyn Bryant an icon of black civil rights EMT till was visiting family in Mississippi when he was lynched after being accused of inappropriately flirting with a white

Woman named Carolyn Bryant Bryant’s husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother JW milm kidnapped till killed him and threw his body in the tahachi river an all-white jury acquitted Bryant in milum of all charges shockingly both men later profited by selling their confession to look magazine for the modern-day

Equivalent of $43,000 the story sadly gets worse in 2017 an historian named Timothy Tyson alleged that Carolyn Bryant had admitted to fabricating her accusation in a previous interview with him if true that would mean that the entire tragedy began over a Monumental lie if they reopen the case because of

The warrant that somehow bits and pieces of the of the historical record might come together and tell us something more clear number five James Brewer upon suffering a severe stroke in 2009 James Brewer was convinced he was going to die as a result he called the police in Tennessee with a shocking confession

Brewer admitted to fatally shooting Jimmy Carroll in 1977 because he thought Carol was trying to steal his wife Dorothy as it turned out Brewer had actually been arrested in Tennessee shortly after the murder but he escaped on bail and fled to Oklahoma where he began living under a different name but

It appears the hands of Justice were not quite ready to let him go following his confession Brewer recovered from his stroke after which he was arrested and charged with Carol’s murder number four Robert Durst in 2015 HBO was making a six-part documentary series called the Jinx about the murders Durst was accused

Of thank you very much well thank you very much and it’s 5 after 4 perfect timing the series ended with an apparent confession as he talks to himself while in the bathroom unaware that his body mic was still switched on Kill Them All of course it recorded a confession where

He literally says he quote killed them all but there is some debate over whether or not this is admissible in court on the one hand he was aware of the microphone while on the other it was a spontaneous admission to make matters even more complicated he was also

Allegedly taking an illicit substance at the time of the interview number three Lance Armstrong he’s now one of the most famous dope fiends in sporting history but there was a time when his confession to using performance-enhancing drugs shook the world Armstrong winning the tour to France seven times consecutively

Aroused suspicions and he finally admitted to what he was being accused of in a televised interview with Oprah yes or no in all seven of your tour def France victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope yes the widely celebrated athlete had taken various cocktails of drugs to improve

His cycling Armstrong was completely Unapologetic and even blamed the doping Scandal on the cancer he had survived in in the interview he told Oprah that after becoming so ill and then making a miraculous comeback he just quote got carried away number two Bill Clinton on the 26th of January 1998 the president

Famously declared that he quote I did not have sexual relations with that woman the woman in question was Monica Lewinsky who worked as an intern at the White House before being relocated when she spent too much time with him he went on to repeatedly deny the allegations

For 7 months even perjuring himself in court court before finally admitting that he did have quote a relationship with M Lewinsky that was not appropriate it constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible the sex scandal

Was so huge there were even attempts to have Clinton impeached but he was ultimately acquitted of all charges and remained in office for two more years before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you

Have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Jeffrey dmer the Milwaukee Monster’s reign of terror finally came to an end when he was arrested on July 23rd 1991 that night an

Intended victim of ders escaped and led the police to his apartment wherein they found several human remains as well as numerous disturbing pictures and I acted on my fantasies and that’s where everything went wrong over 60 hours of police interviews dmer confessed to the murder of more than 17 men and boys over

The course of 13 years once I saw that I had no choice but to face it I uh decided to face it headon and uh make a full confession D’s confession was nearly 250 pages long and he ultimately met his end at the hands of a fellow

Prison inmate in 1994 I knew I was sick or evil or both now I believe I was sick what do you think is the most shocking confession in history be sure to let us know in the comments it’s hard to admit that I need help but I Do

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