“2024 Jamaica Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Costs and More 🇯🇲” – Video

“2024 Jamaica Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Costs and More 🇯🇲” – Video


Looking to plan a trip to Jamaica? This comprehensive travel guide provides detailed information on accommodations, things to do, and travel costs for a trip to this beautiful Caribbean island. The video includes recommendations for all-inclusive hotels in Negril, as well as other accommodations in Montego Bay and other areas of Jamaica.

Additionally, the video highlights a variety of activities and tours to experience during your trip, including river rafting on the Martha Brae River, tours of Dunn’s River Falls, and recommended tours in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril.

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For those interested in exploring the Algarve region of Portugal, the video also offers a travel guide and information on travel costs. Music for the video is provided by Epidemic Sound.

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Whether you’re planning a trip to Jamaica or looking for travel inspiration, this informative video provides all the information you need to plan an unforgettable trip to this beautiful Caribbean destination.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone my name is Chris and in this video I will be showing some of the amazing things you can do during a trip to Jamaica I will also include the costs of the attractions food rental car and accommodations that we stayed in I will link the accommodations Below in the

Video description if possible overall I spent 9 days in Jamaica exploring the beautiful country with my wife Carol we started our trip in montigo Bay on the North Coast where we arrived by plane there we stayed at a simple apartment for $95 which was a good deal for the

Location close to the beaches we visited two public beaches while we were in Montego Bay one was Harmony Beach Park which is a new Park area that has been built with a beautiful beach keep in mind that on Mondays and Tuesdays no swimming is allowed here as there is no

Lifeguard on duty a quick walk from the park is one man Beach which is always open for swimming this beach was pretty much empty when we visited as many tourists tend to either stay in their allinclusive Resorts or go to the popular beaches nearby like doctor’s cave Beach that requires a payment to

Enter this is a natural Beach visited mainly by locals with no facilities so if you’re looking for a beach with more food and drink options it is better to visit some of the pay beaches nearby One of the most famous places to visit in Montego Bay is the Hip Strip here you will find many restaurants souvenir shops and Beach Clubs here we ate at a restaurant right on the waterfront called Margaritaville the pric is are tourist prices so expect to pay a lot

More we ordered the famous Jamaican jerk chicken dish for $21.95 and a fish sandwich for $16.95 I also tried the Jamaican beer red stripe for $525 the restaurant offers great Coastal views and has a fun water slide and a nice swimming area in Front We visited the downtown area of Montego Bay mainly to go to an ATM and to get a SIM card while you can use US dollars in Jamaica it’s better to get Jamaican dollars as you’ll get a bad conversion from the local restaurant and businesses if you use US dollars for the SIM card

We used a company called dig youell and I will show you on the screen now the main different plans that they have a available and the prices the downtown area didn’t seem very touristy and it was nice to see more of the local Jamaican life the kids going to school

And the people working the main attraction is Sam sharp Square which is named after a famous enslaved Jamaican who led an uprising against the Brits in 1831 and he was murdered in this exact Square we ended up paying one of the local guys in the Square to give us an

Explanation which made it more Interesting For the rest of the trip we rented a car to get around the island we pay $50 a day which was a pretty good deal around 30 minutes from monagle Bay is an incredible place called ma the BR River here you can do river rafting which is available at numerous Rivers throughout

Jamaica it cost $83 for the both of us and the rafts are for two people it was an extremely tranquil experience floating through the jungle for around an hour and I highly recommend It one of the best beaches that we visited in Jamaica was Columbus Cove which is in between monteo Bay and the famous Cruise town of orus this one cost $485 per person to enter and we were the only people there when we arrived on a weekday once again it was a very

Peaceful experience and exactly the kind of beach that you want to find when you’re in the Caribbean After this beach we continue towards o and visited dun’s River Falls which is considered to be one of the best waterfalls in Jamaica and it cost $25 to enter per person we went in alone but apparently a guide is included in that price if required the cool thing about

This waterfall is that you can go to the beach and see the water flowing into the sea which is something that we don’t get to see very often many people then make their way up the Falls by walking it’s a pretty sketchy walk up and definitely not for everyone but luckily they have

Proper walk index for people that don’t want to do it even though we went Barefoot there are water shoes available for rental which are $5 we could definitely see why it is so famous and there are multiple different waterfalls that you have access To the Cruise terminal in ooos is pretty close to the duns River Falls by car there is a nice colorful shopping area to walk around and right next to where the Cru is stock you have access to orio Bay Beach which costs $3 to enter and we also saw another Margarita Ville

Restaurant that has its own little private Beach Area next we visited our favorite area of Jamaica called Neil which has one of the most beautiful beaches that we have ever visited called 7 Mile Beach once again we stayed at an apartment and this time it was $75 a night and just a 2-minute walk to the main 7mile Beach this beach

Is absolute Paradise with creamy white sand and Crystal Clear turquoise Waters and we were even able to see big stingrays right near the shore multiple times one thing we liked about this beach is that there are no tall buildings and even though there are many hotels along the beach front you’re not

Able to see many of them through the trees which give it a nice natural appearance we also like that there are still many local beach bars and restaurants which means that there are more affordable eating options we were able to have a meal and a drink at a

Place right on the beach for $10 per person Here You can do many different water activities and boat tours at this beach we went on a boat tour to an island called boy Kei on a boat called Tikki pondi and you can probably see from the images why we consider it to be the coolest boat that we have ever done a

Boat tour on it was basically a boat bar the cost is $97 per person which can be considered pretty expensive but that price included alcohol so you could drink as much as you want while you’re on the boat and on the island and they also cooked as a nice fresh meal which

Was included in the Price One of the most popular places to visit in Negril is Rick’s Cafe a big busy bar with a lively atmosphere and a unique cliff jumping area if you’re looking for relaxation this place probably isn’t for you but we were mainly visiting to do some diving and Swimming Jamaica has many natural swimming pools and caves we visited one nearby called the Blue Hole which looks very similar to the sonates that are famous in Mexico it is $20 per person and and it’s another place that you can do some pretty high jumping we didn’t

Spend too long here as it’s quite small but it’s something different to do if you’re looking for an alternative to the beach for our last days we decided to try out the all-inclusive experience which is what the majority of tourists do in this region we booked a place

Called Merill Beach Resort 2 which was the cheapest we could find at the time for $200 a night for the both of us it was a very simple all inclusive as expected but we really enjoyed it as it was laid back and right on the beach the

Food was good and it was naturally shaded on the beach which made it the perfect place to relax even though it was the cheapest it still had a few extra things included like kaying so we made the most of It The last Beach that we visited on our vacation is called bloody Bay Beach it looks very similar to the 7 Mile Beach but it’s much smaller and also has Resorts beach bars and many souvenir shops since N Grill is on the west coast it means that you have the most

Incredible sunsets that Jamaica has to offer so every day we would spend our afternoons on the beach watching the Sun go [Applause] down Overall we really loved our trip to Jamaica and it ended up being even better than we expected people often ask us about the safety there and we felt perfectly fine during our visit and never in danger while visiting these touristic areas we also found the people

To be very friendly and helpful the food was really delicious too our favorites were the jerk chicken esic fish and bami which is a traditional Jamaican casaba flatbread I will link our Jamaica playlist Below in the video description and in the pin comment there you’ll find travel Vlogs that we made which shows

All the places mentioned in this video in much more detail hopefully this video was helpful and gave you some cool ideas of things to do when visiting the country if you visited Jamaica before let us know which places you enjoyed the most and give us some ideas of places we

Can visit next time we are here if you enjoyed the video drop a like on the video to help support the channel and subscribe if you like to see more videos of our travels from around the world have a good One

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