22 Unusual Occurrences in Nepal – Where Women Face Various Forms of Hardship! – Video

22 Unusual Occurrences in Nepal – Where Women Face Various Forms of Hardship! – Video

22 Strange Things In NEPAL – Where Women Suffer All Kinds Of Suffering!
As the country with the world’s highest roof, Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, a place with a multi-husband system, and also a land harsh on its women, Nepal holds numerous peculiar and interesting aspects for exploration.
Let’s embark on a journey to explore Nepal, a country enveloped by countless mountains, forests, and diverse wildlife, yet also a place where many appalling customs regarding women persist!

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22 fascinating facts about Nepal where women endure a great deal as the country with the world’s highest roof Mount Everest the birthplace of Lord Buddha a place with a multi- husband system and also a land harsh on its women Nepal holds numerous peculiar and interesting aspects for

Exploration let’s embark on a journey to explore Nepal a country enveloped by countless mountains forests and diverse Wildlife yet also a place where many appalling Customs regarding women persist number 22 Nepal has never been invaded unlike India which was once a British colony for many decades Nepal does not commemorate an independence day

Because it has never been occupied by foreign powers this nation is the oldest in South Asia napole transitioned to a federal Democratic Republic in 2008 after being under a monarchy until then quite remarkable for a small country surrounded by Giants in Asia isn’t it number 21 it’s taboo to touch someone’s

Head in Nepal do you find it normal to touch each other’s heads well if you ever visit Nepal refrain from doing so with the locals in Nepal touching someone’s head is considered disrespectful according to the beliefs of the people here the head is the sacred part of the body and only monks

And parents can touch it additionally touching anything with your feet is considered impolite so be mindful of these Customs when traveling to Nepal number 20 Nepal has the world’s most dangerous airport experts attribute Nepal’s harsh weather conditions limited visibility and mountainous terrain as factors contributing to its reputation as the

Most dangerous place to fly the treacherous terrain with numerous high peaks in Nepal makes it challenging for Pilots to navigate from above this becomes particularly precarious during bad weather exacerbating the need to use small aircraft to transport passengers to remote mountainous and rural areas of the country reports from the civil aviation

Authority of Nepal indicate that aircraft with fewer than 19 seats are more prone to accidents due to these challenges especially notable is Luca Airport located in northeastern Nepal often referred to as the world’s most dangerous airport known as the gateway to Everest the airport’s Runway is situated on a

Cliff from its mountains dropping sharply into a deep gorge at its end Nepal has witnessed several horrific plane crashes with the most recent occurring on Sunday January 15th 2023 claiming the lives of at least 68 people marking the worst Aviation disaster in the Himalayan nation in 30

Years this also ranks as the third worst aviation accident in the country’s history have any of you ever flown to Nepal feel free to comment and share your thoughts with such danger I wonder if anyone is fearful of flying to Nepal as it seems like a gamble with one’s

Life number 19 polyandry in Nepal surely many of you are familiar with polygamy but did you know that there exists polyandry in the world and it’s in the northern region of Nepal the reason behind this is the scarcity of Arab land dividing land among brothers would leave each with only a small

Plot moreover the harsh Winters in this region make agricultural work extremely difficult requiring the collective effort of many individuals hence the practice of polyandry where a woman takes multiple husbands often brothers born to the same parents according to locals this system serves as a form of contraception controlling the number of children born

To align with the limited resources of the natural environment here because if a man has multiple wives his offspring will undoubtedly be more numerous than if a woman has multiple husbands to maintain a stable polyandrous marriage there’s a family rule that the so daughter-in-law must ensure fairness for all three brothers

Even if she may prefer one over the others perhaps nowhere else do women with families have to undertake such an additional task scheduling intimate encounters with multiple husbands to ensure fairness and avoid anyone feeling left out do you find this practice peculiar or how would you feel living

Under such a system leave your comments below number 18 the tradition of exiling women during menstruation in Nepal I speak of the hardships endured by women in Nepal because they still face severe discrimination however few are aware that even today hinders in Nepal adhere to many special Customs regarding women

One of which is the chaati tradition exiling women during menstruation in Nepal chaa is a traditional Hindu practice that has persisted for centuries according to this tradition women are stunned and isolated whenever they menstruate because it is considered impure during this time women including young girls reaching puberty are not

Allowed to touch kitchen utensils share a water source with other family members attend school or even stay inside their homes instead they are banished to crude shelters tents or cattle sheds even more appalling they are prohibited from bathing or combing their hair exile to separate Huts or shelters

Essential items to ward off Wild animals insects or venomous snakes are often lacking moreover the risk of these women being attacked is exceptionally high as they are forced to live in isolated environments the unsanitary conditions expose them to the risk of infections and respiratory illnesses after menstruation these women

Are required to bathe with cow urine as locals believe only cow urine is pure and clean enough to rid them of impurity imagine if women had to endure being exiled from their homes every month like this it would indeed be incredibly challenging wouldn’t it share your thoughts on this in the comments

Below number 17 Nepal was once the capital of marijuana in the world a fascinating fact you may not know is that Nepal was once a prime destination for marijuana enthusiasts in the 1960s cannabis afficionados from around the world flocked to Nepal to indulge this came to an end when marijuana was deemed

Illegal in Nepal in 1973 as of today marijuana is illegal and not available for sale however Nepal’s climate is conducive to the growth of marijuana which is why we can see it growing everywhere mainly in rural areas along roadsides canals agricultural land and Mountain slopes many locals still

Sell marijuana to earn a daily income number 16 Nepal is the country of the roof of the world Mount Everest Nepal is a small landlocked country country in South Asia with an area of 147,148 major river systems flowing from north to south creating high mountains with deep valleys accompanied by Swift

Flowing Rivers forming incredibly impressive and Majestic natural landscapes and it’s no surprise to learn that the world’s highest mountain peak Mount Everest towering at 8,848 M along with 7 out of 14 Peaks above 8,000 M are all located in Nepal besides Everest Nepal also boasts eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks

Number 15 legend of the Yeti Yeti meaning Snowman in Nepali is a legendary creature believed to inhabit the Himalayas the yeti is described as having a body weighing from 91 to 181 kg and covered in reddish brown or dark gray fur it’s a mysterious bipedal creature believed to reside in the Perpetual snow

Regions of Asia they move on 2 feet like humans often leaving footprints on the white snow despite numerous Expeditions aimed at finding evidence of the yeti in remote and rugged areas of Nepal humans have never found them many searches have even expanded into the territories of Russia and China but the existence of

The Yeti remains an enigma number 14 The Living goddess Kumari Kumari is a Nepali term literally meaning virgin goddess and is the only living goddess revered by both Hindu and Buddhist devotees Kumari is believed to be the Incarnation of the Goddess talu possessing miraculous powers to heal fulfill wishes and bestow blessings upon

The people according to tradition girls aged 2 to 4 years old are selected as Kumari and after the selection process they reside in a separate house in the capital city of Kathmandu during religious festivals Kumari is adorned and dressed in traditional Kumari attire Kumari relinquishes her duties upon

Reaching puberty and another girl is chosen to succeed her and repeat the process upon reaching puberty the girl chosen as Kumari returns to normal life gaining respect and receiving a lifelong stipend from the nepales government being chosen as Kumari is undoubtedly an incredibly sacred honor for these girls

Don’t you think what are your thoughts on this tradition of nepo comment below number 13 the only country in the world without a rectangular or Square flag what shape is your country’s flag do you remember comment below to let me know in countries around the world flags are rectangular or Square only Nepal’s

Flag is unique in that it is not a rectangle like other countries but rather consists of two overlapping triangles this flag symbolizes Hinduism and Buddhism the red color represents rododendron Nepal’s national flower and it also signifies Victory and Harmony the moon represents the tranquility and cool weather of the

Himalayan Mountain mountains while the sun symbolizes the warmth of the low-lying regions of Nepal number 12 adventure sports tourism do any of you enjoy extreme sports feel free to comment and let me know because I’m quite scared of these activities if you have a passion for these Sports then you must visit

Nepal as the home to the roof of the world Mount Everest standing at an elevation of 8,848 m above sea level Nepal is where every Adventure Enthusiast dreams of conquering moreover beneath the Himalayas lie hundreds of challenging Trails attracting Thrill Seekers and Adventure lovers it’s safe to say that

Nepal is the perfect destination for those seeking adventurous travel most visitors here cannot resist trying out extreme sports like mountain climbing jungle trekking kaying kayaking bungee jumping paragliding and hot air ballooning if you visit Nepal would you dare to try these activities at least once feel free to share your

Thoughts number 11 over 80% of the population follow Hinduism isn’t it peculiar that Nepal the birthplace of Lord Buddha has over 80% of its population adhering to Hinduism 81.3% of the population follows Hinduism 9% follows Buddhism 4.4% is Muslim and over 4% adhere to other religions such as mundum Christianity and various

Others number 10 Nepal boasts Rich Wildlife contrary to the common perception of Nepal as a land of icy snow covered Himalayas it is in reality home to some of the rarest and most precious Wildlife species Nepal is even dubbed the Amazon of Asia with many biologists believing that its incredibly Rich biodiversity is

Still not fully explored Nepal hosts over 3 160 species of orchids accounting for over 2% of orchid species worldwide and 6% of rhodendron species worldwide it serves as a refuge for over 30 species of wild animals and more than 800 bird species there are over 650 butterfly species and over 6,000 moth species

Rhinoceros Royal Bengal tigers crocodiles snow leopards ped pandas Himalayan black bears and many other peculiar species are found in Nepal’s dense forests if you’re a wildlife Enthusiast chitwan National Park is a destination you can’t afford to miss when visiting Nepal it’s the only place in the world where Royal

Bengal tigers reside additionally around 400 critically endangered Asian elephants are found here besides the park Harbors rare species such as one-horned rhinoceros Gore wolf leopard and various other forer likee monkeys wild BS foxes Jackal civits porcupines otters and reptiles including the critically endang dangered gerial the park also hosts about 100

Species of fish living in its Mangrove forests rivers and lakes what are your thoughts on this diverse ecosystem if you find it intriguing leave a like and comment on the video to let me know number nine host of the world’s largest animal sacrifice Festival the gimi festival takes place

Every 5 years in the village of barara about 160 km South of Kathmandu Nepal near the border with India hundreds of thousands of people attend the two-day event on December 3rd and fourth believing that animal sacrifices will appease the goddess gimi and bring them good fortune thousands of devotees from Nepal

And neighboring India participate in the festival spending several days Outdoors praying and sleeping an estimated 500,000 animals including Buffalo goats pigeons and others were slaughtered in 2009 this number decreased to around 30,000 in 2014 if the schedule holds this Festival will take place again in 2024 what are your thoughts on

This number eight K Puja or the day of dogs in Nepal dogs receive special attention on cuap Puja or the day of dogs which falls on the second day during the 5-day tiar Festival celebrated by Hindus nepales people regard dogs as faithful companions helpers and Protectors of humans additionally they believe that

Dogs are messengers of the god yam Mirage who escorts The Souls of The Departed devoting a special day to dogs is considered a way to please the deities on this special day whether they are pets or Strays dogs are adorned with beautiful flower garlands or maragold wreaths a red tikka made of Vermillion

Powder rice and yogurt is marked on their foreheads as a symbol of sanctity and to convey blessings to anyone encountering these dogs dogs are treated like kings on this day isn’t it interesting number seven Nepal the birthplace of Lord Buddha located at the foothills of the Himalayas 25 kilm East of the Indian

City of kapilavastu lumini in Nepal is where Queen mayadevi gave birth to sidarthur Gama who later became known as Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism spreading compassion to all beings Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC over 2600 years ago in lumini this site also holds significant evidence of being

A Buddhist pilgrimage Center since the 3rd Century BC such as archaeological relics of temples and sters when visiting Nepal it’s customary to explore lumini tourists often visit the Sacred Garden the mayadevi temple built nearly 2,600 years ago about 240 km from from the capital city of Kathmandu lumini was recognized as a

UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 besides lumini Nepal has three other UNESCO recognized sites the Kathmandu Valley chitwan National Park and sagarmatha National Park number six High rate of child marriage in a conservative country like Nepal marriages are often arranged by parents with many forcing their children into marriage due to cultural or

Economic reasons in Nepal girls as young as 12 years old are married off it is estimated that about 40% of girls are married while still children if a girl hasn’t married by the age of 18 she may be sold to a brothel by her family reproduction is the most

Important factor threatening women here without education if they cannot endure abuse their only option is to leave home this practice has become so ingrained that even today many young girls in Nepal lope with their lovers to avoid being forced into marriage by their families or to escape poverty and household

Chores when adolescent love is not accepted in many rural areas of Nepal couples often elop and marry clandestinely to legitimize their relationship many other couples marry because of unintended pregnancies although the government has banned marriage under the age of 20 this situation still occurs frequently especially in rural

Areas number five fruit marriage an interesting custom in Nepal the newer people in Nepal have a very peculiar custom where every young woman must be married three times in her life the first marriage is called Bel Sanga bibaha then they marri the son called gofar rachne and finally they go through

The actual marriage with their husband these marriage rituals are performed in both newer Buddhist and Hindu Traditions the new will believe that if a woman’s husband dies she is not considered a widow because she has married the god Shiva additionally if girls marry before puberty the gods will

Save them from the stigma in any future attacks by other genders the fruit marriage belanga Baha is the first ceremony that young girls go through from a very young age ensuring that they remain pure and innocent girls marry the Bell fruit from the wood apple tree a symbol of the god

Shiva the marriage ceremony with the Bell fruit is performed when the girl is about to reach puberty usually at 9 years old Bell sang abaha is a two-day ceremony starting with the ritual of painting The Souls of the feet red to purify the body and ending with the kenarden ceremony meaning the fathers

Agree to give their daughters Purity to the god shiver this custom helps women live independently from their husbands they can divorce or become widows without losing their reputation because they are still in a married State at least with the sun and the bell fruit this is also a way to prevent

Child marriage because girls have less desire to marry early after marrying the belf fruit and the Sun Number Four ethnic diversity Nepal is a mysterious cultural tapestry with Rich and diverse ethnic Traditions there are over 80 diverse ethnic groups living in this country in Harmony and peace speaking over 123 languages and local

Dialects different ethnic groups in Nepal have different cultures traditions and festivals that are respected and harmonized with each other art culture and religion are integral parts of the nepales people’s distinctiveness they are characteristic features that can hardly be blended with different expressions from religion festivals food drinks languages music folklore philosophy

It Tibetan burmans from the north and Indo Arians from the south are two groups that influence each other’s Customs the most the Shera people mainly live in the Himalayan region go to Tibet to trade rice and exchange cultures they are heavily influenced by Tibetan culture the bahon and chetri people live

Throughout the country mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry the newers on the other hand are more business-oriented mainly concentrated in the Kathmandu Valley and towns across Nepal would you like to visit Nepal to learn more about the diversity of this country let me know in the comments number three a country with

Numerous UNESCO world heritage sites this country has a high concentration of UNESCO world heritage sites with Kathmandu Valley alone boasting seven world heritage sites within a radius of 15 km the unesc recognized Heritage sites in Kathmandu include bu Budan stupa pashupatinath Temple sampun stup monkey temple chenaran temple and the three

Kathmandu derar squares in bapu Kathmandu and patan not only is there an abundance of Heritage sites to visit but visitors to this country also find Solace for their souls when Nepal is mentioned one might think of the snowcapped Himalayas and the Towering Everest challenging Mountaineers but Nepal is also known for

Its tranquility and peace for many Travelers Nepal is a sacred destination a land of Tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the world to temporarily forget life’s pressures and love slowly many people choose Nepal looking at these breathtaking scenes of Nepal surely everyone would want to visit this place at least once

Right number two nepales people eat dbat daily a traditional dish of Nepal consisting of lentils called Dal and rice called btis eaten daily by nepales people the preparation of dbat is very distinctive to this country as it includes tomatoes onions chili and ginger along with various herbs and

Spices like cilantro garam masala and turmeric typically this dish is eaten for both breakfast and dinner as it is nutritious number one Nepal’s peculiar time zone the world has 24 time zones each differing by an hour however sometime zones are affected by changes in politics geography or Society or due to new

Conventions nevertheless countries usually differ by one or half an hour in contrast Nepal does not adhere to any International rules its time is based on GMT 545 deviating 45 minutes from Greenwich Mean Time in fact this Himalayan nation has its own time zone called Nepal Standard Time NST Nepal Standard Time came into

Existence in 1956 when policymakers decided that the Meridian determining the country’s time should be based on Gori Sanka a sacred mountain peak located east of the capital Kathmandu at that time India was setting its Meridian at cutter so Nepal time was ahead by 10 minutes today Indian time lags Nepal time by 15

Minutes the time difference between the two neighboring countries has given rise to jokes that nepalis are always 15 minutes late or Indians tend to be 15 minutes early nepales people refer to their country’s peculiar time zone as Nepal time stretch as they consider the 15-minute difference as a grace period

If running late it is also a point of Pride for nepalis to be ahead of India a larger neighboring country even if only by a few minutes but compared to the West nepalis are even further ahead as they still use an ancient calendar predating the Gregorian calendar by 56 years and 6

Months hence the year is 2076 in Kathmandu if you ever visit Nepal pay attention to the time and date here so there we have discovered the 22 most peculiar and interesting facts about the country of Nepal which fact impressed you the most remember to a comment and

Let us know which fact about nepo you found most intriguing like I quite enjoyed the celebration of dogs day in this country thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated with the latest videos from us see you in the next videos

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