9 months of war devastates Gaza’s economy: Business sector decimated

9 months of war devastates Gaza’s economy: Business sector decimated

Nine months into the devastating war on Gaza, the economic situation in the region has reached a dire state. The once bustling business sector in Gaza is now reduced to rubble, with factories and businesses destroyed beyond recognition. The United Nations has reported a nearly 25 percent shrink in Gaza’s GDP last year, signaling a severe economic crisis.

Record levels of unemployment have left many families struggling to make ends meet, with the majority of the population now heavily reliant on aid for their basic needs. The destruction of Gaza’s economy has had far-reaching effects on the daily lives of its residents, who are facing increasing hardships in the aftermath of the war.

Al Jazeera’s Tareq Abu Azzoum brings viewers a firsthand look at the devastation in Deir el-Balah, Gaza, Palestine. The images of destruction and despair serve as a stark reminder of the toll that war has taken on the region, leaving behind a shattered economy and a population in desperate need of support.

The reality on the ground in Gaza paints a grim picture of the long-lasting impact of conflict on the business sector and the overall economy. As the region struggles to rebuild and recover from the devastation of war, the road to economic recovery seems long and difficult.

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