A Solution for Nocturia: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights – Video

A Solution for Nocturia: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights – Video

Are you tired of waking up several times a night to use the bathroom? Nocturia, the urge to urinate at night, can be extremely disruptive to your sleep and overall quality of life. In this video, we explore the commonly overlooked cause of nocturia and provide natural solutions to alleviate this frustrating condition.

While many authority sites may suggest that nocturia is a normal part of aging and recommend medications, the truth is that this is not always the case. In fact, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding this condition. By understanding the physiology of the bladder and kidneys, we can uncover the true underlying cause of nocturia: insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance, often associated with conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and sleep apnea, can lead to nocturia. By making simple changes to your diet, such as cutting down on carbohydrates and practicing intermittent fasting, you can significantly improve insulin resistance and alleviate the symptoms of nocturia. Additionally, incorporating natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar and regular exercise can further aid in managing this condition.

So, if you’re tired of struggling with nocturia and want to find a natural solution, watch this video for a deep dive into the causes of this condition and effective ways to fix it. The comments from others who have tried these methods and found relief will give you hope, and provide a starting point for taking control of your nocturia and getting a good night’s sleep once again.

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Is nocturia driving you crazy at night? Discover the underlying cause of nocturia and how to fix it.

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0:00 Introduction: What is nocturia?
0:48 Herbal remedies and the FDA
1:50 Kidney physiology
2:25 Bladder physiology
3:30 Osmotic diuresis
5:50 What causes nocturia?
6:25 How to fix insulin resistance?

In this video, we’re going to look at the causes of nocturia and the best natural solutions. Nocturia is the urge to urinate at night when you should be sleeping, and it can interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Nocturia is usually said to be caused by a bladder infection, a kidney infection, prostate issues, or aging.

People with nocturia are not typically urinating a full bladder of urine. This means there must be an issue with the sensors in the bladder or the valve of the bladder.

If there’s too much sugar in the blood, a phenomenon known as osmotic diuresis can occur. This causes excess sugar and water to be excreted, which is why diabetics and people who are obese are at an increased risk for nocturia. If you have sleep apnea, you are also at an increased risk for nocturia.

Insulin resistance is the leading cause of obesity, diabetes, and sleep apnea, all of which lead to nocturia. Research has shown that insulin resistance itself can cause nocturia.

The best way to address nocturia is to fix insulin resistance. To do this, stop snacking at night and work towards eliminating snacking altogether. Cut down your carb intake to less than 30 grams per day and do intermittent fasting. To speed things up, try consuming one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals and exercise regularly.

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Thanks for watching! I hope you’ll try these tips to help combat insulin resistance and get rid of nocturia. I’ll see you in the next video.

Are you fed up with using the bathroom several times a night let’s talk about nocturia urinating at night when you should be sleeping it can drive people crazy it can be a real pain in the butt because it interferes with your sleep so I’m going to show you a very commonly

Overlooked cause to noctua and you’re going to be very excited to hear what I’m going to say about this because finally you’re going to find something that really works as you’re trying to get Solutions you go online the first page you’re going to see Cleveland Clinic WebMD Medline plus all these

Credible Authority sites the same information and they all say it’s a normal part of aging which really is absolutely not true and they all recommend medications but some of them have Alternatives right they have Alternatives they’ll say well you know you might want to try an herb but

There’s no evidence and they could be dangerous and herbs are not regulated by by the FDA the safety of drugs are regulated by the FDA well I guess after the FDA finds that it’s safe pretty much stays on the market right I mean we don’t have recalls we don’t have drugs

That end up being very harmful I am being very sarcastic there is an analysis in 2011 on adverse drug reactions okay in the us alone 2.1 million serious injuries 128,000 deaths from drugs but drugs are regulated by the FDA I mean how many people do you know that died from an

Herb or had a lot of serious reactions from herbs is it very common that being said the information on nectaria they usually say it’s bladder infection could be a kidney infection could be a prostate enlargement but what’s fascinating is there’s one thing that is not listed on any of these sites okay so

Just Envision what the kidneys are the kidneys are a filter and they filter blood and what controls this filtration rate as well as the production of urine okay is the concentration of various things salts sugars waste products red blood cell breakdown and so you have all these different concentrated particles

In there and some of it’s recycled some of it does not get recycled when the urine’s produced it goes down these little tubes into the bladder and what’s interesting about people have that get up like several times a night um they’re not urinating a full bladder of urine

Right it could be just a little bit so what is up with that there must be something going on with the sensors in the bladder itself and maybe the valve of the bladder so in the bladder we have a combination of smooth muscle and valves and nerves that are controlled by

A part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system so that’s like the opposite or partner to the sympathetic nervous system which is the flight or fight mechanism this is why you need to relax when you urinate right if you’re stressed in some way um you

Know it’d be harder to eliminate so I’m just kind of giving you a little background here for what I’m going to talk about so the bladder is controlled by the uh parasympathetic nervous system which another name for that is called rest and digest there’s another thing um

Related to sugar when there’s too much sugar in the blood okay that’s gets filtered there’s something that occurs that’s called and this is might be a new term for you osmotic diuresis now what does that mean osmotic has to do with that uh the particles or concentration of sugar diuresis means increased amount

Of urine that is coming out so apparently in the little filtration rate in the kidneys if there’s too much sugar that filter will push out the sugar and wherever there’s sugar there’s water water follows sugar so we get this excessive amount of uh water and sugar with this osmotic diuresis thing and so

That really kind of um explains why a diabetic for example has this excessive urination in fact diabetics um have like a 49% increase of noia someone with hypertension has a 39% increase risk of having that and someone who is Beast has like a 200% increase risk of having

Noctua and obstructive sleep apnea is at risk like I think it’s 40% of having this excessive urine situation at night now what’s interesting about the sleep apnea situation is I found this one paper that did this research on the relationship between sleep apnea and kidney physiology that includes the bladder and

To my knowledge this is like the only study that was ever done on this but they found that when you have obstructive breathing you create hypoxia in the body that’s a lack of oxygen blood pressure does go up but your parasympathetic nervous system goes down remember that thing that controls not

Just the smooth muscle around your bladder but the nerves down there and the valves well it just so happens that they found an increase association between hypoxia and diuresis because apparently this lack of oxygen can affect your bladder which is fascinating so that’s an interesting connection but

Now the question is what is behind sleep apnea what’s behind obesity what’s behind diabetes and hypertension and the answer is insulin resistance and there’s some interesting research I’m going to put all list down below showing that insulin resistance can cause noctua now I did two other videos on this topic

Which I’m going to put a link down below and the comments from people who tried it and it worked are overwhelming I mean you’re going to be blown away of how many people just made some slight changes in their diet and got rid of this problem within days so how do we

Fix insulin resistance stop snacking at night and basically stop snacking in general in fact do intermittent fasting basically you’re just cutting down the number of meals not the calories just the the frequency of eating it’s going to greatly help insulin resistance and number two uh start cutting down your

Carbs to less than 30 gram per day those two actions are the most powerful thing you can do and you’re going to see amazing changes now a couple other things you can do to add to speed things up take some apple cider vinegar with some water right before your meals just

Like a tablespoon of appet vinegar what does that do that is a really good blood sugar regulating natural remedy okay the other thing you could do is exercise on a regular basis that is another potent way to improve insulin resistance and if you have any questions on what to eat I

Have so much data on this topic on my website um you can just download exactly what to eat I’ll put drberg.com down below you can just click that but if you want some hope that you can be helped okay check out this video right here and read all the comments of people who

Started to fix their insulin resistance

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